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being just 63 Years old, in their Computation, His Age and which makes only 61 of our Years. He was

Burial. buried in the Earth, and not suspended in an Iron Coffin, by means of Loadstones, in the Air, as has been fabulously reported.

The Alcoran, or rather (as it should be call'd) An Account of the Coran, is the Name of that Book which the Alcoran, or

Mahometan contains the Mabometan Laws and Doctrines ; Bible. and signifies, the Reading, or that which ought to be Read; as we call our Bible, the Scripture, or Writing. The Mahometan Bible, or Coran, is divided into four Parts, and each of them into Chapters, and those again into Verses. The Chapters have ridiculous Titles, as the Chapter of ibe Cow, of the Elephant, of the Emmet, of the Spider, of the Fly, &c. And the whole is in such a disorderly and incoherent Method, that it is but one continued Hodge-podge. Yet have they such a stupid Veneration for this Book, that 'tis Death for a Jew or Christian to touch it, and even for a Musulman himself, (for so they call their pretended true Believers) if he touch it with unwashed Hands. They pretend God sent it to the Prophet Mabomet by the Angel Gabriel writ on Parchment made of the skin of the Ram which Abraham offered in Sacrifice instead of his Son Isaac ; with abundance of other superstitious and impious Trumpery concerning it, not worth rehearsing

The chief Principles of Mahometanism are as some of the follow ; (1.) They believe that God is but One, principal Do

Teas well in Person as Essence. (2.) That Mahomet nets of the is his Propbet. (3.) That Angels are God's Mini- Mahometans. iters, which execute his Commands; of whom the Angel Gabriel is Chief. (4.) They hold Fate and absolute Predestination, which makes them fight undauntedly. (5.) They hold an Heaven and Hell, with such Rewards and Punishments

as have been just now describ'd. (6.) They use Circumcision, which they had from the Jews. (7.) Their Religion is to be propagated by the Power of the Sword only, for which Reason their Imans, or Priests, preach with a drawn Sword in their Hands. (8.) That the Musulmans who kill Unbelievers, thereby merit Paradise. (9.) Mahomet forbad drinking Wine, Games of Chance, &c. left his Followers should thereby quarrel, fall together by the Ears, and expose his Religion to Hazard. (10.) He allow'd both the Old and New Testament, and cites many Passages from each to prove and justify his pretended Apostleship. (11.) They hold many Things by Oral Tradition, which they pretend Mahomet receiv'd from the Mouth of God in the Night Journey before related. (12.) The Mussulmans are allowed not only a Plurality of Wives, but to keep as many Women Slaves for their Luft as they can afford to buy, and the Children of the latter are as legitimate as those of the former : The old Letcher, Mabomet himself, having had 15 or 20 Wives for his own Share. (13.) Mabomet forbid Adultery to his Followers, yet himself took the Wife of his Servant Zeyd. (14.) If two Places of the Coran disagree or be contradictory, they revoke one of them, or disannul it. (15.) They hold the Immortality of the Soul. (16.) That the Punishments of the Wicked are not eternal. (17.) That the very Devils themselves shall at last be converted by the Power of the Coran. These, with innumerable other silly, false, and ridiculous Tenets and Traditions, make the monstrous Bulk of Mahometan Doctrine, which 'tis amazing to think how even Superstition itself could swallow. A Religion bespeaking only an illiterate Barbarian, who could neither Write nor Read, for its Author ; fabulous Jews, idolatrous


Pagans, and beretical Popish Christians for its Votaries ; and the Sword and Destru£tion for the Means of its Propagation.

The Notes and CharaEters inseparable from an The Notes or Impofture are reckon'd by a learned Man as fol- Marks of an lows. (1.) That it must always have for its End Impofture from

Dean Pri. some carnal Interest. (2.) That it can have none deaux. but wicked Men for its Authors. (3.) That both these must necessarily appear in the very Contexture of the Imposture itself. (4.) That it can never be fo framed, but that it will contain some palpable Falsities, which will discover the Falsity of all the rest. (5.) That where-ever it is first propagated, it must be done by Craft and Fraud. (6.) That when entrusted with many Conspirators it can never be long conceal'd. And, (7.) That it can never be established without Force and Violence.

Now that all these must belong to every Impofture, and all particularly did so to Mahometanifm ; and that none of them can be charged upon Christianity, the aforesaid learned Dean hath largely proved in his Letter to the Deifts of the present Age.


Of P A G A N IS M, or the

Divinities of the Heathen,
and the WORSHIP paid to them.


LTHOUGH the great and The true Origiawful Creator of all Things had nal of Idolatry

and Heathen most legibly imprinted the Cha

Superftitions racters of Deity on all the won- plainly atderful Works of his Hands ; counted for

and that thereby the invisible Things of him from the Creation of the World are clearly feen, being understood by the Things that are made, viz. bis eternal Power and God- Rom. i. bead or Deity; and in so clear a Manner that they who acknowledg'd it not must needs be without

f Excuse ; yet that when Men thus infallibly knew God, they neither glorified him as God, nor were thankful to him for his constant Blessings, but instead of this became brutishly supine and vain in their Imaginations, and their Hearts, through such wretched Folly, was envelop'd in Ignorance, and darken'd like the Earth eclipsed from the Splendor of the Sun; and so perverse, that they feem'd even not to like to retain God in their knowledge : I say, that then God did judicially give them up to a reprobate Mind ; in Consequence of which they soon chang’d the Glory of the uncorruptible God, into an Image of corruptible Man, and of Birds and four-footed Beasts, and Reptiles ; and thus changing the true


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