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Of high renown, while all his listening guests


To fare a mother's joy, but left the babe With eager joy reciv'd the pleasing tale. To his paternal care. An orphan niece

Osnou * ! who late on Vaga's flowery banks s Near the same time his dying brother sent, Slumbering secure, with Stiromt well bedew'd, To claim his kind support T'he helpless pair 66 Falicious c fk, iti facred dreams were taught In the same cradle Nept, nur d up with care By ancient seers, and Merlin prophet old, By the same tender hand, on the fame breasts To raise ignoble themes with strains fublime, Alternate hung with joy; till reason dawn'd, Be thou my guide; while I thy track pursue 10 And a new ligiit bruke out by flow degrees : Will win, unequal, thronyh the wide expanse Then on the floor the pretty wantons play'd, 65 Adventurous range, and emulate thy flights. Gladding the farmer's hea i with growing hopes, In that rich vale t, where with Dobunian | And pleafures erst unfelt. Whene'er with caras fields

Opprels'd, whin wearied, or alone he doz’d, Cornavian borders meet, far famid of old Their harmless prattie 'coch'd his troubled foul. For Montfort's & hapler fare, undaunted earl; Say, Hobbinol, what extasies of joy Where from her fruitful urn Avona pours Thrill'd through thy veins, when climbing for a Her kindly torrent on the thirty glebe,

kifs And pilaces the hills t'enrich the plains ; With little palms they strok'd thy grizly beard, On whole luxuriant banks flowers of all hues Or round thy wicker whiri'd their rattling cars! Start up spontaneous, and the teeming foil 20 Thus from their earlief days bred up, and train'd, With Hially thoois prevents its owner's prayer : To mutual fondness, with their stature grew, 75 The panpur'd wanton fleur, of the sharp axe The thriviny passion. What love can decay Regardless, that o'er his devo ed head

That roots so deep Now ripening manhood curl'd Hangs menacing, crops his delicious bane, On the gay tripling's chin : her panting breasts, Nor knows the price is life; with envious cye 25 And trembling blushes glowing on her cheeks, His labouring yoke-fellow beholds his plight, Her fet ret with betray'd. She at each mart 89 And Jeums him bleft, while on his languid neck All eyes attracted; but her faithful shade, In folemn sloth he tugs the lingering pl. ugh. Young Hobbinol, ne'er wander'd from her fide. So blind .re mortals, of each other's fate Afrown from him dash'd every rival's hopes. Mil-jud, ing, fell-deceiv'd. Here as supreme 30 For he, like Peleus' son, was prone to rage, Stern Hob inol in rural plenty reigns

Inexorable, swift like him of foot O'er wide-cxtended fields, his lrge domain. With ease could overtake his daftard foe, Th'obsequious villagers, with looks submiss Nor Ipar'd the fuppliant wretch. And now ap: Observant of his eye, or when with feed

proach'd T'impregnate Earth's fat womb, or when to Those merry days, when a!l the nymphs and hring


With clamorous joy the bearded harvest hone. In solemn feftivals and tural sports,

Here, when the distant sur lengthens the nights, Pay their glad homage to the booming spring. 19
When the keen frofte the shivering farmer warn

Young Hobbinoj by joint confent is rais'd To hroach his mellow caík, and frequent blasts

T'imperial dignity, and in his hand Inåruct the crackling billets how to bluze,

Bright Ganderetta tripp'd the jovia! queen

40 In his warni wicker chair, whose pliant twigs

Of Maia's gaudy month, profuse of flowers. In clofc e mbraces join'd, with spacious arch

From each enameld mead th' attendant nymphs Vault this thick-woven roof, the bli ated churl

Loaded with odorous fpoils, from these select Loiters in ftate each arm reclin'd is prop'd

Hach Power of gorgeous dye, and garlands weave With yieldinų pillows of the softeit down,

Ol party-colour'd Iweets ; each busy hand

45 In mind compos'l, from Mhort coeval tube

Adorns the jocund queen : in her loose hair, 100 He sucks the vapours biard, thick curling clouds

That to the winds in wanton ringlets plays, Of smoke around his reeking temples play ;

The tufted Cowlips breathe their faint perfumes. Joyous he sits, and impotent of thought

On' er refulgent brow, as crystal clear, Puffs away care and torrow from his heart.

Is Parian marbie fmooth, Narcissus hangs

50 How vain the ponip of kings ! Look down, ye Unhappy fower ! Panfics of various hue,

His drooping head, and views his image there, great, And view with envious eye the downy neft,

Iris, and Hyacinth, and Alphodel, Where folt Repote, and calm Contentment dwell, To deck the nymph, their richelt liveries wear, Umbrib'd hy wealth, and unrestrain d by power..

And lavish all their pride. Noe Fora's self One son alone had bleft his bridal bed,

More lovely smiles, when to the dawning year

55 Whom good Califta bore, nor long surviv'd

Her opening bosom heavenly fragrance breathes.

See on yon verdant lawn the gathering crowd * Mr. John Philips.

Thickens anaio ; the buxom nymphs advance + Strong Herefordshire Cyder.

Ufher'd by jolly clowns : diftinctions cease 1 Vale of Evesham.

Lost in the common joy, and the bold fave $ Gloucestershire. # Worcestershire. 1.cans on his weality master, unreprov'd: SIS

S$ Simon de Montfort, killed at the battle of The fich no pains can feel no wants the poor, Iviham,

Round his fond mother's neck the smiling babe


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Eruling eliogr; hard by decrepit age,

And eyes that sweetly languish; but too soon, Prop'd on his Ataff with anxious thought revolves Too soon, alas! The Kies thy vain embrace, His pleasures past, and cafts his grave remarks But flies to be pursued; nimbly she trips, Among the heedless throng. The vigorous youth And darts a glance so tender as she turns, Strips for the combat, hopeful to subdue

That with new hopes reliev'd, thy joys revivC, 185 The fair-one's long disdain, by valour now Thy ftature's rais'd, and thou are more than Glad to convince her coy erroneous heart, And prove his merit equal to her charms. 125 Thy stately port, and more maj tic air, Soft pity pleads his cause ; blushing the views And every sprightly motion speaks thy love. His brawny limbs, and his undaunted eye,

To the loud bag-pipe'o solemn voice attend, That look's a proud defiance on his foes.

Whose rising winds proclaim a storm is nigh. 19, Resolv'd and obtinately firm he stands ;

Harmonious blasts ! that warm the frozen blood Danger nor death he fears, while the rich prize Of Caledonia's furs to love or war. Is vi&ory and love. Ou the large hough

And chear their drooping hearts, robb'd of the of a thick spreading elm Twangdillo fits :

sun's One leg on Ither's banks the hardy (wain Enlivening ray, that o'er the inowy Alps Left undismay'd, Bellona's lightning scorchid Reluctant peeps, and speeds to better clines. 195 His manly visage, but in pity left

135 Forthwith in hoary majesty appears One eye fecure. He many a painful bruise One of gigantic size, but visage wan, Intrepid felt, and many a gaping wound, Milonides the strong, renown'd of old For brown Kate's fake, and for his country's For feats of arms, but, bending now with years, weal:

His trunk unwieldy from the verdant turf Yet still the merry bard without regret

He rears deliberate, and with his plant Bcars his own ills, and with his founding shell, 140 of toughest virgin oak in rising aids And comic phyz, relieves his drooping friends. His trembling limbs; his bald and wrinkled front Hark, from aloft his tortur'd cat-gue squeala, Entrench'd with many a glorious scar, bespeaks Hetickles every string, to every note

Submiffive reverence.

He with countenance He bends his pliant neck, his fingle eye


205 Twinkles with joy, his active stump beats time: Boasts his past deeds, and with redoubled ftrokes Let but this subtle artist softly touch

Marshals the crowd, and forms the circle wide. The trenibling chords, the faint cxpiring swain Stern arbiter! like some huge rock he stands, Trembles no less, and the fond yielding maid That breaks th' incumbeat waves; they througe Is tweedled into love. See with what pomp

ing press The gaudy bands advance in trim array! 150 In troops confus'd, and rear their foaming heade Love bears in every vein, from every eye

Each above each, but from superior force Darts his contagious flames. They frisk, they Shrinking repell’d, compose of in -eliest view bound

A liquid theatre. With hands uplist, Now to brisk airs, and to the speaking Nrings : And voice Stentorian, he proclaims aloud Attentive, in midway the sexcs meet;

Each rural prize.“ To him whose active foot Joyous their adverse fronts they close, and press “ Foils his bold foe, and rivets him to earth, To Arid embrace, as refolute to force

“ This pair of gloves, by curious virgin hands and storm a paflage to each other's heart : “ Embroider'd, seam'd with silk, and fring'd Till by the varying notes forcwarn'd back they

with gold. Recoil disparted: each with longing eyes “ To him, who best the stubborn hilts can wield, Pursues his matc retiring, till again

160 And bloody marks of his displeasure leave 220 The blended lexes mix, then hand in hand " On his opponent's head, this beaver white Fast lock'd, around they ily, or nimbly wheel “ With filver edging grac'd, and scarlet plume. In mazes intricate. The jocund troop,

“ Ye taper maidens! whose impetuous speed Pleas'd with their grateful coil, incessant shake " Outfies the roe, 11or bends the tender grass, Their uncouchbrawny limbs, and knock their heels “ See here this prize, this rich lac'd smock be. Sonorous; down each brow the trickling balm


225 la corrente flows, exhaling sweets refresh “ White as your bosonis, as your kisses soft. The gazing crowd, and heavenly fragrance fills " Bleft ayniph! whom bounteous 'Heaven's peThe circuit wide. So danc'd in days of yore, When Orpheus play'd a leffon to the brutes, 170 " Allots this pompous vest, and worthy deems The listening savages; the speckled pard “ To win a virgin, and to wear a bride' Dandied the kid, and with the bounding roc The gists refulgent Jazzle all the crowd, 230 The lion gambold. But what heavenly Muse In speechless admiration fix’d, unmov'd. With equal lays shall Ganderetta sing,

Ev'n he who now cach glorious palm displays, When goddess-like the skims the verdant plain, In sullen filence views his batter'd limbs, Gracefully gliding ? Every ravish'd eye And fighs his vigour spent. Not so appil'd The uymph attracts, and every heart the wounds. Young Paforel, for aaive frength renown'd: The mod, transported Hobbinol ! Lo, now, Him Ida lore, a mountain shepherders ; Now to thy opening arma she skuds along, On the bleak woald the new-born infant lay, With yielding blurbos glowing wn her shoeks; Expos'd to winter fuowo, and norikero blaits .


culiar grace

.V .این

Severe. As heroes old, who from great Jove To stand impoffible. O Ganderetta !
Derive their proud descent, so might he boatt 240 What horrors seize thy soul! on thy pale checks
His line paternal : but be thou, my Muse! The roses fade. But wavering long in air. 300
No leaky blab, nor painful umbrage give Nor firm on foot, nor as yet wholly fallen,
To wealthy squire, or doughty knight, or peer On his right knce he flip'd, and nimbly 'scap'd
Of high degree Him every shouting ring The foul disgrace. I hus on the Nacken'd rope
In triumph crown'd, him every champion fear'd, The wingy footed artisr, frail support!
From * Kiftsgate to remoteft * Henbury.

Stands tottering ; now in dreadful shrieks the High in the midst the brawny wretler stands,

crowd A stately towering object; the tough belt Lament his sudden fate, and yield him loft: Measures his ample breast, and shades around He on his hams, or on his brawny rump, His shoulders broad; proudly secure he kens 250 Sliding secure, derides their vain distress. The tempting prize, in his presumptuous thought Up starts the vigorous Hobbinol undismay'd, Already gain'd; with partial look the crowd From mother Earth like old Antæus rais'd 310 Approve his claim. , Bic Hobbinol, enrag'd With might redoubled. Clamour and applause 'To see th' important gifts fo cheaply won, Shake all the neighbouring hills, Arona's banks And uncontested honours tamely lost, 255 Return him loud acclaim : with ardent eyes, With lowly reverence thus accosts his queen. Fierce as a tiger rushing from his lair, “ Fair goddess! be propitious to my vows;

He grasp'd the wrist of his insulting foe. 315 “ Smile on thy Dave, nor Hercules himself Then with quick wheel oblique his shoulder point “ Shail rob us of this palm: that buaster vain

Beneath his breast he fix'd, and whirl'd aloft • Far other port fall learn.” She, with a look High o'er his head the sprawling youth he flung : That pierc'd his inmort soul, smiling applauds

The hollow ground rebellow'd as he fell. His generous ardour, with aspiring hope

The crowd press forward with tumultuous din ; Dittends his breast, and stirs the man within :

Those to relieve their faint expiring friends, Yet much, alas! she fears, for much shc loves, With congratulations these. Hands, tongues, and So from her arms the Paphian queen dismiss'd

caps, The warrior god, on glorious flaughter bent,

Outrageous joy proclaim, shrill fiddles squeak,
Provok'd his rage, and with her eyes infiam'd Hoarse bag-pipes roar, and Ganderctta (miles.
Her haughty paramour. Swift as the winds
Difpel the fleeting mists, at once he strips
His royal robes; and with a frown that chill'd

The blood of the proud youth, active he bounds
High o'er the heads of multitudes reclin'd:
But, as beseem'd one, whose plain honest heart,
Nor passion foul, nor malice dark as liell,

The fray. Tonsorio, Colin, Hilderbrand, Cuddy, But honour pure, and love divine, had fir'd, 275

Cirdaraxa, Talgol, Avaro, Cubbin, Collakin, His hand presenting, on his sturdy foc

Mundungo. Sir Rhadamanth the justice, atDildainfully he smiles; then, quick as thought,

tended with his guards, comes to quell the fray. With his left hand the belt, and with his right

Rhadamanth's speech, Tumulo appeas'd. GorHis shoulder seiz'd fast griping ; his right-foot

gonius the butcher takes up the hilts; his chaEbay'd the champion's strength : but firm he

rader. The Kiftsgatians consternation, look ftood,


wistfully on Hobbinol ; his speech. The cudgel Fix'd as a mountain afh, and in his turn

playing. Gorgonius knock'd down, falls upon Repaid the boid affront; his horny fist

I wangdillo; his distress; his lamentation over Fait on his back he clos'd, and Mook in air

his broken fiddle. cumberous . Nor , ONG while hubbub loud They pant, they heave ; cach nerve, each finew's

cent mild: ftrain’d,

Till biting taunts and harsh opprobrious words Grasping they close, beneath cach painful gripe

Vile utterance found. How weak are human minds! The livid tumours rise, in briny streams

How impotent to stem the [welling tide, 7 he sweat distils, and from their batter'd lins

And without insolence enjoy success! The clotted gore distains the beaten ground. 290

The vale inhabitants, proud, and elate liach swain his wish, each trembling nymph con

With victory, know no restraint, but give ceals

A loose to joy. Their charnpion Hobbinol TIer secret dread; while every panting breast

Vaunting they raise, above that earth-born race Alternate fears and hopes depress or raise. Of giants old, who, piling hills on hills, 'Thu, long in dubious scale the contest hung, Pelion on Offa, with rebellious aim Till Paftorel, impatient of delay,

295 | Made war on Jove. The sturdy mountaineers, Colleding all his force, a furious stroke

Who saw their mightiest fall'n, and in his fall At his left ancle aim'd: 'twas death to fall, Their honours past impair’d, their trophies, won

By their proud fathers, who with scorn look'a * Two hundreds in Glucestershire.





watchfui leges undrue their buy feet; 28; L Deafering cach ear, had drown'a cach ac

Fel innocent.

Upon the subject vale, fullied, despoil'd, He wields tremendous ; like a mountain boar
And level'd with the dust, no longer bear

In tails inclos'd, he dares his circling foes.
The keen reproach. But as when sudden fire They thrink aloof, or soon with thame repent 75
Seizes the ripen'd grain, whose bending cars 7 he rash assault; the rustic herocs fall
Invite the reaper's hand, the furious god

In heaps around. Cuddy, a dexterous youth, In footy triumph dreadful rides, upborn

When furce was vain, on fraudful art rely'd: On wings of wind, that with destructive breath Close to the ground low cowering, unperceivid, Feed the fierce fames; from ridge to ridge he Cautious he crept, and with his crooked bill 80 bounds

Cut sheer the trail support, prop of his age : Wide-wasting, and pernicious ruin spreads : 25 Reeling awhile he stood, and menac'd fierce So through the crowd from brcast to brcalt swift Th'intidious swain, reluctant now at length flew

Fell prone, and plough'd the dust. So the tall The propagated rage; Inyd vollied oaths,

oak, Like thunder bursting from a cloud, gave signs Old monarch of the groves, that long had of wrath awak'd. Prompt fury soon supplied

stood With arms uncouch; and tough well-scason'd The shock of warring winds and the red boles plants

30 Of angry Jove, fhorn of his leafy shade Weighty with lçad infus'd, on either hoft

At last, and inwardly decay'd, if chance Fall thick, and heavy; stools in pieces rent,

The cruel woodman spy the friendly spur, And chairs, and forms, and batter'd bowls, are His only hold; that sever'd, soon he noris, 90 huri'd

And shakes th' incumber'd mountain us he falls. With fell intent; like bombs the bottles fly

When manly valour fail'd, a female arm Hilling in air, their harp-edged fragments Restor'd the fight. As in th' adjacent booth dren h'd

35 Black Cindaraxa's busy hand prepar'd In the warm spouting gore; heaps driv'n on heaps The snoaky viands, the behuid, avalh’d, 95 Promiscuous lie. Tonsorio now advanc'd The routed host, and all her daitard friends ** On the rough edge of battle : his broad front Far scatter'd o'er the plain; their thameful flight Beneath his thining elm secure, as erst

Griev'd her proud heart, for hurried with the Wasthine, Mambrino, stout Iberian knight! 49

stream Defied the rattling storm, that on his head Ev'n Talgol too had fied, her darling boy. A table's ragged frame

A flaming brand from off the glowing hearth 100 la his right hand he bore, Herculcan club! The greasy heroine snatch'd, o'er her pale toes Crowds, push'd on crowds, before his potent arm, The threatening meteor shone, brandith'd in air, Fled ignominious; havock, and dismay, 45

Os round their heads in ruddy circles play'd. Hung on their rear. Collin a merry swain, Across the prostrate Hildebraed Mę strode, . Buthe as the soaring lark, as sweet the strains Dreadfully bright: the multitude appallid 105 Of liis foft warbling lips, that whiltling chear Fled different ways, their beards, their hair in His labouring team, they tofs their heads well pleas'd,

Imprudent the pursued, till on the briik In gaudy plumage deck'd, with itern disdain so of the next pool, with force united press'd, Beheld this victor proud; his generous soul And waving round with huge two-handed (way Biouk'd not the foul disgrace. High o'er his Her blazing arms, into the muddy lake head

The boli virago fell Dire was the fray His ponderous plough-staff in both hands he rais’d; Between the warring elenieats ; of old Erect he stood, and stretching every nerve,

Thus Mulciber, and Xanthus Dardan itream As from a forceful engine, down it fell 55

In hideous battie join'd. Just finking now Upon his hollow'd heim, that yielding sunk Into the boiling deep, with suppliant hands 115 Beneath the blow, and with its sharpen'd edge She begy'd for life; black oule and filth obscene Shear'd both his ears, they on his shoulders broad Hung in ser matted hair; the shouting crowd Hung ragged. Quick as thought, the vigorous Infult her woes, and, proud of their success, youth

The dripping Amazon in triumph lead. Shortening his saff, the other end he darts 60 Now, like a gathering storm, the rally'd luco his gaping jaws. Tonforio Aed

troops Sore main.d, with pounded teeth and clotted Vizcken'd the plain. Young Tagol from their

front, Half choak’d, he fled; with him the host retir'd, With a fond lover's haste, swift as the hind, Companions of his lhame; all the stout, That, by the hunıfıran's voice alarm’d, had fled, And erft unconquer'd Hildebrand, brave man! 6,5 Pansing returns, and fecks the gloomy brake, Bold champion of the hills! thy weighty blo' is Where her dear fawn lay hid, inco the booth 125 Our fathers tele dismay'd; to keep thy post Impatient ruth'd. But when the fatal tale Unmov'd, whilom thy' valour's choice, now fad. He heard, the deareft treasure of his soul Nec flity compels; decrepit now

Purloin’d, bis Cindy loft ; fiffen'd and pale With age, and fiff with honourable wourds, 70 A while he stood; his kindling ire at iength He ftands unterrify’d: cne crutch suita nys Burit forth implacable, and injur'd love

130 His (ranie majelic, th' other in his han i




I 20


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Shot lighting from his eyes; a spit he seiz'd, His filmy pennons struggling flaps in vain, 19
Just reeking from the fat surloin, a long, Lost in a flood of fwects. Still o'er the plain
Unwieldy spear ; then with impetuous rage Fierce onset, and tumultuous battle spread;
Prelu'd forward on th'embattled hoft, that ihrunk And now they fall, and now they rile, incens'd
At his approach. The rich Avord firit, 135 With animated rage, while sought around
His fie ihy runip bor'd with dishonest wounds, Is heard, but cansour, shout, and female crics,
Ficd bellowing: nor could his numerous tlocks, And curses mix'd with gruans. Discord on hi, h
Nor all th' aloring pyramids that grace

Shook lier infernal icource, and o'er their heads
His yard well-ftor’d, save the penurious ciowa. Scream'd with malignant joy; when lo! between
Here Cubbin fell, and there young Collakin, 149 | The warring hosts appear'd sage Rhadamanti,
Nor his fond mo:her's prayers nor ardent vows A knight of high renown. Nor Quixccc luid,
Of love-fick maids could move relcurless Fate. Nor Ainidas of Gaul, nor Hudibras,
Where'cr he rag'd, with his far-beaming lance Mirror of knighthood, c'er could vie with chee,
He thinn'd their ranks, and all their battle Great sultan of the vale! thy front severe,

As hunible ladians to their pa fods bow, With many an inroad goar d. Then cast around The clowns submiss approach. Themis to thee His furious eyes, if hapiy he might find Commits her golden balance, where the weighs The captive fair; her in the duft he spy'd Th' abandon's orphan's fighs, the widow's tcass; Groveling, discontolate ; tiose locks, that erst By thee gives sure redress, conforts the heart So bri_ht, shone like the polith d jet, defiid Oppress'd with woe, and rears the fuppliant With mire impure; thither with eager hafte 150

knee. He ran, he acw. But when the wreiched maid Each bold offcnder hides his guilty head, Prodrate he view'd, deform’d with gaping Afonish’d, when thy delegated arm wounds

Draws her vindi&tive sword; ac thy command, And weitering in her blood, his trembling hand Stern miniber of power su; reme! each ward Soon dropp'd the dreaded lance; on her palei Sends íorth her hrawny myrmidons, their clubs cheeks

Blazou'd with royal arms; dispatchful halle 215 Ghaftly he gazid, nor felt the pealing storm, 155 sits earnell on each brow, and public care. That on his bare defenceless brow scil thick Encompass'd round with these his dreadful guards, From every arm : o’erpower'd at laft, down sunk | He spurrd his sober fteed, grizzled with age, His drooping hcad, on her cold brcalt reclin'd. And vene rahly dull; his stirrups stretch'd Hail, faithiul pair! if ought my verse avail, Bencath the knighily load; one hand he fix'd Nor Envy's ipite nor Time !hali e'er efface 160 L'pon bis iadele-bow, the other palm “The records of your famc; blind Britilh bards Before him spread, like some grave orator In ages yet to come, on festal days

In Atheus, or free Rome, when eloquence Shall chaunt this mournful tale, while listening Subcued mankind, and all the listening crowd nymphs

Hung by their ears on his persuadive tongue 225 Liment around, and every generous heart He thus the jarring multitude adureso’d. With active valour glows, and virtuous love. 165 “ Neighbours, and friends, and countrymco, How blind is popular sury! how perverse,

the flower Wheu broils intcítine rage, and force controuls “Of Kiftigate! ah! what nieans this impious Resson and law! As the torn vefsel inks,

broil? Between the burst of adverse waves o'erwhelm'd; “ Is then the haughty Gaul no more your care? So fares it with the neutral head, between 1,0 “ Are Landon's plains so scon forgot, that thus Contending parties bruis’d, inceffant peal'd " Ye spill that blood inglorious, waste that with random Strokes that undiicerning fall;

strength, Guiliels he suffers most, who Icast offends. : “ Which, well employ'd, once more might have Murdungo from the bloody field retir'd,

compellid Close in a corner plied the peaceful bowl: 175 “ The fripling Anjou to a shameful flight? Incurious he, and thoughtless of eveols,

" Or by your great forefathers taught, have fix'd Now decm'd himself conccal’d, wrape in the " The British Itandard on Lutetian towers ? 935 cloud

O light'odiour, detestable! O times That ifTued from his mouth, and the thick logo “ Degenerate, of ancient honour void!

That hung upon his brow; but hostile rage " This fact io soul, fo riotous, insults
Inqu Grive found out the ruliy iwain.


“ All law, all lovereign power, and calls aloud His fhurt black cube down his furt'd throat im. “ For vengeance; but, my friends!'too well yo pell’d,

know, Staggering he reel’d, and with tenacious gripe “ How flow this arm to punish, and how bleeds The bulky jordan, that hefore him stood, 6 This heart, whev fore'd on rigorous extremesa Seiz'd falling; that ito liquid freight disgorg'd " () countrymen! all, all, can teitily Upon tie prostrate clown; tloundering he lay My vigilance, my care for public good. Beneath the muddy beverage whelm’d, so late “ I am the man, who by your owo free choice Nis prime delight. Thus the luxurious wasp, “ Seleci froin all the tribes, in senatcs rul'd Vorácious infect, by the fragrant dregs

• Each warm debate, and empied all my stores Allur'd, and in the viscous acdar plung'd,

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