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Страница 146 - My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer; A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe, My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go...
Страница 33 - Friendship, like love, is but a name, Unless to one you stint the flame. The child, whom many fathers share, Hath seldom known a father's care.
Страница 217 - Shadows, nurs'd by night, retire : And the peeping sun-beam, now, Paints with gold the village spire. Philomel forsakes the thorn, Plaintive where she prates at night ; And the lark, to meet the morn, Soars beyond the shepherd's sight. From the...
Страница 23 - My hawk is tired of perch and hood, My idle greyhound loathes his food, My horse is weary of his stall, And I am sick of captive thrall. I wish I were, as I have been, Hunting the hart in forest green, With bended bow and bloodhound free, For that's the life is meet for me.
Страница 99 - The western waves of ebbing day Rolled o'er the glen their level way; Each purple peak, each flinty spire, Was bathed in floods of living fire. But not a setting beam could glow Within the dark ravines below, Where twined the path in shadow hid, Round many a rocky pyramid, Shooting abruptly from the dell Its thunder-splintered pinnacle; Round many an insulated mass, The native bulwarks of the...
Страница 326 - Reynard's turn'd out, and o'er hedge and ditch rush Hounds, horses, and huntsmen, all hard at his brush : They run him at length, and they have him at bay, And by scent and by view cheat a long tedious way ; While, alike born for sports of the field and the course, Always sure to come thorough a stanch and fleet horse, When fairly run down the fox yields up his breath, The high-mettled racer is in at the death.
Страница 171 - ... gigantic friends to favour the secluded swamp with their presence. So it certainly turned out, for, after perhaps half an hour's calling, the crashing of branches at a distance, followed soon by the never-failing grunt, again told us of the approach of a moose. Cigars laid aside, and our guns ready, Glode and myself (Joe having been sent with the horn a short distance to the rear, for the purpose of bringing the animal nearer to our ambush) waited with impatience for the nearer approach of our...
Страница 179 - Not less than 200,000{. were pending on this extraordinary match, perhaps more, if we include the bets in every part of the country': and there is no part, we believe, in which there were not some. It is but...
Страница 94 - ... but it is only within the last five or six years that the profession have come to appreciate the great truths which he labored to establish.
Страница 413 - ... extra ; no horse to carry more than lOlb. extra ; the owner of the second horse to receive 30 sovs, out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 25 sovs.