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In darkening spots, mid fields of various dies, Or think you thus a self-renown to raise,
Tilth new manur'd, or naked fallow lies. And mingle your vain-glories with my bays?
Near uplands fertil pride enclos'd display, 255 Be yours the mouldering tomb! Be mine the lay
The green grafs yellowing into scentful hay. Immortal !—Thus he scoffs the pomp away.
And thick-let hedges fence the full-ear'd corn, Though words like these uoletter'd pride im.
And berries blacken on the virid thorn.


315 Mark in yon heath oppos d the cultur'd scene, To the nieek heart he turns with milder (peech. Wild thyme, pale box, and firs of darker green. 260 Though now a seraph, oft he deigns to wear The native strawberry red-ripening grows, The face of human friendship, oft of care; By nettles guarded, as by thorns the rose. To walk disguis’d an objed of relief. There nightingales in unprun'd copses build, A learn'd, good man, long exercis'd in grief; 320 In shaggy furzes lies the hare conceal’d.

Forlorn, a friendless orphan oft to roam, 'Twixtferns and thistles, unsown flowers amuse, 265 Craving some kind, some hospitable home ; And form a lucid chace of various hues;

Or, like Ulysses, a low lazar itand; Many half-grey with duft: confus’d they lie, Befeeching Pity's eye, and Bounty's hand; Scent the rich year, and lead the wandering eye. Or, like Ulysses, royal aid request,

325 Contemplative, we tread the flowery plain, Wandering from court to court, a king distreft. The Muse preceding with her heavenly train. 270 Thus varying shapes, the seeming fon of woe When, lo! the mendicant, so late behind, Eyes the cold heart, and hearts that generous glow: Strange view! now journeying in our front we find! Then to the Muse relates each lordly name, And yet a view, more strange, our heed demands; Who deals impartial infamy and fame. 330 Touch'd by the Muse's wand transform'd he stands. Oft, as when man in mortal state depress’d, O'er kin late wrinkled, instant beauty spreads; 275 His lays taught virtue, which his life confefs’d, The late-dimm'd eye, a vivid lustre fheds; He now forms visionary scenes below, Hairs, once so thin, now graceful locks decline; Inspiring patience in the heart of woe; And rags now chang'd, in regal vestments thine. Patience, that softens every sad extreme, 335

The Hermit thus. In him the Baro behold, That casts through dungeop-glooms a chcarful Qnce seen by midnight's lamp in winter's cold; 280 gleam, The BARD, whose want so multiplied his woes, Disarms disease of pain, mocks lander's sting, He sunk a mortal, and a seraph rose.

And strips of terrors the terrific king, See!

—where those stately yew-trees darkling grow, 'Gainst Want, a sourer foc, its succour lends, And, waving o'er yon graves, brown horrors throw, And smiling fees th' ingratitude of friends. 340 Scornful he points-there, o'er his sacred dust, 285 Nor are these casks to him alone consign'd, Arise the sculptur'd tomb, and labour'd buft. Millions invisible befriend mankind. Vain pomp! beslow'd by oftentatious pride, When watery structures,fcen cross heav'n t'ascend, Who io a life of want relief deny'd.

Arch above arch in radiant order bend, But thus the BARD. Are these the gifts of Fancy beholds, adown cach glittering side, 345 state?

Myriads of millionary seraphs glide; Gifts unreceiv'd! These? Ye ungeacrous she sees good angels genial showers bestow great!

from the red convex of the dewy bow. How was I treated when in life forlorn ? 29. They smile upon the swain: He views the prize; My claim your pity; but my lot your scorn. Then gratefulbends,to bless the bounteous skies. 350 Why were my studious hours oppos'd by need? Some winds collea, and send propitious gales In me did poverty from guilt proceed ?

Oft where Britannia's navy spreads her sails ; Did I contemporary authors wrong? 295 | There ever wafting, on the breath of fame, And deem their worth, but as they priz'd my song: Unequal'd glory in her Sovereign's name. Did I footh vice, or venal strokes betray, Some teach young zephyrs vernal sweetsto bear, 355 In the low-purpos’d, loud polemic fray ? Ind float the balmy health on ambient air ; Did e'er my verse immodest warmth contain, Zephyrs, that oft, where lovers listening lie, Or, once-liċentious, heavenly truths profane ? 300 Along the grove in melting mufic die, Never.-And yet when envy funk my name, And in lone caves to minds poetic roll Who call’d my shadow'd merit into fame? Seraphie whispers, that abatract the soul. When, undeserv'd, a prison's grate I saw, Home range the colours, as they parted fly, What hand redecm'd me from the wrested law? Clear-pointed to the philosophic eye; Who cloath'd me naked, or wheo hungry fed? 30: The flaming red, that pains the dwelling gaze; Why crush'd the living? Why extoll?d the dead? The stainless, lightsome yellow's gilding rays; Bue foreign languages adopt my lays,

The clouded orange, that betwixt them glows, 365 And distant nations shame you into praise. And to kind mixture tawny lustre owes ; Why thould unrelish'd wit these horours canse? All-chearing green, that gives the spring its dye ; Custom, not knowlege, dictates your applause : 310' The bright, transparent blue, that robes the kky;



And indigo, which faded light displays; His Arength of mind, by luxury half diffolv'd, And violet, which in the view decays. 370 III brooks the woe, where deep he stands involv'd. Parental hues, whence others all proceed ; He weeps, stamps wild, and to and fro now flies; - An ever-mingling, changeful, countless breed; Now wrings his hands, and sends unmanly cries, 430 Unravel'd, variegated, lines of light,

Arraigns his judge, affirms unjust he bleeds, 1 When blended, dazzling in promiscuous white. And now recanes, and now for mercy pieads; Ofe through these bows departed spirits range, 375 Now blames associates, raves with inward Irife, New to the skies, admiring at their change; Upbraids himself; then thinks alone on life. Each mind a void, as when first born to carch, He rolls red swelling, tearful eyes around, Behold a second blank in fecond birth;

Sore smites his breast, and finks upon the ground. Then, as yon seraph bard fram'd hearts below, He wails, he quite de ponds, convulsive lies, Each sees him here transcendent knowledge show, Shrinks from the fancied axe, and thinks he dies; New faincs he tutors into truth refin'd, 381 Revives, with hope enquires, stops Ibort with fear, And tunes to rapturous love the new-form'd mind. Entreats ev'n flattery, nor the worst will hear; 440 He swells the lyre, whose loud, melodious lays The worst, alas, his doom - What friend replies? Call high Hosannas from the voice of praise; Each speaks with shaking head, and down-call eyes. Though one bad age such poesy coald wrong, 385 One silence breaks, then pauses, drops a tear; Now worlds around retentive roll the song. Nor hope affords, nor quite confirms his fear; Now God's high throne the full-voic'd raptures But what kind friendship part reserves unknown 445 gain,

Comes chundering in his keeper's furly tone. Celestial hosts returning strain for strain.

Enough ftruck through and through, in ghastly Thus he, who once knew want without relief,

ftare, šees joys resulting from well-suffering grief. 390 He stands transfix'd, the statue of despair ; Hark! while we talk, a distant pattering rain Nor aught of life, por aught of death he knows, Resounds !-See! up the broad ætherial plain Till thought returns, and bringsreturn of woes: 450 Shoots the bright bow !—The seraph flits away; Now pours a storm of grief in gushing freams: The Muse, the Graces from our view decay. That pait-colle&ed in himself he feems,

Behind yon weltern hill the globe of light 395 And with forc'd smile retires-His latent thought
Drops sudden; fast-pursued by shades of night. Dark, horrid, as the prison's dismal vault.
Yon graves from winter-scenes to mind recall If with himself at variance ever-wild,

455 Rebellion's council, and rebellion's fall.

With angry heaven how stands he reconcil'd ? What fiends in fulphurous, car-like clouds up-flew! No penitential orisons arise ; What midnight" treason glar'd beneath their Nay, he obtests the justice of the skies. view!

400 Not for his guilt, for sentenc'd life he moans; And now the traitors rear their Babel-schemes, His chains rough-clanking to discordant groans, 460 Big, and more big, stupendous mischief seems; To bars harsh-grating, heavy-creaking doors, But Justice, rouz'd, fuperior strength employs, Hoarse-echoing walls, and hollow-ringing floors, Their scheme wide shatters, and their hope To thoughts more diffonant, far, far less kind, destroys.

One anarchy, one chaos of the mind. Discord she wills: the missile ruin flies; 405 At length, fatigued with grief, on earth he lies: 465 Sudden, unnatural debates arise,

But soon as sleep weighs down th' unwilling eyes, Doubt, mutual jealousy, and dumb disgust, Glad liberty appears, no damps annoy, Dark-hinted mutterings, and avow'd distrust; Treason succeeds, and all cransforms to joy. To secret ferment is each heart resign'd;

Proud palaces their glictering stores display: Suspicion hovers in each clouded mind; 410 Gain he pursues, and rapine leads the way. 470 They jar, accus'd accuse, revil'd revile,

What gold! What gems!-he strains to seize the And wrath to wrath oppose, and guile to guile;

prize; Wrangling they part, themselves themselves betray; Quick from his touch diffolv'd, a cloud it flies. Each dire device starts naked into day;

Conscious he cries and must I wake to weep? They feel confusion in the van with fcar; 415 Ah, yet return, return, delulive sleep! They feel the king of terrors in the rear.

Sleep comes; but liberty no more:-Unkind, 475
of these were three by different motives fired, The dungeon-glooms hang heavy on his mind.
Ambition one, and one Revenge inspired. Shrill winds are heard, and howling dæmons call;
The third, O Mammon, was thy meaner slave; Wide-flying portals sceni unhing'd to fall:
Thou idol feldom of the great and brave ! 420 | Then close with sudden claps; a dreadful din!

Florio, whose life was one continued feast, He starts, wakes, forms, and all is hell within. 480
His wealth diminish'd, and his debts incrcas'd, His genius flies—reflects he now on prayer?
Vain pomp, and equipage, his low delires, Alas! bad spirits turn those thoughts to air.
Who ac'er to intellectual bliss aspires;

What shall he next? What, straight relinquish He, to repair by vice what vice has broke,


breath, Durlt with bold urcafons judgment's rod provoke. To bar a public, jul, though shameful death?

Rath, horrid thought! yet now afraid to live, 485 Straight heard the Furies, and with envy glar'd, Murderous he strikes—may heaven 'the deed And to precipitate his fall prepar'd. 546 forgive!

First Avarice came. In vain Self-love the press’d; Why had he thus false spirit to rehel?


he pity'd still, and still redress'd: And why not fortitude to suffer well?

Learning was his, and knowledge to commend, Were his success, how terrible thu blow!

Of arts a patron, and of want a friend.

550 And it recoils on him eternal woe,

490 Next came Revenge : but her essay how vain ! Heaven this affli&ion then for mercy meant, Not hate, nor envy, in his heart remain. That a good end might ciofe a life mispent. No previous malice could his mind engage,

Where no kind lips the hallow'd dirge resound, Malice the mother of vindi&tive rage. Far from the compass of yon facred ground; No~from his life his soes might learn to live; 555 Full in the centre of three meeting ways, 495 He held it ftill a triumph to forgive. Stak'd through he lies.-Warn`d let the wicked| Ac length Ambition urg'd his country's weal, gaze.

Afsuming the fair look of public Zeal; Near yonder fame, where misery sleeps in peace, Still in his breast fo generous glow'd the flame, Whose spire fast-lesions, as there inade, increase, The vice, when there, a virtue half became. 560 Left to the north, whence oft brew'd tempests roll, His pitying eye saw millions in distress, Tempests, dire emblems, Cosmo, of thy soul! 500 He deem'd it godlike to have power to bless: There mark that Cosmo, much for guile renown'd! Thus, when unguarded, treason stain'd him o'er ; His grave by unbid plants of poisua crown'd. Aod virtue and content were then no more. When out of power, though him the public good, But when to death by rigorous justice doom'd, So strong his factious tribe, fufpended stood. His genuine spirit saint-like state resum'd, 566 In power, vindictive actions were his aim,

505 Oft from fost penitence distilt'd a tear; And patriots perish'd by th' ungenerous flume. Oft hope in heavenly mercy lighten'd fear; Jf the best cause he in the fenate chose,

Oft would a drop from Uruggling nature fall, Ev'n right in him from fome wrong motive rose. And then a smile of patience brighten all. $70 The bad he loath'd, and would the weak despise ; He feeks in heaven a friend, nor seeks in vain, Yet courted for dark ends, and thunn'd the wile. His guardian angel (wift descends again ; When ill his purpose, eloquent his strain ; 511 And resolution thus bespeaks a mind, His malice had a look, and voice humane. Not fcorning life, yet all to death resign'd; His smile, the signal of some vile interit,

-Ye chains, fit only to restrain the will

575 A private poniard, or empoifon'd scent;

Of common, desperate ve:erans in ill, Proud, yet to popular applause a llave; 515 Thouzh rankling on my limbs ye lie, declare, No friend he honour'd, and no foe forgave. Did e'er my rising foul your pressure wear? His boons unfrequent, or unjuít to need; No !-free as liberty, and quick as light, The hire of guilt, of infamy the meed:

l'o worlds remote ihe takes unbounded light. 580 But, if they chanc'd on learned worth to fall, Ye dungeon glooms, that dim corporeal eyes, Bounty in him was oftentation all,

520 Could ye once blo: her prospect of the skies? No true benevolence his thought sublimes, No !-from her clearer fight ye fled away, His nobleft actions are illustrious crimes,

Like error, pierc'd by trath's resiftless ray. Fine parts, which virtue might have rank'd with Ye walls, that witness my repentant moan! 585 fame,

Ye echoes, that to midnight sorrows groan! Enhance his guilt, and magnify his shame. Do I, in wrath, to you of fate complain? - When parts and probity in man combine, 525 Or once betray fear's most inglorious pain ? In wisdom's eye how charmiage mult he shine! No!-Hail, twice hail then, ignominious death! Let him, less happy, truth at least impart Benold how willing glides my parting breach ! 590 And what he wants in genius bear in heart, Far greater, better far-ay, far indeed !

Cosmo, as death draws nigh, no more conceals Like me, have suffer'd, and like me will bleed. That form of passion, which his nature feels: 530 Apostles, patriarchs, prophets, martyrs all, He feels much fear, niore anger, and most pride; Like me once fell, nor murmur'd at their fall. But pride and anger make all fear subide. Shall I, whose days, ar belt, no ill deligo'd, 595 Dauntless he meets at length untimely fate; Whose virtue shone not, though I lov'd mankind, A desperate spirit! rather fierce, ihan great. Shall I, now guilty wretch, thall I repine ? Darkling he glides along the dreary coat, 535 Ah, no! to justice let me life relign! A fuilen, wandering, teit-tormenting ghost. Quick, as a friend, would I cobrace my foe!

Where veiny marble dignifies the ground, He taught me patience, who first taught me With emblem fair in sculpture rising round,


600 Just where a crolling, lengthening aifle we find, But friends are foes, they render woc severe, Full eaft; whence God returns to judge mankind, For me they wail, from me extort the tear. Once-lov'd Horativ iiceps, a mind ciate! 542 Not those, yet abient, millive griess control; Lamented shade, ambition was thy fate.

Thele periods weep, thote rave, and these condole, Ev'n angels, wondering, oft his worth survey'd; At entrance shricks a friend, wuh pale surprize ; Belioli a man, like onc ui us! they laid. Another penting, prostrate, ipeechicis lies; ' 606

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One gripes my hand, one fobs upon my breast! Am I the same? Ah no!- Buhold a mind,
Ah, who can bear?-it shocks, it murders rest! Unruffled, firm, exalted, and refin'd!
And is it yours, alas ! my friends to feel ? Late months, that made the vernal season gay,
And is it mine to comfort, mine to heal ? 610 Saw my health languish off in pale decay.

Is mine the patience, yours the bofom' Itrife? No racking pain yer gave disease a date ;
Ah! would rath love lure back my thoughts to life? No sad, presageful thought preluded fate:
Adieu, dear, dangerous mourners ! swift depart ! Yet number'd were my days-My destin'd end
Ah, fly me! fly! I teat you from my heart. Near, and more near--Nay, every fear suspend !
Ye saints, whom fears of death could ne'er I pass'd a weary, lingering, sleepless night:

675 control,

615 | Then rose, to walk in morning's earliest light : In my last hour compose, support my soul ! But few my steps--a faint, and cheerless sew! See my blood wash repented sin away!

Refreshment from my flagging spirits flew.
Receive, receive me to eternal day!

When, tow, retir'd beneath a cypress thade,
With words like these the destin'd hero dies, My limbs upon a flowery bank } laid, 680
While angels waft his soul to happier skies. 620 Soon by soft-creeping, murmuring winds com-
Distin&ion now gives way; yet on we talk,

Fnll darkness deepening o'er the formless walk. A slumber prefs'd my languid eyes — They clos'd :
Night treads not with light step the dewy gale, But clos'd nor long--Methought Olympia ipoke;
Nor bright-diftends her ítar-embroider'd veil ; Thrice loud the callid, and thrice the number broke.
Her leaden feer, inclement damps distil, 625 i wak'd. Forth-gliding from a neighbouring wood,
Clouds fh ut her face, black winds her vesture fill; Full in my view the shadowy cliarmer stood. 686
An earth-born meteor lights the fable skies, Rapturous I started up to clasp the thade;
Eastward it shoots, and, funk, forgotten dies. But stagger'd, fell, and found my vitals iade :
So pride, that rofe from duft to guilty power, A mantling chillness o'er my bosom spread,
Glares out in vain ; so duit shall pride devour. 630 As if that initant number'd with ihe dead. 690

Fishers, who yonder brink by torches gain, Her voice now fent a lar, imperfect sound,
With teethful tridents strike the scaly train. When in a swimming trance my pangs were
Like snakes in eagles' claws, in vain they strive,

When heav'd aloft, and quivering yet alive. Still farther off the callid With soft surprize,
While here, methought, our time in converse 1 turn'd—but void of strength, and aid to rise ;

.635 Short, shorter, shorter yet, my breath I drew: 695
The moon clouds muffled, and the night wore faft. Then up my struggling foul unburthen'd few.
At prowling wolves was heard the mastiff's bay, Thus from a state, where fin and grief abide,
And the warn'd master's arms forbad the prey! Heaven summon'd me to mercy-ihus I died.
Thus trcafon steels, the patriot chus descries, [640 He said. Th' astonishment with which I start,
Forth springs the monarch, and the mischief flies. Like bolted ice runs thivering through my heart.
Pale glow-worms glimmer'd through the depth Art thou not mortal then? I cried. But lo! 701
of night,

His raiment lightens, and his features glow!
Scattering, like hope through fear, a doubtful light. In fhady ringlets falis a length of hair;
Lone Philomela tün'd the filent grove,

Embloom'd his asped shines, enlarg'd his air.
With pensive pleasure liften'd wakeful Love. Mild from his eyes enlivening glories beam; 705
Half-dreaming Fancy form'd an angel's tongue, 645 Mild on his brow fits majesty supreme.
And Pain forgot to groan, fo sweet she sung. Bright plumes of every dye, that round him flow,
The Night-crone, with the melody alarmid, Veft, robe, and wings, in varied luftre fhow.
Now paus’d, now liften’d, and awhile was charm'd; He lyoks, and forward steps with mien divine;
But like the man, whose frequent stubborn will A

grace celestial gives him all to shine: 710
Refifts what kind, teraphic founds instil, 650 He speaks-Nature is ravith'd at the found,
Her hcart the love-inspiring voice repellid, The forests move, and streams stand listening
Her brealt with agitacing mischief swellid;

Which clos'd her enr, and tempted to destroy Thus he. As incorruption I affum'd,
The tubeful life, that charms with virtuous joy. As inftant in immortal youth I bloom'd!

Now fast we measure back the trackles3 way; Renew'd, and chang'd, I felt my vital springs, 715
No friendly stars directive beams display. 656 With different lights discern'd the form of things;
But lo!-a thousand lights shoot instant rays; To earth my patlions fell like milts away,
Yon kindling rock reflects the startling blaze. And reason oper'd in eternal day.
I stand astonish'd thus the hermit cries:

Swifter than thought from world to world I Acw,
Fear not, but liften with enlarg'd surprize! 660 | Celestial knowledge shone in every view.

720 Still mult these hours our mutual converse claim, My food was cruth-what transport could I miss? And cease to echo still Olympia's name;

My profpect, all infinitude of bliss.
Grots, rivulets, groves, Olympia's name forget, Olympia met me first, and, smiling gay,
Olympia now no sighing winds repeat.

Onward to mercy led the thining way;
Can I be mortal, and thore hours no more, 665 | As far transcendant to her wonted air, 725
Those amorous hours, that plaintive echoes bore? As her dear wonted fell to many a fair !

In voice, and form, beauty more beauteous shows, THE BASTARD .
And harmony still more harmonious grows.
She points out fouls, who taught me friendship: In my hours, when high, my fancy ran,
They gaze, they glow, they spring into my arms! Bleft be the Bastard's birth | through wondrous
Well pleas'd, high ancestors my view command;

Patrons and patriots all; a glorious band ! He shines eccentric like a comet's blaze !
Horatio too, by well-born fate refind,

No fickly fruit of faint compliance He! 5 Shone out white-rob’d with saints, a spotlels He! stampt in nature's mint of ecstacy! mind!

He lives to build, not boast, a generous race: What once, below, ambition made him miss, 735 No tenth transmitter of a foolith face. Humility here gain'd, a life of bliss !

His daring hope, no fire's example bounds ; Though late, let finners then from fin depart ! His first-born lights, no prejudice confounds. 10 Heaven never yet defpis'd the contrite heart. He, kindling, from within, requires no flame; Laft Ione, with sweet, exalted lustre grac'd, He glories in a Baftard's glowing name. The SERAPH-BARD, in highest order plac'd! 740 Born to himself, by no possession led, Seers, lovers, legiflators, prelates, kings, In freedom foster'd, and by fortune fed ; All raptur'd liften, as he raptur'd fings.

Nor guides, nor rules, his sovereign choice control, Sweetness and strength his look and lays employ, His body independent as his soul; Greet smiles with smiles, and every joy with joy: Loosid to the world's wide rangemenjoy'd no aim, Charmful he rose; his ever-charmful tongue 745 Prescrib'd no duty, and assign'd no name: Joy to our second hymeneals fung;

Nature's unbounded son, he stands alone, Still as we pass'd, the bright, celestial throng His heart unbiass’d, and his mind his own. Hail'd us in social love, and heavenly song.

O Mother, yet no Mother! 'tis to you, Of that no more! my deathless friendihip fee! My thanks for such distinguish'd claims are due. I come an Angel to the Muse and Thee. 750 You, unenslav'd to Nature's narrow laws, These lights, that vibrate, and promiscuous shine, Warm championess for freedom's sacred cause, Are enianations all of forms divine.

From all the dry devoirs of blood and line,
And here the Muse, though melted from thy gaze, From ties maternal, moral and divine,
Stands among spirits, mingling rays with rays. Discharg'd my grasping soul; push'd me from shore,
If thou would't peace attain, my words attend, And launch'd me into life without an oar.

The latt, fond words of thy departed friend! 756 What had I lost, if, conjugally kind,
True joy's a seraph, that to heaven aspires, By nature hating, yet by vows confin'd,
Unhurt it triumphs mid' celestial choirs.

Untaught the matrimonial bounds to flight,
But should no cares a mortal state molest, And coldly conscious of a husband's right,
Lise were a state of ignorance at best. 760 You had faint-drawn me with a form alone,

Know then, if ills oblige thee to retire, A lawful lump of life by force your own! (35 Those ills folemnity of thought inspire.

Then, while your backward will retrench'd delire, Did not the soul abroad for obje&s roam,

And unconcurring spirits lent no fire,
Whence could she learn to call ideas home? I had been born your dull, domestic heir,
Juftly to know thyself, peruse mankind; 765 Load of your life, and motive of your care;

To know thy God, paint nature on thy mind: Perhaps been poorly rich, and meanly great,
Without such fcience of the worldly scene, The flave of pomp, a cypher in the state ; 40
What is retirement !Fmpty pride or spleen : Lordly neglectful of a worth unknown,
But with it wisdom. There all cares refine, And Dumbering in a seat, by chance my own.
Render’a by contemplation half-divire. 770 Far nobler bleflings wait the Baltard's lot;
Trust not the frantic, or mysterious guide, Conceiv'd in rapture, and with fire begoi !
Nor stoop a captive to the schoolman's pride. Strong as necenity, he starts away,

45 On nature's wonders fix alone thy zeal!

Climbs against wrongs. and brightens into day. They dim not reason, when they truth reveal ; Thus unprophetic, lately milinspir'd, So shall religion in thy heart endure, 775 I fung: Gay fluttering hope, my fancy fir'd; From all traditionary falsehood pure;

Inly tecure, through conscious scorn of ill, So life make death familiar to thy eye,

Nor taught by witdom, how to balance will, 50 So fhalt thou live, as thou may'll learn to die; Rafhly ceceiv'd, I saw no pits to fhun, And, though thou view't thy work oppreffor Bue thought to purpose and to act were one; thrive,

Heedless what poinred cares pervert his way, From tranficne wce, immortal bliss derive. 780 W'hom caution arms not, and whom woes betray; Farewell-Nay, stop the parting tear!-go! But now, expos'd, and drinking from diftress, ss But leave the Muse thy comforter below. I Ay to shelter, while the tempelts press; He said. Instant his pinions upward foar, My Muse to grief refigns the varying tone, He leffening as they rise, till feen no more. [785 The raptures languish, and the numbers groan.

While Contemplation weigh'd the mystic view, O memory! thou soul of joy and pain ! The lights all vanilh'd, and the vision icw. Thou actor of our pallions o'er again!



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