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Of HISTORY; and the


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ISTORIOGRAPHY is the Historiography,
Art or Method of writing History. Hiftory, and
History is a Narration or Relation Historiology

of Things, Actions, and Events,
just as they happen’d or were

transacted, in an orderly Manner. And Historiology is the Do&trine or Knowledge of History in general, as a Science taught and learnt.

The World (the grand Theatre of Action) had The World and its Original as related by Moses; who also at Mankind had

their Original the fame Time gives us the History of the Ori

from God, acgin of Man, and all other Things, which he 'cording to Mopositively assures us were the Effects of God's ses's Hifiory. wonderful and omnific Power. The sacred Writings therefore are the first and most authentic History in being.

But abitracting from their unquestionable Arguments Authority, we may prove the Truth of their proving the

Truth of the History of the Original of Mankind, &c. by the

Mofaical Hifollowing indubitable Arguments. (1.) The Tra

fery. dition of all Ages and Nations ascribes the Original of Mankind to Creation, or to Parents who were not begotten in the common Way, but created. (2.) Observation proves the Increase of People daily exceeds their Decrease ; and that Nations double their People in about 360 Years or sooner.

(3.) The

(3.) The gradual, now and late Inventions of Arts and Sciences confirm it; they all having had their Rise within the Compass of 5 or 6000 Years. (4.) The obscure Original of Nations, and the late Institutions of Laws or Governments, of War, &c. plainly prove the same. (5.) The Plantations of most parts of the World, and the Discovery of the greatest Part of the Earth, is

of late Date. The chief The Mofaical History then being of undoubted Heads of the Truth, we may safely depend on its Account of lilofaical Hi

the State and Events of the first or antediluvian fory.

Ages of the World, for that only is the Source of all our Knowledge of that Kind. The Hi

story of the Antediluvian World may be comThe Creation prised under the following Heads. (1.) The of the World. Formation of the Earth out of a Chaos, the Crea

tion of Light, and, in short, the whole Structure Of Men and and beautiful Order of the Solar System. (2.) The ell Creatures. Formation of Man, and Woman, and all other

Creatures by the immediate Power of God. Man's original ( 3.) The original State of the first Man and

Woman, Adam and Eve, viz. corporeal Nakedness; perfect Reftitude of Mind; the Rule of

their Conduct ; the Place of their Dwelling ; The Fall. their Employment, &c. (4.) Their Defection

from this original State of perfect Bliss, by trans

grelling the divine Command, the Rule of their The Efes

Conduit. (5.) Their Degradation, and Subječtion thereof. to a servile and miserable State of Life thereupon. Birth of Abel (6.) The Birth of Cain and Abel; and the Murand Crin, &c. der of Abel by Cain; and the Consequences thereThe Genealogy of. (7.) The Birth of Seth, and the Genealogy of the Patri. of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noab; with the archs.

Inventors of Mechanic Arts and Trades. (8.) The Corruption The universal Corruption of Mankind at the Time of the old

of Noah, the Threatning of the Flood, their ImWorld. penitence and Incorrigibleness, the Building of the



Ark by Noah, and (9.) The total Destruction of The Deluge.
the World by the threaten'd Deluge or Flood of
Waters, with the miraculous Manner thereof.
(10.) Lastly, The Preservation of Noah and his The Preserva-
Family, with some of every Sort of terrestrial tion of Noah,
Animals and Fowls in the Ark, for the Reple- &c.
nishing the World anew. These great Events are
all distinctly related by the Divine Historian, in
a Style perfectly Sublime and full of Energy.

The Earth being again render'd babitable, The Earth re-
Noah turns out all kinds of Creatures into the peopled and
silent, wild, and defolate Earth, there to pro- replenihed.
pagate their Species, and store it as before ; while
Himself and Family (the only Remains of the
great Shipwreck of human Kind) betook them-
selves to the Cultivation of the Earth afresh, and
repeopled it with Inhabitants, in the following

The three Sons of Noah were Shem, Ham, The Sons of and Japhet; and it is said, that by the Defcen- Noah. dants of Japhet were the Isles of the Gentiles divided, or inhabited. By the Iles of the Gentiles, the Learned say, is to be understood the Counfries of Leller Asia, and of Europe. Of the Sons The Sons of of Japhet, the Family only of Gomer and Ja. Japhet. van are mention'd. From Gomer, the antient Gomer. Galatians were call'd Gomerites; and another where seated. People of this part of Asia calld Cimmerii : Moreover the Etymology of Gomer and Phrygia are alike, and Phrygia did antiently extend over a great Part of North Asia ; wherefore Gomer of Gomer's settled there. The first of Gomer's Sons is Ash- Sons. kenaz, and in Bithynia there was the Ascanian Afhkenaz Bay, Lake, and River, and in Troas a City jettled in Biand Province both called Ascania, and on the thynia. Coast the Ascanian Ines. Also Ascanius was the Name of Kings and great Men in those Parts ; from all which (and more that might be said)

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'tis evident Ashkenaz first settled in Bithynia and

the North-western Part of Aja. Riphat situa- RIPHAT, the second Son of Gomer, probably ted in Paphla- seated his Family in the Parts adjoining East. gonia on the Euxine Coaft.

ward to the Plantations of Ashkenaz on the Euxine Coast ; for antiently the Inhabitants of Paphlagonia were call'd Ripbateans from Riphat. There was also a River callid Rhebeus. Also Pliny here places a People call?d Riphæi, and another callid Arimphæi; all which are evidently deriv'd

from Riphat. The Situation The third and last Son of Gomer is Togarmah, of Togarmah. whose Family was seated in the remaining most

Easterly Part of the Nation of Gomer, on the Euxine. This seems evident from Ezek. xxxviii. 6. and xxvii. 14. and the Trocini of Strabo, who dwelt in the Confines of Pontus and Cappadocia ; and by Cicero calld the Trogmi, and Trocmeni by Stephanus, and still plainer by the Council of

Chalcedon, Trocmades or Trogmades. The Colonies of

THESE Families of Gomer foon grew very Gomer plant numerous, and sent divers Colonies into several Germany,

Parts of Europe. The first settled at the Lake Mæotis, and so gave the Name of Bosporus Cimmerius to the Streight between it and the Euxine Sea. These in time spreading by new Colonies along the Danube, settled in the Country callid from thence Germany, whose antient Inhabitants were the Cimbri, so call'd of the Cimmerians. The Germans call themselves Germen, which is nearly the same as Gemren or Gomren; and the Jews to this Day call them nothing but Asbkenazim, or

Ashkenazites. and France, From Germany they afterwards spread them

selves into Gaul or France, where they were originally callid Gomerites, then by the Greeks Galate, and at last Gauls. Also Appian assures

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