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If worthy friendship, profier'd friendship take, Ascend my shoulders, firmly keep thy feat,
And ent’ring view the pleasurable lake :

And read my marthy court, and feast in state.
Range o'er my palace, in my bounty thare,

He : and bent his back; with nimble And glad return from hospitable fare,

bound This filver realm extends beneath my sway. Leaps the light mouse, and clasps his arme And me, their monarch, all its Frogs obey.

around, Great Phyfignachus I, from Peleus' race,

Then wond'ring floats, and sees with glad survey Begot in fair Hydromede's embrace,

The winding banks relembling ports at sea..
Where by the nuprial bank that paints his fide, But when aloft the curling waters rides,
The swirt Eridanus delights to glide.

And wets with azure wave his downy fides, Thee too, thy form, thy strength, and port pro- His thoughts grow conscious of approaching woe, claim

His idle tears with vain repentance flow, A scepter'd king; a son of martial fame;

His locks he rends, his trembling feet he rears. Then trace thy line, and aid my guessing eyes. Thick beats his heart with unaccustom'd fears ; Thus ecas'd the Frog, and thus the Mouse re He fighs, and chill'd with danger, longs for More : plies :

His tail extended forms a fruitless oar, Known to the gods, the men, the birds that Half-drench'd in liquid death his pray'rs he spake, fly

And thus bemoan'd him from the dreadful lake. Thro' wild expanses of the midway sky,

So país'd Europa through the rapid rea, My name resound ; and if unknown to thee, Trembling and fainting all the vent'rous way; The foul of Psycarpax lives now in me.

With oary feet the Bull triumphant rode, Of brave Troxartas' line, whose seeky down And sate in Crete depos'd his lovely load. In love compress'd Lychomile the brown.

Ah safe at last! may thus the Frog support My mother the, and princess of the plains

My trembling limbs to reach his ample court, Where-e'er her father Pternotractus reigns.

As thus he sorrows, death ambiguous grows. Born where a cabin lifts its airy shed,

Lo ! from the deep a water- hydra rose ; With figs, with nuts, with vary'd dainties fed, He rolls his fanguin'd eyes, his bosom heaves, Buc fince our natures nought in common know, And darts with active rage along the waves. From what foundation can a friend ihip grow? Confus'd, the monarch sees his hiffing foe, These curling waters o'er thy palace roll;

And dives to thun the fable fates below. Bui man's high food supports my princely soul. Forgetful Frog ! The friend thy shoulders bore, In vain the circling loaves attempt to lye

Unskill'd in swimming, floats, remote from thore. Conceal'd in Aafkcts from my curious eye, He grasps with fruitless hands to find relief, In vain the tripe that boasts the whiteft hue, Supinely falls, and grinds his teeth with grief; In vain the gilded bacon fhuns my view,

Plunging he finks, and struggling mounts again, In vain the cheeses, offspring of the pale, And finks, and strives, but strives with fate in Or honey'd cakes, which gods themselves regale.

vain. And as in arts' I shine, in arms I fight,

The weighty moisture clogs his hairy veft, Mix'd with the bravest, and unknown to fight. And thus the prince his dying rage expressid. Tho' large to mine, the human form appear, Nor thou, that fling'it me flvund’ring from thy Not Man himself can smite my soul with fear.

back, Sly to the bed with filent steps I go,

As from hard rocks rebounds the shatt'ring wreck, Attempt his finger, or attack his tee,

Nor thou shalt 'scape thy due, per fidious king! And fix indented wounds with dext'rous skill, Pursu'd by vengeance on the swistest wing : Sleeping he feels, and only seems to feel.

At land thy strength could never equal mine, Yet have we fues that direful dangers cause, At sea to conquer, and by craft, was thine. Grim owls with calons arm'), and cats with claws, But heav'n has gods, and gods, have searching eyes : And that false trap, the den of filent fate, Ye Mice, ye Mice, my great avengers rise ! Where Death bis ambush plants around the bait : Thus faid, he sghing gaspåd, and gasping dy'd. All dreaded there, and dreadful o'er the rest His death the young Lychopinax espy'd; The potent warriors of the tabby vest,

As on the flow'ry, bank he pass'd the day, If to the dark we fly, the dark they trace,

Bask'd in the beams, and loiter'd life away. And rend our heroes of the nibbling race,

Loud thrieks the Mouse, his shrieks the fores reBut me, nor italks, nor wat’rish herbs delight,

pçat, Nor can the crimson raddith charm my fight, The nibbling nation learn their hero's fate : The lake resounding Frogs selected fare,

Grief, dismal grief ensues ; deep murmurs sound, Which not a Mouse of any taste can bear.

And thriller fury fills the deafen'd ground. As thus the downy prince his mind express'd, From lodge to lodge the sacred heralds run, His answer thus the croaking king addrels'd. To fix their council with the rising fua;

Thy words luxuriant on thy dainties rove, Where great Troxartas crown'd in glory reigns, And, itranger, we can boast of bounteous jove: And winds his length’ning court beneach the plains ; We sport on water, or we dance on land,

Psycarpax' father, father now no more ! And born amphibious, food from both command.

For poor Psycarpax lies remote from thore; But trust thyself where wonders ask thy view, Supine he lies ! the filent waters ftand, And safely tempt those feas, I'll bear thee thro'; And no kind billow wafts the dead to land!




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So fierce Centre wo'er the Jales ;

TO How her all their dangets plezie) A They point their anger at my guiltleis head. 10 ggall Neglected learning gains no wealch belon.)


There, near he margin, clad in armour bright,

Sustain the firft impetuous shocks of fight :

Then, where the dancing feather joins the creft,

Le: each b'ave Frog his obvious Mouse arreft ; BOOK IL

Each strongly grasping, headlong plunge a foe,

'Till countless circles whirl the lake below; WHEN rosy-finger'd morn had ting'd the Down sink the Mice in yielding waters dmwn'd; clouds,

Loud Aath the waters, and the shores resound : Around their Monarch-mouse the nation crouds, The Frogs triumphant tread the conquer'd plain, Slow rose the soy'reign,, heav'd his anxious breast, And raise their glorious trophies of the Nain. And thus, the council fill & with rage, address’d. He spake no more, his prudent scheme imparts

For fort Pfycarpax much my loul endures, Redoubling ardour to the boldet hearts. 'Tis mine the private grief, the public, yours. Green was the suit his arming heroes chose, Three warlike foņs adorn'd my euptial bed, Around their legs the greaves of mallows close, Three sons, alas, before their father dead ! Green were the beets about their shoulders laid Our eldest perish'd by the rav'ning cat,

And green the colewort, which the target made. As near my conrt the prince unheedful Tat.

Form'd of the vary'd ihells the waters yield, Our next, an engine fraught with danger drow, Their glossy helmets glisten'd o'er the field : The portal gap'd, the bajt was hung in view, And tap‘ring fea-reeds for the polith'd spear, Dire aros ašiš the trap, the fates decoy,,311 207018 With upright order pierc'd the ambient air. And men uapitying killid my gallant boy! Thus dress'd for war, they take th'appointed beight, The last, his country's hope, his parent's pride, Poize the long arms, and urge the promisd fight. Plung d in the lake hy Phyggnarhus, dy'd.

But now, where Jove's irradiate (pires arise, Rouleall the war, my, friends, avenge the deed, With itars surrounded in æthereal skies, And bleed the monarch, and his nation bleed. (A folemn council call’d) the brazen gates

His words in ev'ry breast inspird alarms, lo qu8 Unbar ; the Gods affame their golden seats : And careful Mars fupply d their host with arms. The fire superior leans and points to thow In verdant hulls despoil d of all their beansa irt What wondrous C The bulkin a warriors falked along the plains : How strong, bow large, the nom rous heroes ftride! Quills aptly bound, their bracing corselet nude, What length of lance they shake with warlike pride! Fac'd with the plunder , of a cat they fiaya : What cager fire, their rapid march reveals !

*12 The lamp's round links, afforda thoir ample hield; Large Bells of nutsidegi sooring helmet yield,;, i And fo confirm di And o'er the region, with rsfie&ted rays; vigil

Heapd bills on hills, and bade the Gods be foes. T'all grouęs, of needles for their lances Llaze.

This leen, the pow'r )
Dreadful in arms the marching Mice appear He casts a pitying Imilę on worldly cares;
The wond'ring Frozs perceive

the tumult near, And asks what heav'nly guardians take the lift, Forlake she waters, thick'ning form aring, and ack, and bearken, whence the

noises spring

Or who the Mice, or who the Frogs allia When near the crouddisclosed to public yiew, au Have join'd the Mice, wło ftays the stou. Sehind; The valiant chief Embaúchytros drew:

Drawn forth by fav'ry Atreams they wind their way, The sacred herald's fceptre graed his hand; 792 And fire attendance roand thine altar payı And thus his words expreld his king tot Where while the victims grátify their taste,

They sport to please the goddess of the feats Ye Frogs, the Miffa with vengeance fied, Thus spake the ruler of the spacious skies,

But thus, resolvd the hiue-ey a'maid septics. And deck d in armour bake the thining lancer Their hapless Prince by Phylignathus fun,

never grants het vd. Extends incumbegi on the watry plain,

drtare My wreaths they petulantly spoil;

Ch SAT Then aring your hust, the doubtful battle try And rob my crystal lamps of feeding ofl. 297. i kr A Lead forth those Frogs that have the foul to die Llis following ille) but what antas me it The chief retires, the crowd the challenge hear,


race profanely tore. And proudly swelling, yes perplex'd appear; The web was curious, wrought with art vise Much they telept, yet much sheir monarch blame, Relentless wretches! an the work was mine! Who rising, spake to clear his tainted fame. Along the room the purple warp Ispreat,

O friends, I never forc'd the Mouse to death, Caft the light shoot, and cross the niver thread; Non fays the salpings of his latest breath, In this their teeth a thousand breaches tear, Hie, vain or youth, our art of swimming erya? The thowind breaches kilful hands repair,

For which"vile earthly dáns thy daugther great, TO

Uncii! T' now , falle appearance led,


(The gods, that use no coin, have none to glit.

And learning's goddess never left can owes
Eut wage the rising wat by deep device,

20: # nad
Nor let the Frogs to wid my

, Your king directs the way, my thoughts eláte

, f. Those clam's Wirb lopes of conqueft, form designs of fate.

all the connia ceas * night, Where high the banks their verdant furface leave, When my stretchd sinews' work's, Witti tare And the iteep lides confine the sleeping wave,


the daring ,

In vain, my

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39 $

For late, aw os fools have lot my rivour room

brave the


oid pf reft, with aching bij lay, ood foremost glitt'ring in the

en spent with glorious toil, I left the field, Lychenor (second of the glorious name)

funk for Dumber or my swelling Thield, Striding advanc'd, and took no wand'ring aim; from the deep, repelling repore, Thro' all the Frog the shining jao'lin fies,


And near the vinquish'd Mouse the victor dies.

The dreadful stroke Crambophagus affrights, I cocks proclaim'd the crimson dawn of day. Long bred to banquets, lefs inprd to fights, all, like me, from either hoft forbear, Heelle's he runs, and stumbles o'er the iteep, tempo che Aying furies of the spear;

And wildly Round ring Aathes up the deep; heav'nly blood or what for blood may Aqy) Lychenor following with a downward blow, irn the conquest of a meaner foe.

Reacha in the lake his unrecover'd 'foe; e daring Mouse may meet the wond'rous odds, Galping he rolls, a purple stream of blood gods oppore, and

wounded gads.

Distains the surface of the filver flood; r gilded clouds reclin'd, the danger view, Thro' the wide wound the rulluing entrails throng, i be the wars of mortals scenes for you.

And Now che breathless caress floats along inn o mov'd the blue-ey'd Queen; her words per-, Lymnisus good Tyroglyphus affails, fuade,

Prince of the Mice that haunt the flow'ry vales, at Jove affented, and the rest obey'd.

Loit to the milky fares and rural feat,
He came to perish on the bank of fate.

The dread Pternoglyphus demands the fight,
Which tender Calaminthius fhuns by flight,

Drops the green target, springing quits the foe, HO M E R's Glides thro' the lake, and safely dives below.

But dire Prernophagus divides his way

Thro' breaking ranks, and leads the dreadful day.
No nibbling Prince excell'd in fierc"ness more,

His parents fed him on the savage boar;

But where his lance the field with blood-imbrud,

Swift as he movod, Hydrocharis purlu'd,
OW front to front the marching armies shine, 'Till fall’n in death he lies, a Thatt’ring fone
Halt ere they meet, and form the length’ning Sounds on the neck, and crushes all the bone,

His blood pollutes the verdure of the plain,
le chiefs confpicuous reen and heard afar, And from his nostrils bursts the gufhing brain.
ve the loud signal to the rulbing war;

Lychopinas with Borbocætes fights, leir dreadful trumpets deep-mouth hornets A blameless Frog whom humblér life delights ; found,

The fatal jav'lin unrelenting flies, he founded charge remurmurs o'er the ground, And darkness feals the gentle croaker's eyes. in Jove proclaims a field of horror nigh,

Incens'd Praffophagus with sprightly bound ad Folls low thunder thro the troubled sky. Bears Cniffiodortes off the rising ground, First to the fight the large Hyrabois flew, Then drags him o'er the lake deprivt of breath, nd brave Lychenor with a javelin New.

And downward plunging, links his foul to death. he luckless warrior fill'd with gen'rous Alame, But now the great Pfycarpax thines afar,

poft of fame ; (Scarce he so great whose loss provok'd the war) hen in Bis liver foruck, the javelin hung ; Swift to revenge his fatál jav lin Aled, he Mouse tell thund'ring, and the target rung ; And thro' the liver struck Pelufius dead ;rone to the ground, he links his céging eye, His freckled corpse before the victor fell, nd foild in dust his lovely trelles lie.

His soul indignant fought the shades of hella A spear at Pelion Troglolites cait,

This saw Pelobates, and from the food "he mitive spear withio he bosom past

Heav'd with both hands a monstrous mafs of cath's fable shades the fainting Frog furround,

mud, .nd life's red tide runs ebbing from the wound, The cloud obscene o'er all the hero Alies, mbalichytros felt Seutlæus dart

Dishonours his brown face, and blocs his eyes, ransfix and quiver in his panting heart;"

Enrag'd, and wildly sputt'ring, from the thore ut great Artophagtis aveng'd the slain,

A stone immense of fize the warrior bore, ind big Seutlæus tumbling load's the plain, A load for lab'ring earth (w Kole bulk to raise, ind Polyphonus dies, a Frog renown'd,

Asks ten degea'rate Mice of modern days.) or boastful (peech and turbulence of round, Full on the leg arrives the crushing wound; Deep thro the belly piers'd, supine he lay, The Frog supportlefs, writhes upon the ground. lod breath his soul against the face of day.

Thus, flush'd, the victor wars with matchless The strong Lymnocharis, who view'I with ire,

furce, I vietor triumph, and a friend expire ;

'Till loud Craugalides arrests his course, And fiercely Alung where Troglodites sought, Hoarse-croaking threats precede! with fatal speed With heaving arms a rocky fragment caught, Deep thro* the belly run the pointed reed, A warrior vers'd in arts, of sure retreat,

Then strongly tugg'd, return'd imbru’d with gore, at arts in vain elude impending fate ;)

And on the pile his reeking entrails bore. Full on his finewy neck the fragment fell,

The lame Sitophagus oppress'd with pain, And o'er his eyeólids clouds eternal dwell. Creeps from the dep'rate dangers of the plain ;


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And where the ditches rising weeds supply,

The bolt discharg'd inwrapld with light'ring flies, To spread their lowly shades beneath the sky, And sends its framing pasage throche kiesy There Jurks the filent Mouse reliev'd from heat, Then earth's inhabitants, the ribblets thake, And safe embowr'd, avoids the chance of fate. And Frogs, the dwellers in the waters, quake: But here Troxartas, Physignathus there,

Yet till the Mice avance their dread deligs, Whirl the dire furies of the pointed ipear:

And the lat danger threats the croaking line, But where l've foot around its ankle plies,

'Till Jove, that inly mourn'd the loss they bore, TrwT15 wunds, and Physignathus flics,

With it ange affitants filled the brighted hors. Busto bi pol, a safe retreat to tindi

Pour'd from the neighb'ring Strand, deformid to And ils : dangling length of leg behind.

view, The viruse itill urges, still che Prog retires, They march, a sudden unexpected crew! And half in anguith of the fight expires.

Strong suits of armour round their bodies clore, - her pious a'dur yourg Pr fiaus brings,

Which, like thick anvils, blunt ihc force of blows; Betwixt the fortunes of contending kings :

In wheeling marches turnd oblique they go; Lank, hrniels Frog! with forces hardly grown, With harpy claws their limbs divide below; He darts che reed in combats nor his own,

Fell fheers the partage to their mouth conimand, Which faintly tinkling on Troxartas' ihield, From out the flesh their bones by patúre itand ; Hangs at the point, and drops upon the field, Broad spread their ineks, their Shining Mouldera rile; Now no bly tow'ring.o'er the reft appears

Unnumber'd joints diftort their fengthen'd thighs; A gallant prince, tha far transcends his years, With nervous cords their hands are hirmly brac't; Pride of his jre, and glory of his house,

Their round black cye-balls in their bolom plac'd; And more á Mars in combat than a Monfes

On eight long feet- the wond 'rous warriors uchi, His act on bold, robust his ample frame, i.

And either end alike fupplies a head. And Meridarpıx his resounding rame,

Thele, mortal wits to call the Crabs, agree, The warrior fingled from the fighting crowd, The Gods have other names for things than we. Boats the dire honours of his arm aloud;

Now where the joinrures from their loias depend, Then strutting near the lake, with looks elate, The hernes tails with fev ring graps they rend. To all its nations threats approaching fate.

Here, fhort of feet, depriv'd the pow'r to fly, And such his strength, the filver lake around There, without hands, upon the field they tien Might roll their waters o'er unpeopled ground, Wrench'd from their holds, and scatter'd all around, But pow'rful Jove, who thews no leis bis grace The bended lances heap the cumber'd groundo To Frogs that perish, than to human race,

Helpless amazement, fear pursuing fear, Felt soft compassion rifing in his soul,

And mad confusion thro' their host appears. And shook his facred head, that shook the pole. O'er the wild waste with headlong flight they go, Then thus to all the gizing pow'rs began

Or creep conceal'd in vaulted holes below. The fire of Gods, and Frogs, and Mice, and Man. But down Olympus to the western feas, . What seas of blood I view! what worlds of fain! Far-footing Phæbos drove with fainter raýs;. An Iliad rising from a day's campaiga!

And a whole war (so Jove ordain'd) begun, Huw fierce his jav'lin o'er the trembling lake Was fought, and ceas d, in one revolving fun. The blick-furr'd hero Meridarpax shakes ! Unleis fame favriog deity defcend, Scan will the Frogs loquacious empire end. Let oreadful Pallas wing'd with pity Ay, And make her Ægis blaze before his eye: While Mars refulgent, on his rattling car,

To Mr. P o P E. Arrests his raging rival of the war."

He ceas'd, reclining with atencive head, When thus the glorious god of combats said: TO praise, yet fill with due respect to praise, Nor Pallas, Jove! tho' Pailas take the field,

A bard triumphant in immortal bass, With all the terrors of her hining shield,

'The learn'd to few, the sensible commend, Nor Mars himielf, tho' Mars in armour bright

Yet ftill preserve the province of the friend, ned his car, and wheel amidst the fight;

What lpe, what rigoue, niuit the lines required Nottuele cas drive the derp'rate Mouse ajar, What mufick tune thera? wbut atiection fire? Or change the fortunes of the bleeding war.

might thy genius in my hošom thiness Letail zu fürch, all Heav'n in arms arisc,

Thou shouldit nut fail of numbers, worthy things. Or lunch they own red thunder from the skies. The brightest ancients might at once agree Such ardent bolts is flew that wondrous day, To sing within my lays, and ling of dood is, When heaps of 'Titans mix'd with mountains lay,

Horace himself woud owa chou dost excel, '1 When all the giant-race enormous fell,

In candid arts to play cho critic wellel And huge Enceladus was hurl'd to hell.

Ovid hímtalt rigti svih to Sing che dane "I was thus th' armiputent advis’d the gods,

Woonu Wirdior-fareit rcs a griding tean, When from his throne the cloud-compeller nods,

On filver feet, with annual caer crowse Deep length'ning thunders run from poie to polc, She runs for ever thro' poetic gruand. Oympus treméles as the thunders roll.

How flame the glories of Belinda's bing
Then (witt he whirls the brandit'd bolt around, Made by the ruke the envy of the fact si
And hvadiung darts it at the diftani gicund,

Less thone the trefies Egypi's princess worty
Which swiet Callimachus w lung before.

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Here courtly trifles set the world at odds,

| So wealthy mines, that ages long before Belles war with Beaux, and Whims descend for Fed the large realms around with golden ore, Gods,

Whea choak'd by linking banks, no more appear, The new machines in names of ridicule,

And nepherds only fay, The mines were here : Mock the grave phrenzy of the chymic fool. Shou'd lome rich youth (if nature warm his heart, But kaow, yefiir, a point concealed with art, And all his projects stand införın'd with art) The Sylphs and Gnomes are but a woman's he art : Here clear che caves, there one the leading vein; The Graces and io fight; a Satyr train

The mines detected fume with gold again. Peep o'er their heads, and laugh behind the scene. How vait, hox copious are thy new defigns !

In Fame's fair temple, o'er the boldelt wits How ev'ry music varies in thy line ! Inthrin'd on high the sacred Virgil fits,

Still as I ead, I feel my bofum beat, And sits in measures, such as Virgil's muse, And rise in raptures by another's heat. To place thee near hiin might be fond to choose. Thus in the wood, when fummer dress'd che How might he tune tl' alternate reed with thee,

days, Perhaps a Strephon thou, a Daphnis he,

When Windlor lent us tuneful hours of ease, While fome old Damon v'er the vulgar wise Our ears the lark, the thrush, the turtle blest, Thinks he deserves, and thon deferv'ft the prize. And Philomela sweetest o'er the rest : Rapt with the thought my fancy seeks the plains, The shades refound with tong-O softly tread; And turns me shepherd while I hear the strains. While a whole feason warbles pound my head. Indulgent nurse of every tender gale,

This to my friend--and when a friend inspires, Parent of howrets, old Arcadia, hail!

My filear hup its master's hand requires, Here in the cool my limbs at ease I spread,

Shakes of the duit, and makes these rocks reHere let thy poplars whisper o'er my head,

found, Still slide thy waters soft among the trees;

For fortune plac'd me in unfertile ground; Thy aspins quiver in a breathing breeze,

Far from the joys that with my foul agree, Smile all thy vallies in eternal spring,

From wit, from learning,far, oh far front Be hush'), ye winds! while Pope and Virgil sing,

thee! lo English lays, and all sublimely great,

Here moss-grown trees expand the smalle leaf, Thy Homer warms with all his antient heat, Here lialf an acre's corn is half a theaf, He shines in council, thunders in the fight, Here hills with naked heads the tempest meet, And flames with ev'ry fente of great delight, Rocks at their fide, and torrents at their feet, Long has that pott reign'd, and long unknown, Or lazy lakes unconscious of a flood, Like monarchs sparkling on a distant throne ; Whole dull brown Naiads ever sleep in mud. In all the majesty of Greek retir'd,':

• Yet here content can dwell, and learned ease, Himself unknown, his mighty name admir'd, A friend delight me, and an author please; His language failing, wrape him round with night, Evin her l fing, while Pope supplies the theme, / Thine rais 'd by thet, recalls the work to light. Shew my own love, tho' not increase his fame.

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ET nunc dilectum speculum, pro more retectum, .AD now unveild, the toilet stands display'd, Emicat in mensa, quae fplendet poxide densî: Eac!iiver vife in iny nic order laid,

Tum primum lymphå fe purgat candida nympha j. F1.4, ccb'd in white, the nymph intent adores Jamque fine mendâ, cæleftis imago videnda, With head uncover'', the cosmetic pow'rs. Nuda caput, bellos retinet, regit, implet, ocelles, A heav’nly image in the glass appears,

Hâc ftupet explorans, feu cultus aumen a durans. To that the bends, to that her eyes the rears; Inferior claram Pythonissa apparet ad aram, Il' inferior priettels, at her altar's side,

Fertqne tibi cautè, dicatque superbia ! lautè, Trembling begins the facred rile's of pride.

Doni venusta; oris, quæ cunctis, piena laboris, Unnumber & geasures ope at once, and here Excerpta explorat, Jortinamque deamque decoratu The various offrings of the world appt ir ; Pyxide devotâ, le pandic hic India toti, From each the nicely cuils with curious toil, Et toca e ifta iranspirat Arabia città; And decks the goddess with the glitt'ring spoil. *Testudo hic fccrit, dum fe mea Lebia petit; This casket india's glowing gems colocles;

Atque cle has lentè, te petit Lebia dente; And all Arabia breathes from yönder box.

Hurc maculis nôris, nive ï Jacet ille coloris. The tortoise here and elephant unite,

Hic jacet et mundè, mundus muliebris abunde; Transform d to combs, the speckled, and the Spinula resplendens æris longo ordine pendens,


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