Utopia, tr. by G. Burnet. To this ed. is added, A short account of sir Thomas More's life and trial. The whole revis'd, corrected by T. Williamson. Revis'd by a gentleman of Oxford [T. Williamson].

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Страница 96 - ... since that is the same in both cases: but if the pleasure lies in seeing the hare killed and torn by the dogs, this ought rather to stir pity, that a weak, harmless and fearful hare should be devoured by strong, fierce, and cruel dogs.
Страница 70 - ... those that are nearly related to one another. Their women, when they grow up, are married out; but all the males, both children and grandchildren, live still in the same house, in great obedience to their common parent, unless age has weakened his understanding; and in that case, he that is next to him in age comes in his room.
Страница 156 - ... divided that among themselves with which all the rest might have been well supplied, are far from that happiness that is enjoyed among the Utopians: for the use as well as the desire of money being extinguished, much anxiety and great occasions of mischief is cut off with it.
Страница 122 - ... a long war, without so much as hazarding one battle to decide it. They think it likewise an act of mercy and love to mankind to prevent the great slaughter of those that must...
Страница 55 - When they want anything in the country which it does not produce, they fetch that from the town, without carrying anything in exchange for it. And the magistrates of the town take care to see it given them ; for they meet generally in the town once a month, upon a festival day. When the time of harvest comes, the magistrates in the country send to those in the towns and let them know how many hands they...
Страница 107 - But they, on the other hand, wondered at the folly of the men of all other nations ; who, if they are but to buy a horse of a small value, are so cautious, that they will see every part of him, and take off both his saddle and all his other tackle...
Страница 1 - I saw him by accident talking with a stranger, who seemed past the flower of his age; his face was tanned, he had a long beard, and his cloak was hanging carelessly about him, so that by his looks and habit I concluded he was a seaman. As soon as Peter saw me, he came and saluted me; and as I was returning his civility, he took me aside, and pointing to him with whom he had been discoursing, he said, "Do you see that man? I was just thinking to bring him to you." I answered, "He should have been...
Страница 117 - They, in opposition to the sentiments of almost all other nations, think that there is nothing more inglorious than that glory that is gained by war.
Страница 124 - ... a regard have they for money, that they are easily wrought on by the difference of one penny a day, to change sides. So entirely does their avarice influence them; and yet this money, which they value...
Страница 122 - ... guilty ; and that in so doing they are kind even to their enemies, and pity them no less than their own people, as knowing that the greater part of them do not engage in the war of their own accord, but are driven into it by the passions of their prince.