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Страница 4 - From the point of view of agricultural interests, the dates of the last killing frost in spring, and the first killing frost in autumn are of much practical importance, and often exert a marked influence on the yield of crops.
Страница 31 - An act to consolidate, revise and amend the Penal Laws of this Commonwealth.
Страница 6 - J ounce (or less) of saccharine. Put the mixture in a tin pepperbox and sift It gradually over 50 pounds of crushed wheat or 40 pounds of crushed oats In a metal tub, mixing the grain constantly so that the poison will be evenly distributed. Dry mixing has the advantage that the grain may be kept any length of time without fermentation.
Страница 31 - The tray is 2 1 x 1 5 inches, making it 3 inches less in depth than the drier. The lowest tray when placed in the drier is pushed to the back, leaving the 3-inch space in front. The next tray is placed even with the front leaving a 3-inch space in the back. The other trays alternate in the same way. A ventilator opening is left in the top of the drier thru which the moist air may pass away.
Страница 23 - live stock " shall include horses, stallions, colts, geldings, mares, sheep, rams, lambs, bulls, bullocks, steers, heifers, cows, calves, mules, jacks, jennets, burros, goats, kids, and swine. The term " poultry " shall Include all domestic fowl.
Страница 26 - Any unlicensed dog that enters any field shall constitute a private nuisance, and the owner or tenant of such field, or their agent or servant, may kill such dog while it is in the field, without liability or responsibility of any nature for such killing.
Страница 49 - This is a good practice with varieties requiring support, as the supports can be placed in the narrow space between the rows. PEPPERS. Seeds of peppers should be sown in a hotbed or in a box in the house about eight weeks before time for setting the plants in the garden. The plants are tender and should not be transplanted until the ground is warm and all danger of frost is past. Set the plants 15 to 18 inches apart, in rows 2$ to 3 feet apart. The cultivation and treatment of peppers should be the...
Страница 27 - Upon the commissioners of the county receiving such report, If it appears thereby that a certain amount of damage has been sustained by the claimant, they shall immediately draw their order on the treasurer of the county in favor of the claimant for the amount of loss or damage such claimant has sustained according to such report, together with necessary and proper costs incurred. Such amount shall be paid by the proper county. No person shall receive any order for any claim until the...
Страница 52 - For the home garden the seed should be sown in the open ground as soon as the soil is moderately warm. Plant in drills 12 to 18 inches apart, and as soon as the plants are up thin them slightly to prevent crowding.