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event of any revision of any general registration
in such city, any person shall present himself be-

board of registration for the purpose of being registered as a voter, and it shall appear that the name of said person is borne upon the registry of any election district other than that in which he shall at the time of such revision make application for registration, and that since the day of the preceding election or registration he has removed from the district in which he was then registered to the district in which he shall at the time of any such revision, apply for registration, and it shall also appear that there is no meeting of the board of judges in the district in which his name shall be borne upon the registry for the purpose of revision, then and in such event the oath of removal may be made before any member of the board of judges in any district to which he shall have removed, and the person so appearing at any such revision shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges to which he would be entitled were the registration a general registration, and the said person making an original application for registration.

SEC. 29. For all powers, authority, and duties Majority of in this chapter prescribed for or conferred upon, and all actions required of judges of election, or of a board of said judges of election, save where such authority or action is specifically allowed to each of said judges, the concurrence or assent of a majority of all the judges of election in any

election district must in all cases be obtained.


Election district efficers.

All election books, etc.,

SEC. 30. The several offices of judges of election and poll clerks, in this chapter, named and created, are and shall be in all courts and proceedings, deemed and held respectively to be election district officers, and it shall be the duty of said judges of election and poll clerks respectively, or a majority of the said judges to be in constant attendance during the hours and time fixed for the discharge of their several duties.

SEC. 31. All data and statistics and all registo inspectlon. ters, poll books and records of every kind and na

ture, which under this cḥapter or under any laws of this state, or which in compliance with any direction, resolution or order of the mayor and city council of any of said cities are or may be required to be made, ascertained or kept by, or returned to or filed with the city clerk, shall at all times during office hours, be open to the inspection, examination comparison and copying of any citizen or elector free of any charge whatsoever.

SEC. 32. If at any time a special election shall

be held in any portion of any city governed by registration.

the provisions of this act the same revision of registration shall be had and made for any portion of said city and county and at the same intervals of time and times preceding the day of any such special election and in the same manner as if the said election was a local election in, for and throughout said city and each and every of the provisions of this chapter not inconsistent with the terms of this section, shall apply with as full force and effect to any such special election or revision of reg

Special election shall be preceded by revision of



istration therefor as if the same was for a local election in, for and throughout the said city and county. SEC. 33. Hereafter it shall not be lawful for Numbering of

streets, wbien any of the authorities, officers, or agents of the city or county government, in any city governed by this act, to number or renumber any street, avenue, alley, lane, road, or way in any city, or to in anywise change or alter any such number, save between the first day of May and the first day of October of any year. SEC. 34. In each election district in such city registeret

Closing of it shall be the duty of the judges of election to im- ennouncement mediately after the close of the polls on the day of any election, before proceeding with the canvass of the ballots in any box, and while the poll clerks are canvassing their books, to write in ink opposite to and against the name of each person entered in their registers who is not shown by said registers to have voted, and in the column headed “voted,” the word “no," so that the said column may be wholly filled up, and the said judges shall then

, compare the said registers, make them agree, and ascertain the number of persons who by them are shown to have voted at that poll that day; and when they have made comparisons and ascertained such fact, the chairman of the board of judges, or, in his absence, the judges acting as such, shall announce the same in a loud voice.

Sec. 35. The poll clerks at each poll in any duties of city governed by the provisions of this act, shall poll clerks. keep in ink a poll list in books to be prepared and furnished for that purpose, and shall contain a col


umn headed “name of voter," and as many additional columns as there are boxes kept at the election. The heading of the additional columns shall correspond respectively with the names and numbers of the boxes so kept.

SEC. 36. The poll-books referred to in the preceding section shall be in the form as follows:

Form of poll

[blocks in formation]

Entries, how made.

The residence of each elector voting shall be entered by each poll clerk in the column of his polllist headed “residence,” and the name of each such elector in the column headed“ name of voter," and opposite the residence the name of any such elector in each additional column provided for in the preceding section and corresponding in its heading with the name and number of a box in which a ballot of the elector shall have been deposited, shall be written a check or mark similar the letter V and in each such additional column corresponding in its heading with the name and number of box in which no ballot of the elector shall have been deposited shall be written the word “no.” In the column of “remarks,” opposite the name of each person challenged, shall be noted the oath or oaths of fered and taken by any such person, ,

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SEC. 37. As soon as the polls of an election Canyass, how shall have been finally closed, the judges of election, in their several election districts, shall immediately, and at the place of the poll, proceed to canvass the votes. Such canyass shall be public and shall not be adjourned or postponed until it shall have been fully completed and the several statements hereinafter required to be made by the judges shall have been made out and signed by them. No vote shall be received, nor shall any ballot be count

, ed or canvassed, nor shall any statement of votes, announcement, or proclamation, in this chapter required, be made at any time when the main entrance to the room in which the election is held shall be closed in such a manner as to prevent ingress and egress, but the said judges may station one or more officers at such entrance to exclude disorderly persons; nor shall any such duties be performed unless at least six

persons, claim that privilege, are allowed to be present and so near that they can see whether the duties of the said judges are faithfully performed. Each candidate for any office to be filled at the election may, by a certificate in writing signed by him designate one person for each election district in which he is a candidate to be present at the canvass of the ballots containing the names of the persons designated for that office. The judges of election and the police or other officers attending at such election district specified in said certificate, shall make a passage for such person to the said judges, and the said judges shall permit him to be present at the

if so many

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