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• First Health: The stomach (cramm’d from every difh,
A tomb of boil'd and roast, and flesh and fish, 70
Where bile, and wind, and phlegm, and acid jar,
And all the man is one intestine war)
Remembers oft d the School-boy's simple fare,
The temperate sleeps, and spirits light as air.

e How pale, each worshipful and Reverend guest 75
Rise from a Clergy, or a City feast !
What life in all that ample body, say?
What heavenly particle inspires the clay?
The Soul subsides, and wickedly inclines
To seem but mortal, ev'n in sound Divines.

f On morning wings how active springs the Mind
That leaves the load of yesterday behind !
How easy every labour it pursues !
How coming to the Poet every Muse!



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Afferat. c In primis valeas bene; nam variae res
Ut noceant homini, credas, memor illius escae,
Quæ fimplex d olim tibi federit, at fimul aflis
Miscueris elixa, fimul conchylia turdis;
Dulcia se in bilem vertent, stomachoque tumultum
Lenta feret pituita. • Vides, ut pallidus omnis
Cona desurgat dubia! quin corpus onuftum
Hesternis vitiis animum quoque praegravat una,
Atque affigit humo divinae particulam aurae.

f Alter, ubi dieto citius curata sopori Membra dedit, vegetus praescripta ad munia surgit. & Hic tamen ad melius poterit transcurrere quondam ; Sive diem feftum rediens advexerit annus,


& Not but we may exceed, some holy time,

85 Or tir'd in search of Truth, or search of Rhyme; Ill health some just indulgence may engage; And more the sickness of long life, Old Age ;

For fainting Age what cordial drop remains, If our intemperate Youth the vessel drains ?

i Our fathers prais'd rank Ven'son. You suppose, Perhaps, young men ! our fathers had no nose. Not so: a Buck was then a week's repast, And 'twas their point, I ween, to make it last;

94 More pleas'd to keep it till their friends could come, Than eat the sweetest by themselves at home. k Why had not I in those good times my birth, Ere coxcomb pyes or coxcombs were on earth?

Unworthy he, the voice of Fame to hear; I That sweetest music to an honest ear ;



Seu recreare volet tenuatum corpus : ubique
Accedent anni, et tractari mollius aetas
Imbecilla volet. 5 Tibi quidnam accedet ad iftam,
Quam puer et validus praesumis, mollitiem ; seu
Dura valetudo inciderit, feu tarda senectus ?

i Rancidum aprum antiqui laudabant: non quia nasus Illis nullus erat! sed, credo, hac mente, quod hofpes Tardius adveniens vitiatum commodius, quam Integram edax dominus consumeret. k hos utinam inter Heroas natum tellus me prima tuliffet.

1 Das aliquid famae, quae carmine gratior aurein Occupet humanam ? grandes rhombi, patinaeque Grande ferunt una m cum damno dedecus, adde

(For 'faith, Lord Fanny! you are in the wrong,
The world's good word is better than a song)
Who has not learn'd, m fresh sturgeon and ham-pye
Are no rewards for want, and infamy!
When Luxury has lick'd up all thy pelf,

Curs'd be thy n neighbours, thy trustees, thyself,
To friends, to fortune, to mankind a shame,
Think how pofterity will treat thy name;
And o buy a rope, that future times may tell
Thou hast at least bestow'd one


well. P “ Right, cries his Lordship, for a rogue in need " To have a taste, is insolence indeed : In me 'tis noble, suits my birth and state, My wealth unwieldy, I and my heap too great." Then, like the Sun, let Bounty spread her ray, 11$ And shine that superfluity away. Oh Impudence of wealth! with all thy store, How dar'st thou let one worthy man be poor?


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n Iratum patruum, vicinos, te tibi iniquum,
Et frustra mortis cupidum, cum deerit egenti
• As, laquei pretium.

ip Jure, inquit, Trausius istis
Jugatur verbis : ego vectigalia magna,
Divitiasque habeo tribus amplas regibus. Ergo,
Quod superat, non est melius quo infumere poffis ?
Cur eget indignus quisquam, te divite? quare

Templa ruunt antiqui Deum ? cur improbe, carae
Non aliquid patriae tanto emetiris acervo ?
Uni nimirum tibi recte semper erunt res !


Shall half the r new-built churches round thee fall?
Make Keys, build Bridges, or repair Whitehall :
Or to thy Country let that heap be lent,
As M**o's was, but not at five per cent.

s Who thinks that fortune cannot change her mind, Prepares a dreadful jest for all mankind. And + who stands safest ? tell me, is it he

125 That spreads and swells in puff d Prosperity, Or bleft with little, whose preventing care In peace provides fit arms against a war?

u Thus Bethel spoke, who always speaks his thought, And always thinks the very thing he ought: 130 His equal mind I copy what I can, And as I love, would imitate the Man. In South-sea days not happier, when surmis'd The Lord of thousands, than if now w Excis'd; In forest planted by a Father's hand,

135 Than in five acres now of rented land.


s o magnus pofthac inimicis risus: uterne
t Ad casus dubios fidet fibi certius! hic, qui
Pluribus assuerit mentem corpufque fuperbum;
An qui contentus parvo metuensque futuri,
In pace, ut sapiens, aptarit idonea bello!
* Quo magis his credas: puer hunc ego parvus

Integris opibus novi non latius usum,
Quam nunc w accisis. Videas, metato in agello,
Cum pecore et gratis, fortem mercede colonum,
Non ego, narrantem, temere edi luce profesta

Content with little I can piddle here
On x brocoli and mutton, round the year ;
But y ancient friends (though poor, or out of play)
That touch my bell, I cannot turn away.

140 'Tis true, no ? Turbots dignify my boards, But gudgeons, founders, what my Thames affords : To Hounslow-heath I point, and Bansted-down, Thence comes your mutton, and these chicks my own : a From yon old walnut-tree a shower shall fall :

145 And grapes, long-lingering on my only wall, And figs from standard and espalier join ; The devil is in you if you cannot dine : Then b chearful healths (your Mistress shall have place) And, what's more rare, a Poet shall say Grace.

150 Fortune not much of humbling me can boast : Though double tax’d, how little have I loft!


Quidquam, praeter * olus fumosae cum pede pernae.
Ac mihi feu y longum post tempus venerat hofpes,

operum vacuo gratus conviva per imbrem
Vicinus; bene erat, non piscibus urbe petitis,
Sed pullo atque hædo : tum z pensilis uva fecundas
Et nux ornabat menfas, cum duplice ficu.
Poft hoc ludus erat a cuppa potare magistra :
Ac venerata Ceres, ita culmo surgeret alto,
Explicuit vino contractae seria frontis.

Saeviat atque novos moveat Fortuna tumultus !. Quantum hinc imminuet? quanto aut ego parcius, aut


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