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Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1847 - 249 страници

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Страница 56 - With antique pillars massy proof, And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim religious light. There let the pealing organ blow, To the full-voiced quire below, In service high and anthems clear, As may with sweetness, through mine ear, Dissolve me into ecstasies, And bring all Heaven before mine eyes.
Страница iv - BROWN, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. BOSTON: PRINTED BY FREEMAN AND BOLLES, WASHINGTON STREET.
Страница 232 - IF in departed souls the power remain These earthly scenes to visit once again, Not in the night thy visit wilt thou make, When only sorrowing and longing wake; — No ! in some summer morning's light serene, When not a cloud upon the sky is seen, When high the golden harvest rears its head, All interspersed with flowers of blue and red, Thou, as of yore, around the fields wilt walk, Greeting the reapers with mild, friendly talk. THE CASTLE BY THE SEA.
Страница 153 - Then every morning brought a sweet surprise. When I was young; Even as a lark that carols to the skies My spirit sung. To count the yellow bars of light that fell Through the closed blind Was joy enough. O, strange and magic spell! A guileless mind. Dear were those thoughtless hours, whose sunny change Had gleams of heaven! But dearer, Duty's ever-widening range Which thought has given. With these lines he bade adieu to old Salem, the "city of peace.
Страница 235 - The tremulous swell of the slumberous sea, Now silvered o'er by the swimming moonshine, Now golden and red in the light of the west ! Youth, O, what is this silken quiet, What is the smile of the friendly moonlight, The purple and gold of the evening sun, To him whom the feeling of bondage oppresses? Now streamest thou wild, As thy heart may prompt ! But below, oft ruleth the fickle tempest, Oft the stillness of death, in the subject sea ! O, hasten not so Toward the green sea ! Youth, O, now thou...
Страница 233 - UNPERISHING youth ! Thou leapest from forth The cleft of the rock. No mortal eye saw The mighty one's cradle ; No ear ever heard The lofty one's lisp in the murmuring spring. How beautiful art thou, In silvery locks ! How terrible art thou, When the cliffs are resounding in thunder around ! Thee feareth the fir-tree : Thou crushes!
Страница 231 - My heart, and the sea, and the heaven Are melting away with love. THE FIR-TREE AND THE PALM. A LONELY fir-tree standeth On a height where north winds blow ; Tt sleepeth, with whitened garment, Enshrouded by ice and snow.
Страница 56 - Wings thou art, by which the soul hath soarings Out of sense into a finer air ; — Breeze thou art, that drifts us from earth's moorings Into deeps serener and more fair. Thou...
Страница 93 - ... stars hang watching in eternal peace and love. Years and centuries have vanished, change hath come to bury change, But the starry constellations on their silent pathway range. Great Orion's starry girdle, Berenice's golden hair, Ariadne's crown of splendor, Cassiopeia's shining chair, Saggitarius and Delphinus, and the clustering Pleiad train, Aquila and Ophiucus, Pegasus and Charles's Wain, Red Antares and Capella, Aldebaran's mystic light, Alruccabah and Arcturus, Sirius and Vega white : —...
Страница 234 - Thou crustiest the fir-tree, From its root to its crown. The cliffs flee before thee : The cliffs thou engraspest, And hurlest them, scornful, like pebbles adown. " The sun weaves around thee The beams of its splendor ; It painteth with hues of the heavenly iris The uprolling clouds of the silvery spray. " Why speedest thou downward Toward the green sea ? Is it not well by the nearer heaven ? Not well by the sounding cliff? Not well by the o'erhanging forest of...