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How, if on Swithin's feast the welkin lours, Ah, Mulciber! recall thy nuptial vous,

245 And every penthouse streams with halty Towers, Think on the graces of thy Paphian (pouse, Twice twenty days shall clouds their fleeces | Think hoy her eyes dart inexhautled charms, drain,

185 And cant thou leave her bed for Patty's arms? And wash the pavements with incesant rain. The I.empian Power forsakes the realras above, Let nor such vulgar tales dela e thy mind; His blom glowing with terrestrial love :

250 Nor Paul nor Swithin rule the clouds and wind. Far in the lane a lonely hut he found ;

If you the precepts of the Muse despise, No tenant ventur'd on th’unwwelerome grounde And night the faithful waruing of the kies, 199 Here imukes bis frige, he bares his fincwy arm, Others you'll lee, when all the town's afloat, And early Nrokes the founding anvil warra: Wrapt in th' embraces of a kerfey coat,

Around bis shop the ftcely sparkles flew,

255 Or double-bottom’d, frieze; their guarded feet As for the steed he map'd the bending thoe. Defy the muddy dangers of the street;

When blue-ey'd Pacty near his wiudow came, While you, with hat unloop'd, the fury dread :95 His an vil rests, his forge forgets to flame. Of spouts, high streaming, and with cautious tread To hear his footl

. ing tales, se feigns delay i Shun every dalhing pool, or illy stos;

What woman can rest the force of praise ? 260 To seck the kind pr tection of a ihop:

At firft the curly every kiss with tod, But bufnefs 'u'n ons ; now with hatty scud And all Her cheek was flush'd with modeft blond; You joítle for the wail, the Ipatter'd mud With headless nails he now surrounds her Ihness

, Hides all thy hore behind ; in vain you icower, To save her iteps from rains and piercing dews. Thy vig, alas ! uncurli admits the shower. Shelik'd his foothing tales, his presents wore, 265 So fierce Alcct's fnaky treffes fell,

And granted kiffer, but wculd grant no more: When Orpheus charm'd the rigorous powers of Yet winter chill'd her feet, with cold she piries,

hell: Orthus hung Glaucus' beard, with briny dew 205 No more her humid eyes their laftre boalt,

And on her check the fading role declines ; Clotted and itrait, when forft bis amorous view

And in hearse founds her melting voice is lott. 270 Surpris’d the bathing fair ; the frighted maid This Vulcan law, and in his beavenly thought Wow ftands a reck, transform’d by Circe's aid.

A new machine mechanic fancy wrought, Good housewives all the winter's rage despie, Above the mire her shelter'd steps to raise, Defended by the riding-hood's dilguie;

And bear her safely through the wintery ways. Oi, underneath th: umbrella's oily shed,

Strait the new engine on his anvil giuws, 275 Safe through the wet on clinkin, pattens cread.

And the pale vírgin on the patten rose. i et Persian dumes th' umbrella's ribs diplay,

No more her lungs are shock with dropping To girl their beauties from the funny ray;

Theums, Or twentine live support the shady Inad, 215 When eastern monarchs show their state abroad: The God obtain'd his fuit: through ffattery fail,

And on her cheek reviving beauty blooms. Pritain in winter only knows its aid,

Prelents with female virtue muft prevail.

280 Toʻguard from chilly showers the walking maid. rut, O! forget not, Muse, the patter's praise,

The patten_mow Supports each frugal dame,

Which from the blue-ey'd Patty takes the narnc. l'hat female implement shall grace thy lays ; 220 Say from what art divine ch' snvention came, And from its origin deduce its name.

T R I V I A. Where Lincoln wide extends her fennv foil, A goodly ye man liv'd!, grown white with toil ;

1. B Ο Ο Κ ΙΙ. One cnly daughter bless'd his nuptial bed, Who from her infant hand the poultry fed : THUS far the Mule has trac'd in useful lay's Mattha (her careful mother's name) me bore, The proper implements for wintery ways ; But nw her careful mother was no more. Has taught the waiker, with judicious eyes, Whilst on her father's knee the damsel play'd, To read the various warnings of the skies: Patty he fondly call'd the liniling maid; 230 | Now venture, Muse, from home to range As years increas'd, her ruddy beanty grew,


5 And Patty's fame over all the village flew. And for the publie safety risk thy cwn. Soon as the grey-ey'd morning streaks the For eale and for disputed, the morning's best ; skies,

No tides of passengers the streets moleft. And in the doubtful day the woodenck flies, You'll see a dragglet dainel here and there, Her cleanly pail the pretty housewife bears, 235 | From Billingsgate her fishy traffick bear; And singing to the distant field repairs ; On doors the fillow milk-maici chalks her gains : And, when the plains with evening dows are Ah! how unlike the milk-raid of the plains ! spread,

Before proud gates attending affes bray, The milky burthen smokes upon her head, Or arrogate with folemn pace the way; Dcep through a miry lane the pick'd her way, These grave physicians with their milky chear is Above her ancle role the chalky clay. 240 The love-fick maid and dwindling beau repair;

Vulcan by chance the bloomy maiden spies, Here rows of drummers stand in partial file, With innocence and beauty in her eyes :

And with theit vellurm thunder Thake the pile, He saw, he lov'd; for yet he ne'er had known Togreet the new-madle bride. Are sounds likethele Siveer innocence and beauty meet in one.

The proper prelude to a Mate of peace?







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Now-induftly awakes ber busy fons ;

Thus hardy Theseus with intrepid feet Full-charg'd with news the breathless hawkerruns: Travers’d the dangerous labyrinth of Crete ; Shups open, coaches tul!, carts shake the ground, But still the wandering passes forc'd his stay, 85 And all the streets with palling cries Tesound.

Till Ariadne's clue unwinds the way. If cloth'd in black you tread the busy town, a5 But do not thou, like that bold thief, confide Or if diftinguish'd by the reverend gown, Thy venturous footsteps to a female guide ; Three trades avoid : oft' in the mingling press

She'll lead thee with delusive smiles along, The barber's apron fcils the fable dreis ;

Dive in thy fob, and drop thee in the throng, go Shun the perfumer's touch with cautious eye, When waggish boys the stunted beelom ply. Nor let the baker's step advance too high. 30

To rid the flabby pavement, país not by Ye walkers too, that youthful colours wear.

Ere thou haft held their hands : fome heedless fire Three lullying tracles avcid with.equal care : Will overspread thy calves with spattering dirt. The little chimney-sweeper kulks along,

Where porters hogsheads roll from carts allope, 95 And marks with footy stains the heedless throng ; | Or brewers down steep cellars stretch the rope, When Imall-coal murmurs in the hoarler Where counted billets are by carmen tost, throat,

35 Stay thy rash step, and walk without the post. From smutty dangers guard thy threaten'd coat; What though the gathering mire thy feet bra The duftman's cast offends thy clothes and eyes,

When through the street a cloud of athes flies; The voice of industry is always near.
But, whether black or lighter dyes are worn,

Hark! the boy calls thee to his destin'd stand, The chandler's basket, on his Moulder borne, 40 And the shoe shines beneath his oily hand. With tallow spots thy coat; relign the way,

Here let the Mule, fatigued amid the throng, To Thun the surly butcher's greasy tray.

Adorn her precepts with digressive long; Butchess, whose bands are dy'd with blood's Of thirtless youths the secret rise to trace, 105 foul ftain,

And Thew the parent of the fable race. And always foremost in the hangman's train.

Like mortal man, great Juve (grown fond of Let due civilities be lirialy paid:


change) The wall surrender to the hooded maid ;

Of old was wont this nether world to range, Nor let thy sturdy elbow's hasty rage

To leek amours; the vice the monarch loy'd Joftle the feeble steps of trembling age :

Soon through the wide ethereal court improv'd: And when the porter bends beneath his load, And ev'n the proudest Goddess now and then And pants for breath, clear thou the crowded Would lodge a night among the fons of inen, road,


To vulgar deicies delcends the fashion, But, above all, the groping blind direct ; Each, like her betters, had her earthly passion. And from the pressing throng the lame protect.

Then * Cloacina (Goddess of the tide, You'll sometimes meer a fop. of niceft tread,

Who e sable streams beneath the city glide) Whole mantling peruke veils bis empty head;

Indulg'd the modith flame the town the roy'd, At every step he dreads the wall to inle, 55

Amortal scavenger she saw, the loy'd; And risks, to save a coach, his red-heeld hoes; The muddy ipots that dry'd upon his face, Him, like the miller, pass with caution by,

Like female patches, heighten'd every grace : 120 Left from his Moulder clouds of powder fly.

She gaz'd; the figh’dl; (for love can beauties Spy But when the bully, with assuming pace,

In what seem faults to every common eye.) Cocks his broad hat, edg'd round with tarnish'd

Now had the watchman walk'd his second round, lace,

69 When Cloacina hears the rumbling sound Yield not the way, defy his ftrutting pride,

Of her brown lover's cart (for well me knows 125 And thrust him to the muddy kennel's fide;

That pleasing thunder) : Twift the Goddess role, He never turns again, nor dares oppole,

And through the streets pursu'd the distant noise, But mutters coward curses as he goes.

Her bolom panting with expected joys. If drawn by business to a street unknown, 65 With the night-wandering harlot's airs The past, Let the sworn porter paint thee through the town;

Brush'd neaj bis fide, and wanton glancescaft; 130 Be sure ablerve the signs, for signs remain

In the black form of cinder-weruh ine came, Like faithful landmarks to the walking train.

When love, the hour, the place, had banishid Seek not from 'prentices to learn the way

Thole fabling boys will turn thy steps aftray: 70 To the dark alles arm in arm they move :
Ak the grave tradesman to direct thee riglit,

may no link-boy interrupt their love! He ne'er receives--but when be profits by't.

When the pale moon had ninetimes fill’d her space, Where fam'd St. Giles's ancient limits spread,

The pregnarit Goddels (cautious of difurace) An inrail'd column Tears its lofty tiead,

De'cerds to earth ; but fou»ht no midwife's aid, Here to seven streets leven dials count the day, 75 ) No cheer ül gollip wish'd the mother joy,

Nor 'midst her anguish to Lucina pray'd;
And from each other carch the circling ray.
Here oft' the peasant, with inquiring face,

Alone, beneath a bulk the diopt the boy. 149 Bewilder'd, trudges on from place to place ;

* Cloacind was a Galéfi, puhele imoge T.:1125 He dwells on every fign with stupid gaze

la king of the Subires) found in the common. fiere; Enters the narrow alley's doubtful mare, 80nd, not knowing zohut Godlie, it was, he called in Tries every winding court and street in vain, Ciocira, from the place in which it was

found, and And doubles o'er his weary steps again,

paid 1: it divine 1. OKT Lan, 1. 20. Minuc, Fel. 06. 8. 23


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The child, throʻvarious risks in years improv'd, | Go thrive. At sume frequented' comer Ar firft a beggar's brat, compation mov'd; This brush I give thee, grasp it in thy land, His infant tongue foon learnt the canting art, Teinper the foot within this vale of oil, Xnew all the prayers and whines to touch the heart. And let the little tripod aid thy coil: Oh happy unown'd youths ! your linibs can On this methinks I led the wall ing crew, bear

145 At thy request, leppoit the miry inne ; The scorching dog-star, and the winter's air ; The foor grows black that was wiel dört iraWhile the rich infant nurs’d with care and pain,

brown'd, Tbirsts.with each beat, and coughs with evers Ard in thy pocket gingting hifpenee Cound, 220 rain!.

The Goddess plunges swift beneatli the food, The Goddels fong hadd markd the child's And dafines all around hier thiowers of mud : diftrets,

The youth ftrait cñole his post: the labour ply And long had fought his sufferings to redress. Yo Where branching fereets frou Charing-cross diShe prays the Gods to take the fondsing's part,

vide; To teach bis bands some beneficial art

His treble voice telounds along the Meule, 255 Practis'd in streets : the Gods her fuit allow'd, And Whitehall ecives - Clean your Honour's And made him useful to the walking crowd ;

s fñoes !” To cleanse ihe miry feet, and o'er the shoe 155 Like the sweet ballad, tliis amusing legt With nimble kill the glony black renew.. Too long detains the walker on his way; Each power contributes to relisve the poor :: While he attende, new dangers tocad laim throng? With the ftrong bristles of the mighty buar The busy eity aiks instructive longDiana, forms his broth; the Godof Day

Where, elevated o’er the gapiig chrudi A tripod gives, amid ibe crowded' way D60 Clasp it in the buard the per tr'd fiend is bowd.

To raise the dirty foot, and eale his tuil'; Betimes retreat ; lere, thick an Failitunes prur, Kind Neptune fill, his vase with feid of

Turnips and hal-hatch d eggs (a mingled fnarver) Preft from th' enormous wbale; the God of Eire, Among the tabble sain : forne random chrow 223 From whose dominions franky clouds aspire, May with the irickling yolk ty cheek o'erflow Among these generous presents joins his paro, 165 Though expedition bil, yet never stray And aids with lot the new japanning art. Where no rang'd posts defend the ragged way. Pleas'd she receives the gifts; the downward glitles, Here laden carts with thundering waygons meet, Lights in Fleet--ditch, and shoots beneath the tides. Vkeels chinh viib wheels, and bar we narrow Now dawns the morn, the frurdy lad-awakes,

Irget; Leaps from his stall,his tangled hairhe Makes; 170 The lashing whip reounds, the horfes ifrain, Then leaning o'er tħe rails, he musing ifoodie And blood in anguish buifts the swelling veins And view'd below the black canal of mud, O barbarous men! your cruel breasts a Áuage : Where common Protes a julkin: murmur keeps Why vent was on tlie genervus feed your rage? Whole torrents ruth from Holboru's fatal keep : Does not his service earn your daily bread 255 Pensive through idleners, tears fow'd'apace, 175 Your wives, air children., by his latwurs fed ? Which eas'd his loaded heare, and wafh'd his face! H, as the Samian taught, the fini revires, At length he fighing cry'd, That boy was bleft, And, thisting seats, in other bodies lives; Whose infant lips have drain'd a mother's breast ; Severe shall be the brutal engehrman's change, But happier far are chole (of fueh be known) Doam'd ina hackney horle the tour. co range: 2 Whom both a father and a mother ow: 180 Carmen, transformd, the groaning had fhiali draw, But I, alas ! hard fortune's uomo reorn,

Whiom other tyrants with tie lafli hallawe. Who ne'er knew parent, was an orphan bara Who wuld of Wating--treet the dangers Hare, Some boys are rich by birth beyond all wants, When the broad pavement of Cheapüde is rear? Belov'd by uncles, and kind good old aunts : Or who that ruggedrect * would craveler'er. 235 When time comes round, a Christmas-box they 'That strexhe, Fleeritch, from this black iHore bear,

185 | To the Tower's moated walls? Here teams a' cena And one day makes them rich for all eħe:year.. That, in mix'd fumes, the wriulilte nele offend.. Had I the precepts of a father learn’d,

Where chandlers'endrons boil; where fifny pies Perhaps their the enachman's fare hadearna Hide the.wer stall, lorry abient from the 'er : 250For leffer boys can drive ; I thirsty ftand, And wfiere tlie cleaver chips tiie heifer's īpmily And see the double fraggon charge their hand, Igo And where huge hngsheads'fweat with trainy vil; See them puff off the froth, and guip amain, Thy breathing nitril lj ild: butli x iħall I While witb dry tongue I liek iny lips in vain. Pass, where in piles Carnavian cntefes lie;

While thus 'he fervent prays, the heaving tiste, Cheese'; that tlie table's chifing rites denies, 255 In w ider'd circles, beats on either fade;

Andibiils me with thi’unwilling chaplein rile? The Goddess role amid the imaoft round, 196. o bear me to the path of fair Pail-n:)!!! With wither'd turnip-tops her temples crown'd Safe are rliy pavenyents, gravefiui'is etiy (mell! Low reach'd her dripping trefies, lank, and black At distance solis aling the gilded coach, As the smooth jer, or glofiy raven's back ; Nor sturdy carmen aniny walks encroach ; 2:0 Around her waist a cireling eel was twin'd, No iets woulth bar thy ways were chair: den; d, Which bound her robe that hung in rags behind 200 The soft supposes of laziness and pride: Now beckoning to the boy, The thus begun : 'Ihy gragers are guanted., weep no mute.my for + T.meet Chianti...



Shops breathe perfumes, through falhes ribbons She bids the snow descend in Naky sheets, glow,

And in her boary mantle clothe the streets. The mutual arms of ladies and the beau. Let not the virgin tread these nippery roads, Yet till ev'n here, when rains the passage hide, &65 | The gathering Heece the hellow patten loads ; Oft the loole ftonc ipiris up a muday tide But, if thy footitep 11ide with clotted frost, 325 Beneath thy carelels' fuor ; and from on high, Strike off the breaking balls against the pott, W lere malo mount the ladder, fragments fly, On filent wheel the paslıng coaches toll; Mortar and crumbled lime in howers deicend, Oft’ louk behind, and ward the threatening pole. An o'er thy head deftrucive tiles impend. 270 In harden'dorbs the ichool-boy moulds the inow,

Puili.perime let me leave the noily roads, Tv mark the coachman with a dextrous And Nent wander in the cluie aburles,

throw Where wheels ne'er fanke the ground; there Why do ye, boys, the kennel's surface spread, pensive kray,

To tempt with faithless pals the matron's tread? in studious thought, the long uncronried ways How can you laugh to lee the damsel ipurn, Here I remiatk each walker's different face, 275 Sink in your free's, and her green stocking And in their look their various bulineis trace.

mouen? The brokerlere his spacious beaver wears,

AtWhite's the harness'd chairman idlystands,335 Upon his brow fit ieri Soufies and cares ;

And swings around his waiit his tingling hands; Bent on some mortgage (to av vid repreach) The lempstress speeds to Change with red-tipt nole, He leeks by-freers, and faves ih' expensive The Belgian tove beneath her footstool glows; coach, ,

280 In half-whipr mullin needies useless lie, Soft, at low doors; old letchers tap their cane, And Inuule-cocks.xross the counter Hy. 340 Fur fair teciure, ut travels Dury-lane ; These sports warm harmless ; why then will ye Here roins uncombid the lavit rake, to fhun

prove, Hi. Fieci-it reet draper's everlasting dun. Deluid maids, the dangerous dame of love?

Careiul ob'ervers, studious of the town, 285 Where Covent-Garden's famous temple stands Shun the misfortunes that disgrace the clown; That boalts the work of Jones' immortal hands; G:tempteé, they contemn the jaggler's feats, Columns with plain magnificence appear, 345 Pals by the Meule, nor try the* thimble's chcars. Ard graceful porches lead along the square: Then drays towd high; they aever crofs behind, Here oft, my course I bend; when lo! from far Where bubbling veit is blown byguits of wind:290 tipy etie furies of the foot-ball war: And wien up Luderate bill huge carts move low, The 'prentice quits his

thip, to join the crew, Far from the straining fteeds secuteiy go,

Increasing crowds the fiying game pursue. 350 Whofe dzhing hoots behind them ting the mire, Thus, as you roll the balt d'er snowy ground, And mark with mudrly blots the gazing 'quire. The garbering globe augments with every round. -The Patthian thus his javelin backward But wbither Thall I run? the throng draws nich, throus,


The bill now Ikims the street, now soars on high? And as he e Hies infelts pursuing foes.

The dextrousglazier (trong returns the bound, 355 The dwughtles wits

Mall frequent forfeits pay, And gingling fashes on the pent-house found. Who'zinin the tentry' box discharge their tea. O, roving Mule! recal that wondrous year, Po thou turne smurt (IT recret correr seek,

When winter reign'd in bleak Britannia's air; Northuth with shamcthe passing virgin's cheek.300 When hoary Thames, with frolled oziers crown'd,

Yerlet me not descend to trivial song, Was three long rouns in ich fetters bound. '360 Nor vulyar circumftance my verse prolong. The waterman, forlorn, along the shore, Why should I teach the maid, when'torrents pour, Penfive reclines upon his ufelels oar; Hér liead 10 Thelter from the fidden mower? See barness'd steeds desert the stony town, Nature will best ber ready hand in 'orm, 305 And wander Tvads unstable, not their own; With her spread petricvat to fence the storm. Wheels o'er the hardend waters smoothly Die sout each walker know the warning fign,

glide, When wisps to Atraw depend upon the twine And sale with whiten'd tracks the Nippery tide ; Cross the clofe ftreet ; that then the paver's art Here the fat cock pides high the. Blazing fire, Punew's the ways, denyile couch and care ? 310 And scarce the spit can turn the steer entire ; Who knows not that the cvachman lafhing by Booths tidden hide the Thames, long itreets apOi' with his fourth cuts the hecdless eye;

реат, , And when he takes his ftand, to wait a fare, And currierous games proclaim the crowded Ili torie forchead; thun the winter's air?


870 Nor will I roana where diminer's tultry rays 315 So when a general bids ihe martial train Purch tie dry ground, and spread with dun the spread their encampment o'er the spacious plain : ways ;

Thick rising tents a canvass city build, With whirling gusts the rapid aroms rise, And the loud dice relound se rough all the field. Smohe o'er the pavenient, and involve the skies. 'Twas here the matron found a doleful fate :

Winter my theme confines; whole nitry wind Let elegiac lay the woe relate, Shall craft the flabby mire, and kennels bind ;320 Soft as the breathi of distant futes, at hours

When filent evening clores up the flowers; * A cont commonly true?iled in the forests with Lulling as falling water's bollow roile; Pireo thimbledalck bik.

Induling grie, like Philomeid' voice.

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waves ;

Doll every day had walk'd these treacherous roads, Now, heaven-born Charity ! thy bleMogs shed ;
Her neck grew warpe beneuh autumnal loads Bid meagre Wart oprear her fickly bead ;
Of various fruit; the now a basket bore; Bid shivering limbs be warmt; let Plenty's bow!445
That head, alas! shall baket bear no more. In humble roofs make glad the the needy ful!
Each booth the frequent paft, in quest of gain, 385 See, lee the herven-born maid her bleflings shed;
And boys with pleasure heard her shrilling strain. Lo ! meagre Want uprears her fickly head;
Ah, Doll! all mortals must refigo their breath, Cluth'd are the naked, and the needy glad,
And industry itself lubmit to death!

While selfish Avarice alone is lad.

450 The cracking crystal yields; The links, she dies, Proud coaches pals, regardless of the moan Her head, chopt off, from her lot moulders flies; Of infant orphans, and the widow's groan; Pippins the cry'd ; but death her voice confound', While Charity still move the walker's mind, And rip-tip-pip along the ice telounds. Ilis liberal purle relieves the lame and blind.

So, when the Thracian furies Orpheus tore, Judiciously thy halfpence are beftow'd 455 And left hi- bleeding trunk deform'd with gore, Where the laborions beggar sweeps the road. His fever'd liead Hoats down the silver tide, 395 Whate'r you give, give ever at demand, His yet warm tongue for his loft confort cry'd; Norlet old

age long stretch his palfy hand. Eurydice with quivering veice he mourn'd, Those who give late are importun'd each day, And Heber's banks Eurydice return'd.

And still are teas'd because they still delav, 460 But now the welern gale the flood unbinds, If e'er the miser durit his farthings {pare, And blackening clouds inove on with warmer He thinly spreads them through the public square, winds;

400 Where, all beside the rail, rang'd beggars lie, The woqden town its frail foundation Icaves, And from each other catch the drlesul cry ; And Thames' full urn tolls down his plenteous With Heaven, for two-pençe, cheaply wipes his


455 From every pent-house fireams the fleeting snow, Lifts up his eyes, and haftes to beggar more. And with diffolving frost the pavements flow. Where the brass-knocker,wrapt in flannel band,

Experienc'd men, inur'd to city ways, 405 Forbids the thunder of the footman's hand; Need not the calendar to count their days, Th' upholder, rueful harbinger of death, When through the town with flow and folemn air, Waits with imparience for the dving breath: 470 Led by the noftril walks the muzzled bear; As vultures (er a camp, with hovering flight. Behind him moves, majelically tlull,

Snuff up the future carnage of the fight. The pride of Heckley hole, the surly bull. 410 Here canit thou país, unmindful of a prater, Learn hence the periods of the week to name, That Heaven in mercy may thy brother spare?' Mondays and Thuridays are the clays of game. Come, Forteloue, fincere, experience friend, 475

When fishy falls with double store are laid; Thy briefs, t!ıy deeds, and ev’n thv fees suspend; The golden-belly'd carp, the broad-finn'd maid, Cone let us leave the Temple's filent walls, Red ipech led trouts, the falmon's filver jowl, 415 Me bufiness to my distant lodying calls ; The j irted lobiler, and un'caly foal,

Through the long Strand together let us stray; And lukious 'icallops to alluse the talles With thee converang, I forget the way, 480 Of rigid zealots to delicious fails;

Behold that narrow street which steep descends, Wedre days and Fridays you'll ublerve from Whose building to tbe slimy more extends ; hence,

Here Arundel's famd Itructure rear'd its frame, Days when our fires were doom'd to abstinence.

Theftreet alone retains the empty name. When dirty waters from balconies drop, Where Titiza's glowing paintthe canvass warmd, And dextrous damels twirl the fprinkling mop, And Raphael's fair defign,with judgment, charm’d And cleanle the spatter'd rath, and scrub the stairs; Now hangs the bellman's song, and palted here Kiow Saturday's conclusive morn appears. The colour'd prints of Overton appear.

Succeslive cries theteatons' change declare, 425 Where stardes breath'd the works of Phidias' And mark the monthly progrets of the year. Hark! how the streets with treble vuices ring,

A wooden pump, or lonely watch-house, 'tands. To lell the bounteous product of the spring! There Effekliately pile adorned ihe shore, Sweet-Imelling tlowers, and elders' early bud,

There Cecil's, Bedford's, Villiers' now no more. With nettle's tenderfhouts, io cleanse the Yet Burlington's fair palace itill remains;

430 Beauty within, without proportion reigns. And, when June's thunder cools the sultry skies, Beneath his eye declining art revives, E'en Sundays are profan’d by mackrel cries. The wall with aniniated picture lives;

Walnuts the fruiterer's hand in autumn stain, There Handel strikes the strings, the melting forain Blue plumbs and juicy pears augment his gain ; Transports the soul, and thrills through every

vein; Next oranges the longing boys entice, 435 There oft I enter (but with cleaner shoe), To truft their copper fortunes to the dice. For Burlington's belov'd by every Muse.

When rosemary, and bays, the poet's crown, Oye associate walkers, O my friends, Are bawl'd, in frequent cries through all the town Upon your state what happineis attends ! Then judge the festival of Christmas near, What though no coach to frequent visit rolls, Curifimas, the joyous period of the year. 440 Nor for your shilling chairmen ning their poles, Now with bright holly all your temples (trow, Yet till yeur nerves Rheumatic pains dety, 505 With laurel green, and faced minetoe.

Nor lazy jaundice dulls you lafiton eye;


blood ;



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