Tales and Novels: Manœuvring. Almeria

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Baldwin and Cradock, 1832

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Страница 116 - All thy false mimic fooleries I hate ; For thou art Folly's counterfeit, and she Who is right foolish hath the better plea ; Nature's true idiot I prefer to thee. Why that soft languish ? Why that drawling tone ? , Art sick, art sleepy ? Get thee hence : begone. I laugh at all thy pretty baby tears, Those flutt'rings, faintings, and unreal fears.
Страница 359 - This lady's flattery, therefore, lost all its power to charm, but yet it became necessary to Almeria ; and even when she knew that she was duped, she could not part with Mrs. Ingoldsby, because it was not in her power to supply the place of a flatterer with a friend. — A friend ! that first blessing of life, cannot be bought — it must be deserved. Miss, or as she must now be called Mrs. Almeria Turnbull, is still alive — probably at this moment haunting some place of public amusement, or stationary...
Страница 139 - I'm sure; for though he is a puppy he is a brave fellow — and here, for party purposes, they have raised a cry of his being a coward, and want to shoot him pour encourager les autres. What you say will damn or save him; and I have too good an opinion of you to think that any old grudge, though you might have cause for it, would stand in his way.
Страница 3 - For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme, Nor take her tea without a stratagem ; Presides o'er trifles with a serious face ; Important by.
Страница 116 - Thy lisping prattle and thy mincing gait, All thy false mimic fooleries I hate, For thou art Folly's counterfeit, and she Who is right foolish hath the better plea ; Nature's true Idiot I prefer to thee.— CUMBERLAND.
Страница 28 - WILL you hear a Spanish lady, How she woo'd an English man ? Garments gay, as rich as may be, Deck'd with jewels had she on ; Of a comely countenance and grace was she ; And by birth and parentage of high degree. As his prisoner there he kept her, In his hands her life did lie ; Cupid's bands did tie...
Страница 18 - Young Hermes next, a close contriving god, Her brows encircled with his serpent rod ; Then plots and fair excuses fill'd her brain, The views of breaking amorous vows for gain, The price of favours, the designing arts That aim at riches in contempt of hearts ; And for a comfort in a marriage life, The little, pilfering temper of a wife.
Страница 180 - Question, then if you offer it of your selfe, you may lay a Bait for a Question, by shewing another Visage and Countenance, then you are wont; To the end, to give Occasion, for the party to aske, what the Matter is of the Change?
Страница 180 - And because it works better when anything seemeth to be gotten from you by question than if you offer it of yourself, you may lay a bait for a question by showing another visage 'Send them both naked to those they know not, and you will see.