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STATE of SOUTH-CAROLINA. At a General Assembly, begun and holden at Columbia, on Monday the third day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, and from thence continued by divers adjournments, to the fourteenth day of February, in the same year, and in the fifteenth year of the Independence of the United

Slales of America.


An ACT for establishing the annual Salaries of

the Parlic (ficers of Government, and for ascertaining ani'r gulating the fees to be taken by those rio by luw may be entitled to them, throughout the Slate.

ICRAS it is expedient and necessa

ry that tlic sa aries of the public officers of government should be fixed upon a regular and permanent scotits, during their continuance in ohce; a id that the fees to be received and taken in the public offices, and by those u ho by law shall be entitled to the same, may le ragulated and ascertained, to the end the citizens thereof may know with certainty the sums they are to per, and the services to be pufui med for such paytart:

Be it theichire enacted by the honoralle the Senate and House of Representatives, now met and sitting in general assembly, and ly the authority of the same, That iom ad alter the fifth day of April n'xt, the annual salaries here in after specificd and enumerated, and no others, shall be paid, taken and received by the public cfficers of government herein after mentioned, in lieu of all other sum and sums of money whatever; any

law, usage or custom to the contrary thereof in any manner notwithstanding.

SALARIES. The governor;

6.900 Secretary to the governor,

100 Chief justice, to do equal duty with the associate judges,

800 Four associate judges, cach

600 Three judges of the court of equity, cach 500 Attorney-general, in lieu of all charges a

gainst the public, where persons accused
of offences shall be found guilty, and shall
swear off

, or where they shall be acquit-
ted, and for giving advice to the governor
in matters of public concern,

200 Two solicitor-generals, one for the northern

circuit, and one for the southern circuit,
in lieu of all charges against the public,
where persons accused of offences shall
be found guilty, and shall strear off, or
where they shall be acquitted in their re-
spective circuits; for giving advice to the
governor in matters of public concern,
and for attending the legislature at their
sitting, in order to draw and engross all
such bills and ordinances as they shall be
directed to do by either branch of the le-
gislature, each

150 Two commissioners of the treasury, each 400 Clerk of the senate and clerk of the house of

representatives, for four years, each, per

287 Two messengers, one for cach house, for four years, cach

70 Two door-keepers, one for each house, for four years, each

50 House-keeper of the State-house,

30 Powder inspector and arsenal-keeper, 100

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For making out a grant of lands, record. £.s.de ing and fixing the great seal,

10 For a testimonial vit the great scal, For registering the certificate oi'a per

son becoming a citizen,
Master and Commissioners in Equity,

their Fees.
For every summons,
For every copy of a charge or discharge,
Taking every affidavit in writing,
For every oath administered,
Taking every recognizance,
For every day's attendance in court on

any cause,
Taking the oaths for every defendant, to

ansver cut of office, and attendance, Every attendance in office, on sum

mons of either party, ortheirsolicitors, Hearing and determiising any contested

matter, and order thereon, Making up and returnirg every report

into court, but only one report to be

charged in each suit, Commissions on sales under decrees of

the court, three per cent. for the first hundred, and one per cent. on all

sums above. Drawing each sct of conveyances, 1 5 Register, and Commissioners in Equity,

their fees. For aflixing the seal of the court to sub

pena, or other writ, and signing the same,

2 6 For affidavit of service of subpæna, or

other writ,
For examining every witness, drawing

depositions, exemplifications of pro-
ceedings in any cause, if required,


containing minutes of a decree, all fo. s. d. orders of cou:t, or for copics thurcof, per copy shect of 90 words,

5 For every serch,

8 For entering every cause for hearing, 1 For attendig court in each cause,

3 6 Reading all papers in a suit,

2 Examining decree, affixirg seal thereto,

and attending the judges in court to

sign certificates of ( xamination, Notification to insert in gazette, by or

derof court, and attendance on printer, 1 6 For affixingevery scal, and signing every

commission to take answers and examinewitnesses, cr forother purposes, 26 SOLICITOR'S FEES IN EQUITY.

Complainant's Solicitor. Preparing and filing a bill in equity, with all necessary exhibits,

7 Drawing interrogatories in chief for

complainant's witnesses, and cross interrogatories, drawing and engrossing commissions, and attendiig to strike commissioners, where neces

sary, with proper instructions, 3 10 Arguing exceptions on points of law be

fore the master or judge at chambers u hen necessary, and attending thereon, including all charges incidental thereto,

2 For all other services in the cause, in

cluding briefs served on jucges, except the decrce,

Drawing and engrossing decree, per co-

Defendant's Solicitor.
For preparing and filing detendant's an-

swer, and all necessary exhibits, 7


ry shect,


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