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King's-Evil, an account of

405 Kraken, an amazing sea animal

407 Lady of Cheshire, extraordinary care of

165 Longevity, Remarkable anecdotes of

110 Lovis Il. King of Hungary and Bohemia, his remarkable birth

163 Levy, Mrs. Judith, the rich Jewels

397 Levy, Samuel David, of Amsterdam

223 Lee, William, first inventor of trocking frames

366 Longevity, remarkable Cornish

380 Lightning, wonderful,

392 Mammoth, or Behemoth, history of the

233 Marriage, an extraordinary

451 Murder and Suicide, extraordinary cases of

103-177 Munro, Mr, account of his awful death

161 Mother and her two daughters burnt át Guernsey

220 Moscovites, their metropolitan's pass to St. Peter

579 Matthews, Samuel, the Dulwich Hermit

359 Marlborough, Duke of, anonymous letters to

349 Montesquieu, a bogular action of

342 Moyes, Doctor, a remarkable blind man

210 Metcalf, another wonderful blind man

210 Malcolm, King of Scotland

166 Montrose, Marquis of

170 Mahomet, firft Turkish Emperor

218 Mahmond, the juftice of

253 Murder, a fingular discovery of a

256 Mountain, a fingular, in Portugal

541 Nokes, Edward, the tinker Newland, Abraham, memoirs of Ofterwald, the Banker, a fingular miser

217 Oak, Royal

318 Parr, old Thomas, extraordinary memoirs of

79-84 Poverty of learned men, remarkable histories of the

159-160 Pilot Fish and Shark, Curious account of the

173 Phænomenon, wonderful in Natural History

217 Percy, Earl, curious military anecdote of

549 Putnam, General, and a wolf, remarkable instance of courage

73 Peter, Count of Savoy

171 Premillaus, King of Bohemia, his good fortune

117 Pope Leo X. his curious edict

321 Paxton, Captain, discovered to be a murderer

374 Parachute, a full account of Garnerin's

5'5 Pope Sixtus V. account of

525 Pike, a remarkable

540 Pompey's Pillar, in Alexandria

541 Prices of various articles in the reign of Edward Il. Queen Anne, wife of H nry VIII. wonderful courage of

169 Resistance, his Majesty's ship, a remarkable account of

254 326


59 kavillac, Francis, an account of his remarkable trial for the murder of Henry IV. of France

122 Ruffel, Elizabeth, extraordinary story of

340 Rocky Substances discovered Rogers, Adam, his fingular dream, &c. Rufus, William, Angular anecdose of

368 416 454

Page 461

Rattle-snake, the bite of cured

[blocks in formation]

Seamen, account of the escape of four
Stupendous things practised by art, various instances of
Sturt, Charles, Esq. his wonderful escape
Smith, Ann, the ballad-finger, murdered
Sandpu, of India, a wonderful river
Sellers, Elizabeth, her recovery of loft voice
Springs of Salt, fingular account of
Statham, John, a remarkable blind man
Suflex Calf, a curious trick
Temple, Lady Hefter
Tudor, Catherine, a curious anecdote of
Trenck, Paron, extraordinary lite of
Villiers, Sir George, the Apparition of
Value of Money at different Periods
Vesuvius, a full account of the Mount of
Woodcock, Elizabeth, who was buried in the snow
Waddy, Dr. R. an altonishing attempt upon his life
Woman speaking well without a tongue
Warehouse, the dirty, remarkable in Leadenhall Street
Welby, Henry, Esq a singular character
Walker, Doctor, who was buried alive
Wall, Covernor, a remarkable anecdote of
Worcester, Marquis of, curious anecdotes
Wilkinson, Mary, who lived to the age of 109
Wager, a singular
Zoroafter, King of the Bactrians, his wonderful birth

321 447 476

12 41 78 99


414 445 453 455 464 163

DIRECTIONS TO THE BINDER, Sheet 4 E (page 577 to 584) published in No. 13, is the latter End of Volume 1. which sheet is to be taken therefrom, and the Number carefully reAitched and preserved for the commencement of Vol. 2.


This INDEX to be placed at the Beginning, immediately after the Preface. Frontispiece to face the Title Page Representation of the Mammoth 235 Portrait of Bonaparte..


Gunpowder Plot Conspirators.... 332 View of Bentley's Dirty Warehouse 90 Portrait of Valentine Greatrakes, Portrait of Mary Frith, or Moll



Old Matthews, the Dul-
Old Parr

wich Hermic

359 Nathaniel Benuey, Esq. 93

Sir John Dinely 422 The Starvation Farm-Yard 146

- Mrs. Levy..

397 Portrait of John Kelsey

Dr. Buchan

465 Baron D'Aguilar 141

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius.... 476 Tobias Hobson

228 Portrait of John Statham.. 491 Miss de Verdion..... 274 Garnerin's Parachute

525 Portrait of Abraham Newland, Portrait of Henry Welby, Esq.... 532 Efq..,

Baron Trenck....


+++ It is recommended that the Volumes of this work as they occur, may for the present be done up in boards, in order that the Whole at the Conclusion may be bound complete ad uniform.

In future an Index will be given at ihe end of each respective Volume,

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LATE OF PINNER, MIDDLESEX, Who died in a Sack, and is a most Remarkable Example of


Content is wealth, the riches of the mind,
And happy he who can that treasure find,
But the base Miser starves amid his Store,
Broods on his gold, and griping still for more,
Sits sadly pining, and believes he's poor.




he astonishing misery which attends avarice, affords a most admirable lesson to all those both in affluent and in. digent circumstances: it teaches the former that wealth is not always the source of happiness, and the latter may fee that, though poor, they are richer in content than some popelled of thousands ; who, through their unaccountable penury, render themselves base and unhappy; for a Miser, according to the true meaning of the word, (being derived from the Latin) is a person mean and miserable!

Mr. DANIEL DANCER, a most remarkable instance of extraordinary parsimony, was born in the year 1716, and was the eldest of four children, three sons and a daughter. His father lived on Harrow-Weald Common, near Harrow on the Hill, where he possessed property to a very considerable amount, and which this his son, by the most whimfical abstemiousness increased to upwards of 3000l. per annum. Miss Dancer, who supplied the place of a servant to her brother, was equally avaricious and saving : 2 mixVOL. I. No. I.



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