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mined; and if there shall be more than one house at the number given by the applicant as his place of residence, in which house he resides, and if there be more than one family residing in said house, either the floor on which he resides, every floor below. the level of the ground being designated as the basement; the first floor on or above such level as the first floor, and each floor above that as the second, or such other floor as it may be, or the number or location of the room or rooms occupied by the applicant and whether front or rear.

Second-Under the column "address,” the name of the applicant, giving the surname and christain name in full; but the names of all persons residing in the same dwelling to follow each other and to be under the street and house number, or other description, as provided of the dwelling.

Third-Under the column “sworn,” the word “yes” or “no” as the fact shall be.

Fourth—Under the column of “nativity,” the state, country, kingdom, empire or dominion, as the fact shall be stated by the applicant.

Fifth—Under the column of “color,” the words “white” or “colored,” as the facts may be.

Sixth-Under the subdivisions of the general column of “term of residence,” the periods by months or years stated by the applicant in response to the inquiries made for the


of ascertaining his qualification and filling such column.

Seventh-Under the column of “naturalized, the words "yes" or "no" or "native," as the fact shall be stated.

Eight-Under the column of "date of papers,” the date of naturalization, if naturalized, as the same shall appear by the evidence of citizenship submitted or presented by the applicant in compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

Ninth—Under the column of “court,” the designation of the court, in which, if naturalized, such naturalization was done, as the same shall appear by the evidence of citizenship presented or submitted by the applicant in compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

Tenth-Under the column of “qualified voter," the words “yes” or “no” as the fact shall appear and be determined by at least three (3) of the board of judges of election, it being however, required of them to designate as qualified voter any


person who, being otherwise qualified, shall not at the time of making the application be of age, provided the time when such applicant shall be of the age of twenty-one (21) shall be subsequent to the date of his making application, and not later than the day of election immediately following such time of applying

Eleven-Under the column of “date of applications,” the month, day and year when the applicant presented himself and was adjudged a qualified voter in the election district.

SEC. 17. On the days and at the times in this Revision of chapter designated for any revision of any general made registration, the duly qualified judges of election shall meet in their respective election districts, at the places which, in accordance with the require

general regis. tration, huw

ments of this chapter shall have been provided for such meetings and shall openly and publicly do and perform the following acts, namely: Each and every of the duties and requirements set forth in subdivisions one and three of section sixteen (16) of this act. They shall in each election district receive the applications for registration of such male residents of the election district, whose names are not then borne upon the registers thereof, as qualified voters therein, as shall personally present themselves, and who, on the day of election next ensuing, would be entitled to vote therein, and as to all applications made to them shall proceed therewith in the manner provided in subdivision four of section sixteen (16) of this act, provided that if, upon the examination as of this chapter provided for, of any applicant for registration it shall appear that he has, since the last day of any general registration of voters or revision thereof in cities governed by this act, moved into or become a resident of said election district, the said judges shall inquire from where such applicant removed or came from; and if it shall appear that such removal was from place within the said city and county, they shall inquire if, in the election district in which he resided at the time of the last preceding general registration (naming such time) or in which he has resided at any time subsequent thereto, he has been registered, or has applied for registration; and if he shall swear that he has not, then the said judges shall proceed with said application as with that of any other person who may apply to them; but if

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he shall swear that he has been so registered, the said judges shall, before further proceeding, require him to present to them a certificate of removal as provided for in this chapter so that his name shall not be upon the registers of two election districts; and upon the presentation to any board of judges of any certificate of removal, the said board shall treat the person presenting the same in the manner provided in subdivision four (4) of section sixteen of this act for applicants of registration.

SEC. 18. Any person who shall at any time as Registration provided in this chapter, have personally applied" to the judges of election in any election district for registration, and shall have, in the registers thereof, been entered as a qualified voter, and who shall, at any time prior to the close of any revision of registration, have removed from the dwelling place under which he shall, as a resident, be borne upon the registers, may, upon any day provided in this chapter for meetings of the inspectors of election, other than the day of any election, personally appear before the said judges in the election district in which he resided at the time his name was entered upon the said registers, during the hours in this chapter provided for their sessions for such revision, and publicly take and subscribe before one of said judges the following oath or affirmation, which shall be known as the oath of removal: “I,

residing at number in Form of oath the. election district of the

ward [name of city], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am duly entered in the registers of said

of removal

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oath of appu. cant, bow mondo.

election district, ward from said residence.
a qualified voter, and that I have removed my
place of residence to number ... in the
election district,

ward of said city and county, and I do hereby request that the proper entries and records be made as the same are provided for by law and that a certificate of removal be furnished me at this time."

Upon such oath or affirmation being made and subscribed as herein provided, it shall be the duty of the said judges to carefully preserve the same and file it within twenty-four (24) hours after the

close of any revision or registration, with the city Vor ficailon of clerk. . And upon any such person so taking and

subscribing said oath of removal, the said judges of election, if satisfied of the identity of the person making the same with the person he claims to be, as the description of said last mentioned person shall appear on the registers, and if not satisfied therewith, shall at once, by a police officer present, or by anyone by whom said board shall specially authorize, make an examination and inquiry at the place of residence of said person, as the same shall be entered upon the registers, as to the fact of the removal of such person from said dwelling place, when if his removal therefrom shall be found by the report of such person to be a fact, shall immediately proceed to strike from said registers the

name of such person by entering in each of the now registers, opposite to and against the name of any such

person, and in the column headed “Why disqualified,” the word “Removed,” in the column

Entries of


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