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been written with a feeble and unwilling pen. For many years I had a warmth of fancy, which gilded even my darkest afflictions. The cold chilling waters of never-ceasing grief have at length extinguished it. I have nothing to guide me but the faintest glimmerings of the mental fire which I formerly cherished.

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On the Advantages to be derived as well from the Contrast as from the Union of the Colours of Emagination with the

Scenes of real Life.

As the sun doth oft exbale
Vapours from each rotten vale;
Poesy so sometime drains
Gross conceits from muddy brains;
Mists of envy, fogs of spite,
'Twixt men's judgments and her light:
But so much ber power may do,
That she can dissolve them too.

In my former days of bliss,
Her divine skill taught me this,
That from every thing I saw,
I could some invention draw:
And raise pleasure to ber height,
Through the meanest object's sight:
By the murmur of a spring,
Or the least boughs rustlēing;
By a daisy, whose leaves spread
Shut when Titan goes to bed;
Or a shady bush or tree,
She could more infuse in me,
Than all Nature's beauties can
In some other wiser man.


Nov. 1816.

To separate ourselves entirely from the pleasures and the pains of reality, is perhaps not more desir

VOL. 11.

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