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Then all the gentlefolks flew in a rage,
And they jumped from the Omnibus on to the Stage,
Lords, Squires, and Knights, they came down to the lights,
In their opera-hats, and their opera-tights,

Maamselle Cherrytoes

Shook to her very toes,
She couldn't hop on, so hopped off on her merry toes.
And the 'evening concluded with · Three times three !'
'Hip!-hip!-hurrah ; for Fiddle-de-dee!'
Dol-drum the Manager, full of care,
With a troubled brow and dissatisfied air,

Saddest of men,

Sat down, and then
Took from his table a Perryan pen,
And he wrote to the · News,'
How MacFuze, and Tregooze,
Lord Tomnoddy, Sir Carnaby Jenks of the Blues,
And the whole of their tail, and the separate crews
of the Tags, and the Rags, and the No-one-knows-whos,
Had combined Monsieur Fal-de-ral-tit to abuse,

And make Dol-drum agree

With Fiddle-de-dee,
Who was not a bit better singer than he.
Dol-drum declared he never could see,
For the life of him, yet, why Fiddle-de-dee,

Who, in B flat, or C,

Or whatever the key,
Could never at any time get below G,
Should expect a fee the same in degree
As the great Burlibumbo who sings double D.'
Then slyly he added a little N. B.
*If they'd have him in Paris he'd not come to me!'

The manager rings,

And the Prompter springs
To his side in a jiffy, and with him he brings
A set of those odd-looking envelope things,
Where Britannia, (who seems to be crucified.) flings
To her right and her left funny people with wings
Amongst Elephants, Quakers, and Catabaw Kings;

And a taper and wax,

And small Queen's heads, in packs, Which, when notes are too big, you're to stick on their backs. Dol-drum the Manager sealed with care The letter and copies he'd written so fair, And sat himself down with a satisfied air ;

Without delay

He sent them away,
In time to appear in our columns' next day!
Dol-drum, the Manager, full of care,
Walked on to the stage with an anxious air,
And peeped through the curtain to see who were there.

There was MacFuze,

And Lieutenant Tregooze,
And there was Sir Carnaby Jenks of the Blues,
And the Tags, and the Rags, and the No-one-knows-whos;
And the green-baize rose at the Prompter's call,
And they all began to hoot, bellow, and bawl,
And cry Cock-a-doodle,' and scream, and squall

Dol-drum !-Dol-drum !-
Bid the Manager come!'
You'd have thought, from the tones

Of their hisses and groans,
They were bent upon breaking his (Opera) bones.
And Dol-drum comes, and he says-says he,
• Pray what may you please to want with me?'-

· Fiddle-de-dee!

We'll have nobody give us sol fa but He !'
Manager Dol-drum says-says he-
(And he looked like an Owl in a hollow beech tree,')

"Well, since I see

The thing must be,
I'll sign an engagement with Fiddle-de-dee !

Then MacFuze, and Tregooze,

And Jenks, of the Blues, And the Tags, and the Rags, and the No-one-knows-whos, Extremely delighted to hear such good news, Desist from their shrill · Cock-a-doodle-dos.'

Vive Fiddle-de-dee!

Dol-drum, and He !
They are jolly good fellows as ever need be !
And so's Burlibumbo, who sings double D!
And whenever they sing, why, we'll all come and see!'

So, after all
This terrible squall,

's at the top of the tree,
And Dol.drum and Fal-de-ral-tit sing small.
Now Fiddle-de-dee sings loud and clear
At I can't tell


a-year, And Fal-de-ral-tit is considered 'Small Beer;'

And Ma'amselle Cherrytoes

Sports her merry toes,
Dancing away to the fiddles and flutes,
In what the folks call a 'Lithuanian' in boots.
So here's an end to my one, two, and three;
And bless the Queen-and long live She!
And grant that there never again may be
Such a halliballoo as we've happened to see
About nothing on earth but 'Fiddle-de-dee.'

how many




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[blocks in formation]

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