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Literature, New York and Boston,

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ture and history; Johnson's Unigāthikāni, the root Skar; 1S.,

tersal Creepedia. XV, 1800

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(review ; The New World, Sept. 2 he innend, ISO

isos. Rev. of Ragurin's legis lacia,

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nisch Brugmann and Streitberg's RAL GRIFNE HUI

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Tuence upon American philological Report of the ninth annual meeting

schi arstip; Indogerm. Forsch., v. of the New England Association of

an: 2-2-2-8. Colleges anPreparatur Schac's;

Weighing the soul in the balance after SA, Dec. .

death: an Indian as well as Iranian Report of the seansa meeting

idea; Frirait des Actes du Xe Con. of the New bangland Israten of

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The Persian New Year's; The ColumS Harch, iso

a Samator (New York), Dec. Will Hut

annan marks in English ISS:' Corning in ancient India; Columbia #74. Movil, nu is. 'atti, March, 1896.


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