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And, 1 ould our Gaulftown's art grow fallow, So when the circle we have run,
Yet Veget quis carmina Gallo ?

The curtain falls, and all is done.
Here (by the way) by Gallus mean I

5 I might have mentior'd several facts, Not Sheridan, but friend Delaiy.

Like episodes between the acts;
Begin, my Muse. Fir t from our bowers Andtcil who doses and who wins,
We ülly forth at difierent hours ;

Who gets a cold, who breaks his fins ;
At levea the Dean, in nighi-gown drest, How Dan caught nothing in his net,
Goes round the house to wake the rest; 10 And how the boat was overset.
At nine, grave Nim, and George facetious, For brevity I have retrench'd
Go to the Dean, to read Lucretius ;

How in the lake the Dean was drench'd :
At ten, my Lady comes and hectors,

It would be an exploit to brag on,
And kifles George, and ends our lectures 3

How valiant George rode o'er the Dragon ;
And when she has him by the neck falt, 15 How Iteady in the storm he fat,
Halls him, and scolds us down to breakfast. And fav'd his car, but lost his hat :
We {quandır there an hour or more,

Now Nim (no hunter e'er could match him)
And then all haods, boys, to the oar;

Still brings us hare:, when he can catch them : All, heteroclite Dan except,

How skilfully Dan mends his nets;

75 Who neither time nor order kept,

20 How fortune fails him when he sets ; But, by peculiar whimsies drawin,

Or how the Dean delights to vex Peeps in the ponds to look for spawn ;

The ladies, and lampeon their fex. Versees the work, or Dragon* rows,

I might have told how oft' Dean Perçirale Or mars a text, or mends his hofe;

Displays his pedantry un mercitul; 0r—but proceed we in our journal 26 How haughtily he cocks his nose, Attwo, or after, we return all :

To tell what every school-boy knows; From the four elements afsembling,

And with his finger and his thumb,
Warn'd by the bell, all folks come trembling: Explaining, strikes opposer; dum:
From airy garrets fome descend,

But now there reeds no more be said on 't,
Some froin the lake's remoteft end: 30 Nor how his wife, that female pedant,
My Lord; and Dean the fire forsake ;

Shews all her secrets of house-keeping ;
Dan leaves the earthly spade and rake:

For candles how the trucks her dripping; The loiterers qua!:e, no corner hides them, Was-forc'd to send three miles for yeast, And Lady Betty foundly chides them..

To brew her ale, and raise her parte; Now water 's brought, and dinner's done : 35 Tells every thing that you can think of, With « Church and King" the ladly 's gone;

How she curd Charly of the chir-cough; (Not reckoning hal an hour wo pats

What gave her brats and pigs the meal.es, In talking o'er a moderate glais).

A:d how her doves were kill'd by weareis : Dan, growing drowsy, like a thief

How Jowler howl'd, and what a fright Steals off to dole away his beef;

She had with dreams the other night. And this muft pass for reading Hammond

But now, fince I have gone fo får on, While George and Dean go to backgammon.

A word or two of Lord Chief Baron; George, Nim, and Dean, set out at four,

And tell how hitle weight he sets And then again, boys, to the oar.

On all Whig papers and Gazettes ; But when the sun goes to the deep,


But ior the politics of Pue, (Not to di{urb him in his bleep,

Thin's every syllable is true. Or ma e a rumbling o’or his head,

And since he owns the King of Sweden His candle out, and he a-bed)

Is dead at laft, without evading, We watch his motinus to a miouto,

Now all his hopes are in the (zar : And leave the food when he goes in it.

• Why, Mufcovyji net so far : Now Tinted in the hortening day,

6 rwn the Black Sea, and up t'se Streights, We go to prayers, ard then to play,

« And in a month hay; at your gates ; Till supper comes; a darter that

« Perhaps, from what the pac ci brings, We at an hour to drinkaid char.

" By Chri :inas we shall see strange things." 119 'Tis late the cleland younger pairs,

l'ny frould I tell o pod and drains,

55 Ey Allam* lighted, walk up airs.

What carps we met with for our pains ; The weary Dean gous to his cha:nber;

O'Sparrows tan'l, and nut innumerable
And Nim and Dan to garret clamber.

To choak the girl, and to consume a rabble?
But you, who are a scholar, low

115 f His brother, Mr. Join Rechford, qoho coas

How transen: all things are below, (alled Nimrod, from his great asiacimert to the How proce to charge i: hwinan life! eace. Rev, Duniel Fuckson,

Last night arriv'l Clem* ard his wie § Dr. Sevifi.

This gracevent hath hrole (l'r measures ;
A small boat lo called.

Their reign began with crtal feizures : † Mr. Rochfori's father was Lerd Grief B.zrer. The Dean malt with his quilt fupply the Exchequer in Ireland.

The bed in which those tyrants lie : * The builer,

* Mr. Clement Barry.




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Nim lost his wig-hlrck, Dan his jordan

With which in proper station placid, (My lady lays, 1 c can't an ord one);

Thy palisa'd lines are irmly brac'd. Geors: is bali-icard out of Lis wits, 125 Thus a wise taylor is art pioching, For Flem gete all the dainiy bits.

But turcs at every fi am and iuch in; Herceforth expect a virerent furvey,

Or elle, be sure, your broad-clmel breeches This horse will soon turn topły-turvey :

Will ne'er be fine oth, nor hold their fritches, They talk of further alicrations,

Thy vorie, live bricia, defy the weativer, Which causes nia..y (peculations.


Wlien tinont'a'd by rubbing hem trgcner:
Thy words to closely wedg'd a;d stort are
Liki walls, more la i, without mortir :

By leaving out the needl is vowels,
THOMAS SHERIDAN, CLERK, You jave the charge of lime and trowels,

One latter will another Irela,
TO GEORGE-NIM-DAN-DEAN, ESQ. Each groov'e and dry--taiji li're a box,
July 15, 1721, at night.

Tav Mufe is toet-up and succinct ;

In chains thy sylla!:le are linkt; 'D have you know, George *, Dant, Dear I, hy words together tyd in 'mall hanks, and Ning,

(loie as the Macedorian phala.X; That I 'volcarne i bow verse compose irin, Or like the umbo of the Romans, Much better b' lalith's you, n'r you, o’r liim, Which tierceit focs could! byra' by ro means. And th't I'drid'cule their ind your tian-uim. The critick to his grief w D fnd, Ay' but ther, proaps, lays you, t's a m'rry How firmly the è inderitures bind. wbim

So, in the ki dred painter's art, M’ith 'bundance of markd noies i' th’rim,

The frortening is the nicest part. So ta't I ought it for ľbe norose 'ad look

Philologers of future ages, grim,

How will they pore upon tby pages! Think i't your p'lile put m'in a meagrim ;

Nor will they dare to break the joints, Though 'n repe''on day, ''rpear verilim,

But help thee to be read with points : Th' last bowl't litani's cic m'head twim,

Or elle, to tew their leared labour, you So th't I h'd na 'aches 'n'r'ry scubb'd limb,

May backward be perus'd like Hebrewi, Cause th’tnp of th' howllh doft us'd t'ikim;

Where they need not lofo a bit Aud b’lides D’lan' swears ti't I li'd swall w'd Or of thy harmony or wit. furl brim.

To make a work completely fine, mers, 'nd that my visige is covered o'er with rd Number and weight and measure join; pimples : a'r'o'er though m' scull were (stis Then all must gie it your lines are weighty, n't) 's strong's tim

Where thirty weigh as much as eighty. ber, 't must have ak d. Th' clans of th'c'lledge All must allow your numbers more, Sandrim,

Where twonty lines exceed fourierre; Pres’nt their humil'ard'fcat'uate respeds; that Nor can we think your measure fr ort,

s ľ' fav, Dilan', 'chlin, P. Ludľ, Diri St wart, where less than forty ill a quart, Hltam, capt'n P'rr Waluti', 'ud Longil'is With Alexandrian in the clle, Timarit.

Lorg, long, long, long, likt Dan's long nose,



EAR Sherica.! age, the pair

they are ),




Bei des a brace oi grav: divinez,
Adore the finoothies of :hy ines;
Smooth a, our belver ftror,
Ere George nad robb’dit of its iniud;
Smootheriban Pegasus' old toe,
Ere Vulcan come to make him now.
The boar: a wric u fet our a---s,
Is norfo {morth a are thy vots,
Compar'a with wh (and that is enough)
A ninething-iron itkili is rough.
Nor prais. ! less that circunciiom,
By modern punts cali'd chilion,

Geo. Bici;cr1. * Mr. Fuckiin.
Ilr. Saili.

97. leefort. i Dr. James S10 fori's jtői waras bishop of Cinyre,

Gaulstown, Aug. 20, 1721. EAR Ton, this verse, which however the

beginning may appcar, yet in the end's

Is fent to dure that, when your Auguft vacation

Co.ne , your frieni yo'' meet here,
For why nould you pay in that tiliny hole, I

mean ti cairy lineaky,
Wher vou have not one friend left in town, or at

int one that's witry, to joke soy ye? For, as tor honeft Joho*, though I'm not sure

on 't, yet!'ll be hm'', ei he Be go e down to the county of Wexford wit's

that great peer the Lord Arglefey.

Supored to be Dr. W:/mfley.

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I tumeyi

ob! but I forgot; perhaps, by this time you Loud, yet agreeable withal,

may have one come to towi,, but I don't know Like rivers rattling in their fall! wit-ther be be friend or fee, Tehy;

Tbiue fure, is poetry divine, jut, however, if he come, bring hiin down, and where wit and maje y combine;

you srall go back in a fortnight, for I know Where every line a huge as leven, There's no !! ying ye.

!1 ftretch'd in length, would reach to Heaven : h! I forgot too; I believe there may be orie Here all comparing would be fandering; more : I mean that great fat joker, frien! Eel. The least is more than Alexardrine.

Against thy verfe Time sees with pain,
That wrote the prologue*, and if you f'ay with He whets his envious fcythe in vain ;

hin, depend on 't, in the ord he'll pum ye. For, though from thee he much may pare;
ising down Long Shanks Jim too; but, row Yet much thou still wilt have to spare.
I thin!. on't, he's notyet come from Courtown, Thou bait alone the fillio feast

With Roman elegance of taile,
on I huard, a month ago, that he was down Who hast of rhymes as vast resources
tiit 2-64!!ing ly N ney.

As Ponpey'r caterer of couries. lowever, bring down yourself, and you bring On thou, of all the Nine in pir'd! dewa all; for to say it we may venture, My la guidl foul, with teaching tird, : thee Delany's spleen, John's mirth, Helfami's How is it rapturd, when it thinks joses, and the fort coul of amorous Jemu y, On thy harmo:inus fet of chunks ;

Each asiwering each in various rlıymes,

Li e Echo to St. Patric 's chines!

Thy Muse, majestic in her had forgot to defire you to bring down what I


Moves lire Statira on the siage; fay you have, and you'll believe me as lure as

Ad scarcely can one page fustain agar, and writ; mean, what no otber mortal in the uriverse can

The length of such a flowing train :

Her train, of variegated dye, boat of, your own spirit of fur, uni oson wit. nd now I hope you'!) excuie this rhyming, Shews like Thaumantia's in the sky;

Alike they glow, alike they please, which I muft say is (though written somewhat

Alike impreft by Phoebus rays. at / 'TE) Irin and clien; nd to I conclude, with hum!le respects as

Thy vers---(Ye Gods! I cannot bear it)

To what, to what mall I compare it? usual, Your moit dutiful and obedient

'Tis like, what I have oft heard spoke on,

The famous statue of Laocoon,
siis like-Oyes, 'tis very life it,
The long, long string, with which you fly kite

?lis like what you, and one or two more, TO GEORGE-NIM-DAN-DEAN, Esq.

Roar to your Echo* in good-humour; Upon his incomparable VERSES, &c,

And svery couplet thou hast writ By Dr. DELANY, in SHERIDA . 's Namet.

Conclude like Rattat-whitrah-whirt.



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Invincible a: Wight Briareus!

To Mr. THOMAS SHERIDAN, Lail! doubiy-doubled mighty inerry one,

Upon his Verses wriitenin Circles. By Dr. Swirt, tronger than triple-boriy'd Geryon!

never wa: krown that circular letters, ? may your valtness (leign t excuse

By humble companions, were sent to their The praises of a pung Mute,

betters: Irable in her utpott right,

And, as to the subject, our judgment, wherele, foreach thy huge Coloil an height.

Is it, that you argue like fools in a circle. laitempt to write line thee were frantic,

But now for your verses; we tell you, imprimis, Shole lines are, like thyself, gigantic.

The segmeat so large 'twixt your reason and Yut let me llefs, in humller strain,

rhyme is, Shy vift, thy bold ( amliyi an vein,

That we walk all about, like a horse in a pound, 'nur'd out t'enrich thy rative idle,

And, le ore we tindeither, our noddles turnround, 1. Egypt want to be with Nils.

Sufficient it were, one would think, in your nad 'a, how I joy to see thee wander, al 17.7y a winding loofe meander,

To give us your measures of line by a quadrant, in circling maizes, smooth and fupple,

But we took our dividers, and found your and Ardealing in a ciink quadruple ;

metre, * Oro s oken by young Putlun!, in 1720, before in each fingle verse took up a diameter. Hirfolyius'; In which Dr. Sheridan (Ruho had corit. But how Mr. Sheridan, came you to venture tem a prologue for one ecca pon) wis mo! unexpectedly George, Dan, Dean and Niin, to place in the 2nd oprigious, laughed at both the prologues are centret? printed in the Supplement to Szwift's Works.N.

* A! Gaulltown there is a remarkable famous echo. † These were all written in circles,

An allufion 10 the found produced by the echo.

Their figures were in the corire of the verfis


his eyes ;

'Twill appear, to your cost, you are fairly tre ON DAN JACKSON'S PICTURE pann'd,

For the chord of your circle is now in their hand;
chord, or the radiuse it matters note whether, TO fair and a Betty, Dan fat

for his piedere

And defy'd to oft As her betters are us'd, Thall be larh 'd round the

piquid her. ring,

He knew she'd no pencil or colouring by her. Three fellows with whips, and the Dean holds And therefore he thought he might safely do the ftring.

her. Will Handcock declares, you are out of your Come ft, says my Lady; then whips tp her compars,

sciflar, To encroach on his art by writing of bombass; And cuts out his coxcomb in slk in a trice, Sir. And has taken just now a firm resolution

Dan sat with attention, and saw with surprize To answer your style without circumlocution. How the lengthen'd his chin, how the hollot Lady Betty* presents you her fervice most humble,

But t'atter'd himself with a secret conceit, And is not afraid your worship will grumble, That his thin lantern jaws all her art would die That the makes of your verses a hoop for Miss 1 ay Betty observd it, then pulls out a pin, Tamt,

Avd varies the grain of the stuff to his grid; Which is all at present; and so I remain And, to make roaited filk to resemble his rara

bone, She rais’d up a thread to the jet of his jaw-ber: Till at length in exacteft proportion he role,

From the crown of his head to the arch of ts1 ON DR. SHERIDAN'S


And if Lady Betty had drawn him with rig and

all, By Mr. George R ehfort.

'Tis certain the copy had nut-dore the original

Well, that's but my outside, says Dan with TITH musick and poetry equally bleft,


« away.


paper. « Great Author of harmony, rerses, and light!

PATR. DELAST YOX. « Aflitted by thee, I both fiddle and write. “ Yet unheeded I scrape, or I scribble all day ; “ My verse is neglected, my tune's thrown

ON THE SAME PICTURE “ Thy substitute here, Vice- Apollo, disdains “ To vouch for my numbers, or litt to my Cliodra die Hinds of poor Dan Jackie's

LARISSA draws her feilars from the cals, " Itrains ;

fase. « Thmanual fgnet refuses to put “ To the airs I produce from the pen or i!ie guit

One r.oping cut made forehead, nose, and chin;7 Be thou then propitious, great Phæbus ; and A nic's produc'd a mouth, and made him grin,

Such as in taylors' measure you have seen. grant

But fill were wanting his grimalkin eyes, * Relief, or reward, to my merit, or war. « Though the Dean and Delany transcendently for which grey wortted-stocking paint supplies « shine,

Thurmveld thread through needle's eye conc* Obrighteo one solo or sonnet of rine !

veyed “ With them I'm content thou thould’It make Transferr'd itself into his pafte-board head, " thy abcde:

How came the feissars to be thus out-done! « But visit thy servant in jig or in nde.

The needle had an eye, and they had none.

O wondrous force of art! now look at Dan “ Make ore wor's immortal ; 'tis all I request."

Apollo look?d pleas’d; and, renlving to jest, You'll fwear the poste-board was the better man. Reply!!, “Honest friend, l’ve coní der d'thy

5 The devil!” says he, “the bead is not so 66 cafe ;

full !" “ Nor dislike thy well-meaning and humourous Indeed it is behold the paper iku!). << !ace,

Tho. SHERIDAN fez!. şi Thy petition I graut: the boon is not great: “ Thy works Thall continue ; and here is the

is receipt. « On sondeaus hereafter thy fiddle-strings spend: ON THE SAME PICTURE. “ Write verses in circles; they never shall end.es

AN'S eril genius in a trice * The lary of George Rochfort, Elg. of Mis Inemaser, Ludy Betty's daughter. Chloe, obferving this disgrace, Sce" Afello so the Lear," p. 307.

On Pam cut out his rueful face,

Dhad fript him of his coin at dice.

By Gre, fays Dan, 'tis very hard,

Whilft every line of face does bring
Cut out at dice, cut out at card!

A line of grace to what they fing.
G. ROCHFORT, sculp. But yet, methinks, though with disgrace

Both to the picture and the face,
I should name them who do rehearse

The story of the picture-farce ;

The Squire, in French as hard as stone,

Cr 1łrong as rock, that's all as one, WHILST you three merry poets

traffic On face, on cards is very brilki, Sirs, To give us a description graphic

Because on them you play at whick, Sirs, Of Dan's large nose in modern Sapphic ;

But much I wonder, why my crany I spend my time in making Sermons,

Should envy'd be by De-el-any : Or writing libels on the Germans,

And yet much more, that half-name fake

Should join a party in the freak: Cr murmuring at Whigs' preferments.

For fure I am it was not safe But when I would find rhyme for Rochfort, hus to abuse his better half, And look in English, French, and Scotch for 't,

As I Thall prove you, Dan, to be, At lait I'm fairly forc'd to hotch for 't.

livijim and conjunctively. Bid Lady Betty recollect her,

For if Dan love sot Sherry, cam And tell, who was it could direct her

Sherry be any thing to Dan? To draw the face of such a spectre.

This is the case whene'er you see I muft confess, that as to me, Sirs,

Dan makes nothing of Sherry ;

Or should Dan be by Sherry o’erta’en, Though I ne'er faw her hold the fciffars,

Theń Dan would be poor Sherridade : l now could fafely swear it is liers,

"Tis hard then he thould be decry'd 'Tis true, no nose could come in better ;

By Dan with Sherry by his fide, l'is a vast subject stuff d with matter,

But, if the case must be so hard, Which all may handle, none can flatter.

That faces suffer by a card, Take courage, Dan; this plainly shows,

Let criticks cenfure, what care I? That not the wiseft inortal knows

Back-biters only we defy :
What fortune may befall his nose.

Faces are free from injury.
Show me the brightert Irish toast,
Who from her lover e'er could boast
Above a song, or two at most;

MR. ROCHFORT'S REPLY. For thee three poets now are drudging all

OU Both

Than ours-by what? by note or tongue ?

In not explaining, you are wrong Thy nose's length and fame extend

to us, Sit. So far, dear Man, that every friend Tries who Thall have it by the end.

Because we thus must state the case, And future poets, as they rise,

That you have got a hanging face, Shall read with envy and surprise

Thuntimely e..d 's a damu'd disgrace

of roofe, Sir. Thy nose outshining Cælia's eyes.

But yet be rot can down: I see

A w aver will your hanginan be ;
You'll only haag ia tape.try

And then the ladies, I suppose,
DAN JACKSON'S DEFENCE, Will praise your longitude of nose,

For latent charms within your clothes, "My verse little better you'll find than my face is,

dear Danny, “A word to the wite-pidura poejis.

Thus will the fair of every age THREE merry lads, with envy ftung,

From all parts make their pilgrimage, Combin d in verse to rhyme it down,

Worl.ip thy nose with pious rage

of love, Sir. Ard in its place s t up their own; As if th:y 'd run it down much better

All their religion will be spent By number of their feet in metre,

About thy woven monument, Cr that its red did cause their spite,

And not one orifon be fent Which made them draw in black and white.

to Jove, Size Be that as 'I will, this is most true,

You the fam'd idol will become,
They were infpir'd by what they drew.

As gardens grac'd in ancient Rome,
Let them such criticks know, my iace
Gives the racir comclincis ad grace:

By matroni werthip'd jus de gloom

of piglat.

Topraise the cheeks, chin, nose, the bridge and all, Yhday your face with better hun

with many's

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