contains, with separate title page but continuous pagination and register, "Catalogus Decanorum ... A Thoma Fryth ..." dated 1718

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W. Mears ... and J. Hooke, 1723

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Страница 344 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Страница 2 - True to my friend and to my wife. The latter here by me I have, We had one bed, and have one grave. My honesty was such that I, When death came, feared not to dye.
Страница 188 - Tyburn, yet, it was a comfort to him, that the royal martyr kept them company ; for, says he, foreseeing that his son would undoubtedly come in, we took care that his father's body should not be idolatrously worshipped by the cavaliers; and therefore privately removed it to the place of common execution.
Страница 133 - Over the door is a lion rampant, with many escalops round him, with the rebus of the founder's name ; viz. an Ox, the letter N, and a Bridge.
Страница 3 - Wall is another Monument, in which are the Figures of a Man and his Wife, kneeling at a Desk, engraven on Brafs Plates, with the following Inscription.
Страница 138 - Henry mourn, And Palms Eternal flourish round his Urn. Here o'er the Martyr-King the Marble weeps, And fast beside him, once-fear'd * Edward sleeps: Whom not th' extended Albion could contain, From old Belerium to the German Main, The Grave unites; where ev'n the Great find Rest, And blended lie th' Oppressor and th
Страница 379 - Son, and to the Heirs. Male of his Body; and for want of fuch little*.!
Страница 117 - T^enham alludes in the following Lines; where he takes particular Notice. Of Thee, great Edward, and thy greater (Son, (The Lilies which bis Father wore, he won) ib} * Bellona, who thy Confort came Not only to thy *B<?4 but to thy Famé •; She to thy Triumph led one ,f captive Kjttg, And brought that ¡| «So» "which did the § Other (bring, Thus tranflated by Mr.
Страница 115 - ... outer Square. In the inner Square, toward the Eaft, is the Royal Palace, and in the Middle of the Square is a very fine Statue of King Charles II. on Horfeback, erected in the Year 1680. On the Park fide of the Square, to the North, are the Royal Apartments, with thofe of the Officers of the Houihold. The reft of the Square compofes the Apartments of the Officers of the Crown. The Entrance to the Royal Apartment is through a...
Страница 25 - Judge of the Court, •which' he is obliged to hold once in- three Weeks, and oftner, by Adjournment. '-The Mayor and Aldermen chufe two Serjeants yearly, who bear the Mace. They have a Goal within the Corporation, not only for Debtors, butalfotofecure £uch Felons as fhall happen to be taken there.