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Page 27. The sailing of the May Flower. After remaining one hundred and ten days in Plymouth Harbor, this historial and gallant little ship returned to England in the month of April, 1621; and notwithstanding their great sufferings, all the Pilgrims remained at their posts, not one asked to re-embark.


Page 34. The Field of the First Encounter.

This name was given to the scene of the skirmish, in which the intrepidity of Standish and his little band proved more than a match for an assault of the Indians.

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Page 45. But their sachem, the brave Wattawamat,

Fled not; he was dead.

“But it is incredible how many wounds these two prinses (braves), Pecksuot and Wattawamat, received before they died, not making any fearful noise, but catching at their weapons, and striving to the last." --Journal of the Colonists.

Page 51. Yes; Miles Standish was dead .

Standish had a very narrow escape from an assassin. A wily Indian, "a notable insulting villain," persuaded the Captain and his party to land at his village, with the intent to murder them, but a contrary wind prevented their touching at the place.

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PAGE 64. That of our vices we can frame

A ladder.

The words of St. Augustine are, “ De vitiis nostris scalam nobis facimus, si vitia ipsa calcamus."

Sermon III. De Ascensione.


A detailed account of this "apparition of a Ship in the Air" is given by Cotton Mather in his Magnalia Christi, Book I. Chap. VI. It is contained in a letter from the Rev. James Pierpont, Pastor of New Haven. To this account Mather adds these words:

“Reader, there being yet living so many credible gentlemen, that were eyewitnesses of this wonderful thing, I venture to publish it for a thing as undoubted as 't is wonderful."

PagF 73. And the Emperor but a Macho. Macho, in Spanish, signifies a mule. Golondrina is the feminine form of Golondrino, a swallow, and also a cant name for a deserter.


Oliver Basselin, the “Père joyeux du Vaudeville," flourished in the fifteenth century, and gave to his convivial songs the name of his native valleys, in which he sang them, Vaux-de-Vire. This name was afterwards corrupted into the modern Vaudeville.


This poem is founded on fact. Victor Galbraith was a bugler in a company of volunteer cavalry; and was shot in Mexico for some breach of discipline It is a common superstition among soldiers, that no balls will kill them unless their names are written on them. The old proverb says, “Every bullet has its billet.”

PAGE 85. I remember the sea-fight far away.

1. This was the engagement between the Enterprise and Boxer, off the harbor of Portland, in which both captains were slain. They were buried side by side, in the cemetery on Mountjoy."


"At Pisa the church of San Francisco contains a chapel, dedicated lately to Santa Filomena; over the altar is a picture, by Sabatelli, representing the Saint as a beautiful, 'nymph-like figure, floating down from heaven, attended by two angels bearing the lily, palm, and javelin , and beneath in the foreground the siek and maimed, who are healed by her intercession.”—Mrs. Jamesun's Sacred and Legendary Art, ii. 298.


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