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When some, with cold, superior looks, redress, 35 Α Ν E P 1 S T L E
Relief seems insult, and confirms distress;
You, when you view the man with wrongs

My. JOHN D Y ER, While warm you a th' obliger, seem th' oblig'd.

All-winning mild to each of lowly state ; To equals free, unservile to the great ;

In Answer to his from the Country.

40 Greatness you honour, when by worth acquir'd; TOW various birds in melting concert fing, Worth is by worth in every rank admir'd.

"And hail the beauty of the opening spring: Greatness you scorn, when titles insult speak; Now to thy dreams the nightingale complains, Proud to vain pride, to honour'd meekness meck. Till the lark wakes thee with her cheerful strains; That worthless bliss, which others court, you Wakes, in thy verse and friendship ever kind, Ś fly;


Melodious comfort to my jarring mind. That worthy woe, they shun, attracts your cye. Oh couldmy fonlthrough depths of knowledgelce,

But shall the Muse resound alone your praise ; Could I read nature and mankind like thee, Now let the public friend exalt her lays! I should o'ercome, or bear the shocks of fate, O trace that friend with me!-he's yours!--he's And e'en draw envy to the humblest state. mine!

Thou canst raise honour from each ill event, The world's beneficent bchold him shine! 50 From socks gain vigour, and from want content.

Is wealth his sphere? If riches, like a tide, Think not light poetry my life's chief care! From either India pour their golden pride ;

The Muse's mansion is, at belt, but air ; Rich in good works, him others wants employ; But, if more solid works my meaning forms, 15 He gives the widow's heart to sing for joy. Th'unfinish'd structures fall by fortune's atorms. To orphans, prisoners, shall his bounty flow; 55

Oft have I said we falsely those accuse, The weeping family of want and woc.

Whose god-like souls life's middle state refuse. Is knowledge his? Benevolently great, Self-love, I cry'd, there seeks ignoble rest; (20 lo leisure active, and in care sedate ;

Care sleeps not calm, when millions wake unbleft; What aid, his little wealth perchance denies, Mean let me shrink, or spread sweet shade o'er all, In each hard instance his advice supplies. 60 Low as the shrub, or as the cedar tall! With modeft truth he sets the wandering right, 'Twas vain! 'twas wild! I fought the middle itate, And gives religion pure, primæval light; And found the good, and found the truly great. [25 In love diffusive, as in light refin'd,

Though verse can never give my soul her aim; The liberal emblem of his Maker's mind. [65 Though action only claims substantial fame;

Is power his orb ? He then, like power divine, Though face denies wliat my proud wants require, On all, though with a varied ray, will fine. Yet grant me, heaven, by knowledge to afpirc: Ere power was his, the man hc unce caress’d, Thus to enquiry let me prompt the mind; Meets the same faithful smile, and mutual Thus clear dimm'd truth, and bid her bless maa

breast : But asks his friend some dignity of state ;

From the pierc'd orphan thus drax thaits of griet His friend, unequal to th' incumbent weight? 70 Arm want with patience, and teach wealth relief! Asks it a stranger, one whom parts inspire To ferve lov'd liberty inspire my breath! With all a people's welfare would require? Or, if my life be useless, grane me death; His choice admits no pause; his gist will prove For he, who useless is in lifc survey'd, All private, well abforb’d in public love.

Burthens that world, his duty bids him aid. He shields his country, when for aid she calls; 75 Say, what have honours to allure the mind, Or, should she fall, with her he greatly falls : Which he gains most, who lealt has ferr'd mankind! But, as proud Rome, with guilty conquest Titles, when worn by fools, I dare despise; crown'd,

Yet they claim homage, when they crown the wile. Spread flavery, death and defolation round, When high distinction marko delerving heirs, Should e'er his country, for dominion's prize, Desert Nili dignifies the mark it wears. Against the sons of men a faclion rile, 80 But, who to birth alone would honours owe? Glory in hers, is in his eye disgrace;

Tionours, if true, from feeds of merit grow. (45 The friend of truth; the friend of human race. Thole trees, with sweetett charms, invite our eyes,

Thus to no one, no fect, no clime confin'd, Which, from our own engraftment, fruitful rife. His boundless love embraces all mankind; Still we love bett what we with labour gain, And all their virtues in his life are known: 85 the child's dearer for the mother's pain. And all their joys and sorrows are his own,

The great I would not envy nor deride; These are the lights, where stands that friend Nor ftoop to {well a vain Superior's pride; confest;

Nor view an Equal's hope with jealous eyes; This, this the spirit, which informs thy breast. Nor cruh the wretch beneath who wailing lies. Through fortune's cloud thy genuine 'worth can | My sympathizing breast his grief can feel, shine;

And my cye weep the wound I cannor beal. What would's thou oot, were wcalth and greatnefs thine!

Sa Dzor's Premio


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Ne'er among friendships let me low debate, 55 | How fine your Bastard! why so soft a strain ? Nor by another's fall advance my state;

What such a Mother? satirize again! Nor misuse wit against an absent friend:

Oft I object---but fix'd is Fulvia's will Let me the virtues of a foe defend !

Ah! though unkind, the is my mother still! [25° In wealth and want true minds preserve their The verse now flows, the manuscript The clainrs. weight;

'Tis fam'dThe fame, each curious fair enflames : Meek, though exalted; though disgrac'd, clate ; 60 The wild-fire runs; from copy, copy grows : Generous and grateful, wrong'dor help'd they live; The Brets, alarm’d, a separate peace propose. Grateful to serve, and generous to forgive. 'Tis ratified--How alter'd Fulvia's look! This may they learn, who close thy life attend; My wit's degraded, and my cause forsook.

30 Which, dear in memory, still instructs thy friend. Thus she: What 's poetry but to amuse? Though cruel distance bars my grosser eye, 65 Might I advise-there are more solid views. My soul, clear-sighted, draws thy virtue nigh; With a cool air the adds : This tale is old : Thro her deep woe that quickening comfort gleams, Were it my case, it should no more be told. And lights up Fortitude with Friendship’s beams. Complaints had I been worthy to adviseam 35

You know-But when arc wits, like women, wisc?

True it may take; but, think whate'er you lift, V E R S E S

All love the satire, none the satirist.

I start, I stare, stand fix'd, then pause awhile; VICE-PRINCIPAL of St. Mary-Hall,Oxford, Madam—a pension loft-and where's amends!

Then hesitate, then ponder well, then smile. 40 Being presented by the Hon. Mrs. KNIGHT, Sir (she replies) indeed you 'll lose your friends.

to the Living of GoDSFIELD in Essex. Why did I start? 'twas but a change of windW Obowe Seperti in piedi derhana dlher mind, Priests, whom the learned and the good

bow, departdespise, discern her all : 45 defpife;

Nanny revisits, and disgrac'd I fall. This sees fair Knight, in whose transcendent mind, Let Fulvia's friendship whirl with every whim! Are wisdom, purity, and truth enshrin'd. A reed, a weather-cock, a shade, a dream : A modest merit now she plans to lift,


No more the friendship shall be now display'd Thy living, Godsfield ! falls her instant gift. By weather-cock, or reed, or dream, or shade; 50 Let me (she faid) reward alone the wise,

To Nanny fix'd unvarying shall it tend, And make the church-revenue Virtue's prize.

For fouls, fo form'à alike, were form'd to blend.
She fought the man of honest, candid breaft,
In faith, in words of goodness, full expreft ;
i Though young, yet tutoring academic youth

To science moral, and religious truth.
She fought where the disinterested friend,

The scholar, fage, and free companion blend;
The pleasing poet, and the deep divine,

NLOS'd are those eyes, that beam'd seraphic fire;

15 She fought, the found, and, Hart! the prize was Mute is the voice where winning softness warm'd, thine.

Where music melted, and where wisdom charm'd,

And lively wit, which, decently confin'd, s


No prude e'er thought impure, no friend unkind.

Could modest knowledge, fair untrifling youth,

Persuasive reason and endearing truth, ET Fulvia's wisdom be a Nave to will, Her darling pallions, scandal and quadrille; And sense, that thields th' attempted virtuous

Could hononr, shewn in friendřips most refin'd, On friends anci foes her tongue a satire known,

mind; Her deeds a satire on herself alone.

The social eemper never known to strife, On her poor kindred deigns the word or look? 5 The heightening graces that embellish life; "Tis cold refpe&, or 'tis unjust rebuke;

Could there have e'er the darts of death defied, Worse when yood-natur'd, than when most severe : Never, ah! never had Melinda died; The jelt impure chen pains the niodeft ear.

Nor can íbe die-ev'n now survives her name, 15 How just the sceptic! the divinc how odd !

Inınıortaliz’d by friendship, love, and fame. What turns of wit play smartly on her God !

The fares, my nearest kindred, foes decree: Fulvia, when piqu'd at them, ftrait pities me, THE GENIUS OF LIBERTY. She, like Benevolence, a smile bestows, Favours to me indulge her spleen to those.

A ? OEM.
The banquet serv'd, with peereffes I fit : Is Occasioned by the DEPARTURE of the Prince and
She tells my story, and repeats my wit.

Princcss of ORANGE.
With mouth distorted, through a sounding nose
It comes, now homeliness more homely grows.

(Written in the Year 1734.) With see-law sounds, and nonsense not my own, 'ILD rose the morn! the face of nature bright She skrews her features, and flac cracks her tone. 20 Wore one extensive Imile of calm and light;



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Wide, o'er the land, did hovering filence reign, The shoal, so treacherous, near the tempting land Wide o'er the blue diffusion of the main ; Th’ingulphing whirlpool, and the swallowing When lo! before me, on the southern shore, 5


70 Stood forth the power, whom Albion's sons adore; These fancied perils all, by day, by night, Bleft Liberty! whose charge is Albion's ille; In thoughts alarm her, and in dreams affright; Whom Reafon gives to bloom, and Truth to smile; For thee her heart unceasing love declares, Gives Peace to gladden, sheltering Law to spread, in doubts, in hopes, in wishes, and in prayers ! (75 Learning to list aloft her laureld head,

10 | Her prayers are heard !-For me, 'tis thine to brave Rich industry to view, with pleasing eyes, The sand, the fhoal, rock, whirlpool, wind, and Her fleets, her cities, and her harvesto rise. In curious emblems every art, expreít,

Kind Safety waits, to waft thee gently o'er, Glow'd from the loom, and brighten'd on his vest. And Joy to greet thee on the Belgic shore. Science in various lights attention won, 15 May future times, when their fond praise would Wav'd on his robe, and glitter'd in the sun.

tell My words, he cried, my words obfervance claim : How most their favourite characters excel ; 80 Resound, ye Muses; and receive them, Fame! How bleit! how great !-then may their songs Here was niy station, when, o'er ocean wide, (20 declare, The great, third William, fretch'd his naval pride: So great! so blest!—such Anne and Nassau were. I with my facred influence swell'd his soul; Th' enslav'd to free, th' enslaver to control. In vain did waves disperse, and winds detain :

E GRÆ CORU F. He came, he sav'd; in his was seen my reign.

QUI TE VIDET BEATUS EST, How just, how great, the plan his soul design d, 25

BEATIOR QUI TE AUDIET, To humble tyrants, and secure mankind!

QUI BASIAT SEMIDEUS EST, Next Marlborough in his steps successful trod:

QUI TE POTITUR EST DEUS. This, godlike plann'd; that, finith'd like a god!

BUCHANAN, And, while Oppression fled to realmıs unknown, Europe was free, and Britain glorious shone.


Where Nassau's race extensive growth display'd,
There Freedom ever found a sheltering shade.

APPY the man, who, in thy sparkling eyes, Still heaven is kind !-See, from the princely root, Sces little laughing Cupids, glancing, rise,

His amorous wifhes sees, reflecting, play; Millions to bless, the BRANCH auspicious shoot! He lives, he flourishes, his honours fpread;

And, in soft-swinming languor, die away. 35

Fair virtues blooming on his youthful head:
Nurse him, ye heavenly dews, ye sunny rays,

Still happier he! to whom thy meanings roll Into firın health, fair fame, and length of days!

In sounds which love, harmonious love, inspire; He paus'd, and casting o'er the deep his eye,

On his charm'd ear sits, rapt, his listening soul, Where the last billow swells into the íky,

Till admiration form intense desire.

40 Where, in gay vision, round th' horizon's line,

III. 'The moving clouds with various beauty shine ;

Half-deity is he who warm may press As dropping from their bofom, ting'd with gold,

Thy lip, soft-sweiling to the kindling kiss; Shoots forth a fail, amutive to behold!

And may chat lip aslentive warnith express, Lo! while its light the glowing wave returns, 45

Till love draw willing love to ardent bliss ! Broad like a sun the bark approaching burns.

IV. Near, and more near, great Nassau soon he spy'd,

Circling thy waist, and circled in thy arms, And beauteous Anna, Britain's eldesi pride!

Who, melting on thy mutual-melting breaft, Thus spoke the Genius, as advanc'd the fail

Entranc'd enjoys love's whole luxurious charms, Hail, blooming hero! high-born princess, hail ! 50

Is all a God!--is of all heaven posseft. Thy charnis thy mother's love of cruth display, Her light of virtue, and her beauty's ray; THE EMPLOYMENT OF BEAUTY. Her dignity; which, copying the divine, Soften'd, through condescension, learns to shine. (55

Ά Ρ Ο Ε Μ. Greatness of :hought, with prudence for its guide; Addressed to a Mrs. Bridget JONES, a young Knowledge, from nature and from art supply'd : Widow Lady of Llanelly, Caermarthenshire. To noblest objects pointed various ways;

NCE Beauty, wishing fond deîre to move, Pointed by judgment's clear, unerring rays. What manly virtues in her mind excel!

Love. Yet on her, heart what tender paffions dwell! 60 Come, purest atoms! Beauty aid implores; For ah! what parigs did late her peace destroy, For new soft texture leave æcherial stores. [s To part with thee, so wont to give her joy! They come, they croud, they shining hues unfolu, How heav'd her breast, how sadden'd was her mien ! Be theirs a form, which Beauty's self shall mould! All in the mother then was lost the queen. To mould my charmer's form the all apply'dThe swelling tear then dimni'd her parting view,65 Whence Cambria boasts the birth of Nature's The Atruggling ugh stopp'd short her last adieu:

pride. Ev'n now thy fancied perils fill her mind;

She calls the Graces-Such is Beauty's state, The secret rock, rough wave, and rising wind; Prompt, ac her call, th' obedient Graces wait. 10

O of

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Two snow-white hands, in taper fingers, end. 30W

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Firt your fair feet they shape, and shape to please ; Let these, the temperate sense of taste reveal,
Each stands defign'd for dignity and ease. And give, while nature spreads the simple meal,
Firm, on these curious pedestals, depend The palate pure, to relish health design'd,
Two polish'd pillars; which, as fair, afcend; From luxury as taintiefs as your mind. 80
From well-wrought knees, more fair, more large, The Virrues, Chastity and Truth, impart,
they rise;

15 And mould to sweet benevolence your heart.
Seen by the Mufe, though hid from mortal eyes. Thus Beauty finish'd-Thus she gains the (way,
More polish'd yet, your fabric each sustains ; And Love still follows where she leads the way.
That purest temple where perfection reigns, From every gift of heaven, to charn is thine; 85
A small, sweet circle forms faultless waist, To love, to praise, and to adore, be mine.
By Beauty shap'd, to be hy Love embrac'd.

20 Beyond that leffening waist, two orbs devise, What swelling charms, in fair proportion, rise ! Fresh peeping there, two blushing buds are found, Mrs. BRIDGET JONES, Each like a rose, which lilies white surround. There feeling lense, let pitying lighs inspire, 25 Till panting pity (wells to warm delire:

W AND E RE R. Desire, though warm,

is chaste; each warmest kiss, Alluding to an Episode, where a young Man turns · All rapture chaste, when Hymen bids the bliss.

Hermit, for the loss of his wife Olympia. Rounding and soft, two taper arms descend ;

HEN with delight fond Love on Beauty

dwelt, Lo! cunning Beauty, on each paim, designs

While this the youth, and that the fair exprest; Love's fortune and your own, in mystic lines ;

Faint was joy compar'd to what I felt, And lovely whiteness, either arm contains,

When in my angel Biddy's presence blest. Diversified with azure-wandering veins;

Tell her, my Muse, in soft, sad, sighing breath, The wandering veins conccal a generous flood, 35

If the his piercing grief can pitying see, The purple treasure of celestial blood.

Worse than to him was his Olympia's death, Rounding and white your neck, as curious, rears

From her cach moment's absence is to me.
O'cr all a face, where Beauty's self appcars.
Her soft attendants smooth the spotless skin,
And, fmoothly-oval, turn the shapely chin; 40 ON FALSE HISTORIANS:
The shapely chin, tn Beauty's rising face,

Shall, doubling gently, give a double grace,
And soon sweet-opening, rosy lips disclose

URE of all plagues with which dull prose is
The well-rang'd teeth, in lily-whitening rows;
Here life is breath'd, and florid life assumes 45 Scandals, from false historians, fppt the worst,
A breath, whose fragrance vies with vernal blooms; In quest of these the Mufe shall first advance,
And cwo fair cheeks give modesty to raise Bold, to explore the regions of romance;
A beauteous blush at praise, though just the praise. Romance, call’d History-Lo! at once the skims 5
And nature now, from each kind ray, supplies The visionary world of monkish whims;
Soft, clement (miles, and love-inspiring eyes; 50 Where fallacy, in legends, wildly shines,
New Graces, to those eyes, mild shades, allow; And vengeance glares from violated shrines;
Fringe their fair lids, and pencil either brow. Where saints perform all tricks, and startle thought
While sense of vision lights up orbs so rare, With many a miracle that ne'er was wrought; 10
May none, but pleasing obje&s, visit there! (55 Saints that never liv’d, or such as justice paines,
Two little porches, (which, one fense empowers, Jugglers, on superftition palm'd for saints.
To draw rich scent from aromatic flowers) Here, canoniz'd, let creed-mongers be shown,
In structure neat, and deck'd with polish'd grace, Red-letter'd saints, and red assassins known;
Shall equal first, then heighten, Bcauty's face. While those they martyr'd, such as angels rose! 15
To imelling sense, oh, may the flowery year All black enroll'd among religion's foes,
l's first, lait, choicest incense, offer here! 60 Snatch'd by sulphureous clouds, a Lye proclaims
Transparent next, two curious crescents bound Number'd with fiends, and plung'd in endless
The two-fold entrance of inspiring sound,

fiames. And, granting a new power of sense to hear, History, from air or deep draws many a spright, New finer organs form each curious ear; Such as, from nurse or priest, might boys affright; Form to imbibe what most the soul can move, 65 Or such as but o'er feverith flumbers fly, Mufic and Reason, Poesy and Love.

And fix melancholy phrensy's eye. Next, on an open frout, is plealing wrought Now meteors make enthusiast-wonder stare, A pensive sweetness, born of patient thought : And image wild portentous wars in air ! Above your lucid shoulders locks display'd, Seers fall intranc'd! some wizard's lawless kill 25 Prone to descend, shall foften light with shade. 70 Now whirls, now setters nature's works at will! All, with a nameless air and mein, uaite, Thus History, by machine, mock-epic, seems, Ani, as you move, each movement is delight. Nor from poetic, but from monkish dreams. Tun'd is your melting tongue and equal mind, The devil, who priest and sorcerer must obey, At once by knowledge heighten'd and refin'd. The forcerer usd to raise, the parfon lay,

The Virtues next to Beauty's nod incline ; 75 When Echard wav'd his pen, the history shows, For, where they lend not light, she cannot shine; 1 The parson conjur’d, and the fiend uprose.

SURE curl,



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A camp at distance, and the scene a wood, Where hear-fay knowledge sits on public nanes,
Here enter'd Noll, and there old Satan stood : And bold conje&ure or extols or blames,
No tail his rump, his foot no hoof revealid; 35 Spring party libels; from whose alhes dead,
Like a wise cuckold, with his horns conceal'd: A moniter, misnam'd History, lifts its head.
Not a gay serpent, glittering to the eye;

Contending factions croud to hear its roar!

95 But more than ferpent, or than harlot fly : But when once heard, it dies to noise no more. For, lawyer-like, a fiend no wit can scape, From these no answer, no applause from those, The demon stands confest in proper shape ! 40 O'er half they fimper, and o'er half they doze. Now spreads his parchment, now is fign'd the So when in fenate, with egregious paie, scroll;

Perks up Sir ..... in some dcep debate; Thus Noll gains empire, and the devil has Noll. He hems, looks wise, cunés thin his labouring Wondrous historian! thus account for evil,

throat, And thus for its success—'tis all the devil. (45 To prove black white, postpone or palm the vote: Though ne'er that devil we saw, yet one we see, In ffy contempt, some, Hear him! Hear him! cry; One of an author sure, and thou art he.

Some yawn, some sneer; none second, none reply. But dusky phantoms, Muse, no more pursue ! But dare such miscreants now rush abroad, 105 Now clearer objects open-yet untrue.

By blanket, cane, pump, pillory, unaw'd ? Awful the genuine historian's name! [s0 Dare they imp falsehood thus, and plume her wings, False ones with whac materials build they fame; From present characters and recent things? Fabricks of fame, by dirty means made good, Yes: What untruths ! or truths in what disguise ! As nests of martins are compild of mud.

What Boyers and what Oldmixons arise! Peace be with Curll.with him I wave all strife, What facts from all but them and Slander screen'd! Who pens cach felon's, and each actor's life; Here meets a council, no where else conven'd; Biography that cooks the devil's martyrs, 55 There, from originals, come, thick as spawn, And lards with luscious rapes the cheats of Chartres. Letters ne'er wrote, memorials never drawn;

Materials, which belief in gazettes claim, To secret conference never held they yoke, 115 Loose-ftrung, run gingling into History's name. Treaties ne'er plann'd, and speeches never spoke. Thick as Egyptian clouds of raining flies; From, Oldmixon, thy brow, too well we know, As thick as worms where man corrupting liçs; 60 Like Sin from Satan's far and wide they go. As pests obscene that haunt the ruin'd pile;

In vain may St. John safe in conscience fit; As monsters floundering in the muddy Nile; In vain with truth confute, contemn with wit : 120 Minutes, Memoirs, Views and Reviews appear, Confute, contemn, amid selected friends ; Where flander darkens each recorded year. There sinks the justice, there the satire ends, In a past reign is feign'd some amorous league; 65 Here, though a century scarce fuch leaves unclose, Some ring or letter now reveals th' intrigue: From mould and dust the Pander sacred grows. Queens, with their minions, work unseemly things, Now none reply where all despise the page; 125 And boys grow dukes, when catamites to kings. But will dumb scorn deceive no future age? Does a prince die? What poisons they surmisc ! Then, should dull periods cloud not feeming fact, No royal mortal sure by nature dies.

70 Will no fine pen th' unanswer'd lie extract?. Is a prince born? What birth more base believ'd? Well-fet in plan, and polith'd into stile, Or, what's more strange, his mother ne'erconceiv'd! Fair and more fair may finish'd fraud beguile; 130 Thus flander popular o'er truth prevails, By every language snatch'd, by time receiv'd, And easy minds imbibe romantic tales.

In every clime, by every age believ'd : Thus, 'itead of history, such authors raise 75 How vain to virtue trust the great their name, Mere crude wild novels of bad hints for plays. When such their lot for infamy or fame?

Some usurp names an English garreteer, From Minutes forg'd, is Monsieur Mesnager.

Some, while on good or ill success they stare, A CHARACTE R. Give condud a complexion dark or fair : 80 Others, as little to enquiry prone,


preside One ftatesman vices has, and virtues too; Alike the Judge and Advocate would guide; Hence will contefted character ensue. [85 And these would vie each dubious point to clear, View but the black, he's fiend; the bright but scan, To stop the widow's and the orphan's tear; He's angel: view him all--he's still a man. Were all, like Yorke, of delicate address, S Bạt such historians all accuse, acquit;

Strength to discern, and sweetness to express, No virtue these, and those no vice admit; Leara'd, just, polite, born every heart to gain, For either in a friend no fault will know, Like Cummins mild; like$ Fortescue humane, And neither own a virtue in a foe.

90 All-eloquent of truth, divinely known,

So deep, so clear, all Science is his own. THE MINUTES OF Mons. MESNAGER; a bood Of heart impure, and impotent of head, calculated to vilify the administration in the four laf In history, rhetoric, ethics, law, unread; years of queen Anne's reign. The truth is, that tbis How far unlike such worthies, once a drudge, libel was not written by Monf. Mesnager, neither was From floundering in low cases, rose a Judge. any fuck book ever printed in tbe French tongue, from whicb it is impudently said in the title-page to be tren The honourable William Fortefeue, Esq. ene of Mated. SAVAGE.

ibe Jufticus of His Majefy's Court of Commen Please

Account for actions, though their (pring'sunknown. F AIR prerada, in courts where Justice should


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