Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education, for ..., Том 9

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891

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Страница 153 - This gentleman left his property in trust to the United States of America to found at Washington an institution which should bear his own name, and have for its objects ' the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Страница 145 - ... and rudimental form, it is a school of knowledge of every kind, consisting of teachers and learners from every quarter. Many things are requisite to complete and satisfy the idea embodied in this description ; but such as this a University seems to be in its essence, a place for the communication and circulation of thought, by means of personal intercourse, through a wide extent of country.
Страница 38 - Recognizing as the fundamental fact that the protection of society is the object for which penal codes exist and the treatment of criminals is devised, the Committee believes that this protection is not only consistent with, but absolutely demands, the enunciation of the principle that the moral regeneration of the prisoner should be a primary aim of prison discipline.
Страница 52 - ... salutary purpose, without schools for the training of teachers • for, if the character and qualifications of teachers be allowed to degenerate, the Free Schools will become pauper schools, and the pauper schools will produce pauper souls, and the free press will become a false and licentious press, and ignorant voters will become venal voters, and through the medium and guise of republican forms, an oligarchy of profligate...
Страница 143 - ... that science whose subjectmatter would best develop his powers of observation; ignorant of facts of the deepest importance for his own and others' welfare; blind to the richest sources of beauty in God's creation; and unprovided with that belief in a living law, and an order manifesting itself in and through endless change and variety, which might serve to check and moderate that phase of despair through which, if he take an earnest interest in social problems, he will assuredly sooner or later...
Страница 75 - ... other, alternating with each other during the term, so that each may go through every exercise. The regular teacher gives a lesson to the class. The assistants observe and mark the methods as models for imitation both as respects the steps in the lesson, and the management of the class under instruction. One of the assistants — a pupil-teacher — next gives a lesson.
Страница 27 - I confess that I recognize in Lancaster the benefactor of the human race. I consider his system as creating a new era in education, as a blessing sent down from heaven to redeem the poor and distressed of this world from the power and dominion of ignorance.
Страница 46 - ... both sums to be expended, under the direction of said Board, in qualifying teachers for the Common Schools in Massachusetts. Resolved, That the Board of Education shall render an annual account of the manner in which said moneys have been by them expended.
Страница 48 - Such a course of instruction will obviously consist of the following parts : 1. A careful review of the branches of knowledge required to be taught in our common schools ; it being, of course, the first requisite of a teacher that he should himself know well that which he is to aid others in learning.
Страница 25 - When the Constitution was adopted by the votes of States at Philadelphia, and accepted by the votes of States in popular conventions, it is safe to say that there was not a man in the country, from Washington and Hamilton on the one side, to George Clinton and George Mason on the other, who regarded the...