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Icts on then at her own quarry fly, Lich w can finite grasp infinity? i "I is urg'd again, that faith did first commence I niracles, which are appeals to sense,

ence concluded, that our sense must be i ne motive still of credibility. For latter ages must on former wait, And what began belief must propagate. . Bu vinnow well this thought, and you

shall find it as chaff that Aies before the wind.

Il those wonders wrought by power divine, His means or ends of some more deep design? Most sure as means, whose end was this alone,

the Godhead of the eternal fon.
God thus asserted, man is to believe
Beyond what sense and reason can conceive,
And for mysterious things of faith rely
On the proponent, heaven's authority.
If then our faith we for our guide admit,
Vain is the farther search of human wit,
As when the building gains a surer stay,
We take the unuseful scaffolding away.
Reason by sense no more can understand ;
The gamo is play'd into another hand.

To prove

Why chuse we then like bilanders to creep
Along the coast, and land in view to keep,
When safely we may launch into the deep ?
In the fame vessel, which our Saviour bore,
Himself the pilot, let us leave the fore,
And with a better guide a better world explore.
Could he his Godhead veil with flesh and blood,
And not veil these again to be our food ?

in both is equal in extent,
The first affords us life, the second nourishment.
And if he can, why all this frantic pain
To construe what his clearest words contain,
And make a riddle what he made so plain?
To take


half on trust, and half to try, Name it not faith, but bungling bigotry. Both knave and fool the merchant we may call, 7

7 To pay great sums and to compound the small: For who would break with heaven, and would

not break for all ? Rest then, my soul, from endless anguish freed: Nor sciences thy guide, nor sense thy creed. Faith is the best ensuer of thy bliss ; The bank above must fail before the venture

miss. Vol. II.


But heaven and heaven-born faith are far from

Thou first apoftate to divinity.
Unkennell’d range in thy Polonian plains ;
A fiercer foe th’insatiate wolf remains.
Too boastful Britain, please thyself no more.
That beasts of prey are banish'd from thy shore:
The bear, the boar, and every savage name,
Wild in effect, tho in appearance tame,
Lay waste thy woods, destroy thy blissful bower,
And, muzzled though they seem, the mutes

More haughty than the rest, the wolfish race
Appear with belly gaunt, and familh'd face :
Never was so deform’d a beast of

grace. His ragged tail betwixt his legs he wears, Close clap'd for shame ; but his rough crest he

rears, And pricks up his predestinating ears. His wild disorder'd walk, his haggard eyes, Did all the bestial citizens surprize. Though fear’d and hated, yet he ruld a-while, As captain or companion of the spoil. Full many a year his hateful head had been For tribute paid, nor fince in Cambria seen ;

The last of all the litter scap'd by chance,
And from Genevá first infested France.
Some authors thus his pedigree will trace,
But others write him of an upstart race;
Because of Wicklift's brood no mark he brings,
But his innate antipathy to kings:
These last deduce him from th' Helvetian kind,
Who near the Leman-lake his confort lin'd:
That fiery Zuinglius first th’affection bred,
And meagre Calvin blest the nuptial bed.
In Israel some believe him whelp'd long since,
When the proud fanhedrim oppress’d the prince,
Or, since he will be Jew, derive him higher,
When Corah with his brethren did conspire
From Moses' hand the sovereign sway to wrest,
And Aaron of his ephod to divest:
"Till opening earth made way for all to pass,
And could not bear the burden of a class.
The fox and he came shuffled in the dark,
If ever they were stow'd in Noah's ark :
Perhaps not made ; for all their barking train
The dog (a common species) will contain.
And some wild curs, who from their masters tan,
Abhorring the supremacy of man,
In woods and caves the rebel-race began.

O happy pair, how well have


increas'd! What ills in church and state have

you redress’d? With teeth untry'd, and rudiments of claws, Your first essay was on your native laws: Those having torn with ease, and trampled down, Your fangs you fasten'd on the mitred erown, And freed from God and monarchy your town. What tho your native kennel still be small, Bounded betwixt a puddle and a wall ; Yet your victorious colonies are sent Where the north ocean girds the continent. Quicken'd with fire below, your monsters breed In fenny Holland, and in fruitful Tweed : And like the first the last affects to be Drawn to the dregs of a democracy. As, where in fields the fairy rounds are seen, A rank four herbage rises on the green; So, springing where those midnight elves advance, Rebellion prints the footsteps of the dance. Such are their doctrines, such contempt they show To heaven above, and to their prince below, As none but traitors and blasphemers know. God, like the tyrant of the skies, is plac’d, And kings, like llaves, beneath the crowd debas'd, So fulsom is their food, that flocks refuse To bite, and only dogs for physic use.

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