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Papists, orders against them, p.II, 22, 120, 122 Parliament dissolved , p. 167 Meets, p. 171 is

Adjourn’d, p. 177. Prorogued p. 275 Adjourn’d, p. 246 Meets, 286 Prorogued, 328 Meets, 347 Prorogued, 359 Meets, 376 Prorogued, 384 Meets, 397 Peace, vain Attempts towards it, p. 234, 374 Peers, Bill to regulate their Trials, p. 10. Pembroke ( Earl of ) sent Ambassador to Holland,

p. 88 Made a Privy Councellor, &c. p. 162 Places dispos’d of, p. 2, 32, 360, 384, 386 Plot, p. 192, 197, 252, 285, 338 Sham Plot, p. 345 Porter ( Sir Charles ) accus’d, p. 374 He is impeach'd

p. 381 And clear’d, 382. Presbyterians, See Dissenters. Preston (Lord) Proceedings against him, p. 153,252 Prince Lewis of Baden comes over into England, Proclamations, p. 194, 319,344, 346, 375.


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Queen of Spain, is conducted thither under an Eng.

lish Convoy, 168. Queen Dowager leaves England, p. 322.


Report about Burton and Graham, P: 87 About For

feitures, and Excise, p. 91. Representation of the Commons to the King, 379 Revenue of the Crown settled, p. 175 Rhinefeld besieg’d and reliev’d, p. 340 Roses taken, p. 370 Ruffel (Admiral) burns the French Fleet, p. 329 Is

thank'd by the Commons, p. 350 Is clear’d, p. 351 Is laid afide, p.359 is made Admiral again, p.375

He sails for Spain, p. 388 St. Ruth, his speech to the Irish, p:261 Is killd,



Sancroft, ( Dc&tcr) Arcll'iscop of Canterbury dies,

His Character, p. 385 Savoy, ( Duke of ) enters into the Grand Alliance, p.

221. Desperate Condition of bis Afairs, p. 278. He invadcs tbe Dauphiné, p. 341

341 Hc falls Sicks P. 342. St. 'Sauveur, bis brave Action at Sligo, p. 138 Saxony, The Elector of that name dies, p. 285. The

new Elector made Kright of the Garter, p. 321 Schomberg, ( Duke of receives a great present from

the Commons; and goes to Ireland, p. 133 Views the Army, p. 134 Encamps at Dundalk, p. 135

His Death and Codralter, p. 189 Schomberg, ( new Duke of ) arrives at Turin, p. 277

His good advice to the Duke of Savoy, p. 278 His

Declaration, p. 34" Scotland, Affairs of that Kingdom, p. 36, to 55,149,

169, 272, 341, 346 Sea-Fight at Bantry Bay, p. 82 Between the Confede

rate and French Fleets, p. 193, 328 Shrewsbury (Earl of) made Secretary of State, p. 2. Sidley (Sir Charles) bis Speech against exorbit ang

Pensions and Salaries, p. 174 Sidney ( Lord Viscount) made Secretary of State, p.

247 Then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, p. 322

Then Master of the Ordinance, p. 374 Smyrna Fleet destroyd, p. 361 Sommers (Sir John ) is preferr'd, p. 322 His Cha

rocter, p. 323 Is made Lord Keeper, p. 360 Spain, See Queen: States General : King William's Letter to them, p. 3

Bill for their Payment, p. 129 Succellion, Bill to regulate it, p. 162, Supply granted to the King, p. 240, 244, 288, 316,

352, 375, 376, 398 Suza taken by the French, p. 223


Tennison (Dr.) made Bifloop of Lincola, Fillatform

Walcourt, Shock there, P. 140

Waldeck ( Prince ) dies, p. 344

War declar'd against France, p. 80

Waterford Surrendred, p. 205

Weavers petition the Lords in a tumultuous manner,

p. 127

Welwood (Dr:) bis Paper censur'd, p. 293.

Wharton (Mrs.) carried away by Captain Campbel,

p. 241

Wheeler ( Sir Francis ) Part of his Flect destroy’d,
Whitehall burnt, p. 254
WILLIAM (King) Summons a Privy Council,
Page 1.

His Letter to the States, p. 3 His Speech
to the Parliament, p. 4 His Answer to the Com-
mons Address, p. 15 His Speech to both Houses, p.

He is Crown'd, p. 28 His Letter
Scotch Convention, p. 38. He takes the Oath for
the Kingdom of Scotland, p. 33 He goes to Portf-
mouth, p. 83 He purchases Kensington-House, pa
84 His Speech to the Parliament, p. 124. He goes
to New-Market, p. 142. He vainly endeavours to
reconcile the Church.Men and Presbyterians, p. 143
His Speech to the Parliament, 144 He dines with
the Lord Mayor, p. 148 Is made free of Grocers
Hall, p. 149 His Letter to the Convocation, p,
!S& His Speech to the Parliament, p. 167, 173
He lands in Ireland, p. 179 He viens the Army,

to the


The CONTENTS of the



P. 2

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ADDRESS of the City of London to the Com

p. I Report about the Charges of the Dutch towards King

William's Expedition
Account relating to the Charge of the Revenue, PS
Treaty between England and Holland,

p. 9 Address of the Commons relating to the Bill of Indem

nity, Message in Favour to the Irish, Mr. Hamden's Address against the French King,

p. 14 Report about the Prisoners in the Tower,

p. 19 Mr. Johnson's Cafe reported,

p. 31
Report relating to the Customs and Excise, P. 33
Report touching the Miscarriages in Ireland,
Papers found about Mr. Ashton, and produc'd against

him, and the Lord Preston at their respective Trials,

P. II P. 12


P. 48 p. 60

Articles of Limerick,
The Duke of Schomberg's Declaration, in King Wil-
liam's Name,

p. 71 The Earl of Mulgrave's Speech upon the Bill for the freedom of Ele&ions, and more impartial Proceedings in Parliament

P. 73 Proposals of Peace made to King William, from France,

by the Mediation of the King of Denmark, P. 78


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