Report of the Board of Health of the City and Port of Philadelphia

Предна корица
1870 has appended: Remarks on the origin and mode of progression of yellow fever, in Philadelphia . . . in the months of July, August, and Spetember, 1870. By R. LaRoche, M. D. . . . Philadelphia, 1871.

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Страница 25 - ... (9.) Keep in good condition the lancets or other instruments which you use for vaccinating, and do not use them for other surgical operations. When you vaccinate, have water and a napkin at your side, with which invariably to cleanse your instrument after one operation before proceeding to another.
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Страница 24 - Never take lymph from cases of re-vaccination. Take lymph only from subjects who are in good health, and, as far as you can ascertain, of healthy parentage, preferring children whose families are known to you, and who have elder brothers or sisters of undoubted healthiness. Always carefully examine the subject as to any existing skin disease, and especially as to any signs of hereditary syphilis.
Страница 24 - Except so far as any immediate danger of small-pox may require, vaccinate only subjects who are in good health. As regards infants, ascertain that there is not any febrile state, nor any irritation of the bowels, nor any unhealthy state of skin ; especially no chafing or eczema behind the ears, or in the groin, or elsewhere in folds of skin.
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