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Let us pray:

1 The day being appointed for the new incumbent's Institntion, at the usual honr of Morning

Prayer, the Institutor, attended by the new incumbent, and one or more presbyters appointed by the Bishop (or, where there is no Bishop, by the clerical members of the standing Committee) for that purpose, shall enter the church. Then, all the clergy present standing without the rails of the altar, except the officiating Priest, who shall go into the desk; the Wardens, (or, in case of their necessary absence, two members of the Vestry) standing on the right and left of the altar, without the rails; the senior Warden, (or the member of the Vestry striving his place) holding the keys of the church in his hand, in open view, the officiating priést shall read Morning Prayer. PROPER PSALMS.

1 Here the Instituting Minister shall begin the

Office Psalın cxxii. Psalm cxxxii. Psalm

Min. The LORD be with you.

Ans. And with thy spirit.
FIRST. Ezek. Chap. xxxiij. verse 1

DIRECT us, () LORD, in all our to verse 10. SECOND. St. John, Chap. x. verse 1 doings, with thy most gracious favor, to verse 19.

and further us with thy continuai

help, that in all our works begun, Morning Prayer ended, the Priest who acts as the Institutor, standing within the rails of the continued, and ended in thee, we may altar, shall say,

glorify thy holy naine, and finally by DEARLY beloved in the LORD, thy mercy obtain everlasting life, we have assembled for the purpose of through JESUS CHRIST our Lord: instituting the Rev. A. B. into this who hath taught us to pray unto parish, for church) as Priest and thee, O Almighty Father, in his pre. Rector för Associated Rector, or As- vailing name and words, sistant Minister) of the same; and we

OUR Father, who art in heaven, are possessed of your vote that he has been so elected; as also of the

Hallowed be thy Name; Thy kingprescribed Letter of Institution. But

dom come; Thy will be done on

earth, as it is in heaven; Give us if any of you can show just cause why he may not be instituted, we give us our trespasses, as we forgive

this day our daily bread; And forproceed no further, because we would

those who trespass not that an unworthy person should

gainst minister among you.

lead us not into temptation ; But de.

liver us from evil: For thine is the * If any objection be offered, the Priest who acts Kingdom, and the Power, and the

just cause to suspend the service. No objection Glory, for ever and ever. Amen. being offered, or the Priest who acts as the Institutor choosing to go on with the service, he 1 Then shall the Priest who acts as the Institntop shall next read the Letter of Institution; and

receive the incuinbent within the rails of the then shall the senior Warden, (or the member

altar, and present him the Bible, Book of Com of the Vestory supplying his place) present the

mon Prayer, and Books of Canons of the Ger keys of the church to the new incumbent, say.

eral and State Convent:on, saying as follows: ing,

RECEIVE these books; and let IN name and behalf of

them be the rule of thy conduct in parish (or church), I do receive and dispensing the divine word, in lead. acknowledge you, the Rev. A. B. as ing the devotions of the people, and Priest and Rector (or Associated Rec- in exercising the discipline of the tor, or Assistant Minister) of the same, Church; and be thou in all things a and in token thereof, give into your pattern to the flock committed to thy hands the keys of this Church. care.

(1 Then the new Incumbent shall say, 1 Then sha!l be said or sung the following I, A. B., receive these keys of the

Anthem. nouse of God at your hands, as the

Laudate Nomen. pledges of my institution, and of your O PRAISE the LORD, laud ye the parochial recognition, and promise to name of the LORD: praise it, o ye be a faithful shepherd over you, in servants of the LORD. Psalm cxxxv. the name of the Father, and of the versc 1. Son and of the Holy Guost.

2 Ye that stand in the house of the

; And

Load; in the courts of the house of wise providence hast appointed diour God. Verse 2.

vers Orders in thy Church ; give 3 O praise the LORD, for the thy grace, we beseech thee, to thy Lord is gracious: O sing praises servant, to whom the charge of this unto his name, for it is lovely. Verse 3. congregation is now committed ; and

4 The LORD is gracious and mer- so replenish him with the truth of ciful, long-suffering and of great thy doctrine, and endue him with goodness. Psalm cxlv. verse 8. innocency of life, that he may faith

5 The Lord is loving unto every fully serve before thee, to the glory man ; and his mercy is over all his of thy great name, and the benefit of works. Verse 9.

thy holy Church, though Jesus 6 All thy works praise thee, O Cirist, our only Mediator and ReLond; and thy saints give thanks deemer. Amen. unto thee.

Verse 10. 7 The Lord doth build up Jeru: chased to thyself a universal Church,

O HOLY Jesus, who hast pur. salem; and gather together the outcasts of Israel. Psalm cxlvii. verse 2.

and hast promised to be with the 3 He healeth those that are broken ministers of apostolic succession to in heart; and giveth medicine to heal

the end of the world; be graciously their sickness. Verse 3.

pleased to bless the ministry and ser. 9 The Lord's delight is in them vice of hin, who is now appointed that fear him, and put their trust in

to offer the sacrifices of prayer and his mercy. Verse 11.

praise to thee in this house, which is 10 Praise the LORD, O Jerusalena; called by thy name. May the words

of his mouth, and tho meditation of praise thy God, O Zion. Verse 12.

11 For he hath made fast the bars his heart be always acceptable in thy of thy gates ; and hath blessed thy sight, O LORD,

our strength and our

Redeemer. Amen. children within thee. Verse 13.

12 He maketh peace in thy bor. O GOD, HOLY GHost, sanctifier ders; and filleth thee with the flour of the faithful, visit, we pray thee, of wheat. Verse 14.

this congregation with thy love and 13 He is our God, even the Godfavor ; enlighten their minds more of whom cometh salvation ; God is and more with the light of the everthe LORD by whom we escape death. lasting Gospel ; graft in their hearts Psalm lxviii. verse 20.

a love of the truth; increase in them 14 O God, wonderful art thou in true religion; nourish them with all thy holy, places, even the God of goodness; and of thy great mercy Israel ; he will give strength and keep them in the same, o blessed power unto his people. Blessed be SPIRIT, whom with the FATHER God. Verse 35.

and the Son together we worship Glory be to the FATHER, and to and glorify as one God, world with. the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; out end. Amen. As it was in the beginning, is now,

Benediction. and ever shall be, world without end.

Min. The Law was given by The God of peace, who brought Moses.

again from the dead our Lord Jesus Peo. But grace and truth came Christ, the great Shepherd of the by Jesus Christ.

sheep, through the blood of the everMin. of Peo. Who is God over lasting covenant, make you perfect all, blessed for evermore. Amen. in every good work to do his will,

working in you that which is weli

pleasing in his sight, through JESUS MOST gracious God, the giver of|CHRIST; to whom be glory for ever all good and perfect gifts, who, of thy land ever. Amen.

Let us pray.


? Then shall the instituted Minister kneel at the CHRIST himself being the chief cor:

Altar to present his supplication for himself-ner-stone; grant that, by the opera. in this form:

tion of the Holy Ghost, all Chris. O LORD my God! I am not tians may be so joined together in worthy that thou shouldest come unity of spirit, and in the bond of under my roof; yet thou hast honor- peace, that they may be a holy ed thy servant with appointing him temple acceptable unto thee. And to stand in thy house, and to serve at especially, to this congregation prethy holy altar. To thee and to thy sent, give the abundance of thy service I devote myself, soul, body, grace ; that with one heart, they may and spirit-with all their powers and desire the prosperity of thy holy faculties. Fill my memory with the apostolic Church, and with words of thy law; enlighten my un nouth, may profess the faith once derstanding with the illumination of delivered to the saints. Defend the Holy Ghost; and may all the them from the sins of heresy and wishes and desires of my will centre schism; let not the foot of pride in what thou hast commanded. And, come nigh to hurt them, nor the hand to make me instrumental in promot- of the ungodly to cast them down. ing the salvation of the people now And grant that the course of this committed to my charge, grant that I world may be so peaceably ordered may faithfully administer thy holy by thy governance, that thy Church sacraments

, and by my life and doc. may joyfully serve thee in all godly trine set forth thy true and lively quietness ; that so they may walk in word. Be ever with me in the per. the ways of truth and peace, and at formance of all the duties of my last be numbered with thy saints in ministry; in prayer, to quicken my glory everlasting, through thy mer devotion ; in praises, to heighten my its, ó blessed JESUS, thou gracious love and gratitude; and in preaching, Bishop and Shepherd of our souls, to give a readiness of thought and who art, with the Father and the expression suitable to the clearness Holy Ghost, one God, world and excellency of thy lioly word. without end. Amen. Grant this for the sake of JESUS

9 Then shall follow the Sermon : and after that CHRIST thy Son our Saviour. the instituted Minister shall proceed to the

Communion Service, and to administer the 1 The instituted Minister, standing up, shall say, holy Eucharist to his congregation; and after The LORD be with you.

the Benediction, (which he shall always pro

nounce,) the Wardens, Vestry, and others Ans. And with thy spirit.

shall salute and welcome him, bidding him

God speed. ! When the Bishop of the Diocese is present al

the institution of a Minister, he shall make to O ALMIGHTY GOD, who hast him the address prescribed in this Office in the

form of a letter, and may perform such cther built thy Church upon the foundation

duties herein assigned the Instituting Ministet of the Apostles and Prophets, JESUS

Let us pray.

as he may choose.


[blocks in formation]

IN parbanco of a resolution of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopa Churd. to the United States of America, we, the subscribers, a Committee authorized for the purpose, de beraty set forth this Selection of Psalms



Pauladelphia, December 27th, 1832

New York, April 6, 1833. I boreby owtify, that this edition of " Psalms in Metre" has been compared with, and correctae bus, the edition est forth by the Committee of the General Convention..


Bishop of the Diocese of New York


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