Observations on Various Passages of Scripture: Placing Them in a New Light; and Ascertaining the Meaning of Several, Not Determinable by the Methods Commonly Made Use of by the Learned, Том 2

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J. Johnson, 1808

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Different kinds of Delicacies used in the East
Potted Flesh made use of by Travellers in the East
Different kinds of Game esteemed Deli cacies in the East
Shoulder of Lamb a Delicacy in the East
Fat Lambs esteemed a Delicacy in the East
How Strangers are entertained in the East
Roasted and stewed Meat Delicacies among the Arabs
Of their Pottage in the East
Seldom use FleshMeat but live on Milk Pulse c
Game sometimes usedHunting of the Arabs
Inhabitants of the Villages obliged to sup ply their Grandees when on a Journey with Provisions
Different Methods of serving up food at Meals
Manner of eating at Courts
Provisions sent from the Tables of Eastern Princes to the Poor 8c
Women and Ven do not eat together in the East
The Eastern People begin to eat very early in the Morning
Abstemiousness conducive to lealth
Mats used in the East instead of Tables
Various Utensils used by the ancient Jews
Women are still accustomed to draw Water in the East
Water the principal Beverage in the East
Large Supply of Cattle at the Table of Princes
Drinking Vessels often made of Gold in the East
Horns used as drinking Vessels in the East
Effects of Wine upon some Eastern Devotees
Different kinds of Wines in the East
Sweet Wines much esteemed in the East
The Easterns drink their Wine before Meat
Of Lemons Oranges and Citron
Superior Excellence of the Pistachio Nuts
Of Music in the Eastern Feasts
Of Field and House Music at Aleppo
HI Carry also Provender for their Beasts 286
Of their Wells and the Method of drawing
The Manner of Travelling by Camels Drome
No Mangers used in the East HairBags

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