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The tumults of the boiling bohea braves,
And holds secure the coffee's fable waves :
So did Azuriel's arm, if fame say true,
Rejoin the vital trunk whence first it

And, whilst in wonder fix'd poor Albion stood,
Plung'd the curst fabre in his heart's warm blood.
The golden broidery, tender Milkah wove,
The breast, to Kenna sacred and to love,
Lie rent and mangled : and the gaping wound
Pours out a flood of purple on the ground.
The jetty lustre fickens in his eyes :
On his cold cheeks the bloomy freshness die;
.6 Oh Kenna, Kenna, thrice he try'd to fay,
Kenna, farewell !' and figh’d his soul away.

His fall the Dryads with loud shrieks deplore,
By sister Naiads echo'd from the shore,
Thence down to Neptune's secret realms.convey'd,
Through grotts, and glooms, and many a coral shade.
The sea’s great fire, with looks denouncing war,
The trident shakes, and mounts the pearly carr :
With one stern frown the wide-spread deep deforms,
And works the madding ocean into storms.
O’er foaming mountains, and through bursting tides,
Now high, now low, the bounding chariot rides,
Till through the Thames in a loud whirlwind's roar
It shoots, and lands him on the destin'd fhore.

Now fix'd on earth his towering stature stood, Hung o'er the mountains, and o’erlook'd the wood. To Brumpton's grove one ample stride he took, (The valleys trembled, and the forests fhook)


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The next huge step reach'd the devoted shade,
Where choak'd in blood was wretched Albion laid:
Where now the vanquish’d, with the victors join'd,
Beneath the regal banners stood combin'd.

Thi'embattled dwarfs with rage and scorn he past,
And on their town his eye vindictive cast.
In deep foundations his strong trident cleaves,
And high in air th’ up-rooted empire heaves ;
On his broad engine the vast ruin hung,
Which on the fue with force divine he flung:
Aghast the legions, in th' approaching shade,
Th’inverted fpires and rocking domes survey'd,
That downward tumbling on the host below
Crush'd the whole nation at one dreadful blow.
Towers, arms, nymphs, warriors, are together loft,
And a whole empire falls to footh fad Albion's ghof.

Such was the period, long restrain'd by fate, And such the downfal of the fairy state. This dale, a pleasing region, not unbleit, This dale posleft they; and had still poffeft; Had not their monarch, with a father's pride, Rent from her lord th' inviolable bride, Raih to dissolve the contract feal'd above, The folemn vows and sacred bonds of love. Now, where his elves so sprightly danc'd the round, No violet breathes, nor daily paints the ground, His towers and people fill one common grave, A shapeless ruin, and a barren cave.

Beneath huge hills of smoking piles he lay Stunnd and confounded a whole summer's day,

At length awak'd (for what can long restrain
Unbody'd spirits !) but awak'd in pain :
And as he faw the desolated wood,
And the dark den where once his empire stood,
Grief chill'd his heart: to his half-open'd eyes
In every oak a Neptune seem'd to rise :
He fled: and left, with all his trembling peers,
The long possession of a thousand years.
Through bush, through brake, through groves and

gloomy dales,
Through dank and dry, o'er streams and flowery vales,
Direct they filed; but often look'd behind,
And stopt and started at each rustling wind.
Wing'd with like fear, his abdicated bands
Disperse and wander into different lands.
Part hid beneath the Peak's deep caverns lie,
In silent glooms impervious to the sky;
Part on fair Avon's margin seek repose,
Whose stream o'er Britain's midmost region flows,
Where formidable Neptune never came,
And seas and oceans are but known by fame :
Some to dark woods and secret shade retreat :
And some on mountains choose their airy feat.
There haply by the ruddy damsel seen,
Or shepherd-boy, they featly foot the green,
While from their fteps a circling verdure fprings;
But fly from towns, and dread the courts of kings.

Mean-while sad Kenna, loth to quit the grove,
Hung o'er the body of her breathless love,
Try'd every art, (vain arts !) to change his doom,
And vow d (vain vows !) to join him in the tomb.



What could the do? the fates alike deny
The dead to live, or fairy forms to die.

An herb there grows (the same old * Homer tells
Ulysses bore to rival Circe's spells)
Its roat is ebon-black, but fends to light
A stem that bends with flowrets milky white,
Moly the plant, which gods and fairies know,
But secret kept from mortal men below.
On his pale limbs its virtuous juice she led,
And murmur'd mystic numbers o'er the dead,
When lo! the little shape by magic power
Grew less and less, contracted to a flower ;
A flower, that first in this sweet garden (mild,
To virgins facred, and the snow-drop styl’d.

The new-born plant with sweet regret the view'd,
Warm'd avith her fighs, and with her tears bedew'd,
Its ripen'd seeds from bank to bank convey’d,
And with her lover whiten'd half the shade.
Thus won from death each spring she sees him grow,
And glories in the vegetable snow,
Which now increas'd through wide Britannia's plains,
Its parent's warmth and spotless name retains,
First leader of the flowery race aspires,
And foremost catches the sun's genial fires,
Mid frosts and snows triumphant dares appear,
Mingles the seasons, and leads on the year.

Deserted now of all the pigmy race,
Nor man nor fairy touch'd this guilty place.
In heaps on heaps, for many a rolling age,
It lay accurst, the mark of Neptune's rage,

Odyff, Lib. x.

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Till great Nassau recloạth'd the desart shade,
Thence sacred to Britannia's monarchs made.
'Twas then the green tob'd nymph, fair Kenna, came,
(Kenna that gave the neighbouring town its name.)
Proud when she saw th' ennobled garden shine,
With nymphs and heroes of her lover's line,
She vow'd to grace the mansions once her own,
And picture out in plants the fairy town.
To far-fam'd Wise her flight unseen she sped,
And with gay prospects fill'd the craftsman's head,
Soft in his fancy drew a pleasing scheme,
And plann’d that landskip in a morning dream.

With the sweet view the fire of gardens fir'd,
Attempts the labour by the nymph inspir'd,
The walls and streets in rows of yew designs,
And forms the town in all its ancient lines;
The corner trees he lifts more high in air,
And girds the palace with a verdant square;
Nor knows, while round he views the rising scenes,
He builds a city as he plants his greens.

With a sad pleasure the aërial maid
This image of her ancient realm survey'd,
How chang'd, how fallin from its primæval pride!
Yet here each moon, the hour her lover dyd,
Each moon his folemn obsequies the pays,
And leads the dance beneath pale Cynthia's rays;
Pleas'd in these shades to head her fairy train,
grace the groves

where Albion's kinsmen reign.


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