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1 Z.
I. THEOLOGY ; or the First Principles of Natural Religion.
II. ETHICS, or MORALITY ; the Doctrine of Maral Virtucs.
III. CHRISTIANITY; or the Substance of the Christian Religion.
IV. JUDAISM ; or the Religion and State of the Jerus.
V. MAHOMET ANISM ; or the Life, Religion, and Polity of Mabomet.
V1. GENTILISM; or the Deities and Religion of the Heathen.
VII. MYTHOLOGY; or an Explanation of Fabulous Histories.
VIII. GRAMMAR and LANGUAGE, particularly of the English Tongue.
IX. RHETORIC and OR A TOPY; or the Art of Speaking eloquently.
X. LOGIC; or the Art of Reasoning and Persuasion.
XI. ONTOLOGY; or the Science of Being abstractedly confidered.
XII. POETRY; or the Art of making Veríes or Puems.
XIII. CRITICISM; or Art of judging well of Men anj Things.
XIV. GEOGRAPHY; or a Description of the World.
XV. CHRONOLOGY; or the Doctrine of Time.
XVI. HISTORY ; with the Original of Nations and Kingdoms.
XVIL PHYSIOLOGY; of Science of Natural Philosophy.
XVIII. BOTANY; or the Doctrine of Plants and Vegetables.
XIX. ANATOMY; or a Description of the Parts of an Human Budy.
XX. PHARMACY; or the Art of making Medicines.
XXI. MEDICINE ; or the Theory of Physic and Diseases.
XXII. POLITY and OECONOMICS; or the Doctrine of Society and Government,
XXIII. JURISPRUDENCE ; or the Knowledge of Law or Right.
XXIV. HERALDRY; or Art of Blazoning Coat-Armour.
XXV. MISCELLANI ES: An Account of the Mathematical Arts and Sciences.

AUTHOR of The Philosophical Grammar, &c.

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