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From the lxvii. Psalm of David

1 TO bless thy chosen race,
In mercy, LORD, incline;
And cause the brightness of thy face
On all, thy saints to shine:

2 That so thy wondrous way

May through the world be known; While distant lands their tribute pay, And thy salvation own.

3 Let diff'ring nations join
To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O LORD, combine
To praise thy glorious Name.
4 O let them shout and sing,
With joy and pious mirth;
For thou, the righteous Judge and King,
Shalt govern all the earth.

5 Let diff'ring nations join
To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O LORD, combine
To praise thy glorious Name.

6 Then GOD upon our land

Shall constant blessings shower; And all the world in awe shall stand Of his resistless power.


L. M.
From the lxviii. Psalm of David.

1 THE servants of JEHOVAH'S Will
His favor's gentle beams enjoy;
Their upright hearts let gladness fill,
And cheerful songs their tongues employ.
2 To him your voice in anthems raise,
JEHOVAH's awful Name he bears;
In him rejoice, extol his praise,
Who rides upon high-rolling spheres.
8 His chariots numberless, his powers
Are heavenly hosts, that wait his will;
His presence now fille Sion's towers,
As once it honor'd Sinai's Lill.
4 Ascending high, in triumph thou
Captivity hast captive led,
And on thy people didst bestow

Thy gifts and graces freely shed.
5 Ev'n rebels shall partake thy grace,
And humble proselytes repair
To worship at thy dwelling-place,
And all the world pay homage there.
6 For benefits each day bestow'd,

Be daily his great Name adored,
Who is our Saviour and our GOD,
Of life and death the sov'reign LORD


From the Ixix. Psalm of David.

L. M.

1 SAVE me, O GOD, from waves that roll
And press to overwhelm my soul;
With painful steps in mire I tread,
And deluges o'erflow my head.

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6 Thou, LORD, hast taught me from my To praise thy glorious Name; And ever since, thy wondrous works [youth Have been my constant theme. 7 Therefore, with psaltery and harp Thy truth, O LORD, I'll praise; To thee, the GOD of Jacob's race, My voice in anthems raise.

8 Then joy shall fill my mouth, and songs
Employ my cheerful voice;
My grateful soul, by thee redeem'd,
Shall in thy strength rejoice.

C. M.
From the ixxii. Psalm of David.

1 LO! hills and mountains shall bring forth
The happy fruits of peace;
Which all the land shall own to be
The work of righteousness:

2 While David's Son our needy race
Shalt rule with gentle sway;
And from their humble neck shall take
Oppressive yokes away.

In every heart thy awful fear
Shall then be rooted fast,

As long as sun and moon endure, Or time itself shall last.

4 He shall descend like rain, that cheers The meadow's second birth;

Or like warm showers whose gentle drops Refresh the thirsty earth.

5 In his biest days the just and good
Shall spring up all around;
The happy land shall every where
With endless peace abound.

6 His uncontroll'd dominion shall
From sea to sea extend;
Begin at proud Euphrates' stream,
At nature's limits end.

7 To him the savage nations round
Shall bow their servile heads;
His vanquish'd foes shall lick the dust,
Where he his conquest spreads.

8 The kings of Tarshish and the isles
Shall costly presents bring;
From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,
And wealthy Saba's king.

9 To him shall every king on earth
His humble homage pay;
And diff'ring nations gladly join
To own his righteous sway.

10 For he shall set the needy free,
When they for succor cry;
Shall save the helpless and the poor,
And all their wants supply.

11 For him shall constant prayer be made
Through all his prosp'rous days:
His just dominion shall afford
A lasting theme of praise.

12 The mem'ry of his glorious Name
Through endless years shall run;
His spotless fame shall shine as bright
And lasting as the sun

13 In him the nations of the world
Shall be completely bless'd,
And his unbounded happiness
By every tongue confess'd.

14 Then bless'd be Gon, the mighty LORD, The GOD whom Israel fears; Who only wondrous in his works

Beyond compare, appears.

15 Let earth be with his glory fill'd, For ever bless his Name; Whilst to his praise the list'ning world 'Their glad assent proclaim.


L. M. From the lxxii. Psalm of David. 1 THY presence, LORD, hath me supplied, Thou my right hand support dost give: Thou first shalt with thy counsel guide,

And then to glory me receive.

2 Whom then in heaven, but thee alune, Have I, whose favor I require? Throughout the spacious earth there's none Compared with thee, that I desire.

3 My trembling flesh and aching heart
May often fail to succor me;
But GOD shall inward strength impart,
And my eternal portion be.

4 For they that far from thee remove Shall into sudden ruin fall; If after other gods they rove, Thy vengeance shall destroy them all. 5 But as for me, 't is good and just

That I should still to God repair; In him I always put my trust,

And will his wondrous works declare.


C. M.
From the lxxiv. Psalm of David.

1 THINE is the cheerful day, O LORD;
Thine the return of night;
Thou hast prepared the glorious sun,
And every feebler light.

2 By thee the borders of the earth
In perfect order stand;
The summer's warmth and winter's cold,
Attend on thy command.


IV. 1.

From the lxxiv. Psalm of David.

1 THE name of our GoD
In Israel is known;
His mansion beloved
Is Sion alone;

There broke he the arrows
The enemy huri'd,
And honor'd his mountain
Above all the world.
2 The pride of thy foes

Is turn'd to thy praise; Their fierceness o'er-ruled

Thy providence sways.

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L. M.
From the Ixxx. Psalm of David.
10 THOU whom heavenly hosts obey
How long shall thy fierce anger burn?
How long thy suff'ring people pray,

And to their prayers have no return?
2 Thou brought'st a vine from Egypt's laud
And casting out the heathen race,
Didst plant it with thine own right hand,
And firmly fix it in their place.
3 Before it thou prepar'dst the way,
And mad'st it take a lasting root,
Which, bless'd with thy indulgent ray,
O'er all the land did widely shoot.
4 The hills were cover'd with its shade,
Its goodly boughs did cedars seem;
Its branches to the sea were spread,

And reach'd to proud Euphrates' stream 5 To thee, O GOD of hosts, we pray,

Thy wonted goodness, LORD, renew; From heaven, thy throne, this vine survey. And her sad state with pity view.

Behold the vineyard made by thee, Which thy right hand did guard so long; And keep that branch from danger free, Which for thyself thou mad'st so strong. 7 Do thou convert us, LORD, do thou

The lustre of thy face display;
And all the ills we suffer now,

Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.
C. M.
From the lxxxi. Psalm of David.

1 TO GOD, our never-failing strength,
With loud applauses sing:
And jointly make a cheerful noise
To Jacob's awful King.

2 Compose a hymn of praise, and touch
Your instruments of joy;
Let psalteries and tuneful harps
Your grateful skill employ.
3 Let trumpets at the festival

Their joyful voices raise,
To celebrate th' appointed time,
The solemn day of praise.

4 For this a statute was of old,
Which Jacob's Gop decreed
To be with pious care observed,
By Israel's chosen seed.


C. M. From the lxxxiv. Psalm of David.

1 O GOD of hosts, the mighty LORD, How lovely is the place

Where thou, enthroned in glory, show'st The brightness of thy face!

2 My longing soul faints with desire
To view thy blest abode;
My panting heart and flesh cry out
For thee, the living GOD.

3 The birds, more happy far than I, Around thy temple throng; Securely there they build, and there Securely hatch their young.

4 O LORD of hosts, my king and GOD,
How highly bless'd are they,
Who in thy temple always dwell,
And there thy praise display!

Their sure protection made, Who long to tread the sacred ways

That to thy dwelling lead!

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8 Within thy courts one single day "T is better to attend, Than, LORD, in any other place A thousand days to spend.

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5 Thrice happy they, whose choice has thee While we his holy steps pursue With constant zeal and care.

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8 Before him righteousness shall march, And his just paths prepare;


C. M.
From the lxxxvi. Psalm of David.

1 TO my complaint, O LORD my GOD,
Thy gracious ear incline;
Hear me distress'd and destitute
Of all relief but thine.

2 Do thou, O GOD, preserve my soul, That does thy Name adore;

Thy servant keep, and him whose trust Relies on thee, restore.

3 To me, who daily thee invoke,
Thy mercy, LORD, extend;
Refresh thy servant's soul, whose hopes
On thee alone depend.

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From the lxxxviii. Psalm of David

1 GOD of my life, O LORD most high, To thee by day and night I cry; Vouchsafe my mournful voice to hear, To iny distress ircline thine ear.

2 Like those whose strength and hopes ar fled,

They number me among the dead;
Like those who, shrouded in the grave,
From thee no more remembrance hav

3 Wilt thou by miracle revive
The dead whom thou forsook'st alive?
Shall the mute grave thy love confess,
A mould'ring tomb thy faithfulness?

4 To thee, O LORD, I cry forlorn,
My prayer prevents the early morn:
Why hast thou, LCRD, my soul forsook,
Nor ouce vouchsafed a gracious look?

5 Companions dear, and friends beloved," Far from my sight thou hast temoved: GOD of my life, O LORD most high, Vouchsafe to hear my mournful cry!

PSALM 68. 1
L. M.
From the lxxxix. Psalm of David.

1 THY mercies, LORD, shall be my song
My song on them shall ever dwell;
To ages yet unborn, my tongue

Thy never-failing truth shall tell. 2 I have affirm'd, and still maintain, Thy mercy shall for ever last; Thy truth, that does the heavens sustalli, Like them shall stand for ever fast.

3 Thus spak'st thou by thy prophet's voice "With David 1 a league have made; To him, my servant, and my choice, By solemn oath this grant convey'd. 4 "While earth, and seas, and skies endure Thy seed shall in my sight remain; To them thy throne I will ensure,

They shall to endless ages reign." 5 For such stupendous truth and love, Both heaven and earth just praises owe, By choirs of angels sung above,

And by assembled saints below. 6 What seraph of celestial birth

To vie with Israel's GOD shall dare? Or who among the gods of earth With our Almighty LORD compare. 7 With reverence and religious dread, His saints should to his temple press; His fear through all their hearts should spread,

Who his almighty Name confess.

3 LORD GOD of armies, who can boast Of strength or power like thine renown'd? Of such a num'rous, faithful host,

As that which does thy throne surround!

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