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Adoption of system,

other works of internal improvement; and to borrow money and pledge the property and credit of the city in the manner aforesaid, and upon being authorized as aforesaid to an amount not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars for the


of constructing, maintaining, and operating a system of waterworks for said city.

Provided, That bonds heretofore issued by any such city for said purposes, and being outstanding and unpaid, shall be included, and counted as a part of the amount hereby authorized to be issued.

SEC. 84.—Same, Vote of People.—Before submitting any proposition for borrowing of money for either of the purposes mentioned in the preceding section, the mayor and council shall determine upon and adopt a system of sewerage, or of waterworks as the case may be, and shall procure from the city engineer an estimate of the actual cost of such system, and of the cost of so much thereof as the mayor and council may propose to construct with the amount proposed to be borrowed, and plans of such system and such estimate shall be

placed and remain in the hands of the city clerk, Plans subject subject to public inspection during all the time such

proposition to borrow money shall be pending; after a system shall have been adopted, no other system shall be adopted in lieu thereof, unless authorized by a vote of the people; after construction of water

works the city may by vote of the people issue Extension of bonds to construct extensions of such works not to

exceed ten thousand dollars in any one year.

SEC. 85.—Same, Waterworks,—When the sys

to public inspection.


and coutrol

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tem of waterworks shall have been adopted and the people shall have voted to borrow money to aid in their construction as aforesaid, the mayor and council may erect, and construct, and maintain Construction such system of waterworks, either within or with-of by mayor. out the corporate limits of the city, and make all needful rules and regulations concerning the use of such waterworks, and to do all acts necessary for the construction, completion, and management and control of the same not inconsistent with this act, including the taking of private property for public use for the construction and operation of the same, compensation to be ascertained and made therefor in the manner provided by law for acquiring the right-of-way and depot grounds for railway companies by the exercise of the right of eminent domain.

Sec. 86.-Same, Contracts.-In case such aids shall not be voted by the people in the manner aforesaid the mayor and council may contract with and procure

individuals or corporations to construct and maintain a system of water works in such city for any time not exceeding twenty years from Time contracts the date of the contract, and with a reservation to the city of the right to purchase such water works at Right to purany time after the lapse of ten years from the date of the contract, upon payment to such individuals or corporation of any amount to be determined from the contract, not exceeding the cost of construction of such water works; in other respects such contract may be upon such terms as may be agreed upon by a two-thirds vote of the mayor and council, entered upon the minutes.

may run,

Authority to contract, how derived.


Boud of.

Provided, That no such contract shall be made unless thereunto authorized by a majority vote of the legal voters of said city, at a special election called for such purpose.

SEC. 87.—Bonds, Interest.—No bonds issued by the city for any purpose except paving, district bonds, shall draw interest at a greater rate than six per cent per annum, nor sold for less than par or face value, and shall be redeemable at the option of the city at any time after five years from their date.

SEC. 88.- Water Commissioner. Before the mayor and council shall enter upon the construction of any system of water works a water commissioner shall be appointed, who shall give bonds in not less than the sum of five thousand dollars.

SEC. 89.—Same, Duties.—Such water commissioner, under the direction and supervision of the mayor and council, shall have general management and control of such sytem of water works, and of the erection and construction of the same, fixing the rates within such limits as may be prescribed by ordinance, to be paid by the inhabitants of the city for the use of water, water metres, and hydrants. It shall be his duty to collect all moneys receivable by the city on account of said system of water works, and to faithfully account for and pay the same over to the treasurer, taking his receipts therefor, in duplicate, and filing one of the same with the city clerk; to make a detailed report to the council at least once in six months, of the condition of said water system, and of all mains, pipes,

hydrants, reservoirs, and machinery, and recom-
mending such improvements, repairs, and exten-
sions thereof as he


proper, and showing the amount of the receipts and expenditures thereof for the preceding six months, and no bill or claim for any work or material done or furnished for said system of water works shall be paid or allowed in whole or in part, except as the same shall have been first audited and allowed by said water commissioner. Said water commissioner shall perform such other duties as may be required of him by ordinance, and upon his recommendation the mayor and council may employ such laborers and clerks as to them may appear necessary.

SEC. 90.—Council, Mayor, Eligibility.--No member of the council or the mayor shall be eligible to the office of water commissioner during the term for which he shall be elected.

Sec. 91.–Tax for Sewerage and Water Works. -When any bonds shall have been issued by the city for the purpose of constructing or aiding in the construction of a system of water works or system of sewerage, there shall thereafter be levied annually upon all of the taxable property of said city, a tax of not exceeding one mill for every twenty thousand dollars of bonds so issued, which shall be known as the water works tax, or sewerage tax, as the case may be, and shall be payable only in money. The proceeds of such tax, together with all income received by the city from the water works, and from the payment and collection of water rent taxes and rates of assessments, and


shall first be applied to the payment of the current expenses of water works and interest on money borrowed and bonds issued for their construction, and the surplus, if any, shall be used for the extension of such system or retained as a sinking fund for the payment of such loan or bonds at maturity.

SEC. 92.—Liquors, License.—The mayor and council may by ordinance license, restrain, regulate, or prohibit the selling or giving away of malt, spirituous, or vinous mixed or fermented intoxicating liquors, the license not to extend beyond the municipal year for which it shall be granted, and to determine the amount to be paid for such license, not less than the minimum sum required by any general law upon the subject;

Provided, That special permits may be granted to druggists for the sale of liquors for medicinal and mechanical purposes;

And provided, further, That all such licensees except druggists shall be required to give bonds in all respects, and they and their sureties shall be liable on such bond in all respects, as in case of persons to whom licenses for the sale of intoxicating liquors are or may be granted by county boards, and all the restrictions, regulations, forfeitures, and penalties provided by law respecting the sale of liquors by persons licensed therefor by the county boards, shall apply to and govern persons (except druggists) licensed by virtue of this section, and any person selling or giving away in said city any liquor of the description mentioned in this section,

Permits to druggists.

Bonds of licensee.

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