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N. C.;

year of



on the

FORM OP DISMISSION FROM ONE COUNCIL said is about years of age, and TO ANOTHER.

is by livelihood a This is to certify that Brother Duly certified, this the

day of member of Council, No. having 185—, and in the

year of our national made an application to change his mem- independence. bership from this council to that of

President of Council, No. -, at -, in the county

Council, No. of - I do hereby declare, that said Secretary. brother has received an honorable dismis

FIRST DEGREE COUNCIL. sion from this council, and is hereby recommended for membership in


To be admitted to membership in this cil, No. —, in the county of —

order, the applicant shall be

1st. Proposed and found acceptable. provided, however, that until Brother has been admitted to membership in said

2nd. Introduced and examined under

the council, he is to be considered subject to

guarantee of secrecy.

3rd. Placed under the obligation which the discipline of this council, to be dealt

the order imposes. with by the same for any violation of the

4th. Required to enrol his name and requirements of the order. This the day of - 185—, and the

place of residence.

5th. Instructed in the forms and usages American Independence.

and ceremonies of the order.
President, Council,

6th. Solemnly charged as to the objects - Secretary.

to be obtained, and his duties.

[A recommendation of a candidate to FORM OF CERTIFICATE FOR DELEGATES TO this order shall be received only from a

brother of approved integrity. It shall be Council, No. accompanied by minute particulars as to

county of N. C. name, age, calling, and residence, and by This is to certify that

- and

an explicit voucher for his qualifications, at the regular meeting of this council, held and a personal pledge for his fidelity -, 185—, duly elected delegates These particulars shall

be recorded by the to represent this council in the next an- secretary in a book kept for that purpose. pual meeting of the state council, to be The recommendation may be referred, and held in on the 3d Monday in Novem- the ballot taken at such time and in such a ber next. And by virtue of the authority manner as the state council may prescribe ; in me reposed, I do hereby declare the but no communication shall be made to the said and to be invested with all candidate until the ballot has been declared the rights, powers, and privileges of the in his favor. Candidates shall be received delegates as aforesaid. This being the in the ante-room by the marshal and sec

day of — 185, and the of our national independence.

President of
Council, No.

Marshal.-Do you believe in a Supreme

Being, the Creator and Preserver of the

universe? FORM OF NOTICE

Ans.-I do. From the Subordinate Council to the State Council, whenever Marshal.—Before proceeding further, we any Member of a Subordinate Council is expelled. require a solemn obligation of secrecy and Council, No.

truth. If you will take such an obligation, county of

N. C. you will lay your right hand upon the Holy To the President of the State Council of Bible and cross. North Carolina:

(When it is known that the applicant is Sir: This is to inform you that at a a Protestant, the cross may be omitted, or meeting of this council, held on the affirmation may be allowed.) day of 185

was duly expelled from membership in said council,

OBLIGATION. and thus deprived of all the privileges, You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that rights, and benefits of this organization. you will never reveal anything said or done

In accordance with the provisions of the in this room, the names of any persons constitution of the state council, you are present, nor the existence of this society, hereby duly notified of the same, that you whether found worthy to proceed or not, may officially notify all the subordinate and that all your declarations shall be true, councils of the state to be upon their guard so help you God? against the said as one unworthy to Ans.—“I do." associate with patriotic and good men, and Marshal.—Where were you born ? (if expelled for violating his obligation) as Marshal.—Where is your permanent & perjurer to God and his country. The residence ?

year retary.]



(If born out of the jurisdiction of the (The brethren to remain seated till called United States, the answer shall be written, up.) the candidate dismissed with an admonition

OBLIGATION. of secrecy, and the brother vouching for In the presence of Almighty God and him suspended from all the privileges of these witnesses, you do solemnly promise the order,'unless upon satisfactory proof and swear, that you will never betray any that he has been misinformed.)

of the secrets of this society, nor commuMarshal.--Are you twenty-one years of nicate them even to proper candidates, exage?

cept within a lawful council of the order ; Ans.-"I am.”

that you never will permit any of the Marshal.—Were you born of Protestant secrets of this society to be written, or in parents, or were you reared under Protes- any other manner made legible, except for tant influence ?

the purpose of official instruction; that Ans.-“Yes."

you will not vote, nor give your influence Marshal.-If married, is your wife a Ro- for any man for any office in the gift of the man Catholic ?

people, unless he be an American born (“No” or “Yes”—the answer to be citizen, in favor of Americans ruling valued as the Constitution of the State America, nor if he be a Roman Catholic; Council shall provide.)

that you will in all political matters, so Marshal.- Are you willing to use your far as this order is concerned, comply with influence and vote only for native-born the will of the majority, though it may American citizens for all offices of honor, conflict with your personal preference, so trust, or profit in the gift of the people, to long as it does not conflict with the Conthe exclusion of all foreigners and aliens, stitution of the United States of America, and Roman Catholics in particular, and or that of the state in which you reside; without regard to party predilections ? that you will not, under any circumstances Ans.—“I am.”

whatever, knowingly 'recommend an unworthy person for initiation, nor suffer it

to be done, if in your power to prevent it; (The marshal shall then repair to the that you will not, under any circumstances, council in session, and present the written expose the name of any member of this list of names, vouchers, and answers to the order, nor reveal the existence of such an president, who shall cause them to be read association; that you will answer an impealoud, and a vote of the council to be taken rative notice issued by the proper authorion each name, in such manner as pre- ty ; obey the command of the state council, scribed by its by-laws. If doubts arise in president, or his deputy, while assembled the ante-room, they shall be referred to the by such notice, and respond to the claim council. If a candidate be dismissed, he of a sign or cry of the order, unless it be shall be admonished to secrecy. The physically impossible; and that you will candidates declared elected shall be con- acknowledge the State Council of ducted to seats within the council, apart as the legislative head, the ruling authorifrom the brethren. When all are present ty, and the supreme tribunal of the order

he president by one blow of the gavel, in the state of acting under the shall call to order and say :)

jurisdiction of the National Council of the President.Brother marshal, introduce United States of North America. the candidates to the vice-president. Binding yourself in the penalty of ex

Marshal.-Worthy Vice-President, I pre- communication from the order, the forfeisent to you these candidates, who have duly ture of all intercourse with its members, answered all questions.

and being denounced in all the societies of Vice-President, rising in his place.—Gen- the same, as a wilful traitor to your God tlemen, it is my office to welcome you as and your country. friends. When you shall have assumed (The president shall call up every perthe patriotic vow by which we are all bound, son present, by three blows of the gavel. we will embrace you as brothers. I am when the candidates shall all repeat after authorized to declare that our obligations the vice-president in concert:) enjoin nothing which is inconsistent with All this I voluntarily and sincerely the duty which every good man owes to promise, with a full understanding of the his Creator, his country, his family, or solemn sanctions and penalties. himself. We do not compel you, against Vice-President.--You have now taken your convictions, to act with us in our solemn oaths, and made as sacred promises good work; but should you at any time as man can make, that you will keep all wish to withdraw, it will be our duty to our secrets inviolate ; and we wish you disgrant you a dismissal in good faith. If tinctly to understand that he that takes satisfied with this assurance, you will rise these oaths and makes these promises, and upon your feet (pausing till they do so), then violates them, leaves the foul, the place the left hand upon the breast, and deep and blighting stain of perjury resting raise the right hand towards heaven. on his soul.

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President.—(Having seated all by one ( President of the National Council of the blow of the gavel.) — Brother Instructor, United States, and is to be made and used these new brothers having complied with only when the brother is traveling beyond the demand of the order, are entitled to the the jurisdiction of his own state, district, secrets and privileges of the same. You or territory. It and all other pass-words will, therefore, invest them with every- must be communicated in a whisper, and thing appertaining to the first degree. no brother is entitled to communicate

Instructor.—Brothers: the practices and them to another, without authority from proceedings in our order are as follows: the presiding officer.)

We have pass-words necessary to be used The sign of recognition” is (grasping to obtain admission to our councils; forms the right lappel of the coat with the right for our conduct while there; means of re- hand, the fore finger being extended incognizing each other when abroad; means wards.) lof mutual protection; and methods for The


." is given by (a similar giving notices to members.

action with the left hand.) At the outer door you will * (make any The “grip” is given by (an ordinary ordinary alarm to attract the attention of shake of the hand). the outside sentinel).

The person challenging shall (then draw When the wicket is opened you will the fore finger along the palm of the hand). pronounce the (words-what's the pass), in The answer will be given by (a similar ac& whisper. The outside sentinel will re- tion forming a link by hooking together the ply Give it), when you will give the term ends of the fore finger); when the followpass-word and be admitted to the ante- ing conversation ensues--the challenging mom. You will then proceed to the inner party first saying (is that yours ?) The door and give (one rap). When the answer, (it is.) Then the response (how wicket is opened, give your name, the did you get it?), followed by the rejoinder number of, and location of your council

, | (it is my birth-right). the explanation of the term pass, and the Public notice for a meeting is given by degree pass-word.

means of a piece of white paper the shape If these be found correct, you will be of a heart). admitted; if not, your name will be re (In cities * the *** of the *** where the pored to the vice president, and must be meeting is to be held, will be written legiproperly vouched for before you can gain hly upon the notice; and upon the election admission to the council. You will then day said *** will denote the *** where proceed to the centre of the room and ad- your presence is needed. This notice will dress the (President) with the countersign, never be passed, but will be *** or thrown which is performed thus (placing the right upon the sidewalk with a *** in the hand dirgonally across the mouth). When centre.) this salutation is recognized, you will If information is wanting of the object quietly take your seat.

of the gathering, or of the place, &c., the This sign is peculiar to this degree, and inquirer will ask of an undoubted brother is never to be used outside the council

it where's when? The brother will give the room, nor during the conferring of this information if possessed of it; if not it will degree. When retiring, you will address be yours and his duty to continue the inthe Vice President) in the same manner, quiry, and thus disseminate the call and also give the degree pass-word to the throughout the brotherhood. inside sentinel.

If the color of the paper (be red), it will The “ term paze-word” is (We are). denote actual trouble, which requires that The pass-word and explanation is to be you come prepared to meet it. established by each State Council for its The “cry of distress”-to be used only respective subordinates.)

in time of danger, or where the American The “explanation" of the“ term-pass,' interest requires an immediate assemblage to be used at the inner door, is (our of the brethren-is (oh, oh, oh.) The rexuntry's hope.)

sponse is (hio, hio, h-i-o.) The“ degree pass-word” is (Native). The "sign of caution”--to be given The “ traveling pass-word” is (The when a brother is speaking unguardedly memory of our pilgrim fathers).

before a stranger-is (drawing the fore fing(This word is changed annually by the er and thumb together across the eyes,

the rest of the hand being closed), which sig"In the Ritual the words in parentheses are omitted.


keep dark.” Is the key to the Ritual, they are written in figurea

Brothers, you are now initiated into and the alphabet weed being the same as printed below. 80 made acquainted with the work and or

ganization of a council of this degree of Key to Unlock Communications.

the order; and the marshal will present A B C D E F G H I J K L M

* Concerning what is said of cities, the key to the

"Considereu innecessary to decipher what

is said in regard to cities."

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1 7 13 19 25 2 8 14 20 26 3

9 16 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 11 4 10 16 99 6 11 17 23 6 12 18 X

Ritual says:

you to the worthy president for admoni-y of this or any other council to which you tion.

may be attached, so long as they do not President.—It has no doubt, been long conflict with the Constitution of the United apparent to you, brothers, that foreign in- States, nor that of the State in which you fluence and Roman Catholicism have been reside; that you will under all circummaking steady and alarming progress in stances, if in your power so to do, attend our country. You cannot have failed to to all regular signs or summons that may observe the significant transition of the be thrown or sent to you by a brother of foreigner and Romanist from a character this or any other degree of this order; that quiet, retiring, and even abject, to one you will support in all political matters, for bold, threatening, turbulent, and despotic all political offices, members of this order in its appearance and assumptions. You in preference to other persons; that if it must have become alarmed at the syste- may be done legally, you will, when electmatic and rapidly augmenting power of ed or appointed to any official station conthese dangerous and unnatural elements of ferring on you the power to do so remove our national condition. So it is, brothers, all foreigners, aliens, or Roman Catholics with others beside yourselves in every from office or place, and that you will in state of the Union. Å sense of danger has no case appoint such to any office or place struck the great heart of the nation. In in your gift. You do also promise and every city, town, and hamlet, the danger swear that this and all other obligations has been seen and the alarm sounded. which you have previously taken in this And hence true men have devised this or- order shall ever be kept through life sacred der as a means of disseminating patriotic and inviolate. All this you promise and principles, of keeping alive the fire of na- declare, as Americans, to sustain and tional virtue, of fostering the national in- abide by, without any hesitation or mental telligence, and of advancing America and reservation whatever. So help you God the American interest on the one side, and and keep you steadfast. on the other of checking the strides of the (Each will answer “I do." foreigner or alien, or thwarting the ma President.—Brother Marshal, you will chinations and subverting the deadly plans now present the brothers to the instructor of the papist and Jesuit.

for instructions in the second degree of the Note.---The President shall impress up-order. on the initiates the importance of secrecy, Marshal.—Brother Instructor, by directhe manner of proceeding in recommend- tion of our worthy president,' I present ing candidates for initiation, and the re- these brothers before you that you may in. sponsibility of the duties which they have struct them in the secrets and mysteries of assumed.

the second degree of the order.

Instructor. - Brothers, in this degree we SECOND DEGREE COUNCIL. have an entering sign and a countersign. Marshal.Worthy President: These At the outer door proceed (as in the first brothers have been duly elected to the sec-degree). At the inner door you will make ond degree of this order. I present them (two raps), and proceed as in the first deto you for obligation.

gree, giving the second degree pass-word, President.— Brothers: You will place which is American, instead of that of the your left hand upon your right breast, and first degree. If found to be correct, you extend your right hand towards the flag of will then be admitted, and proceed (to the our country, preparatory to obligation. centre of the room), giving the countersign, (Each council room should have a neat which is made thus (extending the right American flag festooned over the platform arm to the national flag over the president, of the President.)

the palm of the hand being upwards).

The sign of recognition in this degree is OBLIGATION.

the same as in the first degree, with the You, and each of you, of your own free addition of (the middle finger), and the rewill and accord, in the presence of Al- sponse to be made in a (similar manner.) mighty God and these witnesses, your left Marshal, you will now present the brothhand resting upon your right breast, and ers to the worthy president for admonition. your right hand extended to the flag of Marshal.—Worthy President, I now preyour country, do solemnly and sincerely sent these candidates to you for admoswear, that you will not under any cir- nition. cumstances disclose in any manner, nor President.—Brothers, you are now duly suffer it to be done by others, if in your initiated into the second degree of this orpower to prevent it, the name, signs, pass- der. Renewing the congratulations which words, or other secrets of this degree, ex- we extended to you upon your admission to cept in open council for the purpose of in- the first degree, we admonish you by every struction; that you will in all things con- tie that may nerve patriots, to aid us in form to all the rules and regulations of this our efforts to restore the political instituorder, and to the constitution and by-laws tions of our country to their original

purity. Begin with the youth of our land. in open council, for the purpose of instrucInstil into their minds the lessons of our tion; that you do hereby solemnly declare country's history—the glorious battles and your devotion to the Union of these States; the brilliant deeds of patriotism of our that in the discharge of your duties as fathers, through which we received the in- American citizens, you will uphold, mainestimable blessings of civil and religious tain, and defend it; that you will discourliberty. Point them to the example of the age and discountenance any and every atsages and the statesmen who founded our tempt, coming from any and every quarter, government. Implant in their bosoms an which you believe to be designed or calcuardent love for the Union. Above all else, lated to destroy or subvert it, or to weaken keep alive in their bosoms the memory, its bonds; and that you will use your influ. the maxims, and the deathless example of ence, so far as in your power, in endeavor. our illustrious WASHINGTON.

ing to procure an amicable and equitable Brothers, recalling to your minds the adjustment of all political discontents or solemn obligations which you have sever- differences which may threaten its injury ally taken in this and the first degree, I or overthrow. You further promise and now pronounce you entitled to all the swear (or affirm) that you will not vote for privileges of membership in this the second any one to fill any office of honor, profit or degree of our order.

trust of a political character, whom you

know or believe to be in favor of a diskoTHIRD DEGREE COUNCIL.

lution of the Union of these States, or who

is endeavoring to produce that result; that Marshal.-Worthy President, these bro- you will vote for and support for all politthers having been duly elected to the third ical offices, third or union degree members degree of this order, I present them before of this order in preference to all others; that you for obligation.

if it may be done consistently with the President.-Brothers, you will place constitution and laws of the land, you will, yourselves in a circle around me, each one when elected or appointed to any official crossing your arms upon your breasts, and station which may confer on you the power grasping firmly each other's hands, hold- to do so, remove from office or place all ing the right hand of the brother on the persons whom you know or believe to be in right and the left hand of the brother on favor of a dissolution of the Union, or who the left, so as to form a circle, symbolical are endeavoring to produce that result; and of the links of an unbroken chain, and of that you will in no case appoint such pera ring which has no end.

son to any political office or place whatever. Note.—This degree is to be conferred All this you promise and swear (or affirm] with the national flag elevated in the cen- upon your honor as Ainerican citizens and tre of the circle, by the side of the presi- friends of the American Union, to sustain dent or instructor, and not on less than five and abide by without any hesitation or at any one time, in order to give it solem- mental reservation whatever. You also nity, and also for the formation of the cir- promise and swear (or affirm] that this and cle-except in the first instance of confer- all other obligations which you have prering it on the officers of the state and sub- viously taken in this order, shall ever be ordinate councils, that they may be em- kept sacred and inviolate. To all this you powered to progress with the work. pledge your lives, your fortunes, and your

The obligation and charge in this de- sacred honors. So help you God and keep gree may be given by the president or in- you steadfast. structor, as the president may prefer. (Each one shall answer, “I do.”)

President.-Brother Marshal, you will OBLIGATION.

now present the brothers to the instructor

for final instruction in this third degree of You, and each of you, of your own free the order. will and accord, in the presence of Al Marshal.-Instructor, by direction of our mighty God and these witnesses, with your worthy president, I present these brothers hands joined in token of that fraternal af- before you that you may instruct them in section which should ever bind together the secrets and mysteries of this the third the States of this Union-forming a ring, degree of our order. in token of your determination that, so far Instructor.–Brothers, in this degree as as your efforts can avail, this Union shall in the second, we have an entering pass. have no end-do solemnly and sincerely word, a degree password, and a token of swear (or affirm) that you will not under salutation. At the outer door (make any any circumstances disclose in any manner, ordinary alarm. The outside sentinel will nor suffer it to be done by others if in your say U; you say ni; the sentinel will repower to prevent it, the name, signs, pass- join on). This will admit you to the inner words, or other secrets of this degree, ex- door. At the inner door you will make cept to those to whom you may prove on (three) distinct (raps). Then announce trial to be brothers of the same degree, or your 'name, with the number (or name)

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