Drill Regulations and Service Manual for Sanitary Troops

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Страница 110 - At every military post or station the flag will be hoisted at the sounding of the first note of the reveille, or of the first note of the march, if a march be played before the reveille. The flag will be lowered at the sounding of the last note of the retreat, and while the flag is being lowered the band will play " The Star Spangled Banner," or, if there be no band present, the field music will sound
Страница 112 - Military courtesy requires the junior to salute first, but when the salute is introductory to a report made at a military ceremony or formation to the representative of a common superior — as for example, to the adjutant, officer of the day, etc. — the officer making the report, whatever his rank, will salute first ; the officer to whom the report is made will acknowledge by saluting, that he has received and understood the report.
Страница 24 - To the rear, 2. MARCH. At the command march, given as the right foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the left foot; turn to the right about on the balls of both feet and immediately step off with the left foot.
Страница 24 - MARCH, given as the right foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the left foot, then face to the right in marching, and step off in the new direction with the right foot.
Страница 23 - Quick time, 2. MARCH. At the command march, given as either foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the other foot in double time; resume the quick time, dropping the hands by the sides. To Mark Time. 65. Being in march: 1. Mark time, 2. MARCH. At the command march...
Страница 16 - Heels on the same line and as near each other as the conformation of the man permits. Feet turned out equally and forming an angle of about 45°.
Страница 112 - When an officer enters a room where there are soldiers, the word "Attention" is given by some one who perceives him, when all rise and remain standing in the position of a soldier until the officer leaves the room. Soldiers at meals do not rise.
Страница 18 - Hand, 2. SALUTE. Raise the right hand smartly till the tip of the forefinger touches the lower part of the headdress above the right eye, thumb and fingers extended and joined, palm to the left, forearm J,IIG ^ par ° inclined at about 45°, hand and wrist straight; at the same time look toward the person saluted. (TWO), Drop the arm smartly by the side.
Страница 11 - ... being properly understood; the command of execution should be given at the instant the movement is to commence. The tone of command is animated, distinct, and of a loudness proportioned to the number of men under instruction.
Страница 21 - Swing the extended arms horizontally to the front, palms touching. REAR: Swing the extended arms well to the rear, inclining them slightly downward, raising the body upon the toes. Continue by repeating front, rear, till the men, if possible, are able to touch the backs of the hands behind the back.