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Song to Myra.


To the Earl of Peterborough, on his happy ac- Song to Myra,

Page 12 1 complishment of the marriage between his Myra finging,

ibid. Royal Highness and the Princess Mary D'Este, of Myra at a review of the Guards in Hyde-park, ibid Modena. Written several years after, in imitation To Myra,

ibid of the style of Mr. Waller - Page 3 The progress of Beauty,

ibid Spoken by the author, being then not twelve years to the Countess of Newbourg, infifting earnestly to 2 of age, to her Royal Highness the Duchess of 'be told who I meant by Myra,

15 York, at Trinity College in Cambridge, ibid To Myra,

ibid To the King in the first year of his majesty's reign, 4 To Myra,

ibid To the king, . ibid To Myta,.. ... .. . .

ibid To the king, ibid Song to Myra,

· ibid To the author on his foregoing verses ta the king, To Myra,

ibid By Mr. Edmund Waller,

ibid To Myra, Answer to Mr. Waller, ibid Phillis drinking,

'17 To the immortal memory of Mr. Edmund Waller; (To Myra,

ibid upon his death,

ibid The enchantment. In imitation of Thcpcritus, ibid To Myra, loving at first fight, 5 The Vision,

18 To Myra, - - - - ibid Song to Myra, .. .,.-

ibid ibid Adieu L'Amour,


19 An imitation of the second chorus in the second act Love,

ibid of Seneca's Thyestes, ibid Meditation on death,

ibid. A loyal exhortation. Written in the year 1688, 6 Effay upon unnatural flights in poetry, Verses sent to the author in his retirement. Written Explanatory annotations on the foregoing puem, 20

by Mrs. Elizabeth Higgons, - ibid Epigrams and characters, &c. Occafioned by the foregoing verses. Written in the liclcora,,

23 year 1690,

- ibid Chloe, Song, 7 Mrs. Clavering, finging,

ibid Beauty and law; a poetieal pleading, ibid Song,

ibid Lady Hyde, 9 | The wild boar's defence,

ibid S having the small pox, soon after the For Liberality,

ibid recovery of Mrs. Mohun,

. ibid Corinna, The Duchess of — , unfeasonably surprised in the 'Chloe,

ibid embraces of her lord, ibid | A receipt for vapours,

ibid To Flavia. Written on her garden in the north, ibid On an ill-favoured lord,

ibid To the same. Her gardens having escaped a flood Chloe, that had laid all the country round under water, 10 On the same,

ibid To my friend Dr. Garth. In his fickness, ibid 1 Corinna, '.

ibid To my dear kinsman, Charles Lord Lansdowne, upon Chloe perfuming herself, .

ibid. the bombardment of the town of Granville in Belinda

ibid Normandy, by the English fileet,

ibid | Impromptu. Written under a picture of the Lady Hyde, fitting' at Sir Godfrey Kneller's for Countess of Sandwich, drawn in man's habit, ibid her picture,

ibid To my friend Mr. John Dryden, on the several exTo Mrs. Granville, of Wotton in Buckingham- cellent translations of the ancient poets, ibid _shire; afterwards Lady Conway,

ibid. A morning hymn to the Duchess of Hamilton, ibid To Mrs. Afra Behn,

u Drinking fong to sleep, an - , 'ibid The desertion,

ibid Written under Mrs. Hare's name upon a drinking Song, ibid glass,

26 In prailg of Myra,.. .

ibidem under the Duchess of Bolton's, ibid



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