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I'll do what Mead and Chefelden advise,
To keep these limbs, and to preserve these

Not to x go back, is somewhat to advance,
And men must walk at least before they dance.
Say, does thy y blood rebel, thy bosom move

55 With wretched Avarice, or as wretched Love? Know, there are Worlds, and Spells, which can control z Between the Fits this Fever of the foul : Know, there are Rhymes, which a fresh and fresh apply'd Will cure the arrant'st Puppy of his Pride.

60 Be b furious, envious, Nothful, mad, or drunk, c Slave to a Wife, or Vassal to a Punk, A Switz, a High-dutch, or a Low-dutch d Bear; All that we alk is but a patient Ear.

e 'Tis the first Virtue, Vices to abhor : And the first Wisdom, to be Fool no more.



Non tamen idcirco contemnas lippus inungi:
Nec, quia defperes inviéti membra Glyconis,
Nodosa corpus nolis prohibere chiragra.
Eft quadam prodire x tenus, fi non datur ultra.

y Fervet avaritia, miferoque cupidine pectus?
Sunt verba et voces, quibus hunc lenire dolorem
Poslis, et z magnam morbi deponere partem.
Laudis amore tumes ? funt a certa piacula, quae te

lecto poterunt recreare libello. b Invidus, iracundus, iners, vinofus, c amator; Nemo d adeo ferus est, ut non mitefcere poffit, Si modo culturae patientem commodet aurem. e Virtus eft, vitium fugere ; et fapientia prima,

But to the world no f bugbear is so great,
As want of figure, and a small Estate,
To either India see the Merchant fly,
Scar'd at the spectre of pale Poverty!

See him, with pains of body, pangs of foul,
Burn through the Tropic, freeze beneath the Pole!
Wilt thou do nothing for a nobler end,
Nothing, to make Philosophy thy friend ?
To stop thy foolish views, thy long desires,

75 And & ease thy heart of all that it admires ? h Here Wisdom calls : i" Seek Virtue first, be bold ! “ As Gold to Silver, Virtue is to Gold." There, London's voice, k « Get Money, Money still! " And then let Virtue follow, if she will."

80 This, this the saving doctrine, preach'd to all, From 1 low St. James's up to high St. Paul!


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Stultitia caruiffe. vides, quae f maxima credis
Esse mala, exiguum censum, turpemque repulfam,
Quanto devites animi capitisque labore.
Impiger extremos curris mercator ad Indos,
Per & mare pauperiem fugiens, per faxa, per ignes :
Ne cures

ftulte miraris et optas, Discere, et audire, et meliori credere non vis ? Quis circum pagos et circum compita pugnax Magna coronari contemnat Olympia, cui spes, Cui fit conditio dulcis sine pulvere palmae ? “ i Vilius argentum est auro, virtutibus aurum. « k O cives, cives ! quaerenda pecunia primum eft; « Virtus poft nummos ;" haec ) Janus summus ab imo

ea, quae

From him whose m quills stand quiver'd at his ear,
To him who notches sticks at Westminster.
Barnard in n spirit, sense, and truth abounds;

85 “ Pray then, what wants he?" Fourscore thousand

pounds; A pension, or such Harness for a slave As Bug now has, and Dorimant would have. Barnard, thou art a ° Cit, witḥ all thy worth ; But Bug and D*1, Their Honours, and so forth. 90

Yet every P child another song will sing,
“ Virtue, brave boys! 'tis Virtue makes a King."
True, conscious Honour, is to feel no fin,
He's arm'd without that's innocent within;
Be this thy 9 Screen, and this thy Wall of Brass; 99
Compar'd to this, a Minister's an Ass.

r And say, to which shall our applause belong,
This new Court-jargon, or the good old song ?
The modern language of corrupted Peers,
Or what was spoke at s CRESSY or Poitiers?


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Prodocet : haec recinunt juvenes dictata senesque, m Laevo suspensi loculos tabulamque lacerto.

Eftn animus tibi, sunt mores, est lingua, fidesque ;
Sed quadringentis sex feptem millia defint.
• Plebs eris. P at pueri ludentes, Rex eris, aiunt,
Si recte facies. Hic 9 murus aheneus esto,
Nil conscire fibi, nulla pallescere culpa.

Roscia, dic sodes, melior lex, an puerorum est
Naenia, quae regnum recte facientibus offert,
Et maribus : Curiis et decantata Camillis?

+ Who counsels best? who whispers,

- Be but great, " With Praise or Infamy leave that to fate; u Get Place and Wealth, if possible with grace; If not, by any means, get Wealth and Place.” For what? to have a u Box where Eunuchs sing, 105 And foremost in the Circle eye a King. Or whe, who bids thee face with steady view Proud Fortune, and look shallow Greatness through : And, * while he bids thee, sets th’ Example too ? If y such a Doctrine, in St. James's air, Should chance to make the well-drest Rabble stare ; In honest S*z take scandal at a Spark, That less admires the 2 Palace than the Park: Faith, I shall give the answer a Reynard gave:

I cannot like, dread Sir, your Royal Cave: 115 56 Because I fee, by all the tracks about, “ Full many a Beast goes in, but none come out."



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+ Ifne tibi melius suadet, qui, “Rem facias : rem, “ Si poffis, recte; fi

non, quocunque modo rem,"
Ut u propius fpectes lacrymosa poëmata Pupi !
An, w qui fortunae te refponfare fuperbae
Liberum et erectum, * praefens hortatur et aptat?

y Quod fi me Populus Romanus forte roget, cur
Non, ut ? porticibus, fic judiciis fruar ifdem :
Nec fequar aut fugiam, quae diligit ipfe vel odit;
Olim quod a vulpes aegroto cauta leoni
Respondit, referam : Quia me vestigia terrent
Omnia te adversum spectantia, nulla retrorsum,


Adieu to Virtue, if you're once a Slave:
Send her to Court, you send her to her grave.

Well, if a King's a Lion, at the least
The b People are a many-headed Beast :
Can they direct what measures to pursue,
Who know themselves fo little what to do?
Alike in nothing but one Lust of Gold,
Just half the land would buy, and half be fold: 125
Their c Country's wealth our mightier Misers drain,
Or cross, to plunder Provinces, the Main;
The rest, fome farm the Poor-box, some the Pews;
Some keep Assemblies, and would keep the Stews;
Some d with fat Bucks on childless dotards fawn; 130
Some win rich Widows by their Chine and Brawn;
While with the silent growth of ten per cent,
In dirt and darkness, c hundreds stink content.

Of all these ways, if each f pursues his own, Satire, be kind, and let the wretch alone :

135 But thew me one who has it in his power To act consistent with himself an hour.


b Bellua multorum est capitum. nam quid fequar aut

quem ?

Pars hominum gestit c conducere publica : sunt qui
& Crustis et pomis viduas venentur avaras,
Excipiantque fenes, quos in vivaria mittant :
e Multis occulto crescit res fenore.
Efto, aliis alios rebus ftudiisque teneri :
Iidem eadem poffunt horam durare probantes ?


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