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Hobart Town Magazine.


"-- Non tenues ignavo pollice chordas
Pulso, sed Arunci residens in margine templi,
Audax magnorum tumulis adcanto magistrum."-






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Our Third Volume is now completed; the expectations we had formed of public patronage have been in a great degree realized ; and it is with unmingled satisfaction at the success of our labors, we address ourselves to our numerous subscribers and contributors.

To our subscribers we have the pleasure of announcing that arrangements have been made for continuing this Miscellany with even greater spirit than hitherto—that we hope to lay before them a series of sketches introducing, and descriptive of, the scenery of the Colony, in order to stamp the work as more decidedly Colonial than it has yet been. The introduction of political articles has gained the approbation of the public—the liberal views entertained, and the truth and force of argument displayed, have been such as to recommend them to all who wish well to Van Diemen’s Land : and if our lighter articles have in some small degree been wanting in interest, they have never partaken of dulness.

To our contributors our thanks are due; their communications have assisted us to achieve that success which we have gained, and we should be wanting in gratitude did we not thus publicly express our obligations to them. Many of them we are personally acquainted with ; those we have personally thanked—the remainder will, we hope, receive this notice as our acknowledgment for the past.

To one and all we say, continue to assist us with your patronage, and we will prove to you by the future, how much we are sensible of

the favor. It was the warmth of your kindness nurtured us, and preserved us in our infancy, aud we shall now be able to repay you in enjoyment for the benefits bestowed.

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