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Battle at the Boyne, p. 184. Of Saluffes, p. 222.

Of Flerus, p. 227. Of Aghrim, p. 261. Of
Steenkirk p. 334. Of Landen, p. 366. Of Mar-

saglia, p: 372

Bishop of Liege's Death, and Choice of another, p.

390 Bishops disaffected, p. 18, 200 Bishopricks of Ireland bestow'd, p. 247. And some

in England, p 255 Blasphemous Pamplet censurd, p. 381 Bonne taken, p. 141. Boyle (Mr.) dies; his Character, p. 344 Brest, unfortunate Attempt upon that Harbour, p. 388 Burnet (Dr.) made Bishop of Sarum, p. 3. His Pasto

ral Letter, p. 90. Is order’d to be burnt , p.

355 Burton, Report about him and Graham, p. 87


Campaign in Flanders, p. 225, 273, 331, 362,

391. In Catalonia, p. 275, 393. On the Rhine, p. 284, 339, 370, 396. In Piedmont, p. 372,

396 Carmagnole taken by the French, p. 277. Retaken

by the Allies, p. 283 Carrickfergus taken, p. 134 Catalonia, Insurrection there; the French prevail

there, p. 233 Charlemont surrendred, p. 179 Charleroy taken by the French, p. 370 Commillioners for the Treasury, Admiralty, and the

Great Seal, p. 3. For the Privy-Seal, p. 168. For

the Treasury, p. 169, 247 Congress of the Allies at the Hague, P. 169, 248 Coni befiegd, 277. The Siege rais'd, p. 280 Coningsby (Lord) accus’d, p. 374. And acquitted, p.

375. He is impeach’d, p. 381. And clear'd, p.

382 Conspiracy in thc English Army in Ireland, p. 136 Convention chang'd into a Parliament. p. 9. Convention of Scotland, their Letter to King William, p. 42


Convocation, their Proceedings, p. 154. Their Ad,

dress to the King, P. 157. Adjourn'd, p. 158
Cork besieg'd, p. 216. And Surrendr’d, p. 217
Council (Privy) chosen by King William, p. !


Dauphin, he fails in his Attempt, p. 371
Dauphiness of France dics, p. 23 I
Debate about the Bill to turn the Convention into a

Parliament, p. 5. About the Princess Ann's Revenue,

p. 165.

Defection in the Army, p. 17
Devonshire (Earl of) made' Steward of His Majesty's

Houlbold, p. 2. His Case reported, p. 92
Diep bombarded, p. 399
Discontents in England, p. 89.
Disaffection of several Peers, p. 18
Dissenters: Bills in their favour, p. 11, 20, 25. They

render their Union with the Church of England def-

perate, p. 158
Dixmuyde taken by the English, p. 339
Dorset (Earl of) made Knight of the Garter, P. 32!
Drogheda surrcndred, p. 201
Duncannon furrendred, p. 205
Dundee, his Rebellion, p.41. He is pain, p. 55
Dutch Foot, Wonders done by them at Flerus, p. 223


Earthquake, p. 344
East-India Company, their Affairs, p. 289, 290, 291,

317, 351, 381
Ecclesiastical Promotions, p. 142, 255
English Fleet in the Mediterranean, p. 395
Envoys fent abroad, p. 16!
Essex (Earl of) his Death inquired into, p. 15


Falkland (Lord) committed to the Tower for Bribery,

Fire at Whitehall, p. 234. At Kensington, p. 329



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Forfeited Estates in England and Ireland : Bill about

them, p. 240, 316
France (King of) besieges Mons, p. 250. And Namur,

p. 331. Great Scarcity in his Kingdom, P. 374.

He makes Proposals of Peace, p. 374
Freneh Protestants encouraged to come over, p. 78.
They Petition the House of Commons, P. 317. They set up

a Lustring Company, P. 347
French beat the Confederates at Sea, p. 193. Prevail

in Catalonia, p. 233. And in Piedmont, p. 275,
276, 277. Are beaten at Şea, p. 328. They take
Huy, p. 363. And Charleroy, 370. And Roses,
ibid. Their Progress in Catalonia, P. 393. Their

Fleet confin’d to Thoulon, p. 395
Fuller (William) sets up for an Evidence ; is declar'd

an Impostor, and Pilloryd, p. 315
Furnes taken by the English, p. 339


Galloway surrendred, p. 268
Germain (Mr.) projecuted for Adultery, P. 384
Germany, Affairs there, p. 230, 232.
Ginckle takes Athlone, p. 259. Beats the Irish at A-

ghrim, p. 266. Is thanked by the Commons; bis
grateful Answer, p. 317. Made Earl of Athlonę,

p. 321
Glocester (Duke of) born, p. 118.
Grafton (Duke of) is killed, p. 217
Graham, Report about him and Burton, p. 87
Granvale, designs to murder King William, p.285.

He is executed, p. 338.
Griffin (Lord) Proceedings against him, P. 152
Gwin (Sir Rowland) turn'd out of his Place, p. 323


Hallifax (Marquifs of) is made Lord Privy-Seal, p 2.

His Character, p. 144
Hamden (Mr.) his Services, p. 161. His Speech a.

gainst the Ministry, p. 163
Hannover, endeavours to bring that House into the
Bill for settling the Succefron, P: 117

Havre-de Grace bombarded, p. 390
Hearth-Money remitted by King William, p. 13
Heidelberg taken and destroyed, p. 371
Herbert (Admiral) made Earl of Torrington, p. 83
Huy taken by the French, p. 363. Retaken by the

Allies, p. 393


Jacobite Plot, p. 192, 197, 323
James (King) his Letter to the Scotch Convention, p.

39. His Speech to the Irish Parliament, p. 70.
His Declaration to the English, p. 72. His Letters
intercepted, 121. Leaves Dublin, i8o. His Speech
to the Magistrates of Dublin, p. 191. He retires
to France, 192. His Letter to the Irish, p. 272.
His Letter to his late Council, p. 325. His Decla-
ration, ibid. His Letter to the King of France, P:

Indemnity intended by King William, 24, 86, 151,

160, 176
Inniskilling-Men, their Feats, p. 69, 137.
Innocent XI. (Pope) dies, 141
Innocent XII. chosen Pope, p. 282
Johnson, his Case, 94
Ireland, Affairs of that Kingdom, 56, 136, 137, 177,

260. Reduc'd p. 272, 288, 346.
Irish routed, p. 178, 261
Italy, Affairs there, 219, 275, 340
Judges constituted, p. 79


Keyserswaert taken, 141
Kidnapping discountenanc’d, p. 355
Kinsale besieged, P. 217. And taken, p. 218.
Kneller (Godfrey) Knighted, p. 322.

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Limerick, first Siege of that Place, p. 208. Raised, p.

214. Besieged again, 268. And taken, p. 271
Londonderry besieged, p. 60. Relieved, p. 67


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Lorrain (Duke of) Declares War against France p.

Lottery (Million) p. 382
Ludlow (Colonel) comes over into England, p. 150.

Proclamation against him ; bis Character, p. 151
Luxemburg attacks the Confederates, p. 275


St. Malo bombard-d, p. 384
Mary ( Queen ) is Crown'd, p. 28. Her prudent ma.

nagement of Affairs, 194. She sets up a Linnen
Manufacture, 254. Her Vigilance, p. 326. Her
Policy, p. 327. Her Charity to the Vaudois, p.
343.She Dies, p. 400. Her Character, p. 401,&c.
Marlborough (Earl of; bejeges Cork, 215. His Dil-

pute with the Prince of Wirtemberg, p. 216. He

returns victorious to England, p. 219
Mentz taken, p. 141
Miscarriages of Ireland, p. 120, 126, 159, 356
Miscarriages of the Fleet, p. 350, 375
Mohun (Lord) tried, and acquitted, P, 360
Mons besieged by the King of France, p. 250. And

takon, p. 252


Namur besieged, p. 331. And taken, P. 332, 334
Nice invested, p. 375. And taken, p. 276
Non-jurors vindicated, p. 200
Nottingham (Earl of) bis Capacity, p. 2. Is made Se-

cretary of State, p. 3.

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Oates (Titus) bis endeavours ta get the Judgments

given against bis Testimony revers'd, p. 94, 95, &c.

to 117
Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, p. 19, 31
Orphans of the City of London, p. 353, &c.

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