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LOQUENCE is of so much
Importance in the Senate, in the

Pulpit, and at the Bar, that every Attempt to facilitate and extend the Know? ledge of its Principles and Powers, not only needs no Apology, but may hope for some Degree of Commendation.

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An Essay of this Kind, my Lord, I have made; which, though it may have little Merit of its own, yet is enriched, at no small Expence of Attention and Labour, with such numerous, and, if I mistake not, apposite and elegant Exainples, from the most celebrated Authors, both ancient and modern, as may secure it a candid Reception with all who have a Taste for the Beauties of Language and Oratory.

Will Your Grace be pleased to accept, with Your usual Condescension and Goodness, this small Tribute, offered through Your Hands, to the Interests of Learning ? And as You have honoured the Author with Your Friendship, may he be allowed to hope, as far as Your Grace's Sentiments of his Performance will permit, for the Encouragement of a Work, which he flatters himself is calculated to investigate the Sources of true Eloquence, to open

the Way to its Attainment, and to inspire and impress the Ideas of its inimitable Beauties,


and astonishing Influence upon the human Mind ?

Such Encouragement, my Lord, I the rather promise myself, as I am now addressing the CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE ; a Character, which, while it prefents You to the World as the Friend of Learning, as well as the Patron of that celebrated Seat of the Muses, will apologize for

my Ambition of honouring my Treatise with. Your illustrious Name.

I MIGHT here at large recite Your Grace's unquestionable Merits, and distinguished Honours ; and particularly, Your uniform Attachment, through a long Series of Years, to the Cause of Liberty, and the Protestant Succession in the House of HANOVER. But these are Subjects which ratherfall within the Province of an Historian, than a Writer on Rhetoric; and it might be deemed an Instance of the Inutility of the Art I am recommending, to apply the Powers of Oratory to a

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Character so well known as Your Grace's, and which then appears in its striking Lustre, when exhibited in all the Simplicity of plain Narration.

I SHALL only add, my Lord, that was it possible for Your Grace to enumerate all Your Friends, and perfectly know the Degrees of their Regard, You would not find one in the vast Number, who feels a warmer Zeal for Your Grace's Honour and Happiness, both in the present and future Worlds, than,

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