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Wood an Infee?.

Page 346 | An epitaph on Gen. Gorges and lady MezhPa On Wood the Ironmonger.

ib. Veríes on I know not what Vill Wood's Petition to the People of Ireland ; be- Dr. Suvift's Complaint on his own Deafiek, 5.

ing an excellent New Song, supposed to be made, Answer
and sung in the Streets of Dublin, by William Dr. Swift to himflf, on St. Cecilia's Day

Wood, Iron-nonger ard Half-penny-monger. ib. On Paddy's Character of the intelligence A New Song on Wood's Half-pence.

ib. Parody on a Character of Dean Smedley A Serious Puem upon William Wood. 347 | Paulus. By Mr. Lindsay To Dr. Sheridan.

ib. The Answer. By Dr. Swift To Quilca. A Country-house of Dr. Sheridan, in A dialoguc betweenaneminent lawyer and S no very gord Reprir.

345 On burning a dull poem. 1729 The Bloiling of a Country-Life.

348 An epifle to l.ora Carte et. Py Dr. Dean The Pligties of a Country-Life.

An ep'itle upon an epistle from a correr Dr. Sheritan to Dr. Snit.


to a certain great Lord; being a Chrik Dr. Swilt's inver.


for Dr. Deliny A Portr. it from b. Lits,


A linlon Di. Delany and Lord Cartere: Upon fealia; a Crowa when the Dean was asleep. To Dr. Delany, on the libels written aga-15 By Dr. Sherid. n.

379 Directions for making a Eirth-Jay Song The Dean's Answer.

Bouts Rimés, on Signora Domitilla The Storm: Minerva's Petition.

ib. Helter Skelter; or, the Hue and Cry after the Ode on Science.

350 tornies upon their riding the Circuit
On Stella's Birth-day, March 13, 1726. ib The Logicians refuted
Horace, Book I. C'de XIV. intcribed to Ireland. 351 The Puppet-show
On the sudden Drying-up of St. Patrick's Well. ib. The Grand Question debated, whether fien.
On reading Dr. Young's Universal Pasion. ᎥᏏ . Bawn should be turned into a Barrackwat
The Dog and Thief,

Advice to the Grub-street Verse-writers. ib. To Dean Sivift. By Sir Arthur Acheson
To a Lady, who detired the Author to write some Draper's-hill
Verses upon her in the Heroic fiyle.


The Dean's Reasons for not building at Drama A Young Lidy's Complaint for the Stay of the Dean hill in England.

35A Panegyrick on the Dean, in the Person of a A Letter to the Dean when in Ireland.


in the North. 1730. P linodia, Horace, Book I. CveXVI. 359 | Twelve Articles Bec's Firthday, November S.

The Revolution at Market-hill On the Cellar of Tiger, Mrs. Dingley's Lap-dog. 360 | Traulus. A Dialogue between Tom and R:.. Enigrams on Windows.

Part I. To bus, on New-Year's Day.

361 Trzulus. Part II. A Pastor: Dialogue written after the News of th: Robin and Harry King's Death.

ib. To Betty the Grizette De fire and Poffeflion. 1727.

362 Deih and Daphine. To an agreeable young OnCenture. +


but extremely lean The Furniture of a Woman's Mind.

ib. Daphne Clever Tom Clirch going to be hanged. 364 | The Pheasant and the fark. A Fable. By To Mr Popar, ahile he was writingene Dunciad. ib.

A Love Poem from a Phylicinn to his Mift:efs. ib.

Answer to Dr. Delany's Fable
Dean Swift at Sir Arthur Achefui's, in the North of On the lrich Club

365 | The Progress of Marriage On a vervold Glais a: Mlarke:-hill.

An excellent new Build; or, the true E.. Aniwered extempore by Dr. Swift.

ib Dean to be hanged for a rape, On cutting down the old Thorn at Market-hill.is | On Stephen Duck, the Threther and favouri pe Canta.


A Quibbling Epigram Epitaph at Derkeley, Glouceiter fire.

ib. The Lady's Dreting-room My Lady's Lamentation and Complaint against th- The power of time Dein. 1728.

367 On Mr. Pulteney's being put out of the Coop A Pastoral Di..gue.

1771 On the live Ladies at Sot's Hole with the Doctor at Epitaph on Frederick Duke of S mbez their head.

365 | Callinus and Peter. A Tragic i y The Five Ladies' Answer.

370 | A beautiful young Nym.pl The beau's Reply.

for the honour of the fair itx The Journal of Modern Lady.

ib. Strephon and Chloe A Dialogue between víad Mullinix and Timothy. 372 Apollo; or, a Problem solved Tim and the Fables.

375 The Place of the Damned Tom Mullueix and Dick:

ib. Judas Dick.

ib: An Epistle to Mr. Gay Clad all in Brown. To Dick..


On the Irish Bitcops. Dick': Varicty.

376 On the death of Dr. Swift


S) ژ


A Moto

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Epifle to two Friends. To Dr. Helsham Page 419 Infeription intended for the Dean's monument P.444

To Dr. Sheridan 4.20 Epigram intended for the above inscripuon ibid Hellham's Answer


BROOME'S POEMS. The Rev. Dr. Swift, with a Present of a Paper- The third chapter of Habakkuk paraphrased. An cok, finel bound, on his Birth-day, Nov. 30,

Ode. Writcen in 1710.

Page 443 732. by John Earl of Orrery


To Pelinda, on her fickneis and recovery, fer left with a lilver ftandith on the Dean of So. 'atrick's desk, on his Birth-day.

To Belinda, on her apron embroidered with arms and By Dr.

flowers, Jeliny ibid


Part of the thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth chapters of (as occafiored by the foregoing Prcferts

ibid e Beast's Confeflion to the Priest, on observing

Job: A Paraphrase, 108 most men mistake their own talents. 422

Melancholy: An Ode, occafioned by the death of a beloved daughter. 1723.

449 viceto a Parfon

423 - Parson's Care

ibid ibid

D phnis and Lycidas: A Pastoral,
The firit Ode of Horace tranfated,

450 te hardhip upon the Ladies


424 love Sorg, in the modern tale


An Epiltle of my friend Nir. Elijah Fenton, author the words Brother Protestants, and Fellow

of Mariamne, a tragedy. 1726.

451 Chriftians ; fo familiarly used by the advocates A dialogue between a Larly and her looking-3!16, or the Repeal of the Test-act in Ireland ibid

while the had the green-fickneis,


453 Yaho 's overthrow; or, The Kevan Bayi's The feat of war in Flanders, &c. New Ballad upon Serjeant Kite's insulting the To the Right Honourable Charles Lord CornDean

wallis, Baron of Eyre, Warden, Chief Justice,

425 the Archbishop of Cashel and Dr. Better

and Justice in Eyre of all his Majesty's foreits, worth


chares, parks, and warrens, on the south side of i Poetry : a Rhapsody


455 brace, Book IV. Ode XIX. imitated. T. Hum The Rose-Bud. To the Right Honourable the Lady phry French, Esq.

Jane Wharton,

ibid 430 New Simile for the Ladies. By Dr. Sheridan 431

Belind: at the Bath, nswer. Bv Dr. Swift

ibid ibid

The Coy : A ode, Vindication of the Libel : or, A New Pallad, To the Honourable Mrs. Elizabeth Towrshend, atwritten by a Shoe-boy, on an Attorney who was

terwards Lady Cornwallis, on her picture at formerly a Shoe-boy


433 . friendly apology for a certain Justice of Peace. By Part of the tenth Book of the Iliad of Homer.

To Mr. Pope, on his works. 3726,

457 way of Defence of Hartley Hutchinson, Esq. By James Blackwell, Operator for the Feet

ibid ibid

In the Style of Milion, Br. Sheridan's Ballad on Ballyípellin

A Paitoral. To a young lady, upon her leaving,

434 Answer. By Dr. Swift


and return to the country, lorace, Part of Book I. Sat. VI. paraphrased 435 To a Lady playing with a Snake,

Poverty and Poet.y,


ibid In a Printer's being sent to Newgate

ibid The Day of Judgment

To a lady of thirts,

463 verses sent to the Dean on his Birth-day, with On the birth-day of Mr. Robert Trefufis, when

Pine's Horace, finely bound. By Dr. J. Sican 436 To a gentleman of seventy, who married a lady of
On Psyche
The Dean and Duke. 1734


464 On Dr. Rundle, Bishop of Derry

The forty-third chapter of Ecclefiaflicus: A pa

437 Epigram

joid ibid

raphrate, A Chara&er, Panegyrick, and Description of the The conclufion of an Epilogue to Mr. Southern's last Legion-club. 1736 ibid play, called Money the Mistress,

465 An Apology, &c.

The Parting : A long. Set by Dr. Tudway, Pro

439 The Dean's Manner of Living

fefur of Mulc in Cambridge,

ibid 441 Verles made for Fruit-women, &c.


On a flower which Belinda gave me from her boInstructions for a

fom, a Lady's Spaniel.

ibid Painter


The Story of Talus, from the Fourth Book of Ay and No; a Tale from Dublin

Apollonius Rhodius. V. 1629,

466 442 Dr. Swift's Answer to a friend's Question ibid

From the Elevenih Book of the lliad of Homer, in Apollo's Edict

the style of Milton,

467 To Mirs Eliz. Mt, on her picture. 1776, ibid

445 Three Epigrams

' by Dr. Swift's interad Prologue to Mr. Fenton's excellent tragedy M:Hospitatrer No. Lunáticks

ibid On the Don of St.! sick's Birth-day, Nov. 3: Monsicur Maynard imitzied. 10 the Right liv

To Mr. A. Poče, who corrected my verfia,
St. ind, w's-ey
ugent [są. with a Pi@ure of Dr. nouralle lord Corairallis,

ilid w wiat By Hot, Dunkin

On a mischievous woman,
The Coquette,




On Rover,





Page 486

The Widow and Virgin Sisters, belng a Letter to , Aracreontic,
the Widow in Lon ton,

Prge ibd A Fairy tale, in the ancient English style,
On the Death of my dear friend Mr. Eljah Fenton. The Vigil of Venus,

ibid Battle of the Frogs and Mice,

490 A Poem on Death. To Thomas Marrio:, Esq. 471 To Mr. Pope,

4.4 Courage in love,

475 Part of the first Canto of the Rape of the Lock tr.n. The Cumplaini. Cælia to Damon,


495 The barde of the Gods and T cans ; from the The-Health ; an Eclogue,

490 ogory of Heliod; with a description of Tartarus, The Flies; an Eclogue,

497 &c. 475 An Elegy. To an old Beauty,

ivia The luve of Jason and Medca; from the third Book The Dook-Worm, Verle 743, of Aplorius Rhodius, 476 in Allegory on Man,

499 Epiftola ad Amicum Rusticantem. Scripta Vere in- lo imitation of some French Vorfes, eunte Cantab. 17''),

478 A night-piece on Death, Sixteen Odes of Anacreon,

479-482 A Hymn to Contentn ent,

The Hermit,

in Efray on the different Sty

of Poetry

503 HIFSICD, or the Rise of Woman, Page 483 Pety or the Vision, 4€ 6'Bacchus.



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