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A CERATE is a Consistence in the next Ceratos. Degree denser than an Unguent, and thinner than a Plaister : It is thus denominated from the principal Ingredient in the Composition, viz. Wax, which in Latin is call'd Cera ; for Wax, Oil, and some other softer Substances, diffolved or mix'd together, make a Cerate, as appears from the Composition of the White Cerate of the Shops, which is this: Take of the whitest Wax Ziv. of Oil of SweetAlmonds Zv. of the finest Sperma Ceti Zi. of Ceruss wasp'd in Rose Water Ziss. of Campbire zss. make them into a Cerate. À PLAISTER is a Composition of Oils, Plaifters. Waxes, Resins, Powders, &c. in such Consistence as will keep its Form without running or sticking to any thing when cold, but yet is moist enough to be melted and spread, so as to adhere when warm, and not be brittle enough to crack or break off what it is spread upon. But this is a Form so well known, that any Description is superfluous, and therefore I shall only give an Example of its Composition in the Ammoniac Plaister.

Take of strain'd Gum Ammoniacum Zvi. of Yellow Wax and Refinā zv. of the fimple Melilot Plaister, Ointment of Marshmallows, of the Oil of Bays, and Orrice, and Venice Turpentine, ā Ziss. of Goose Fat zi. of Sal Ammoniac, of Bryony Root, and the Root of Orrice, ā zss. of Galbanum and Bdellium ā zii. Let them boil together till it becomes of a due Consistence for a Plaister. To the foregoing may be added the following anomalous Forms, viz.

THE POTENTIAL CAUTERY; this is Potential made of a strong Lixivium of Pot-ashes and Cautery. Quick-lime boil'd to a Dryness: It must be kept





Lapis de Goa.

close stop'd in a Bottle, else it will imbibe the
Air, and lose its caustic Quality. Its Use is de-
clared in the Pharmaceutic Part of Surgery.

ELATERIUM; it is the Fæcula, i. e. the
Settlings of the Juice of Wild Cucumbers dry'd.
It is a violent Cathartic, and feldom prescrib'd
but in stubborn and desperate Cases.

LAPIS INFERNALIS, or the Inferna!
Stone ; the Composition of which is as follows:
Take Capital, i. e. the strongest Soap-Lees, ary
Quantity, and evaporate to a Dryness, and
keep the Residue in a Glass well stop'd.
LAPIS de GOA, or the Goa Stone. The
Prescription for making which is thus :
Take Hyacinths, Topaz, Sapphires, Rubies, and
Pearls, ā zi. Emeralds zss. Oriental Bezcar,
White and Red Coral, ā Zii. Musk and Arnber-
grease ā Zss. Leaves of Gold N° xl. Let all be
levigated into a fine impalpable Powder, and
with Rose-Water made into a Paste, which is
to be form’d into long or oval Balls, and fc-
Besides thefe Oficinal Compositions, there arise
several other Forms of Medicine from Extempo-
raneous Prescription and Practice, according to
the various Exigencies and Circumstances which
attend the several Cafes and Intentions of Cure :
The principal whereof here follow.

MEDICATED Wines, Ales, Meads, Wheys,
&c. which all come under the general Denomi-
nation of Dier-Drinks, stand first in Order, and
are in all chronical Cases, and where the Difor-
der of a Constitution is gradually to be gain'd
upon, of very great Service. The making of
these Wines, Ales, &c. is by taking a due Pro-
portion of Medicinal Drugs and Simples, and
hanging in a Bag in common Liquors. Thus,


Diet Drinks,

for Instance, to make that famous Diet-Drink call'd Dr. Butler's Ale.

Take Betony, Sage, Agrimony, Garden Scurvygrass, Roman Wormwood, ā m. iii. Roots of Elicampane and Horse-radish ā ziv. Mix and put them into a Bag, and hang it in cong. iv. of new Ale while it works. N. B. This is an admirable Antifcorbutic. EMULSION is a liquid Form made by Emulsions. blanching and bruising oily Seeds and Kernels in a Marble Mortar with a Wooden Pestle, and beat up into a Paste: Then the Liquors order'd are to be put in by degrees, and beat up with the Mass, that so the whole Pulp may be wash'd out; and the Liquor squeez'd out and strain’d, being of a milky Colour, is the Emulsion intended, and is generally of the Emollient Kind. Thus to make the Cordial Emulsion,

Take Plague and Compound Piony Water ā ziv.
Citron Seeds Zss. to which, when made into an
Emulsion and strain'd, add Pearl Sugar ziii.

and Oil of Nutmegs gr. i. JULEP is a Form made of Simple and Com- Juleps. pound Water sweeten’d, and serves principally as a Vebicle or Diluter to other Forms not so convenient to take alone. Thus for a Diuretic Julep, Take Parsley-Water Ziv. White-Wine Zvi. Oil of Tartar per Deliquium zii. Syrup of Marshmallows zi. and mix them for a Julep. POTIONS or Draughts are a Liquid Form Potions. of Medicine to be drank at once, or at one Draught. And thus several other Forms, as Powders, Ele&tuaries, &c. which to some People are irksome or loathsome in Substance, may yet be easily taken in a Potion or Draught, being diffolved in any proper Water or Julep.





LINCTUS'S and LAMBATIVES are Forms thus call'd, as being to be lick'd up with the Tongue. These made a wonderful Noise and Show in the ancient State of this oftentatious and verbofe Art, but are now much reduced ; nothing but Pectorals, and what is grateful to the Taste, being reducible hereto.

BOLUS or Bole originally signifies a fat Earth, as the Armenian Bole or Earth, &c. but in Medicine it is applied to that extemporaneous Form of one Dose, and of the Consiftence of an Electuary, too well known to want further Defcription.

GARGARISMS are a liquid Form of Medicine, made of Acids and Subastringents, to wash the Mouth withal, in order to cool and cleanse it from Phlegm, &c. Or else are smooth and mucilaginous, to soften and heal it when fore and parched. Take an Example of a Detergent Gargle, thus ;

Take Spring-Water žvi. Rose-Water Zii. Syrup of Mulberries Ziss. Oil of Vitriol gr. xv. or

f. to make it agreeably acid. LOTIONS are, properly speaking, those Washings which are used for beautifying the Skin, and callid Cosmetics ; they are therefore made of such Ingredients as answer the Intention of repelling Eruptions, Pimples, and all cutaneous Foulnelles. The following is a very repelling Lotion. Take common White Vitriol zi. Crude Alom zii. boil in Zxii. of Spring-Water to žviii. Take off the Scum, and put it up for Use. COLLYRIUMS are a Form of Medicine suited to the Eyes, and are designed to cool and repel hot sharp Humours; to which End therefore


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Take Rhasis's White Troches zi. Rose-Water Zii.
Or, Take Calamine levigated zss. Rose-Water

Zii. Or, Take Tutty levigated zss. Rose-Water
Žii. Or, Take White Vitriol and Sugar of Lead
ā gr. v. Rose-Water Zii. With any of these
wash the Eyes at Discretion.

E MBROCATION; this I have already Embrocations.
declared the Nature and Use of, and shall here
only subjoin an Example of its Composition.

Take Oil of Tartar per Deliquium zi. Spirit of
Sal Ammoniac zii. Spirit of Wine žviii. Mix
for Use.

FOMENTATIONS being already de- Fomentations.
scribed, I shall here only give a Recipe for one
against the Scurvy.
Take Ground-Pine and Henbane ā m. ii. Win-
ter's Cinnamon Zss. Horse-radish Roots and
Earth Worms added at last ā zii. Boil in Lime
Water fiii. to tbii. and to the Straining add
Spirit of Scurvygrafs Zii. and Opium zi.

LINIMENT; this is also described as to Liniments.
its Use. The Manner of its Composition you
will see by the following Example of one for fore
Take fresh Butter without any Salt ziv. White

Wax zi. Tutty prepard zís. Campbire şii.
Make all into a Liniment.

CATAPLASMS are made after the Manner Cataplasms.
of this following one against Apoplexies and Dis-
orders of the Head.
Take Powder of Cloves and Nutmegs ā zii. Gui-
nea Pepper Zss. Mustard zvi. four Leaven Ziii.
Compound Spirit of Lavender Zss. and make into
a smooth Poultice.

PLAISTERS are also made by extempo. Plaisiers. raneous Prescription in various Ways, and to answer divers Intentions; as the following Hyferic Plaister,


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