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18 ibid 19

O the Earl Peterborough, on his happy ac- 1 Song to Myra,

Page 12

ibid complishment of the marriage between his Myra singing, oyal Highness and the Princess Mary D'Efte, of Myra at a review of the Guards in Hyde-park, ibid

ibid lodena. Written several years after, in imitation To Myra,

ibid f the style of Mr. Wallis

Page 3 The progress of Beauty, en by the author, being then not twelve years To the Countess of Newbourg, infilting earnestly to age, to her Royal Highness the Duchers of be told who I meant by Myra,


ibid ork, at Trinity College in Cambridge, ibid To Myra,

ibid he King in the first year of his majesty's reign, 4 To Myra,

ibid :he king, ibid To Myra,

ibid the king, ibid. Song to Myra,

ibid the author on his foregoing verses to the king. To Myra,

16 ly Mr. Edmund Waller,

ibid To Myra, (wer to Mr. Waller, ibid Phillis drinking,

17 the immortal memory of Mr. Edmund Waller, To Myra,

ibid pon his death,

ibid The enchantment. In imitation of Theocritus, ibid Myra, loving at first sight,


The Vifion, Myra,

ibid Song to Myra, 18 to Myra,

ibid Adieu L'Amour,

ibid imitation of the second chorus in the second act

ibid of Seneca's Thyestes,

ibid Meditation on death, loyal exhortation. Written in the year 1688, 6 Essay upon unnatural flights in poetry,

ibid ríes sent to the author in his retirement. Written Explanatory annotations on the foregoing puem, 20 py Mrs. Elizabeth Higgons,

ibid | Epigrams and characters, &c. cationed by the foregoing verses. Written in the Cleara,

25 year 1690, ibid | Chloe,

24 7 Mrs. Clavering, singing,


ibia auty and law; a poetieal pleading,

ibid Song, dy Hyde, 9 | The wild boar's defence,

ibid -having the small pox, soon after the For Liberality,

ibid recovery of Mrs. Mohun, ibid Corinna,

ibid he Duchess of

ibid -, unfeasonably surprised in the Chloe, embraces of her lord, ibid A receipt for vapours,

ibid • Flavia. Written on her garden in the north, ibid On an ill-favoured lord,

ibid o the same. Her gardens having escaped a flood Chloe,

25 that had laid all the country round under water, 10 On the same,

ibid o my friend Dr. Gaith. In his fickness, ibid Corinna,

ibia o mydear kinsman, Charles Lord Lansdowne, upon Chloe perfuming herself,

ibid the bombardment of the town of Granville in Belinda,

ibid Normandy, by the English fleet,

ibid Impromptu.

Written under a picture of the ady Hyde, fitting at Sir Godfrey Kneller's for Counters of Sandwich, drawn in man's habit, ibid

ibid To my friend Mr. John Dryden, on the several exo Mrs. Granville, of Wotton in Buckingham cellent translations of the ancient poets,

ibid shire; afterwards Lady Conway,

ibid. A morning hymn to the Duchess of Hamilton, ibid o Mrs. Afra Behn,

11 Drinking song to seep,
ibid Written under Mrs. Hare's name upon a drinking

26 a praise of Myra,

uoder the Duchess of Bolton's, ibid

her picture,


'he desertion,



Page 71


Written under the Lady Harper's name, Page 26 Imitation of Horace, Book I. Ode xii.

under the Lady Mary Villiers' name, ibid Patroclus's Request to Achilles for his arms. ImiCupid disarmed. To the Princess D'Auvergne, ibid tated from the beginning of the 16th Hiad of HoExplication in French Cupid disarmé. Fable pour mer,

72 Madame la Princesse D'Auvergne,

ibid On the re-printing of Milton's Prose Works, with Bacchus disarmed. To Mrs. Laura Dillon, now his Poems; written in his Paradise Loft, 73 Lady Falkland,

27 To Sir Humphry Mackworth, on the Mines late of Thyrlis and Delia. A song in Dialogue, ibid Sir Carbery Price,

ibid A Latin infcription on a medal for Lewis XIV. of Ovid's Art of Love. Book II,

74 France,

ibid Essay on the Character of Sir Willoughby Afton 81 Englished and applied to Queen Anne, ibid To the memory of a fair young Lady, 1697. ibid Urganda's prophecy. Spoken by way of epilogue at the first representation of the British Enchan


ibid Prologue to the British Enchanters,

ibid ON Queen Caroline's rebuilding the Lodgings of the Another Epilogue, deigned for the same, 28 Black Prince, and Henry V. at Queen's ColPrologue to Mr. Bevil Higgons' excellent tragedy, legs, Oxford,

Page 84 called the Generous Conqueror,

ibid To the supposed Author of the Spectator, Epilogue to the Jew of Venice.

ibid A Poem on the prospect of Peace, Prologue to the She-gallants ; or, the once a Lover | To Mr. Addison on his Opera of Rosamond, go and always a Lover,

29 To the same on his Tragedy of Cato, Ode on the present corruption of mankind. Inscribed The Royal Progress,

ibid to the Lord Falkland, ibid Imitation of the Prophecy of Nereus

97 Fortune. Epigram

ibid An Epistle from a Lady in England to a Gentlema Character of Mr. Wycherley, 30 at Avignon,

ibid Verses written in a leat of the author's poems, pre-An Ode, occafioned by his Excellency the Earl of sented to the queen. The Muse's last dying Stanhope's Voyage to France

94 song,

ibid Prologue to the University of Oxford, 95 Written in a feaf of the same poems, prefented to Thoughts occafioned by the light of að original picthe Princess Royal,


ture of King Charles I. taken at the time of his Written on a wirdow in the Tower, where Sir Ro trial,

ibid bert Walpole had been confined,

ibid A fragment of a Poem on hunting, Peleus and Thetis A Malque. Set to music, 31 | To Apolio making love. From Fontenelle, 97 The British Enchanters : or, No Magic like Love. The Fatal Curiosity,

ibid A dramatic poem. With scenes, machines, music, To a Lady with a description of the Phænix, 98 and decorations,

35-59 A description of the Phænix, from Claudian, ibid Epilogue. By Joseph Addison, Esq.

59 Verses to Mrs. Lowther on her Marriage, 99 To a Lady with a present of Aswers,


On a Lady's Picture : To Gilfred Lawson, Esq. ibid

Part of the Fourth Book of Lucan translated, 100 AGAINST immoderate Grief. To a young Lady To the Earl of Warwick, on the death of Mr. weeping. An ode in Imitation of Calimire, Addison,

107 Page 61 Colin and Lucy, a Ballad, Hymn to the Morning, in Praise of Light, ibid To Sir Godfrey Kneller at his country feat, Hymn to Darkness, 62 On the death of the Earl of Cadogan,

1c9 Human Life, supposed to be spoken by an Epicure. | An Ode inscribed to the Earl of Sunderland af

Windsor, In imitation of the second Chapter of the Wisdom

ihid of Solomon,


Kensington Garden, Against Enjoyment,

64 To a Lady before Marriage, The Curse of Babylon. Ilaiah, Chapter xiii. pas On the horn-book,

115 raphraled

ibid | Thersites To Mr. Congreve. An Epistolary Ode, 1693. Oc- Oxford: a Poem. Inscrib'd to Lord Lonsdale, ibis

casioned by the Old Bachelor The Insect ; again it Bulk,


To his Friend Captain Chamberlain, in Love with a
Lady he had taken in an Algerine Prize at Sea.

ibid In allusion to Horace, Ode ii. 4.

ILLGY 1. To Mr. Watson, on his Ephemeris of the celestial ON his falling in love with Neæra, Page 11

Motions, presented to her Majesty, ibid EL EGY II. Unable to satisfy the covetous temper The Rape of Theutilla. Imitated from the Latin

of Neæra, he intends to make a of Famianus Strada,


campaign, and try, if possible, to Ode fur St. Cecilia's Day, 1693.

forget her,

ibid 'The force of Jealousy. To a Lady asking if ber

III. He upbraids and threatens the ava. Sex was as fenfible of that Pasiion as Man, ibid

sice of Neæra, and resolves to quit To his perjured Mistrets,



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IV. To his friend, written under the Toa young lady, with the Iliad of Homer trans-
confinement of a long indispo lated,

An epiftle to Allan Ramsay,

V. The lover is at first introduced Ramsay's Answer,

speaking to his Servant, he af- To Allan Ramsay, upon his publishing his second
terwards addresses himself to
volume of poems,

his Mistress, and at last there is To the author of the Essay on Man,

a supposed interview between Epistle to Mr. Thomson on the first edition of his
ibid Seasons,

VI. He adjures Delia to pity him, by To the Right Honourable Lady Anne Coventry ;

their friendship with Cælia, who upon viewing her fine Chimney-Piece of Shell
was lately dead,
123 Work,

Vil. On Delia's being in the country, Address to his elbow-chair, new cloathed, 175
where he supposes the stays to Song,

see the harvest,
ibid Paraphrase upon a French song,

VIII. He despairs that he shall ever por- Hudibras and Milton reconciled. To Sir Adolphus
sess Delia,


IX. He has loft Delia,
ibid Upon Miranda's leaving the country,

X. On Delia's birth-day, 124To Phyllis,

XI. Againit lovers going to war, in To the Right Honourable the Earl of Hallifax, with
which he philosophically pre-
the fable of the Two Springs,

fers Love and Delia to the more Song for the lute,

serious vanities of the world, ibid The Coquet,

XII. To Delia,
ibid The Superannuated Lover,

XIII. He imagines himselt married to Advice to the ladies,

ibid Delia, and that content with | Anacreontic, to Chloe drinking,

ibid each other, they are retired into To a discarded tnalt,

the country,

125 The Perjured Mistress. From Horace, Epod. xv.
XIV. To Delia,
ibid ad Neæram,

XV. To Mr. George Grenville, 126 To a young lady, who spent the night in tears, upon
XVI. To Miss Dashwood,

ibid the report that her brother was to fight a duel the Prologue to Lillo's Elmerick, ibid next morning,

To Dr. M-reading Mathematicks, ibid
From Martial. Epig. xlvii.

To a gentleman who married his cast mistress. From
Horace. Ode ix. Book III.

A dainty new Ballad ; occafioned by a clergyman's

widow of seventy years of age, being muried 10 a Hobbinol,

young excisernan,

156 Canidia's Epithalamium, upon the same, iuid
Allan Ramsay to Mr. Somerville,
159 Hunting Song,

131 An Ode, humbly inscribed to his Grace the Duke A translation of the Tenth Epistle in Horace. Ho

of Marlborough, upon his removal from all his recommends a country life, and diffuades
160 his friend from ambition and avarice,

An ode, occafioned by the Duke of Marlborough's The Miser's Speech. From the Second Epode of
embarking for Oitend, an. 1712,
161 Horace, Book V.

182 To Mr. Addison, occafioned by his purchasing an Fable J. The Captive Trumpeter,

183 estate in Warwickshire,

163 Fable II. The bald-pated Welhman and the An imitation of the Ninth Odc of the Fourth Book Fly, of Horace. Jnscribed to the Right Honourable Fable III, The Ant and the Fly, James Stanhope, Esq. one of his Majesty's Prin- Fable IV. The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape, ibij

ibid cipal Secretaries of Stare, afterwards Earl Stan- Fable V. The Dog and the Bear, hope,

164 Fable VI. The Wounded Man and the Swarın To Doctor Mackenzie, 166 of Flies,

iS; The Wife, ibid Fable VII. The Wolf and the Dog,

ibid In memory of the Rev. Mr. Moore, 167 | Fable VIII. The Oyster,

ibid Epitaph upon Hugh Lumber, Husbandman, ibid Fabl: 1X. The Sheep and the Buih,

136 The Hip. To William Colmore, Etq. the day after Fable X. The Frogs Choice,

ibid the great Meteor, in March 1715,

ibid Fable XI. Liberty and Love; or, the two SparTo a lady, who made me a present of a silver pen, ibid Fable XII. The Two Springs,

ibid Presenting to a lady a white ruse and a red, on the Fabie XIII. The Bald Bachelor.

ibia tenth of June, 168 Fable XIV. The fortune-hunter,

190 The Bowling Green, ibid | The Devil out vitted. A cle,

199 The lamentation of David over Saul and Jona- The Officious Meffenger, than,

170 The Inquilitive Bridegroom. A tale,

THE Chace, ,

Page 127

Field Sports,


ibid 184

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Bacchus Triumphant. A tale Page 202 (Lines written in

a Lady's Fory table-book, 'I he Night-walker reclaimed. A tale, 203 1699,

Page 266
The Happy Disappointment. A tale, 206 Mrs. Frances Harris’s Petition,
A Padieck for the Mouth. A tale,
207 | Ballad on the game of Traffic,

208 The Wisc Builucr, A tale,

208 Another Ballad, occalioned by the preceding one, and The truc use of the looking-glass. A tale, ibid The Discovery,

id Hlahomet Ali Beg: or, the faithful Minister of The Problem, that my Lord Berkeley stinks ] State,


heis in love, The sweet-scented Miser,

211 | Description of a Salamander, 1706, The incurious Bencher,

212 To the Earl of Peterborough, who commanded toit The busy indolent. A tale,


Britih Forces in Spain,
The Yeoman of Kent. A tale,

214 On the Union,
The Happy Lunatick: to Dr. M. A tale, 215 On Mrs. Biddy Floyd,

Apollo outwitied To the Honourable Mrs. Firch,
afterwards Counters of Winchelsea,


Vanbrugh's House, built from the Ruins of Wucs huil,


Riddle on a Fan,

Page 215


234 On Lidy Tyreonnel,

Riddle on a Beau,

Tu Sir R. Walpole,

Answer, by Mr. F-or,
Volunt er Laureits,

The Htury of Vanbrugh's House,

239 Brucis and Philemon, 1708, O: Public Spirit,

242 To Mr. Joho Dyer,

Elery on the supposed death of Partridge the Al

Verles to Airon Hitl,


Merlin', Prophecy, 1709,
Prologue to Shakespeare's Heary the Sixth,
The Arimalcule,


A Description of the Morning,
To Mrs. Hayw) d,

a City-shower, 1710,

On the little House by the Church-yard of Cautica
Apology to Brillance,


277 Epittle to Mrs. Cldfield,

The Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician's Rod, i? On Mr. Hill's Gideon,

ibid To Lady Rochford,


Atlas; or, the Minister of State,

A Town Eclogue,
To Miranda, Confort of Aaron Hill,

Verf's to a young Lady,

Epitaph, inscribed on a Marble Tablet, in Berke!?

The Cen:leman,
Chruacier of Mr. Foster,'


The Fable of Midas, 1711.
T!cl'pet's Defendance,

An excellent new Song ; being the intended Spa

of a famous Orator against Peace, E;i:11. Dumon and Delia,


The Windsor Prophecy,
To Mits M. H, with Mr. Pope's Works, 251
(na Ldy's recovery,


Epigram Extempore, by Dr. Swift, 'The Friend,

ibid 1 Epigram, 1712,

Esitle rolir. Tyer,

Onile Vice-Principal of St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, Toland's Invitation to Dismal, to dine with

Calves-head Club, preferited to a living,


Peace and Dunkirk, an excellent new Song, Fulvis,

ibid Epitaph on a young Lady,

Horace, Book I. Ep. VII. 1713,

ibid Cecius of Liberty,

Book II. Sat. VI.

The Author upoa himself,
Lines of Buchinan paraphrased,


The Faggot,
Te imp!o; ment of Beauty,

'To Misi jores,

Catullus de Lesbia,

'bid 07:e Hiftorians,


Epigram, from the French,

Ona Curate's complaint of hard duty,'

I samas on Mrs. Jones,


A true and faithful inventory of the goods beloon

ing to Dr. Swift, Vicar of Laracor; upea Vilenine's Day,

257 Tolen Powell, líq.


lending his house to the Bishop of Meath 0.1 London and Briliol delincated,

palace was re-built, ibid

Cadenus and Vanesla,

To Love,

Odito Spring, by a Lady,

- to wisdom, by the same,
Ojc to the Hon. Sir William Temple, 1689. A Rebus, by Vanessa,

Page 260 The Dean's Answer,
to King William, en his fuccefies in ire- Horace, Book II. Ode I. paraphrased,

262 Hurace, Book I. Ep. V. John Dennis the ke'' de to the Athenian Society, 1691,

ing Poct's invitation to Richard Steele, the !



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ib. ib.



cluded Porty-writer, and Member, to come and On Dan Jackson's Picture, cut in Silk and Paper 320 live with him in the Mint. Page 296 On the lime Picture.

ib. To Lord Parkcy, on his Marriage, 1713. 298 On the fame Picture.

ib. In Sickness, written in Ireland, Cetober, 1714. ib On the fame Picture.

321 The Fable of the Bitches, written in the Year 1715, Dan Jacklin's Defence. on an sitempt to repeal the Test-Act. 299 Mi. Kuchfort's Reply.

ib. Horace, Buok III. Ode il. To the Earl of Oxford, Dr. Delany's Reply. late Lord Treasurer, fent to him when in the Sherid ni's Reply.

ib. Tower.

ib. A Rejoinder, by the Dean, in Jackson's name. ib. Phyllis, or the Progress of Love, 1716. ib. Sherid.in's Submission, by the Lean.

ib. Ad Anicum eruditum Thomam Sheridan, 1717.300 To the Rev. Daniel Jas klo:1 ; to be humbly pres Horace, Book IV. Ode IX. 1718.


fented by Mr. Sheridan in person, with respect, To Mr. Delany, November 10.

care, and speed.

324 A Left-handed Letter to Dr. Sheridan.

ib.To Di Sheridan, on his "s Art of Punning." "ib. A Motjo for Mr. juson Hafurd, Woollen-Draper in Stella to Dr. Swift, on his Birth-day, Nov. 30. iba

Dublin, whose Sign wis the Golden-Fleece. 302 To Stella, on her birih-day, 1721-2. 325 To Dr. Sheridan, ib. On the Great Buried Bottle, by Dr. Delany.

ib. Stella's Birth-day, March 13, 1718-19. 303 Epitaph, by the fame.

ib Dr. Sheridan to Dr. Switi, 1719.

ib. Stella's Eisih-day; a great Bottle of Wine, long The Dean's Answer.

buried, being that Day dug up. 1722.3.

ib. Stella's Birth-day, 1720.

A Satirical Elesy on the Death of a late famous To Stella, who collected and transcribed his Poems. Ceneral.

326 304 Dean Smedley's Petition to the Duke of Grafton. iba To Stella, visiting me in my Sickness. 305 The Duke's Answer, by Dr. Swift. An Elegy on the Death of Demar, the Usurer, who Verses by Stella. died the 6th of July, 1720. 306 Jealouty; by the same.

iboa Epitaph on a Mifer. ib. Dr. Delany's villa.

ib. To Mrs. Houghton of Bormount, upon praising her On one of the Windows at Delville.

ib Husband to Dr. Swift.

ib. Carberia Rupes, in Comitatu Corgagenfi. 1723. ib. Verses written on a Window, at the Deanry House, Carbery Rocks, tranflated by Dr. Dunkin. 320 St. Patrick's.


Upon the horrid Plot discovered by Harlequin, the On another Window,


Bishop of Rocheiter's French Dog. in a Disco Apollo to the Dean.

logue between a Whig and Tory.

iba News from Parnaflus, by Dr. Delnny. 308 Stella at Wood-park, a House of Charles Fordes The Run upon the Saokers. 309 Esq. near Dublin.

330 The Description of in Irish Feast, translated almoit! Copy of the Birth-day Verses on Mrs. Ford.

330 literally from the Irish. 3.10 Jihn cudgels Ned.

232 An excellent new Song on a Seditious Pamphlet. ib

A Quibbling Elegy on Judge Poat.

ib. The Progress of Beauty. 311 ' The Epitaph.

iba The Progress of Poetry.

312 Pethox the Great. The South-Sea Project, 1721.


Mary the Cook-Maid's Letter to Dr. Sheridan. 333 The Dog and Shadow.

314 A New-Year's-Gift for Bcc. 1723-4. 334 To a Friend who had been much abused in

Dingley and Brent, a Song.

ib m ny different Libels.

3.14 To Stella; written on the Day of her Birth, but Biller to the Company of Players


not on the Subject, when I was fick in Bed, ib.

ib. The Prologue.

On Dreams. An Imitation of Petronius.

ib. Epigram. 315 Whitfhej's Motto on his Coach. 1724.

335 Prologue to a Play for the Benefit of the Dir

Verses sent by Dr. Icary to Dr. Swift, in order to trefied Weavers. By Dr. Sheridan.


be admitted to Speak to him when he was deaf. ib. Epilogue, by the Dean.

The Answer.

ib. A Poem, by Dr. Delany, on the preceding Pro

A Quiet Life and a Good Name. To a Friend. logue and Epilogue

who married a Shrew,

336 ib. On Gaultown-Houte, by Dr. Delany.

The Birth of Manly Virtue. Inscribed to Lord The Country-Life. Part of a Summer spent


ib. ib. at Gaulltown-House.

Verses on the upright Judge who condemned the Thomas Sheridan, Clerk, to George-Nim-Dan

Drapier's Printer.

337 Dean, Esq. July 15.

On the same
George-Nim-Dan Dean's answer.

On the same,

ib. George-Nim-Dan-Dean's Invitation to Thomas She

Riddles, by Dr. Swift and his friends, written in ridan, August 2.

or about the Year 1724.

338 To George-Nim-Dan-Dean, Esq. Upon his incomparable Verses, &c. By Dr. Delany, in A Receipt to restore Stella's Youth. 1724-5. 344

Strlla's Birth-day.

ib. Sheridan's name. ib.

ib. To Mr. Thomas Sheridan, upon his Verses written | An Lpigram on Wood's Brass-Money.

A Simile, on our Want of Silver; and the only in Circles. By Dr. Swift.

Way to remedy it. 1725.

ib On Dr Shsridan's Circular Verses. By Mr. George Buchfort.

ib. TID


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