The History and Description of the City of Gloucester: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time; with an Account of St. Peter's Abbey, the Cathedral, Churches, and Other Religious Houses; the Origin and Present State of the Port of Cloucester; the Gloucester and Berkeley Cancel &c

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J. Bulgin, 1829 - 252 страници

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Страница 33 - We the inhabitants, magistrates, officers, and soldiers, within this garrison of Gloucester, unto his majesty's gracious message return this humble answer : That we do keep this city, according to our oaths and allegiance, to and for the use of his majesty and his royal posterity : and do accordingly conceive ourselves wholly bound to obey the commands of his majesty, signified by both houses of parliament : and are resolved, by God's help, to keep this city accordingly.
Страница 184 - I gathered me also silver and gold, and the peculiar treasure of kings ; and of the provinces I gat me men singers and women singers, and the delights of the sons of men, as musical instruments, and that of all sorts ; so I was great and increased more than all that were before me in Jerusalem.
Страница 32 - Out of our tender compassion to our city of " Gloucester, and that it may not receive prejudice " by our army, which we cannot prevent if we be " compelled to assault it, we are personally come " before it to require the same ; and are graciously " pleased to let all the inhabitants of, and all other " persons within that city, as well soldiers as others, " know, that if they shall immediately submit " themselves, and deliver this...
Страница 32 - ... assure them in the word of a king, that they nor any of them shall receive the least damage or prejudice by our army in their persons or estates...
Страница 32 - ... our army in their persons or estates; but that we will appoint such a governor and a moderate garrison to reside there, as shall be both for the ease and security of that city and that whole county. But if they shall neglect this...
Страница 117 - The ornamental members and perforated pinnacles are of the most delicate tabernacle work, very full, but preserving an air of chasteness and simplicity. * " Its peculiar perfection, which immediately strikes the eye, is an exact symmetry of component parts, and the judicious distribution of ornaments. The shaft of the tower is equally divided into two stories, correctly repeated in every particle ; and the open parapet and pinnacles so richly clustered, are an example of Gothick, in its most improved...
Страница 131 - ... single residence ; and the state of the fabric at the time of his death bore ample testimony to the conscientious and liberal interest which he always took in the preservation and improvement of it. " Distinguished by a vigorous comprehensive and independent mind, whilst his theological writings acquired him a high rank among the ablest divines, he was eminently conspicuous for political discernment on the important subject of national commerce; for the free spirit of which, unrestrained by monopoly...
Страница 139 - A law was enacted that every person above seven years of age should wear on Sundays and holidays a cap of wool, knit, made, thickened, and dressed in England by some of the trade of cappers, under the forfeiture of three farthings for every day's neglect, 1571.
Страница 59 - Murder of the young King Edward V. and his Brother, in the Tower, The Landing of the Earl of Richmond, And the Death of King Richard' in the memorable Battle of Bosworth Field, being the last that was fought between the Houses of York and Lancaster. With many other true historical Passages. The Part of KING RICHARD by a Gentleman.
Страница 134 - Diocesse therof, he hath in Tymes paste preached and taught most pestilent Heresyes and Doctryne to our Subjects there: We have therefore geven Order, that the said Hooper, who yet persisteth obstinate, and hath refused Mercy when it was gracyously offred...