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To Doctor M-, A TALE.



The good old dame, ravish'd out-right,
Ev'n doated on fo gay a light;
Her Frank, as glorious as the morn;
Poor Numps was look'd upon with scorn.

With other eyes the yeoman sage Beheld each youth; nought could engage His wary and discerning heart, Bat sterling worth and true desert. At last, he could no longer bear Such Orange sophisticated ware; He cries (enrag'd at this odd scene) " What can this foolish coxcomb mean, " Who, like a pedlar with his pack, * Carries his riches on his back? * Soon shall this blockhead sink my rents, " And alienate my tenements, “ Which long have stood in good repair, " Nor sunk, nor rose, from heir to heir; " Still the same rent without advance, " Since the Black Prince first conquer'd France : “ But now, alas! all must be lost, " And all my prudent projects croft. “ Brave honest race! Is it thus then " We dwindle into gentlemen ? " But I'll prevent this foul disgrace, " This butterfly from hence I'll chace."

He saddles Ball without delay,
To London town directs his way;
There at the Herald's Office he
Took out his coat, and paid his fee,
And had it cheap, as wits agree.
A lion rampant, stout and able,
Argent the field, the border sable;
| The gay escutcheon look'd as fine,
As any new-daub'd country lign.
Thus having done what he decreed,
Home he returns with all his speed:

Here, fon," said he, “ since you will be
A gentleman in spight of me;
Here, fir, this gorgeous bauble take,

How well it will become a rake!
* Be what you seem : this is your ihare;
" But honest Numps shall be my heir;
“ To him I 'll leave my whole estate,
" Left my brave racc degenerate."

HEN faints were cheap in good Nol's reign,

As finners now in Drury-Lane;
Wrapt up in mysteries profound,
A faint perceiv'd his head turn round:
Whether the sweet and favoury wind,
That should have been discharg'd behind,
For want of vent had upward fled,
And seiz'd the fortress of his head;
Ye fage philosophers, debate:
I solve no problems intricate.
That he was mad, to me is clear,
Else why should he, whose nicer car
Could never bear church-mufick here,
Dream that he heard the blest above,
Chanting in hymns of joy and love?
Organs themselves, which were of yore
The musick of the scarlet whore,
Are now with transport heard. in fine,
Ravilh'd with harmony divine,
All earthly blessings he defies,
The guest and favourite of the skies.
At last, his too officious friends
The doctor call, and he attends;
The patient cur’d, demands his fee.
“ Curse on thy farting pills and thce,"
Reply'd the saint: “ah! to my cost
" I'm curd; but where 's the heaven I lot?
“ Go, vile deceiver, get thee hence,
" Who'd barter Paradise for sense ?"

Ev'n so bemus'd (that is, poffeft),
With raptures fir'd, and more than bleft?
In pompous epick, towering odes,
I ftrut with heroes, feast with gods;
Enjoy by turns the tuneful quire,
For mc they touch each golden lyre.
Happy delusion! kind deceit !
Till you, my friend, reveal the cheat;
Your eye fevere, traces each fault,
Each swelling word, each tinsel thought.
Cur'd of my Phrensy, I despise
Such trifles, stript of their disguise,
Convinc'd, and miserably wise.


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P E M S.


THE W ANDERER, Yet, though unequal to a foul like thine,

A generous soul, approaching to divine,
When bless'd beneath such patronage I write,

Great my attempt, though hazardous my flight. 10

O'er ample Nature ( extend my views ; AIN would my verse, Tyrconnel, boast thy Nature to rural scenes invites the Muse: name,

She flies all public care, all venal ftrife, Brownlowe, at once my subject and my fame! To try the still, compar'd with active life; Oh! could that spirit, which thy bosom warms, To prove, by these the fons of men may owe 15 Whose Arength surprises, and whose goodness The fruits of bliss to bursting clouds of woe; charms!

That ev'n calamity, by thought refin'd, That various worth! could that inspire my lays, 5 lafpirits and adorns the thinking mind. Envylhould smile, and Censure learn to praise :


Come, Contemplation, whose unbounded gaze, O Contemplation, teach me to explore, Swift in a glance, the course of things surveys; 20 From Britain far remote, some distant fhore! Who in chyself the various view canst find From Sleep a dream distinct and lively claim; Of fea, land, air, and heaven, and human-kind; Clear let the vision strike the moral's aim! What cides of passion in the boroni roll; It comes! I feel it o'er my soul serene! What thoughts debase, and what exalt the soul, Still Morn begins, and Frost retains the scene! Whose pencil paints, obsequious to thy will, 25 Hark!--the loud horn's enlivening note's beguz! All thou survey'ft, with a creative skill!

From rock to vale sweet-wandering echoes run Oh, leave awhile thy lov'd, sequester'd shade! Still floats the sound fhrill-winding from afar ! 85 Awhile in wintery wilds vouchsafe thy aid ! Whilft bearts astonish'd dread the lylvan war! Then waft me to some olive, bowery green, 29 Spears to the fun in files embattled play, Where,cloath'd in white, thou shew'sta

mind serene;) March on, charge briskiy, and enjoy the fray! Where kind Content from. noise and court retires, Swans, ducks, and geefe, and the wing'd winter And smiling fits, while Muses tune their lyrcs :

brood, Where Zephyrs gently breathe, while Sleep pro. Chatter discordant on yon echoing flood ! 90 found

At Babel thus, when heaven the tongue confour To their soft fanning nods, with poppies crown'd; Sudden a thousand different jargon-sounds, Sleep, on a treasure of brighe dreams reclines, 35 Like jangling bells, harsh mingling, grate the ex! By the bestow'd; whence Fancy colour'd shines, All ftare! all talk! all mean; but none cohere! And flutters round his brow a hovering flight, Mark! wiley fowlers meditate their doom, Varying her plumes in visionary light.

And smoaky Fate speeds thundering through the The solar fires now faint and watery burn,

gloom! Just where with ice Aquarius frets his urn! 40 Stop'd thort, they cease in airy rings to fly, If thaw'd, forth issue, from its mouth severe, Whirl o'er and o'er, and, fluttering, fall and die Raw clouds, that fadden all th' inverted year. Still Fancy wafts me on! deceiv'd I stand,

When Frost and Fire with martial powers engag'd, i Ettrang'd, adventurous on a foreign land! 130 Frost, northward, fled the war, unequal wag'd! Wide and more wide extends the scene unknown! Beneath the Pole his legions urg'd their flight, 45 Where shall I turn, a WANDERER, and alone? And gain'd a cave profound and wide as night. From hilly wilds, and depths where fnows se O'er cheerless scenes by Desolation own'd,

main, High on an Alp of ice he fits enthron'd!

My winding steps up a steep mountain strain ! One clay-cold hand, his crystal beard sustains, Emers'd a-top, I mark, the hills subfide, 105) And scepter'd one,o'er wind and tempest reigns; 50 And towers aspire, but with inferior pride! O'er ftony magazines of hail, that storm On this bleak height tall firs, with ice-work crown'd, The bloffom'd fruit, and flowery Spring deform. Bend, while their flaky winter shades the ground! His languid eyes like frozen lakes appear, Hoarse, and direct, a blustering north-wind blow! Dim gleaming all the light that wanders here. On boughs, thick-ruftling, crack the crisped from! Hie robe snow-wrought, and hoar'd with age; his Tangles of frost half-fright the wilder'd eye, il breath

55 By heat oft-blacken'd like a lowering sky! A nitrous damp, that strikes petrific death. Hence down the side two curbid rivulets pour,

Far hence lies, ever-frecz'd, the northern main, and devious two, in one huge cataract roar! That checks, and renders navigation vain, While pleas'd the watery progress I pursue, 115 That, shut against the sun's diffolving ray, Yon rocks in rough assemblage rush in view! Scatters the trembling tides of vanquish'd day, 60 In form an amphitheatre they rise; And stretching caftward half the world secures, And a dark gulf in their broad centre lies. Defies discovery, and like time endures !

There the dim'd fight with dizzy weakness fails, Now Frost sent boreal blasts to scourge the air, And horror o'er the firmest brain prevails! To bind the streams, and leave the landscape bare ; Thither these mountain-streams their paffage take Yet when, far west, his violence declines, 65 Headlong foam down, and form a dreadful lake! Though here the brook, or lake, his power confines; The lake, high-swelling, so redundant grows, To rocky pools, to cataracts are unknown From the heap'd store deriv'd, a river flows; His chains!-to rivers, rapid like the Rhone! Which, deepening, travels thro' a distant wood,125

The falling moon caft, cold, a quivering light, And thence emerging, meets a fifter-flood; Just silver'd o'er the snow, and funk!--pale vight Mingled they flash on a wide-opening plain, Retir'd. The dawn in light-grey mitts arose! 71 And pass yon city to the far-seen main. Shrill chants the cock !--the hungry heifer lows! So blend two souls by heaven for union made, Slow blush yon breaking clouds;-the sun's uproll'd! And strengthening forward, lend a murual aid, 130 'Th'expansive grey turns azure, chas'd with gold; And prove in every transient turn their aim, White-glittering ice, chang'd like the topaz, Through finite life to infinite the same. gleams,

Nor ends the landscape-Ocean, to my fight, Reflec.ing saffron luftre from his beams. 70 Points a bluc arın, where failing ships delight,




Io prospea lefsen'd! - Now now rocks, rear'd, Thick on this top o'ergrown for walks are seen 195 high,

135 Grey leafless wood, and winter-greens between! Stretch a cross-ridge, and bar the curious eye ; The reddening berry, deep-ting d holly shows, There lies obscur'd the ripening diamond's ray, , And matted milletoe, the white, bestows! And thence red branching coral 's rent away. Though lost the banquet of autumnal fruits, In conic form there gelid crystal grows;

Tho'on broad oaks no vernal umbrage foots! 200 Thro' such the palace-lamp, gay lustre throws! 140 These boughs, the silenc'd shivering songsters seek! Lustre, which, through dim night, as various plays, These foodsul berries fill the hungry beak. As play from yonder fnows the changeful rays! Beneath appears a place, all outward bare, For Dobler use the crystal's worth may rise, Inward the dreary mansion of Despair ! if tubes perspective hem the spotless prize; The water of the mountain-road, half-stray'd, 205 Chro' these the beams of the far-lengthen'd eye 145 Breaks o'er it wild, and falis a brown cascade. Veasure known stars, and new remoter spy. Has Nature this rough, naked piece designd, lence Commerce many a shorten'd voyage steers, To hold inhabitants of mortal kind? shorten'd ro months, the hazard once of years ; She has. Approach'd, appears a deep descent, ience Halley's soul etherial flight essays; Which opens in a rock a large extent ! bitsuđive there from orb to orb the strays; 150 And hark !-its hollow entrance reach'd, I hear lecs, round new countless suns, new systems roll! A trampling sound of footsteps hastening near ! lees God in all! and magnifies the whole ! A death-like chillness thwarts my panting breasts lon rocky fide enrich'd the summer scene, So!t! wilh'd object stands at length confeft, ind peasants search for herbs of healthful green ; Of youth his form!—But why with anguish bent? Now naked, pale, and comfortless it lies, 155 Why pin'd with fallow marks of discontent? [216 ike youth extended cold in death's disguise. Yet Patience, labouring to beguile his care, There, while without the founding tempeft swells, Seems to raise hope, and smiles away despair. ficav'd secure th' exulting eagle dwells;

Companion, his eye, surveys my grief, Ind there, when Nature owns prolific spring, And in his voice invites me to relief. preads o'er her young a fondling mother's wing. Preventive of thy call, behold my harte, wains on the coast the far-fam'd fish descry,[160 (He says,) nor let warm thanks thy spirits wafte! That gives the fleecy robe che 'Tyrian dye ; All fear forget-Each portal I possess, While thells, a fcatcer'd ornament bestow, Duty wide-opens to receive distress. he tinctur'd rivals of the showery bow.

Oblig'd, I follow, by his guidance led; 225 lon limeless sands, loose-driving with the wind, The vaulted roof re-echoing to our tread!

future cauldrons useful texture find, (165 And now, in squar'd divifions, I survey fill, on the furnace thrown, the glowing mass Chambers sequefter'd from the glare of day; Brightens, and brightening hardens into glass. Yet needful lights are taught to intervene, When winter halcyons, flickering on the wave, Through rifts; each forming a perspective scene. Tunc their complaints, yon sea forgets to rave; 170 In front a parlour meets my entering view; (230 Though lath'a by storms, which naval pride'o'er- Oppos’d, a room to sweet refe&tion due. turn,

Here my chillid veins are warm’d by chippy fires, The foaming deep in sparkles seems to burn, Through the bor'd rock above, the smoke exLoud winds curn zephyrs to enlarge their notes, pires; And each fafe nelt on a calm surface floats. Neat, o'er a homely board, a napkin 's spread, 235

Now veets the wind full caft; and keen, and fore, Crown'd with a heapy canister of bread. Its cutting influence aches in every pore ! (175 A maple cup is next dispatch'd to bring How weak thy fabric, Man ! puff, thus blown, The comfort of the salutary spring : Staggers thy strength, and echoes to thy groan. Nor mourn we absent blessings of the vine, A tooth's minutest nerve let anguisha fuize, Here laughs a frugal bowl of rofy wine; 240 Swiit kindred fibres catch! so frail our cale !) 180 And savoury cates, upon clcar embers caft, Pinch’d, pierc'd, and torn, enfiam'd, and unafluag'd, Lie hisling, till snatch'd off; a rich repast ! Theylmart,and swell, and throo, and invot enrag'd! Soon leap my spirits with enliven'd power, From nerve to nerve tierce flies th’exulting pain ! And in gay converse glides the feaitful hour. (245 -And are we of this mighty fabric vain? Iglides! The Hermit, thus : Thou wonder'lt at thy fare: Now my blood chills! scarce through my veins it on me, yon city, kind, bestows her care : Se on each blast a shivering ague rides !

186 Meat for keen famine, and the generous juice, Winr'd let me this bleak eminence forsake, That warms chill'd life, her charities produce : Ari 'c the vale a different winding take! Accept without reward; unafk'd 'ewas mine ; (250

Hul de cend: my spirits fast decay; Here what tay health requires, as free be thine. A teriaic iw relieves iny weary way.

190 Hence learn that God, (who, in the time of need, Clote wita hus ftage a precipice combines; In frozen deserts can the raven fecd). Whence fuil the spacious country far declines ! Well-foughe, will delegate some pitying breast, The herds iccia inicas in the distant glades, His second mcans, to luccour man diftreft. And nea diminish'd, as, at ncon, their fhades!


He paus'd. Deep thought upon his aspect Pass on-New scenes, by my creative power, 315 gloom'd;

255 Invite Reflection's sweet and solemn hour. Then he, with smile humane, his voice resum'd. We enter'd, where, in well-rang'd order, stood I'm juft inform’d, (and laugh me not to scorn) Th' instructive volumes of the wife and good. By one unseen by thee, thou’rt English-bora. These friends (said he) though I desert mankind, Of England I-To me the British Rate

Good angels never would permit behind. 320 Rises, in dear memorial, ever great! 260 Each genius, youth conceals, or time displays, Here Itand we conscious :-Diffidence suspend ! I know; each work some seraph here conveys, Free flow our words ! -Did ne'er thy Muse extend Retirement thus presents my searchful thought, To grots, where Contemplation smiles serene, What heaven inspir'd, and what the Muse has Where angels visit, and where joys convene?

taught; To groves, where more than mortal voices rise, 265 What Young fatiric and sublime has writ,

325 Catch the rapt foul, and waft it to the skies? Whose life is virtue, and whofe Muse is wit. This cave!-Yon walks! - But, ere I more unfuld, Rapt I foresee thy Mallet's* early aim What artful scenes thy eyes shall here behold, Shine in full worth, and shoot at length to fame. Think subjects of my toil: nor wondering gaze! Sweet fancy's bloom in Fenton's lay appears, What cannot Industry completely raise ? 270 And the ripe judgment of instrutive years.

330 Be the whole ear:h in one great landscape found,

In Hill is all that generous fouls revere, By Industry is all with beauty crown'd!

To Virtue and the Muse for ever dear : He, he alone, explores the mine for gain, And Thomson, in this praise, thy merit see, Hewes the hard rock, or harrows up the plain;[275 The tongue, that praises merit, praises thee. [335 He forms the sword to smite; he theaths the teel, These scorn (faid I) the verse-wright of their age, Draws health fromherbs, and thews the balm to heal; Vain of a labour'd, languid, useless page; Or with loom'd wool the native robe fupplies; To whose dim faculty the nieaning song Or bids young plants in future forests rise ; Is glaring, or obscure, when clear, and strong; Or fells the monarch oak, which, bornie away, Who, in cant phrases, gives a work diforace; Shall, with new grace, the distant ocean sway; '280 His wit, and oddness of his tone and face; Hence golden Commerce views her wealth encrease, Let the weak malice, nurs'd to an essay, The blisful child of Liberty and Peace.

In some low libel a mean heart display; He scoops the stubborn Alps, and, ftill employ'd, Those, who once prais’d, now undeceiv'd, despise, Fills, with soft fertile uld, the steril void; [285 lt lives contemn'd a day, then harmless dies. Slop'd up white rocks, fmall, yellow harvests grow, Or should some nobler bard, their worth, unpraise, And, green on terrac'd stages, vineyards blow! Deserting morals, that adorn his lays, (345 By him fall mountains to a level space,

Alas! too oft each science shews the fame, An ifthmus finks, and sunder'd seas embrace ! The

Creat grow jealous of a greater name: He founds a city on the naked shore,

Ye bards, the frailty mourn, yet brave the shock; And defolation starves the tract no more. 290

Has not a Stillingfleet oppos'd a Locke?

350 From the wild waves he won the Belgic land; Oh, ftill proceed, with sacred rapture fir'd! Where wide they foam'd, her towns and traffics Unenvy'd had he liv'd, if unadmir'd. stand;

Let Envy, he replied, all ireful rise, He clear'd, manur'd, enlarg'd, the furtive ground, Envy pursues alone the brave and wise; And firms the conquest with his fenceful mound. Maro and Socrates inspire her pain,

355 Ev'n mid the watery world his Venice rose, 295

And Pope, the monarch of the tuneful train! Each fabric there, as Pleafure's seat he shows! To whom be Nature's, and Britannia's praise ! There marts, sports, councils, are for action fought, All their bright honours rush into his lays ! Landscapes for health, and folitude for thought. And all thac glorious warmth his lays reveal, What wonder then I, by his potent aid,

Which only poets, kings, and patriots feel! 360 A mansion in a barren mouniain made? 300 Though gay as mirth, as curious thought sedate, Part thou hast view'd !-If further we explore, As elegance polite, as power elate ; Let Industry deserve applause the more.

Profound as reason, and as justice clear; No frowning care yon bleft apartment fees, Soft as compaflion, yet as truth severe; There Sleep retires, and finds a couch of ease. [335 As bounty copious, as perfuafion sweet,

365 ! Kiad dreams, that fly remorse, and pamper'd wealth, Like nature various, and like art complete; There shed the smiles of innocence and health. So fine her morals, fo sublime her views,

Mark! -Here descends a grot, delightful seat! His life is almost equal'd by his Muse. Which warms e'en winter, tempers summer heat! O Pope! --Since Envy is decreed by fate, See!-Gurgling from a top, a spring Giftils ! Since the pursues alone the wise and great;

370 In mournful measures wind the dripping rills; 310 In one small, emblematic landscape fee, Soft coos of diftant doves, receiv'd around, How vast a distance 'twixt thy foe and thee! Ia soothing mixtuie, swell the watery found; Truth from an eminence surveys our scene And hence the fireamlets seek the terrace' fhade, (A hill, where all is clear, and all serene). Within, without, ulike to all conrey'd

* He bad then ;? writtsa Tur ExcursiON.


are 400


Rude earth-bred forms o'er meaner valleys / Meek martyrs smile in dames! gorld champions blow,


And wandering miss roll, blackening far below; And muse-like cherubs tune their harps in stone'!
Dark, and debas'd, like them, is Envy's aim, Next shadow'd light a rounding force bestows,
And clear, and emincnt, like Trurn, thy fame. Swells into life, and speaking action grows !

Thus I. From what dire cause can envy spring ? Here pleasing, melancholy subjects find,
Or why embosom we a viper's sting? 380 To calm, amuse, exalt the penlive mind!
'Tis Envy stings our darling passion, pride. This figure tender grief, like mine, implies,
Alas! (the man of mighty foul replied)

And semblant thoughts, that earthly pomp despise. Why choose we miseries? Moft derive their birth Such penitencial Magdalene reveals;

25 From one bad source-we dread superior worth ; Loose-veild, in negligence of charms she kneels. Prefer'd, it seems a satire on our own; 385 Though dress, near-stor’d, its vanity supplies, Then heedless to excel we meanly moan :

The vanity of dress unheeded lics. Then we abstract our views, and envy show,

The finful world'in forrowing eye she keeps, Whence springs the misery, pride is duom'd to As o’e: Jerufalem Melliah weeps.

30 know.

One hand her bosom smites; in one appears Thus folly pain creates: By wisdom's power,

The lifted lawn, thac drinks her falling tears. We fun the weight of mitoy a restless hour-390 Since evil outweighs good, and sway's mankind, 1.0! I niect wroug; perhaps the wrong I leel True fortitude allumes the patient mind: (35 Tends, by the scheme of chirgs, to public weal. Such prov'd Melliah's, though to suffering born, 1, of the whole, am part--the joy men lec, To penury, repulfe, reproach, and scorn. Most circulate, and so revolve to me.

Here, by the pencil, mark his flight design'd; Why should I then of private loss coniplain? 395 The wcary’d virgin by a stream reclin d, Of lofs, that proves, perchance, a brother's gain? Who feeds the child. Her looks'a chaim express, The wind, that binds one bark within the bay, A modeft charm, that dignifies distress. 40 May waft a richer freight' its with’d-for way. Boughs o'er their heads with blushing fruits deIf rains redundant dood the abject ground,

pend, Mountains are but supplied, when vales Which angels to her busied consort bend. drown'd;

Hence by the Imiling infant seems discern'd, If, with soft moisture swellid, the vale looks gay, Trifies, concerning Him, all heaven concern'd. The verdure of the mountain fades away.

Here the transfigur'd Son from earth retires: 45 Giall clouds, but at my welfare's call dcfcend? See! the white form in a bright cloud aspires ! Shall gravity for me her laws suspend ? (405 Full on his followers bursts a flood of rays, For me shall suns their noon-tide course for bear? Prostrate they fall beneath th' o'erwhelming blaze ! Or motion not subsist to influence air?

Like noon-cide summer-suns the rays appear, Let the means vary, be they frost, or flame, Unsufferable, magnificent, and near ! so Thy end, O Nature! still remains the same! What scene of agony the garden brings; Be this the motive of a wife nran's care,

The cup of gall; the suppliant King of kings ! To hun deferving ills, and learn to bear. 410 The crown of thorns; the cross, that felt him die;

Thele, languid in the sketch, unfinish'd lic.

There, from the dead, centurions see him rise, 55
See! but struck down with horrible surprize!
As the first glory seem'd a fun at noon,
This casts the silver splendor of the moon.

Here peopled day, th' ascending God surveys!

The glory varies, as the myriads gaze! 60

Now soften'd, like a sun at distance seen, HILE thus a mind humanes and wife, he When through a cloud bright-glancing, yet serene ! shows,

Now fast encreasing to the crowd amaz’d, Ali eloquent of truth his language flows. Like some vast met cor high in æther rais'd! Touth, though depreis'd, through all his form ap My labour, yun high-vaulted altar stains

65 pears;

Wich dies, that emulare ætherial plains. Tircugh all his sentiments the depth of years. The convex glass, which in that opening glows, Tiitstic-- Yet farther Industry behold, 5 Mid circling rays a pictur'd Saviour shows! Which conscious waits new wonders to unfold, Bright it collects the beams, which, trembling all, seer my chapel part--Lo! here begin

Back from the God, a showery radiance fall. 70 The hallow'd rites, that check the growth of fin. Latening the scene beneath ! a scene divine ! eufirit ve met, how soon you feen: d to know where fair: , clouds, teraphs, intermingled shine! My bosom, labouring with the throbs of woe! 10 Here water-falls, that play melodious round; such racking throbs!-Soft! when I rouse those! Like a fweet organ, swell a lofty found !

The fkmn notes bid earthly passions fly, 75 On my chill'd mind pale Recolle&ion glares ! Lul: all my cares, and lift my soul on high! When moping Frenzy ftrove my thoughts to sway, This monumental marble--this I rear Here prudent labours chac'd her power away. 15 To one-on! ever mourn'd-Oh! ever dear ! Full, and rough-rising from yon sculpeur'd wall, He stop-pathetic fighs the pause fupply, Eoid prophets nations io repentance call !

And the prompi tear starts, quivering, on his eye! 80 VOL. V.


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