The Courtship of Miles Standish

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F. A. Stokes Company, 1901 - 124 страници

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Страница 30 - Full of the breath of the Lord, consoling and comforting many. Then, as he opened the door, he beheld the form of the maiden Seated beside her wheel, and the carded wool like a snow-drift Piled at her knee, her white hands feeding the ravenous spindle, While with her foot on the treadle she guided the wheel in its motion.
Страница 54 - God had sifted three kingdoms to find the wheat for this planting, Then had sifted the wheat, as the living seed of a nation...
Страница 20 - Thus made answer and spake, or rather stammered than answered : " Such a message as that, I am sure I should mangle and mar it ; If you would have it well done, — I am only repeating your maxim, — You must do it yourself, you must not leave it to others...
Страница 20 - Being a coward in this, though valiant enough for the most part. Go to the damsel Priscilla, the loveliest maiden of Plymouth, Say that a blunt old Captain, a man not of words but of actions, Offers his hand and his heart, the hand and heart of a soldier. Not in these words, you know, but this in short is my meaning ; I am a maker of war, and not a maker of phrases.
Страница 40 - He was a gentleman born, could trace his pedigree plainly Back to Hugh Standish of Duxbury Hall, in Lancashire, England, Who was the son of Ralph, and the grandson of Thurston de Standish; Heir unto vast estates, of which he was basely defrauded...
Страница 19 - Sick at heart have I been, beyond the healing of friendship. Oft in my lonely hours have I thought of the maiden Priscilla. She is alone in the world ; her father and mother and brother Died in the winter together; I saw her going and coming, Now to the grave of the...
Страница 29 - Gathering still, as he went, the May-flowers blooming around him, Fragrant, filling the air with a strange and wonderful sweetness, Children lost in the woods, and covered with leaves in their slumber. "Puritan flowers," he said, "and the type of Puritan maidens, Modest and simple and sweet, the very type of Priscilla!
Страница 4 - Short of stature he was, but strongly built and athletic, Broad in the shoulders, deep-chested, with muscles and sinews of iron ; Brown as a nut was his face, but his russet beard was already Flaked with patches of snow, as hedges sometimes in November.
Страница 40 - Stern as a soldier might be, but hearty, and placable always, Not to be laughed at and scorned, because he was little of stature; For he was great of heart, magnanimous, courtly, courageous; Any woman in Plymouth, nay, any woman in England, Might be happy and proud to be called the wife of Miles Standish!
Страница 123 - Gayly, with joyous laugh, Priscilla mounted her palfrey. " Nothing is wanting now," he said with a smile, " but the distaff ; Then you would be in truth my queen, my beautiful Bertha !" Onward the bridal procession now moved to their new habitation, Happy husband and wife, and friends conversing together.