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By the funk roof.O'er which in diftant view Though yet the prospect pleases, ever new
Th' Etrusian mountains (well, with ruins crown'd In valt variety, and yet delight
Of ancient towns; and blue Soracte Spires, The many-figur'd sculptures of the path
Wrapping his fides in tempests. Eastward hence, Half beauteous, half effac'd; the traveller
Nigh where the Cestian pyramid divides *

Such antique marbles to his native land
The mouldering wall, beyond yon fabrick huge, Oft hence conveys ; and every realm and state
Whose dust the solemn antiquarian turns,

With Rome's august remains, heroes and gods,
And thence, in broken sculptures cast abroad, Deck their long galleries and winding groves ;
Like Sibyl's leaves, collects the builder's name Yet miss we not th' innumerable thefts,
Rejoic'd, and the green medals frequent found Ytt still profuse of graces teems the waste.
Doom Caracalla to perpetual fame :

Suffice it now th' Esquilian mount to reach
The stately pines, that spread their branches wide With weary wing, and seek the sacred rests
In the dun ruins of its ample halls, t

Of Maio's humble tenement; a low
Appear but tuíts; as may whate'er is high

Plain wall remains ; a little sun-gilt heap,
Sink in comparison, minute and vile.

Grotesque and wild ; the gourd and olive brown
These, and unnumber'd, yet their brows uplift, Weave the light roof : the gourd and olive fan
Rent of their graces; as Britannia's oaks

Their amorous foliage, mingling with the vine,
On Merlin's mount, or Snowden's rugged sides, Who drops her purple clusters through the green.
Stand in the clouds, their branches scatter'd round, Here let me lie, with pleasing fancy sooth'd :
After the tempeft ; Mausoleums, Cirques,

Here flow'd his fountain ; here his laurels grew ;
Naumachios, Forums; Trajan's coluinn tall, Here oft the meek good man, the lofty bard
From whose low base the sculptures wind alott, Fram'd the celestial song, or social walk'd
And lead through various coils, up the rough steep, With Horace and the ruler of the world :
Its hero to the skies: and his dark tower I

Happy Augustus! who so well inspir'd
Whole execrable hand the city fir'd,

Could'st throw thy pomps and royalties aside,
And while the dreadful conflagration blaz’d, Attentive to the wise, the great of foul,
Play'd to the flames; and Phoebuso letter'd dome ; And dignify thy mind. Thrice glorious days,
And the rough reliques of Carinæ's street,

Auspicious to the Muses ! then rever'd,
Where now the shepherd to his nibbling sheep Then hallow'd was the fount, or secret shade,
Sits piping with his oaten reed ; as erst

Or open mountain, or whatever scene
There pip'd the Mepherd to his nibbling Meep, The Poet chose, to tune th' ennobling rhime
When th' humble roof Anchises' son explor'd Melodious; ev'n the rugged sons of war,
Of good Evander, wealth-despising king,

Evin the rude hinds rever'd the Poet's name :
Amid the thickets: fo revolves the scene ;

But now another age, alas! is ours-
So time ordains, who rolls the things of pride Yet will the Muse a little longer soar,
From duft again to dust. “Behold that heap Unless the clouds of care weigh down her wing,
Of mouldering urns (their ashes blown away, Since nature's stores are shut with cruel hand,
Duft of the mighty) the same story tell ;

And each aggrieves his brother ; since in vain
And at its base, from whence the serpent glides The thirsty pilgrim at the fountain asks
Down the green desert street, yon hoary monk Th'o'erflowing wave-Enough-the plaint disdain.-
Laments the same, the vision as he views,

See'st thou yon fane? ev'n now incessant time *
The solitary, filent, solemn scene,

Sweeps her low mouldering marbles to the dust;
Where Cæsars, heroes, peasants, hermits lie, And Phoebus' temple, nodding with its woods,
Blended in duft together ; where the Nave

Threatens huge ruip o'er the small rotund.
Retts from his labours ; where th' insulting proud 'Twas there beneath a fig-tree's umbrage broad,
Refigns his power ; the miser drops his hoard ; Th' astonish'd swains with reverend awe beheld
Where human folly Neeps. There is a mood, Thee, 0 Quirinus, and thy brother-twin,
(I fing not to the vacant and the young)

Pressing the teat within a monster's grasp
There is a kindly mood of melancholy,

Sportive ; while oft the gaunt and rugged wolf
That wings the soul, and points her to the skies ; Turn'd her stretch'd neck and form d your tender
When tribulation cloaths the child of man,
When age descends with sorrow to the grave, So taught of Jove, ev’n the fell savage fed
'Tis sweetly-soothing sympathy to pain,

Your facred infancies, your virtues, toils,
A gentle-wakening call to health and case.

The conquests, glories, of th' Ausonian state,
How mufical! when all-devouring Time,

Wrap'd in their secret feeds. Each kindred soul,
Here fitting on his throne of ruins hoar,

Robuft and stout, ye grapple to your hearts,
While winds and tempests sweep his various lyre, And little Rome appears. Her cots arise,
How sweet thy diapason, Melancholy !

Green twigs of osier weave the Nender walls,
Cool evening comes; the setting fun displays Green rushes spread the roofs ; and here and there
His visible great round between yon towers,

Opens beneath the rock the gloomy čave,
As through two ihady cliffs ; away, my Muse, Elate with joy Etruscan Tiber views

Her spreading scenes enameling his waves,
The tomb of Cestius, partly within and partly Her huts and hollow dells, and focks and herds,
without the walls.

And gathering swains ; and rolls his yellow car
The baths of Caracalla, a vast ruin.

To Neptune's court with more majestic train.
The Palatin library,

* The temple of Romulus and Remus under

Mount Palatin.


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Her speedy growth alarm'd the states around, Over their naked limbs with wanton hand,
Jealous; yet, foon by wondrous virtue won, Sheds roses, odours, sheds unneeded bane.
They link into her botom.
From the plough

Swift is the flight of wealth; unnumber'd wante,
Rose lier dictators; fought, o'ercaime, return'd, Brood of voluptuousness, cry out aloud
Yes, to the plough return'd, and hail'd their peers ; Necessity, and seek the splendid bribe.
For then no private pomp, no houshold state, The citron board, the bowl emboss'd with gems,
The public only (weil'd the generous breast.

And tender foliage wildly wreath'd around Who has not heard the Fabian heroes sung?

Ot seeming ivy, by that artful hand, Dentatus' scars, or Mutius' flaming hand ?

Corinthian Thericles; whate'er is known How Manlius sav'd the capitol ? the chồ ce

Of rarest acquisition ; Tyrian garbs, Of Iteady Regulus ? As yet they 1tood,

Neptunian Albion's high teftaceous food, Simple of life ; as yet reducing wealth

And fiavour'd Chian wines with incense fum'd Was unexplor’d, and thame of poverty

To Nake Patrician thirtt; for these, their rights Yer unimagin'd-Shine not all the fields

In the vile streets they prostitute to sale ; With various fruitage ? murmur not the brooks Their ancient rights, their dignities, their laws, Along the flowery vallies ? They, content,

Their native glorious freedom. Is there none, Feafted at nature's hand, indelicate,

Is there no villain, that will bind the neck Blithe, in "heir easy taite ; and only fought

Stretch'd to the yoke ? they come ; the markets Toknow wheir duties; that their only strife,

throngs. Their generous strite, and greatly to perforin. But who has most by fraud or force amass'd ? They through all thapes of peril and of pain,

Who moit can charm corruption with his doles ? Intent on honour, dar'd in thickest death

He be the monarch of the state ; and lo! To snatch the glorious deed. Nor Trebia quell'd, Didius, vile usurer, though the crowd he mounts Nor 'Thrafymene, nor Canna's bloody field,

Beneath his feet the Roman eagle cowers, Their dauntlets courage; storming Hannibal And the red arrows fill his grasp uncouth. In vain the thunder of the battle roll'd,

O Britons, O my countrymen, beware ; The Thunder of the battle they return'd

Gird, gird your hearts; the Romans once were free, Back on his Punick Thores; till Carthage fell, Were brave, were virtuous. --Tyranny howe'er And danger fed afar. The city gleam'd

Deign’d to walk forth a while in pageant state, With precious fpoils: alas, prosperity!

And with licentious pleasures fed the rout, Ah, baneful state ! yet ebb'd not all their strength The thoughtless many: to the wanton found In soft luxurious pleasures; proud desire

Of fifes and drums they danc'd, or in the shade. Of boundless sway, and feverith thirst of gold, Sung Cæsar, great and terrible in war, Rouz'd them again to battle. Beauteous Greece, Immortal Cæfar! Lo, a God, a God, Torn from her joys, in vain with languid arm He cleaves the yielding skies ! Cæsar meanwhile Half rais'd her rusty ihield ; nor could avail

Gathers the ocean pebbles; or the gnat The sword of Dacia, nor the Parthian dart;

Lorag'd pursues ; or at his lonely meal Nor yet the car of that fam'd British chief,

Starves a wide province ; tastes, dislikes, and Aing Which seven brave years beneath the cloubtless wing To dogs and sycophants. A God, a Cod ! Of victory, dreadful roll'd its griding wheels

The flowery thades and shrines obscene return. Over the bloody war: the Romaa arms

But see along the North the tempests swell Triumph'd, till fame was filent to their foes.

O’er the rough Alps, and darken all their snows! And now the world unrival'd they enjoy'd Sudden the Goth and Vandal, dreaded names, In proud security: the created helm,

Ruth as the breach of waters, whelming all The plated greave and corselet hung unbrac'd ;

Their domes, their villas ; down the festive piles, Nor clank'd their arms, the spear and founding Down fall their Parian porches, gilded baths, Thield,

And roll before the storm in clouds of dust. But on the glittering trophy to the wind.

Vain end of human strength, of human skill, Difulv'd in ease and soft delights they lie,

Conqueft, and triumph, and domain, and pomin Till every fun annoys, and every wind

And ease, and luxury! O luxury, Has chilling force, and every rain offends :

Bane of elated life, of affluent states, For now the frame no more is girt with itrength

What dreary change, what ruin is not thine ! Masculine, nor in lustiness of heart

How doth thy bowl intoxicate the mind! Laughs at the winter storm, and summer-beam, To the soft entrance of thy rosy cave Superior to their rage : enfeebling vice

How dost tlou lure the fortunate and great! Withers each nerve, and opens every pore

Dreadful attraction! while behind thee gapes To painful feeling : flowery bowers they seek

Th' unfathomable gulph where Ather lies (As æther prompts, as the fick sense approves) O’erwhelm’d, forgotten; and high-boasting Cham ; Or cool Nymphean grots; or tepid baths

And Elam's haughty pomp ; and beauteous Greece ; (Taught by the soft lonians) they, along

And the great queen of earth, imperial Rome. The lawny vale, of every beauteous stone, Pije in the roseat air with fond expence :

* Didius Julianus, who bought the empire. Through silver channels glide the vagrant waves, And tall un lilver beds crystalline down, Wiclodious murnjuring; while luxury

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The fairest flocks rejoice! they, nor of halt,
Hydropic tumours, nor of rot, complain;
Evils deform'd and foul: nor with hoarie cough

Disturb the music of the pastoral pipe ;

But, crouding to the note, with silence soft
The close-woven carpet graze ; wliere Nature


Flowrets and herbage of minuteft size,
Р О Е M.

Innoxious luxury. Wide airy downs

Are Health's gay walks to Mepherd and to Meep. IN FOUR BOOKS.

All arid foils, with sand, or chalky flint,

Or shelves deluvian mingled; and the turf, “ Post majores quadrupedes ovilli pecoris secunda That mantles over rocks of brittle stone, * ratio eft, quæ prima fit, si ad utilitatis mag

Be thy regard : and where low-tufted broom,
" nitudinem referas : nam id præcipue nos contra

Or box, or berry'd juniper arise ;
“ frigoris violentiam protegit, corporibusque Or the tall growth of gloily-rinded beech;
“ poftris liberaliora præbet velamina.”

And where the burrowing rabbit turns the dust ;

And where the dappled deer delights to bound.
Such are the downs of Banstead, edg'd with

Β Ο Ο Κ Ι.

And towery villas ; fuch Dorcestrian fields,
Whore flocks innumerous whiten all the land :

Such those low-climbing wilds, that lead the step

1:1senlibly to Dover's windy cliff,

Tremendous height! and such the clover'd lawns THE subjest proposed. Dedicatory address. Of paf And funny mounts of beauteous Normanton tures in general, fit for theep, for fine-wool'd

sheep: Health's cheartul haunt, and the selected walk for long-would sheep. Defects of pastures, and their Of Heathcote's leifure: such the spacious plain remedies. Of climates. The moisture of the English Of Sarum, spread like Ocean’s boundless round, climate vindicated. Particular beauties of England. Where folitary Stonehenge, grey with moss, Different kinds of English Sheep: the two common Ruin of ages, nods : such too the leas forts of rams described. Different kinds of foreign And ruddy tilth, which spiry Ross beholds, theep. The several sorts of food. The distempers From a green hilloc, o'er her lofty elms; arising from thence, with their remedies. Sheep led And Lemster's brooky tract, and airy Croft t, by instinet to their proper food and physics of the

And such Harleian Eywood's I swelling turf, jhepherd's scrip, and its furniture. Care of sheep in Wav'd as the billows of a rolling fea: tupping time. Of the castration of lambs, and the And Shobden §, for its lofty terrace fam’d, folding of sheep. Various precepts relative to changes Which from a mountain's ridge, elate o'er woods of weather and seasons. Particular care of new

And girt with all Siluria ||, fees around
fallen lambs. The advantages and security of the Regions on regions blended in the clouds.

English Mepherd above those in hotter or colder climates; Pleasant Siluria, land of various views,
exemplified with respect to Lapland, Italy, Greece, Hills, rivers, woods, and lawns, and purple
and Arabia. Of sheep-fhearing. Song on that occa-

fion. Custom in Wales of sprinkling the rivers with

Pomaceous, mingled with the curling growth flowers. Sheep-fhearing feast and merriments on the Oftendril hops, that faunt upon their poles, banks of the Severn.

More airy wild than vines along the fides

Of treacherous Falernum ; or that hill
*HE care of sheep, the labours of the loom, Vesuvius, where the bowers of Bacchus rose,

And arts of trade, I fing, Ye rural nymphs, And Herculanean and Pompeian domes.
Ye Swains, and princely merchants, aid tie verle. But if thy prudent care would cultivate
And ye, high-trufted guardians of our inle,

Leiceftrian fleeces, what the finewy arm Whom public voice approves, or lot of birth Combs through the spiky steel in lengthen'd Aakes ; To the great charge assigns : ye good, of alị

Rich faponaceous loam, that Nowly drinks Degrees, all sects, be present to my song.

The blackening shower, and fattens with the draught, So may distress, and wretchedness, and want, Ormarle with clay deep-mix’d, be then thy The wide felicities of labour learn :

choice, So may the proud attempts of restless Gaul

* A feat of Sir John Heathcote in Rutlandhire. From our strong borders, like a broken wave,

+ A feat of Sir Archer Croft. In empty foam retire. But chiefly Thou,

I Of the Earl of Oxford. The people's thepherd, eminently plac'd

A seat of Lord Bateman. Over the numerous swains of every vale,

Siluria, the part of England which lies west of With well-permitted power, and watchful eye,

the Severns, viz. Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, On each gay field to shed beneficence,

&c. Celestial office! Thou protect the song.

Treacherous Falernum, because part of the On spacious airy downs, and gentle bills,

bills of Faiernum was many years ago overturned by With grass and thyme o'erspread, and clover wild,

an eruption of fire, and is now an high and barrea Where smiling Phoebus tenipers every breeze,

mount of ciuders, called Monte Novo.


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Of one consistence, one complexion, spread In vain the bleaters court. Alike they Thun Through all thy glebe ; where no deceitful veins Libya's hot plains: what taste have they for groves Of envious gravel lurk beneath the turf,

Of palm, or yellow dust of gold ? no more To loose the creeping waters from their springs, Food to the flock, than to the miser wealth, Tainting the pasturage : and let thy fields

Who kneels upon the glittering heap, and starves. In nopes descend and mount, that chilling rains Ev'n Gallic Abbeville the thining fleece, May trickle off, and hasten to the brooks.

That richly decorates her loom, acquires Yet fome defect in all on earth appears;

Basely from Albion, by th' enfnaring bribe, All seek for help, all press for social aid,

The bait of avarice, which with felon fraud, Too cold the graffy mantle of the marl,

For įts own wanton mouth, from thousands steals, In stormy winter's long and dreary nights,

How erring oft the judgment in its bate, For cumbent sheep; from broken Number oft Or fond desire! Those now-descending howers, They rise benumb'd, and vainly thift the couch ; Those hovering fogs, that bathe our growing vales Their wasted fides their evil plight declare,

In deep November (loath'd by trifling Gaul, Hence, tender in his care, the shepherd swain Effeminate), are gifts the Plejads shed, Seeks each contrivance. Here it would avail, Britannia's handmaids. As the beverage falls, At a meet distance from the upland ridge,

Her hills rejoice, her vallies laugh and fing, To sink a trench, and on the hedge-long bank Hail, noble Albion ; where no golden mines, Sow frequent sand, with lime, and dark manurę ; No soft perfumes, nor oils, nor myrtle bowers, Which to the liquid element will yield

The vigorous frame and lofty heart of man A porous way, a passage to the foe.

Enervate: round whose stern cerulean brows Plow not such pastures : deep in (pungy grass White-winged snow, and cloud, and pearly rain, The oldest carpet is the warmest lair,

Frequent attend, with solemn majesty :
And foundeft; in new herbage coughs are heard. Rich Queen of Mists and Vapours! These thy fons

Nor love too frequent Melter: such as decks With their cool arms compress; and twist their
The vale of Severn, Nature's garden wide,
By the blue steeps of distant Malvern * wall'd For deeds of excellence and high renown.
Solemnly vast. The trees of various Thade, Thus form'd, our Edwards, Henrys, Churchills,
Scene behind scene, with fair delufive pomp

Enrich the prospect, but they rob the lawns. Our Lockes, our Newtons, and our Miltons, rose.
Nor prickly bramble, white with woolly theft, See the sun gleams; the living pastures rise,
Should tuft thy fields. Applaud not the remiss After the nurture of the fallen shower,
Dimetians t, who, along their mofly dales,

How beautiful! how blue th' ethereal vault, Consume, like grasshoppers, the summer hour ; How verdurous the lawns, how clear the brooks ! While round them stubborn thorns and furze Such noble warlike steeds, such herds of kine, increase,

So Neek, so van ; such spacious flocks of sheep, And creeping briars. I knew a careful swail), Like Aakes of gold illumining the green, Who gave them to the crackling flames, and spread What other paradise adorn but thine, Their duft saline upon the deepening grass : Britannia? happy, if thy fons would know And oft with labor-strengthen d arm he delv'd Their happiness. To these thy naval ítreanis, The draining trench across his verdant Popes, Thy frequent towns fuperb of busy trade, To intercept the small meandring rills

And ports magnific add, and stately ships,
Of upper hamlets: haughty trees, chat four

Innumerous. But whither strays my Muse ?
The shaded grass, that weaken thorn-set mounds, Pleas'd, like a traveller upon the strand
And harbour villain crows, he rare allow'd : Arriv'd of bright Augufta : wild he roves,
Only a nender tuit of useful anh,

From deck to deck, through groves immense of
And mingled beech and elm, securely tall,
The little siniling cotrage, warm embower'd ;

'Mong crouds, bales, cars, the wealth of either The little smiling cottage, where at eve He meets his rosy children at the door,

Through wharfs, and squares, and palaces, and Prattling their welcomes, and his honeft wife,

domes, With good brown cake and bacon Nice, intent In sweet surprize ; unable yet to fix To cheer his hunger after labour hard.

His raptur'd mind, or scan in order'd course Nor only soil, there also must be found

Each object fingly; with discoveries new Felicity of clime, and aspect bland,

His native country studious to enrich. Where gentle Iheep may nourishi locks of price. Ye thepherds, if your labours liope success, In vain the filken fleece on windy brows,

Be first your purpose to procure a breed,
And northern Nopes of cloud-dividing hills

To foil and clime adapted. Every soil
Is souglit, though soft lhe spreads her lap And clime, evin every tree and herb, receives
Beneath their rugged feet, and nanies thien heights les habitant peculiar: cach to each,
Biscaian or Segovian. Bothnic realms,

The Great Invisible, and each to all,
And dark Norwegian, with their choicest fields,

Through earth, and sea, and air, harmonious fuits. Dingles, and deils, by lofty fir embowerd,

Tempestuous regions, Darwent's * naked peaks, Malvern, a high ridge of hills near Worcester. * Darwent's naked peaks, the peaks of Derby thire, $ Dumetia, Caermarthenshire in South Wales.

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Snowden * and blue Plynlymmon *, and the wide Of graffes are unnumber'd kinds, and all
Aërial sides of Cader-yddris huge ;

(Save where foul waters linger on the turt) These are bestow'd on goat-horn'd sheep, of Aecce Salubrious. Early mark, when tepid gleams Hairy and coarse, of long and nimble shank, Oft mingle with the pearls of summer showers, Who rove o'er bog or heath, and graze or brouze And swell too hastily the tender plains : Alternate, to collect, with due dispatch,

Then snatch away thy sheep ; beware the rot; O'er the bleak wild, the thinly-scatter'd meal. And with detersive bay-salt rub their mouths ; But hills of milder air, that rise

Or urge them on a barren bank to feed, O'er dewy dales, a fairer species boast,

In hunger's kind distress, on tedded hay;
Of Morter limb, and frontlet more ornate ;

Or to the marish guide their easy steps,
Such the Silurian. If thy farm extends

If near thy tufted crofts the broad sea (preads.
Near Cotswold downs, or the delicious groves Sagacious care foreacts : when strong disease
Of Symmonds, honour'd through che sandy soil Breaks in, and stains the purple streams of health,
Of elmy Ross t, or Devon's myrtle vales,

Hard is the strife of art: the coughing pest That drink clear rivers near the glassy sea ;

From their green pasture sweeps whole flocks away. Regard this fort, and hence thy fire of lambs

That dire distemper sometimes may the Swain, Select: his tawny fleece in ringlets curis ;

Though late, discern : when on the lifted lid, Long (wings his nender tail; his front is fenc'd Or visual orb, the turgid veins are pale ; With horns Ammonian, circulating twice

The swelling liver then her putrid store
Around cach open ear, like those fair scrolls Begins to drink: ev'n yet thy skill exert,
That grace the columns of th’ Ionic dome.

Nor suffer weak despair to fold thy arms ::
Yet should thy fertile glebe be marly clay, Again detersive salt apply, or shed
Like Melton pastures, or Tripontian fields 1, The hoary medicine o'er their arid food.
Where ever-gliding Avon's limpid wave

In cold stiff soils the bleaters oft complain
Thwarts the long course of dusty Watling-street; Of gouty ails, by shepherds term’d the hale:
That larger fort, of head defenceless, seek,

Those let the neighbouring fold or ready CFOOR
Whose Aeece is deep and clammy, close and plain : Detain ; and pour into their cloven feet
The ram (hort-limb'd, whose form compact Corrosive drugs, deep-searching arsenic,

Dry alum, verdigrise, or vitriol keen. :
One level line along his spacious back;

But if the doubtful mischief scarce appears, Of full and ruddy eye, large ears, stretch'd head, 'Twill serve to shift them to a dryer turt, Nostrils dilated, breaft and Moulders broad,

And salt again: th' utility of salt And spacious haunches, and a lofty dock.

Teach thy now swains: redundant humours cold Thus to their kindred soil and air induc'd,

Are the diseases of the bleating kind.
Thy thriving herd will bless thy skilful care,

Th’ infectious scab, arising from extremes
That copies Nature : who, in every change, Of want or surfeit, is by water cur'd
In each variety, with Wisdom works,

Of lime, or sodden stave-acre, or oil
And powers diversify'd of air and soil,

Dispersive of Norwegian tar, renown'd Herrich materials. Hence Sabæa's rucks,

By virtuous Berkeley, whose benevolence Chaldza's marl, Ægyptus' water'd loam,

Explor'd its powers, and easy medicine thence And dry Cyrene's fand, in climes alike,

Sought for the poor: ye poor, with grateful voices, With different stores supply the marts of trade. Invoke eternal blessings on his head. Hence Zembla's icy tracts no bleaters hear ;

Sheep also pleurisies and dropsies know, Small are the Russian herds, and harsh their fleece ; Driv'n oft from Nature's path by artful mani, Of light esteem Germanic, far remote

Whio blindly turns aside, with haughty hand, From soft sea-breezes, open winters mild,

Whom sacred Instinct would securely lead.
And summers bath'd in dew: on Syrian sheep But thou, more humble swain, thy rural gates
The costly burden only loads their tails :

Frequent unbar, and let thy flocks abroad,
No locks Cormandel's, none Malacca's tribe From lea to croft, from mead to arid field;
Adorn; but Neek of flix, and brown like deer, Noting the fickle seasons of the sky.
Fearful and Thepherdless, they bound along Rain-lated pastures let them fun, and seck
The sands. No fleeces wave in torrid climes, Changes of herbage and salubrious flowers.
Which verdure boast of trees and shrubs alone, By their All-perfect Master inly taught,
Shrubs aromatic, caufee wild, or thea,

They beft their food and physic can discern;
Nutmeg, or cinnamon, or fiery slove,

For He, Supreme Existence, ever near,
Unapt to feed the feece. The food of wool Informs them. O'er the vivid green observe
Is grals or herbage soft, that ever blooms

With what a regular consent they crop,
In temperate air, in the delicious downs

At every fourth collection to the mouth,
Of Albion, on the banks of all her streams.

Unsavoury ciow-flower; whether to awake

Langour of appetite with lively change, Snowden, Plynlymmon, and Cader-yddris, Or timely to repel approaching ills, high hills in North Wales.

Hard to determine. Thou, whom nature loves, † A town in Herefordshire.

And with her salutary rules entrusts,
1 Tripontian fields, the country between Rugby, Benevolent Mackenzie *, iày the cause.
in Warwickshire, and Lutterworth, in Leicester-

* Dr. l.jackenzie, late of Worcester, now of Drumfugh, near Edinburgh.

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