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Commission'd now the falsehood he reveals, I hafte!-I fly!-adieu !--and when you see 315
To justice foon th' enabled heir appeals ; 260 The youth who bleeds with fondness, think on me:
Soon, by his wealth, are costly pleas maintain'd, Tell him my tale, and be his pain careft ;
And, by discover'd truth, loft right regain'd. By love I tortur'd was, by love I'm bleft.
But why (may some enquire) why kind success

, When worshipp'd woman we entranc'd behold, Since mystic heaven gives misery oft to bless ? We praise the Maker in his faireft mould;

320 Though mifery leads to happiness and truth, 265 | The pride of nature, harmony combin'd, Unequal to the load, this languid youth,

And light immortal to the soul refind! Unftrengtben'd virtue scarce his bosom fir'd,

Depriv'd of charming women, foon we miss And fearful from his growing wants retir'd. The prize of friendship, and the life of bliss ! (325 Oh, let not censure, if (untried by grief,

Still through the shades Olympia dawning breaks! If, amidst woe, untempted by relief,) 270 What bloom, what brightness lustres o'er her cheeks! He stoop'd reluctant to low arts of shame, Again the calls!—I dare no longer stay! Which then, ev’n then he scorn'd, and blush'd to A kind farewell--Olympia, I obey. name.

He turn'd, no longer in my sight remain'd;
Heaven sees, and makes th’imperfect worth its care, The mountain he, I safe the city gain’d. 330
And chears the trembling heart, unform'd to bear,
Now rising fortune elevates his mind, 275

He shines unclouded, and adorns mankind.
So in fome engine, that denies a veat,

TILL o'er my mind wild Fancy holds her sway; If unrespiring is some creature pent,

Still on ftrange, visionary land i ftray. lt fickens, droops, and pants, and gasps for breath, Inow icenes crowd thick! now indistinct appear ! Sad o'er the fight swim shadowy mists of death ; 280 Swift glide the months, and turn the varying year! If then kind air pours powerful in again,

Near the bull's horn light's rising monarch New heats, new pulses quicken every vein ;


5 From the clear'd, lifted, life-rekindled eye, Now on its back the Pleiades he thaws! Dispers'd, the dark and dampy vapours fly. [285 From vernal heat pale winter forc'd to fly,

From trembling tombstheghofts of greatness rise, Northward retires, yet turns a watery eye;
And o'er their bodies hang with wistful eyes; Then with an anguish breath nips infant blooms,
Or discontented stalk, and mix their howls Deprives unfolding spring of rich perfumes,
With howling wolves, their screams with screaming Shakes the low-circling blood of human race,
The interval 'twixt night and morn is nigh, Cowls. And in sharp, livid looks contracts the face.
Winter more nitrous chills the shadow'd sky. 290 Now o'er Norwegian hills he trides away:
Springs with soft heats no more give borders Such slippery paths Ambition's steps betray.

Turning, with signs, far spiral firs he sees,
Nor smoaking breathe along the whiten'd scene ; Which bow obedient to the southern breeze :
While steamy currents, sweet in prospect, charm Now from yon Zemblan rock his creft he Ihrouds,
Like veins blue-winding on a fair-one's arm. [295 Like Fame's, obscur'd amid the whitening clouds;

Now Sleep to Fancy parts with half his power, Thence his loft empire is with tears deplor'd :
And broken Numbers drag the restless hour. Such tyrants shed o'er liberty restor'd.
The murder'd seems alive, and ghastly glares, Beneath his eye (that throws malignant light)
And in dire dreams the conscious murderer scares, Ten times the measur'd round of mortal sighe)
Shews the yet-spouting wound, th'enfanguin'd floor, A waste, pale glimmering, like a moon, that wanen
The walls yet-smoaking with the spatcer'd gore; a wild expanse of frozen sea contains. [25
Or hricks to dozing justice, and reveals 301 It cracks ! - alt foating mountains beat the shore !
The deed, which fraudful art from day conceals; Far off he hears those icy ruins roar,
The delve obscene, where no suspicion pries, And from the hideous crash distracted flies,
Where the disfigur'd corse vnshrouded lies; (305 Like one, who feels his dying infant's cries.
The sure, the striking proof, so strong maintain d, Near, and more near the rushing torrents sound,
Pale guile starts self-convicted, when arraign'd. And one great rift runs through the vast profound,

These spirits treason of its power divest, Swift as a shooting meteor ; groaning loud, 31
And turn the peril from the patriot's breast. Like deep-rolld thunder through a rending cloud.
Those solemn thought inspire, or bright descend The late dark Pole now feels unsetting day :
To snatch in vision sweet the dying friend. 310 In hurricanes of wrath he whirls his way;
But we deceive the gloom, the marin bell O'er many a polar Alp to Frost he goes,

35 Summons to prayer !-Now breaks th’inchanter's O'er crackling vales, embrown'd with melting spell !

snows: And now—But yon fair spirit's form survey! Here bears stalk tenants of the barren space, 'Tis she !--Olympia beckons me away!

Few men, unsocial those!ma barbarous race!

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I 20

At length the cave appears! the race is run: Varied with gems, all heaven's colle&ted store! 93
How he recounts vast conquelts loft and won, 40 While his loose locks defcend, a golden shower.
And taleful in th' embrace of Frost remains, If to his steps compar'd, we tardy find
Barr'd from our climes, and found in icy chains. The Grecian racers, who outstripe the wind,

Meanwhile the lun his beams on Cancer throws, Fleet to the glowing race behold him start!
Which now beneath his warmest influence glows. His quickening eyes a quivering radiance dart, 100
From glowing Cancer fallen, the King of day, 45 And, while this last nocturnal flag is furl'd,
Red through the kindling Lion shoots his ray. Swift into life and motion look the world.
The tawny harvest pays the carlier plough, The sun-flower now averts her blooming check
And mellowing fruitage loads the bending bough. From west, to view his eastern lustre break.
'Tis day-spring. Now green labyrinths I frequent, What gay, creative, power his presence brings! 105
Where Wisdom oft retires to meet Content. 50 Hills, lawns, lakes, villages !--the face of things,

The mounting lark her warbling anthem lends, all night beneath succellive shadows miss’d, From note to note the ravish'd soul ascends; Instant begins in colours to exist : As thus it would the patriarch's ladder climb, But absent thcle from sons of riot keep, By some good angel led to worlds sublime : Lost in impure, unmeditating sleep. Oft (legends say) the snake, with wakeu'd ire, 55 T' unlock his sence, the new-risen swain prepares, Like Envy rears in many a scaly spire;

And cre forth-driven recounts his fleecy cares; Then fongsters droop, then yield their vital gore, When, lo! an ambush'd wolf, with hunger bold, And innocence and music are no more.

Springs at the prey, and fierce invades the fold! Mild rides the Morn in orient beauty drest, But by the pastor not in vain defied,

IIS An azure mantle, and a purple vest,

60 Like our arch foe by some celestial guide. Which, blown by gales, her gemmy feet display, Spread on yon rock the fea-cali I survey: Her amber treffes negligently gay:

Bask'd in the sun, his skin reflects the day. Collected now her rosy hand they fill,

He sees yon tower-like ship the waves divide, And, gently wrung, the pearly dews distil.

And lips again beneath the glassy tide. The songful zephyrs, and the laughing hours, 65 The watery herbs, and shrubs, and vioes, and Breathe sweet; and strew her opening way with flowers, flowers.

Rear their bent heads, o'ercharg'd with nightly The chattering swallows leave their nested showers. care,

Hail, glorious sun! to whose attradive fires, Each promising return with plenteous fare. The weaken'd, vegetative life aspires ! So the fond fwain, who to the market hics, The juices, wrought by thy directive force, 125 Stills, with big hopes, his infant's tender cries. 70 Thro' plants

, and trees, perform their genial course, Yonder two turtles, o'er their callow brood, Extend in root, with bark unyielding bind Hang hovering, ere they seek their guiltless food. The hearted trunk; or weave the branching rind; Fondly they bill. Now to their morning care, Expand in leaves, in flowery blossoms shoot, Like our first parents, part the amorous pair : Biced in rich gums, and swell in ripen'd fruit. 130 But ah!--a pair no more! With spreading From Thee, bright, universal Power! began wings,

75 Instinct in brute, and generous love in man, From the high-sounding cliff a vulture springs; Talk'd lof love ? - Yonfwain, with amorous air, Steady he fails along th' aerial grey,

Soft swells his pipe, to charm the rural fair. Swoops down, and bears yon timorous dove away. She milks the flocks; then, liftening as he plays, 135 Start we, who worse than vultures, Nimrods Steals, in the running brook, a conscious gaze. find,

The trout, that deep, in winter, ooz'd remains, Men meditating prey on human kind? 80 Up-springs, and funward turns its crimson ftains.

Wild beasts to gloomy dens repace their way, The tenants of the warren, vainly chac'd; Where their couch'd young demand the flaughter'd | Now lur'd co ambient fields for green repart, 140 prey.

Seek chcir small vaulted labyrinths in vain; Rooks, from their nodding nests, black-swarming Entangling nets betray the ikipping train; fly,

Red maffacres through their republic fly, And, in hoarse uproar, tell the fowler nigh. And heaps on heaps by ruthless spaniels die. Now, in his tabernacle rouz'd, the sun

The fisher, who the lonely beech has stray'd, 145 Is warn'd the blue ætherial steep to run. And all the live-long night his net-work spread, While on his couch of floating jafper laid, Drags in, and bears the loaded snare away; From his bright eye Sleep calls she dewy fhade, Where flounce, deceiv'd, th' expiring fiony prey. The cryitui donc transparent pillars raise,

Near Neptune's temple (Neptune's now Whence, beat'd from fapphires, living azure more), plays:

Whose statue plants a trident on the shore, 150 The liquid fiuor, in-wrought with pearls divine, in sportive rings the generous dolphins wind, Where all his labours in mosaic thioc.

And eye, and think the image human-kind : His coronci, a cloud of silver-white;

Dear, pleasing friendíbip!--See! the pile commands His robe with unconluming crimalon bright, i The vale, and grim at Superstition Itands !


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Time's hand there leaves its print of molly green, Thus o'er my Hermit once did grief prevail,

155 Thus rose Olympia's tomb, his moving tale, With hollows, carv'd for snakes, and birds obscene. The fighs, tears, frantic starts, that bani la rest,

O Gibbs, whose art the folemn fane can raise, And all the bursting sorrows of his breast. Where God delights to dwell, and man to praise; But hark! a sudden power attunes the air! When moulder'd thus the column falls away, Th' inchanting sound enamour'd breezes bear; Like some great prince majestic in decay; 160 Now low, now high, they fink, or lift the song, When Ignorance and Scord the ground shall tread, which the cave echoes sweet, and sweet the creeka Where Wisdom cutor'd, and Devotion pray'd;

prolong. Where shall thy pompous work our wonder claim; I liften'd, gaz'd, when, wondrous to behold! 225 What, but the Muse alone, preserve thy name? From ocean Iteam'd, a vapour gathering rollid : The sun shines, broken, through yon arch that A blue, round spot on the mid-roof it came.

165 Spread broad, and redden d into dazzling flame. This once-round fabric, half depriv'd by years, Full-orb'd it shone, and dimm'd the swimming Which rose a flately colonnade, and crown'd

fight, Encircling pillars now unfaithful found;

While doubling obje&s danc'd with darkling In fragments,chese the fall of those forebode, (170 light.

230 Which, nodding, just up-heave'thorcrumbling load. Amaz'd i stood !-amaz’d I still remain ! High, on yon column, which has batter'd stood, What earthly power this wonder can explain? Like some tripp'd oak, the grandeur of the wood, Gradual, at length, the luftre dies away:

1 The stork inhabits her aerial neft ;

My eyes restor'd, a mortal form survey. By her are liberty and peace careft ;

My Hermit-friend! 'Tis he.-All hail! (he cries) She flies the realms that own despotic kings, 175 I fee, and would alleviate, thy surprize. 2;6 And only (preads o'er free-born states her wings. The vanish'd meteor was heaven's message meant, The roof is now the daw's, or raven's haunt, To warn thee hence: I knew the high intent. And loathsome toads in the dark entrance pant; Hear then! in this sequefter'd cave retir’d, Or snakes, that lurk to snap the heedless fly, Departed saints converse with men inspir’d. 240 And sated bird, that oft comes fluttering by. 180 'Tis facred ground ; nor can thy mind endure, An aqueduct across yon vale is laid,

Yet unprepar'd, an intercourse so pure. Its channel through a ruin'd arch betray'd; Quick let us hence. And now extend thy views Whirl'd down a steep, it flies with torrent-force, O'er yonder lawn; there find the heaven-born Flashes, and roars, and ploughs a devious course.

Muse! Auracted mifts a golden cloud commenoe, 185 Or seek her, where she trufts her tuneful tale 245 While through high-colour'd air strike rays intense. To the mid, filent wood, or vocal vale; Betwixt two points, which yon steep mountains Where trees half check the light with trembling show,

shades, Lies a mild bay, to which kind breezes flow. Close in deep glooms, or open clear in glades; Beneath a grotto, arch'd for calm recreat, Or where surrounding vistas far descend, Leads lengthening in the rock-Be this myseat. 190 The landscape varied at each lessening end; 250 Heat never enters here ; but Coolness reigns She, only she can mortal thought refine, O'er zephyrs, and distilling, watery veins. And raise thy voice to visitants divine, Secluded now I trace th' instructive page, And live o'er scenes of many a backward age; Through days, months, years, through time's whole course I run,


And present stand where time itself begun
Ye mighty Dead, of juft, diftinguish'd fame,

TE left the cave. Be Fear (said I) defy'd ! Your thoughts, (ye bright instructors!) here I Virtue (for thou art Virtue) is my guide. claim.

By time-worn steps a steep ascent we gain,
Here ancient knowledge opens nature's springs; Whose summit yields a prospect o'er the plain.
Here truths historic give the hearts of kiriys. 200 There, bench'd with turf, an oak our feat extends,
Hence contemplation learns white hours to find, Whose top a verdans, branch'd pavilion bends. 6
And labours virtue on th' attentive mind : Viitas, with leaves, diversify the scene,
O lov'd retreat ! thy joys content bestow, Some pale, some brown, and some of lively green.
Nor guilt, nor fame, nor sharp repentance know. Now, from the full-grown day a beamy thower
Wha: the fifth Charles long aim'd in power to see, Gleams on the lake, and gilds each glossy flower. 10
That happiness he found reserv'd in thee. 206 Gay insects sparkle in the genial blaze,

Now let me change the page-Here Tully weeps, Various as light, and countless as its rays :
While in death's icy arms his Tullia fleeps, They dance on every stream, and pictur'd play,
His daughter dear ! - Retir'd I see him mourn, Till, by the watery racer, snatch'd away.
By all the phrenly now of anguish torn.

Now, from yon range of rocks, strong rays rea
Wild bis complaint! Nor (weerer Sorrow's strains, bound,
When Singer for Alexis loft complains.

Doubling the day on flowery plains around: Each friend condoles, expostulates, reproves; King-cups beneath far.striking colours glance, More than a father raving Tully loves;

Bright as th' echerial glows the green expanse. Or Sallust censures thus Unheeding blame, 215 Gems of the field !-the topaz charms the fight, He schemes a temple to bis Tullia's name. Like these, effulgiug yellow Itreams of light. 20 VOL. V.





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From the same rocks, fall rills with soften'd force, | A Raphael's fancy animates cach linc,
Meet in yon mead, and well a river's fource. Each image Itrikes with energy divine ;
Through her clear channel shine her finny shoals, Bacon and Newton in her thoughes conspire ;
O'er fands, like gold, the liquid crystal rolls. Nor sweeter than her voice is Handei's lyre. 80
Dimm'd in yon coarser moor, her charms decay, 25 My Hermit thus. She beckons us away:
And shape, through ruftling reeds, a rulled way. Oh, let us swift the high beheft obey!
Near willows short and bulhy flanows throw: Now through a lane, which mingling trads have
Now loft, the seems through nether tradis to flow : croft,
Yet, at yon point, winds out in filver State', The way unequal, and the landscape loft,
Like Virtue from a labyrinth of fate,

30 | We rove. The warblers lively tunes essay, As In lengthening rows, prone from the mountains, The lark on wing, the linnet on the spray,

While niulic trembles in their longful throats, The flocks :---their fiecces glistening in the fun ; The bulbuch whistles [ ft his fure-like potes. Her streams they seek, and, 'tw xilur neig bour. The bolder blackbird swills fonorous lays; ing trees,

The varying thrush commands a tuneful maze; 90 Recline in various attitudes of cale.

Each a wild length of melody purlucs ; Where the herds sip, the little oly fry, 35 While the Soft murmuring, amorous wood-dove Swist from the fhore, in scaliering myriads fly.

Each livery'd cloud that roupa in horizon glows, And, when in spring these melting mixtures flow, Shifts in odd scenes, like earth, from whence it ruic. The cucituo lends her unison of woe. The bee hums wanton in yon jaimisi buwer, But as 'mooth feas are furrow'd by a form; 95 And circling sertles, and defpoits the fioner. 40 As troubles all our tranquil joys riciorm; Melcdious there the plumy longers mett, So, loud chrough air, unweicome noises sound, And call charm'd Echo from her arch'd retreat. .ind harmony's at once, in discord, drown'd. Neat polith'd manfions rise in ] Tubpos et gay; From yon dark cypress, croak» the raven's cry; Time-batter'd towers frown awful in de cav; As difionant the daw, jay, chattering pie: The fun plays glittering on the rocks and spiris, 45 | The clamorous crows abandon'd carnage feek And the lawn lightens with reflected fires. and the harih owi thrills out a tharpening hrick.

Here Mirth, and Fancy's wancon train advance, At the lane's end a high-lath'd gate's presurid, And to light measures turn the swimming dance. To bar the tretpass of a vagrant herd. Sweet, flow-pac'd Melancholy next appears, Fast by, a meagre mendicant we find, 10$ Pompous in grief, and eloquent of tcars. 50 Whole ruffet rags hang fluttering in the wind : Here Meditation shines, in azure drett,

Years bow his back, a staff supports his tread, All-Star'd with gems; a sun adorns her cret. And loft white hairs shade thin his pally'd head. Religion, to whole lifted, raptur'd eyes

Pour wretch ! - Is this for charity his haunt? Seraphic hosts descend from opening tkies; (55 He meets the frequent flight, andruthlesstaunt. 110 Beauty, who sways the heart, and charms the right; On flaves of yuilt oft imiles the Squandering pect; Whose tongue is mutic, and whole Imile delight; But paffing knows not common bounty here. Whofe brow is majetty; whole bolom ptace; Vain thing! in what dost thou superior shine? Who bade creation be, and chaos cuale;

His our firit tire: what race more ancient thine? Whose breath perfumes the spring ; whose eye Less backward trac’d, he may his lincage draw is divine

from men, whole intluence kopt the world in awe. Kindled the sun, and gave its light to shine. 60 Whole worthleis fons, like thee, perchance code Here, in thy likenets, fair Ophelia, * lcen,

sun'd She throw's kind lustre o'er eh' enliveu'd green. Their ample store, their line to want was doom'd. Next her Description, rob'd in various hucs, So chine may perish, by the course of thing, Invites attention from the pensive Mule! 165 | While hiv, from beggars, re-afcenu io kings. 120 The Mufe !-She comes ! refind the Pathons wait, Now, lazar, as thy hardships 1 piruie, And Precept, ever winning, wise, and great. On my own state instruccit would I muse. The Muse! a thousand spirits wing cire dir When I view greatneis, I my lot lament; (Once men,who made, like her,mankindtiiei care). Compard to tree, I 1natch supreme coutcot. Ènamour'd round her prets ih'infpiring thione, I mimba have leis, dit heaven not gracious deal, 125 And swell to ecltacy her fulemo foue

70.1fats, which Inuit mourn to fee hee feel. Thus in the dame each nooier grade we finų, but iuit! cha uripple our approach deicies, Fair Wortley's angel-acceui, eyes, and mund. did to the gate, though weak, bicious hics. Whether her fight the dew-bright dawa furveys, Tpring preventive, and unbar the way,

The norn's dry heat, or evening's temper'd rays, Then, turning, with a smile of pity, say, 130
The hours of storm, or calm, the gler; ground, 75 Here, friend !- this little copper alms receive,
The coraldica, gem'd rock, or iky profound,

Inilance of will, without the power, to give.
Hermit, if here with picy we

we reflect,
Mrs. Oiffi!d.

How muî we grieve, when Icarning mcets negica?

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When God-like souls endure a mean restraint; 135 Then all were los!--Orwouldwe foating view 195 When generous will is curb’d by cyrant want ? The baleful cloud, there would destruction brew; He truly feels what to distress belongs,

Plague, sever, phrensy, close-engendering lic, Who to his private, adds a people's wrongs; Till these red ruptures clear the Tullied sky. Merit's a mark, at which disgrace is thrown, Now a field opens to enlarge my thought, And every injur'd virtue is his own. 140 Iu parcel'd tracts to various uses wrought. Such their own pangs with patience here endure, Here hardening ripeness the first blooms behold, Yet there weep wounds, they are denied to cure; There the last blolioms spring-like pride unfold. Thus rich in poverty, thus humbly great, Here swelling peas on 1 afy stalks are seen, And, though depress*d, superior to their fate. Mix'd flowers of red and azure shine between; Minions in power, and misers, ʼmid their itore, 145 Whole waving beauties, heighten'd by the sun, 205 Are mean in greatness, and in plenty poor. In colour'j lanes along the furrows run. What's power, or wealth? Were they not form'a There the next produce of a genial shower, for aid,

The bean: freth-blossoms in a speckled flower; A spring for virtue, and froni wrongs a shade? Whole morning dews, when to the fun resign'd, power we savage tyranny behold,

With undulating sweets embalm the wind. 210 And wily avarice owns polluted gold. 150 Now daily plats of clover square the plain, From goiden sands her pride could Libya raise, And part the bearded from the beardless grain. Could fhe, who spreads oo paflure,claim our praise? There fibrous fiax with verdure binds the field, Loach'd were her wealth, where rabid moniters Which on the loom shall art-fpun labours yield. breed;

The mulberry, in fair summer-green array'd, 215 Where serpents, pamper'd on her venom, feed, Full in the midst starts up, a silky shade. No sheltery trees invite the Wanderer's eye, 155 For human taite the rich-stain’d fruitage bleeds ; No fruits, no grain, no gums, her tracts fupply; The leaf the filk-emitting reptile feeds. On her vaft wilds no lovely profpeats run; Às swans their down, as flocks their faceces leave, But all lies barren, though beneath the fun. Here worms for man their glossy entrails weave. 220

My Hermit thus. I know thy soul believes, Hence, to adorn the fair, in texture gay, 'Tis hard vicetriumphs, and that virtue grieves; 160 Sprips, fruits, and flowers on figur'd vestments Yet oft affliction purifies the mind,

play: Kind benefits oft flow from means unkind. But Industry prepares them oft to please Were the whole known, that we uncouth suppose, The guilty pride of vain, luxuriant ease. Doubtless, would beauteous fymmetry disclose. Now frequent, ciuity gales offensive blow, 225 The naked cliff, that singly rough remains, 165 And o'er my light a transient blindness throw. la profpe& dignifies the fertile plains;

Windward we thift. Near down th'etherial steep, Lead-colour'd clouds, in scattering frayments seen, The lamp of day hangs hovering o'er the deep. Shew, though in broken views, the blue ferene. Dun shades, in rocky shapes up æther rolld, Severe distrelles induitry inspire;

Projed long, thaggy points, deep-ting’d with gold. Thus captives oft excelling arts acquire, 170 Others take faint th' unripen'd cherry's die, 230 And boldly struggle through a state of thame, And paint amusing landscapes on the eye. To life, ease, plenty, liberty, and fame

Their blue-veil'd yellow, through a sky ferene, Sword-law has often Europe's balance yain’d, In swelling mixture forms a floating green. And one red victory years of pe. ce inaintaim'd. Streak'd through white clouds a mild vermilion We pass through want to wealth, through ailmal fhines,

235 Atrife,

175 And the breeze freshens, as the heat declines. To calm concent, through death to endless life. Yon crooked, funny roads change rising views Libya thou nam'it-Lei Afric's wastes appear Fron brown, to sandy red, and chalky hues. Curit by thole hears, that fructify the year; One mingled leone another quick succeeds, Yet the tanie suns her orange-groves beirend, Men, chariots, teams, yok'u iteers, and prancing Whereclustering globesin Drining row depend 180 feeds,

240 Here when ficrce beams o'er withering plants are which climh, descend, and, as loud whips resound, rollid,

Stretch, tweat, and Imoke along unequal ground. There the green fruit seems ripen'd into gold. On windiny Thames, reflecting radiant beams, Ev'n scenes that strike with terrible surprize, When boats, thips, barjes mark the roughen'd Suill prove a God, just, merciful, and wile,

Itreams, Sad wintery blatts, that strip the autumn, bring 185 This way, and that, they different points pursue; The milder beauties of a flowery spring,

So mix the motions, and so Mifts the view, 246 Ye fulphurous fires in juygy lightning, break! While thus we throw around our gladden'd eyes, Ye thunders ractie, and ye nations shake! The gifts ot heaven in gay profusion rile; Ye storms of riving flame the forest tcar! (190 Trees rich with guins, and fruits; with jewels rocks Deep crack the rocks! rent trees be whiri'd in air! Plains with Howers, herbs, and plants, and beeves Reft at a stroke, fome stacely fane we'll mouro;


250 Her tombs wide-Shatter'd, and her dead up-tora; Mountains with mines; with oak, and cedor Were noxious fpirits not from caverns drawn,

woods; Rack'd earth would soon in gulfs enormous yawn: Quarries with marble, and with fish the floods.

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