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sovereigns left in my hand:”-Mark the emphatic close, “ I bowed, and then retired!!! On gaining the carriage, Colonel G-d-n informed me, that the corpulent gentleman was no other than His

p t M y .” The transition from this scene of royalty and munifi, cence is, however sudden, admirably characteristic and bold. It is in these manly and yet polished terms our auto-biographer concludes :" On the 3d of July, 1821, I exhibited at the fair of Greenock; and afterwards at Glasgow, Paisley, and Stirling, and proceeded on to Aberdeen, in the North of Scotland, and then returned to Edinburgh. And have now the honour of presenting myself before you."

We have thus brought our pleasant labours to a close, and performed an important duty in laying before the publio these materials for court history and philosophical conclusions. Henceforth, the name of James Henry Lambier will rank with the Cibbers, the Reynoldses, the Holbergs, and Lothian Toms, and John Cheap the Chapmaps as a contributor to the Science of Man, and a first-rate writer of “ Memoirs, by Himself."

P. S. Just as we had finished off the preceding paper, judge of our affliction, sympathetic reader! on having placed into our hands the Glasgow Chronicle and the Paisley Advertiser of Saturday last, each of which contains even a more humorous and clever article than ours, upon the same subject! Yes: the importance and dignity of the theme, and the sympathy of kindred genius, have led each of these Editors to the same great source of inspiration! True it is, that they choose to exhibit and most laughably they do it—this eminent individual in rather a ludicrous position: i.e. stretched out upon a wheelbarrow, and gazing upwards to the blue firmament, although drunk-thinking, with many other distinguished writers, that to make the hero of their story a villain, scoundrel, braggart, and fighter, is to heighten its interest, and deepen its pathos, and point its moral. We lean to the more amiable school, and must still say, that we rather love to repose our imaginations upon James Henry Làmbier as a Captain of the Mameluke Guards of Napo leon, than a captive of the police officers of Paisleyrather as a lingering remnant of lofty chivalry, and exalted power, and elevated sentiment-than a dirty, drunken, swaggering sot; bullying the public, and beating his wife; even although, in sober truth, he may be all that these hard phrases indicate.

Thou art not here--thou art not here-

Who once gave life and grace
To what for thee I yet hold dear,

This still love-hallowed place!
O where art thou - where art thou

When memory and me
Are all this chamber tenants now?

Enough!-these summon thee!
Thou yet art here--thou yet art here-

In these thy harp's cold strings,
Now wet with more than mem'ry's tear,
* And still the echo rings,
With that dear voice that peoples space

Again with love and bliss ! -
Away!-the past's half worn-out trace

I fancy new in this !
She is not here--she is not here--

That senseless shade is all- *
Pale ghost—that haunts love's gloomy bier-

In this, its festive hall!
Born-nurtured-blessed! where now am I?
A Behold it here inhumed ;
-But did I say that it could die
Tis livingly entombed !


New Series. SIR,- I regret to perceive that you have departed from your promise of giving a series of questions for the use of those admirable institutions for the employment of the organs of speech which are vulgarly termed “ Debating Societies;” and beg at once to remind you of that pledge, and hand you some materials for redeeming it, if it is from lack of these that you let it lie in pawn. I shall expect their speedy appearance in your series, or you may look for the displeasure of

Yours, “ as you use me,”

GILBERT GABBY. [Our friend Gabby shall have his way, if he promise to be silent; but our serious and decided sentiments in favour of these societies, needed not his voluntary assistance or commentary.-S. SAVEALL.]

* Her Picture.

Questions in Literature and Philosophy. Who was the author of " Leper, the Tailor,” and “ Moll Flanders ? "- Authorities : Beloe; Heber; Dibdin's “ Typographical Antiquities,” and other writings, passim.

Is the “ Humours of George Buchanan ” a genuine autobiographical work? See the MS. Collections in the Lodge-myLoons Library.

Which has exercised the greatest influence over the idiosyncracy of the British nation-the street cries, or the street ballads ? -See “ Annals of the Entries, and Chronicles of the Closes,” “ Recollections of a Life passed in Goosedub-Street," &c.

Was it a communication from the Cabinet of 1812 that led to the suppression of the “ Memoirs of Bell-Geordie, written by himself;" and is there any probability that they had been perused by the author of “ Cyril Thornton,” previous to their destruction ?- See “ Memorabilia of Blue Thumbs and Mr. Smalcolm."

Was it an ancient peculiarity of Cork costume to have breeches buttoned behind ?- See the “ Adventures of Paddy,” in Thomas Duncan's collection.

Historical Questions. Was the cruelty of Mrs. Brownrigg to her apprentices the result of large Destructiveness, or bad gin?-See the Museum Papers, vol. XCIX. page 487, 2d col,

Was it a MŠKeggie or a M‘Fadzean who first introduced the use of cold brochan as a national dish ?

What has become of Bill Soames and James Hardy Vaux?See Hints from the Hulks.

At what period of our history was the Provostship of Polo lokshaws instituted ? — See Retours, Scots Acts, Hallam's Middle Ages, Brodie's British Empire, &c.

Is there any evidence of a Highlander settled in the Low Country having ever given a preference to a Sassenach when there was a competition with a Celt?-See Campbell's Essay on Miracles.

Is “ Stane Meg” a descendant of the ancient Amazons?_See Tooke's Pantheon, and Sir William Drummond's Origines. Who invented Broom Besoins ?— See Beckman's Inventions.

Questions in Political Science and Economy. Should the Elective Franchise be extended to Steam Looms and Tambouring Machines ?-See Cartwright's Works, and “ The Spirit of the Union.”

Is the Capital of the Barrow-Women of our City fixed or circulating ?- See Loudon's Political Economy.

Would a Tax on Gibraltar Rock and Everton Toffee ma

terially affect the value of West India Property ?-See an Essay on the Use and Abuse of Black-Man.

What has been the influence of the Macadamized half of West Clyde-Street upon the understandings of its inhabitants ? - Consult George Cunningham, Mr. Lochore, or any other good Cordwainer.

Is any Newspaper, saving the North British Advertiser, safe from the visitations of the Libel Law?-Fee any standing Counsel.

Scientific Questions. What real difference is there betwixt a Muirkirk Pig of Iron and a Dumfriesshire Pig of Pork ?- See a Kail-Pot made of the one and filled with the other.

A man can walk twenty miles in five hours on two legs; how many hours would be take to perform the same distance on one?--See Morrison's Compendium of Arithmetic.

Would not Stamped Paper be useful in cases of Diarrhea, being of a binding nature?—Earl of 's edition of a Treatise on the Promises.

Would it improve the melting and resolving powers of Cold Punch, to substitute Sulphuric for Lemon Acid in its composition ?-See Culinary Chemistry, by the “ Western Club.”

At what inclination is the Facial Angle of “ The Major's" face?-See Mackenzie on Raising the Dead.

I ask not for grandeur, 'twould rob me of peace;

The mantle of splendour may cover for me
The heart where the worms of Remorse never cease

To riot and revel;—and Monarchs may be
As great and unhappy as ever they've been.

What care I, since with wealth's pride pain's thrill may be blent, As often around me with scorn I have seen :

He is blessed above all who is blessed with content ! The young, in the flush of new hopings, may smile ;

The veteran in wishing, in vain still may sigh.
Could the heart of the proudest be stripped of its coil,

The scars of Ambition would seem thus to cry,
In the voice of fond warning, “ Behold this seared soul,

Probe the gashes in conscience, see Duty's bonds rent,
And learn, mortal, learn the stern bliss of control,
Then treasure the one priceless jewel-Content !"

D. R.

The Maximist. No. y.

“ Full of wise saws and modern instances.” Women feel as deeply and love as long as men; but not with the same continuity :-in one hour they can feel the deepest grief, be tickled with the merest folly, and return to sincere sadness again.

It is easy enough to extol merit or admit superiority, so long as it does not come into direct and immediate contact or comparison with one's own qualifications, even although they be of a totally different kind.

What books a man reads are no more to be taken as a criterion of his bent of mind, than what individuals he shakes hands with is to be regarded as a test of his character-without knowing in what relations of interest he may be placed.

When we are prevented from sharing in anticipated pleasure, we not only become regardless as to whether others shall be disappointed or not, but almost wish that they may be so.

As it is not the best arranged library the volumes of which are assorted in alphabetical order, so it is not the most powerful nor the readiest mind which has its information and ideas most obviously systematised.

Timidity and impudence are the two extremes of character which women dislike.

If a prophet has no honour in his own country, many who are not prophets arrive at consideration-chiefly because it is not in their own country that they seek for it.

We admire the face of a fine woman most when she is present, but her figure most when she is absent.

It is easier to pardon an injury than to forget a slight.

It is not true that it is in every body's power to be pleasing ; all that many can attain is not to be disagreeable.

The best way of mortifying an author and gratifying your owu spleen, is to praise extravagantly some piece he himself is aware to be trifling, and take no notice of what is really good.


CHARLES HERON TO HIS COUSIN MARY. Thy Coz., my Mary, hath done thy bidding, and into the hands of Miss — the pacquet with which thou entrustedst him bas been placed. She is so charming a girl, Mary, that it argues a wonderful deal of confidence somewhere to introduce me to her good graces—which I have actually made some progress in-or I am an egotist! What an imprecation! She, like every body else at Largs, however, could talk of nothing else save the Regatta-signals-luffing--tacking-gig-four oars and

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