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Bond of,


appointment of snch commissioner. Said water commissioner shall, before he enters upon the discharge of his duties, execute a bond to such city, or village, in a sum to be fixed by the Mayor and council or president and board of trustees, but not less than five thousand dollars, ($5000) conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties, and signed by two or more good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the Mayor and council or board of trustees. It shall be the duty of such water commissioner, subject to the supervision of the mayor and council or board of trustees to have the general management and control of the system of water works in the city or village, fixing the rates to be paid by the inhabitants thereof within such limits as may be prescribed by ordinance for the use of water, water meters, and hydrants; to collect all moneys received by the city or village on account of said system of water works and to faithfully account for, and


the over to the treasurer of said city or village, taking his receipt therefor in daplicate, filing one of the same with the city or village clerk to make a detailed report to the city council or board of trustees at least once every six months of the condition of said water system of all the mains, pipes, hydrants, reservoirs, and machinery, such improvements, repairs, and extensions thereof, as he may think proper and showing the amount of receipts and expenditures on account thereof for the preceding six months; and no. moneys shall be expended for improvement, repairs or extensions of said water works or system, except


upon recommendation of said water commissioner.
Said water commissioner shall perform such other
duties as may be prescribed by ordinance, said water
commissioner shall be paid a salary to be fixed by Salary.
ordinance, not exceeding four hundred dollars
($400) per annum, and upon his written recom-
mendation the council or board of trustees shall
employ such laborers or clerks as may to them seem
necessary, and no member of the council or board of
trustees shall be eligible to the office of water commis-
sioner during the time for which he was elected.

XVI. To regulate the running at large of cattle Impounding hogs, horses, mules, sheep, goats, dogs and other animals. animals, and to cause such as may be running at large to be impounded and sold to discharge the costs and penalties provided for the violation of such prohibitions and the expense of impounding and keeping the same, and of such sale.

XVII. To provide for the erection of all need- Pound ful pens and pounds within or without the city limits and to appoint and compensate keepers thereof and to establish and enforce rules governing the



of apparatus


XVIII. To regulate the construction of and Regulation order the suppression and cleansing of fire places, dangeres con chimneys, stoves, stove pipes, ovens, boilers, kettles, forges, or any apparatus used in any building, manufactory, or business, which may be dangerous in causing or promoting fires, and to prescribe the limits within which no dangerous or obnoxious and offensive business shall be carried on.

XIX. To prescribe and alter limits within Fire limits.

Regulation of depots and railway passage.

Railway tracks, speed, etc.

which no building shall be constructed except of brick, stone, or other incombustible material, with fire-proof roof, and after such limits are established no special permits shall be given for the erection of buildings of combustible material within said limits.

XX. To regulate levees, depots, depot grounds, and places for storing freights, and goods, and to provide for and regulate the passage of railways through streets and public grounds of the city or village.

XXI. To regulate the crossing of railway tracks, and to provide precautions and to prescribe rules and regulating the same, and to regulate the running of railway engines, cars, or trucks within the limits of said city or village, and to prescribe rules relating thereto, and to govern the speed thereof, and to make any other and further provisions, rules and restrictions to prevent accidents at crossings and on the tracks of railways and to prevent fires from engines.

XXII. To establish standard weights and measures, and to regulate the weights and measures to be used in the city or village, and to regulate the weighing and measuring of every commodity sold in the city or village in all cases not otherwise provided by law.

XXIII. To provide for the inspection and weighing of hay, grain, and coal, the measuring of

wood and fuel to be used in the city or village, and Market places. to determine the place or places of the same, and to

régulate and prescribe tlie place or places of ex

Weights and measures.




posing for sale, hay, coal, and wood, to fix the fees and duties of persons authorized to perform the duties named in this sub-division.

XXIV. To remove all obstructions from the Clearing and sidewalks, curbstones, gutters, and crosswalks at of streets the expense of the person placing them there or of the city or village, and to require and regulate the planting and protection of shade trees in the streets, the building of bulkheads, cellars and basement ways, stairways, railways, window and doorways, awnings, hitching posts, and rails, lamp posts, awning posts, and all other structures projecting upon or over and adjoining, and all other excavations through and under the sidewalks in the said city or village.

XXV. To prevent and restrain riots, routs, Riots, etc. noises, disturbances or disorderly assemblies; to regulate, punish and prevent the discharge of fire arms, rockets, powder, fireworks or any other dangerous combustible material in the streets, lots, grounds, alleys, or about, or in the vicinity of any buildings, to regulate, prevent and punish the carrying of concealed weapons; to arrest, regulate, punish, fine, or set at work on the streets or elsewhere all vagrants and persons found without means of support, or some legitimate business.

XXVI. To prevent and remove all encroachments into and upon all sidewalks, streets, avenues, alleys, and other city or village property, and to punish and prevent all horse racing, fast driving, Fast driving. or riding in the streets, highways, alleys, bridges, or places in the city or village, and all games, practices, or amusements therein likely to result in

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damage to any person or property, to regulate, pre-
vent, or punish the riding, driving, or passing of
horses, mules, oxen, cattle, or other teams, or any
vehicle drawn thereby, over, upon, or across side-
walks, or along any street of the city or village.

XXVII. To open, widen, or otherwise improve
or vacate any street, avenue, alley, or lane within
the limits of the city or village; also to create,
open, and improve any new street, avenue, alley,
or lane.

Provided, That all damages, sustained by the citizens of the city or village, or of the owners of the property therein, shall be ascertained in such manner as shall be provided by ordinance;

Provided further, That whenever any avenue, street, alley, or lane shall be vacated the same shall revert to the owners of the adjacent real estate, one-half on each side thereof.

XXVIII. To open, create, widen, or extend any street, avenue, alley, or lane, or annul, vacate or discontinue the same whenever deemed expe

dient for the public good, and to take private prop-
May take pri-
for pubile use. erty for public use, or for the purpose of giving a

right of way or other privilege to any railroad com-
pany, or for the purpose of erecting or establishing
market places, or for any other necessary purpose;

Provided, however, That in all cases the city,
or village, shall make the person, or persons,
whose property shall be taken or injured thereby,
adequate compensation therefor, to be determined
by the assessment of five disinterested householders,
who shall be elected and compensated as may be


Adequate compensation shall be allowed.

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